The year 2014 is the year of my luck , what I thought about the year is this because the digital sum is '7' which is my favourite number. (2+0+1+4=7) and everything got knocked out with the worst experiences I faced this year. And in my entire life I didn't saw any year as rude as the 2014. I keep on complaining about this since January 1st 2014 and even today on 31st December the feeling is same .
The year is so bad for me, and I cannot curse the year because it is a God gift and maybe he got some reason for letting me through these unforgettable pains it ruined my all parties .
I can call it a celebration ruined for the reasons ..
1.On January 1st I suffered a serious health problem and I couldn't even kneel down and pray and make a resolution.
2.All the festival holidays are filed as the most important working days in my career and that includes my birthday on March 02 where I went to college for an important task even its on Sunday.
3.Following it many other celebrations are washed away by the wrath of the 2014.

Besides, its a huge blow to me about my mom's health she stepped into ICU and so close to death ,but got saved by the mercy of the Lord. The worst and bloddy situations been with me in this year and it almost showed me the hell personally.
My dad's health been sickened too so as my sister's and no doubt in saying that the spirituality got shattered due to these baddest things I gone through a lot of bad, I mean a lot and I gone into its house and never back again because I seek the pleasure in that worst and lust. But I never ever tried to kneel and pray for it. I enjoyed being in it.

Besides, the year is good with some amount of success . I got my semester cleared all the subjects and in this year I drank alcohol 0.8% on June 20th and I interacted with many new faces and did some good deeds and played a good role in some situations. My biggest dreams related to gadgets got fulfilled in this year . I learnt many latest things this year.

The betrayal rate increased as friend(s) left me alone and they never came back to me. And a person whom I thought would be a blessing left me and kicked me out from her life. And I lied , shouted and thrown myself away from God. And in each and everything I did ,I LEARNT . The most torture I took this year both physically and mentally and hell gates opened for me .

What now..
Now ,am here standing alive with the same body and same eyes. With the same family and with the same love. What can I do now to change the past? I cannot travel into it and modify it what all I got is the NOW thing and the NEW thing which is yet to come and called as the present . I will try harder and harder never to repeat the things which are wrong again this year as of the 2014. I will learn more in my life marathon and clean myself and ready to receive the love from my Creator.
Am now ready to welcome the new year 2015 with all my heart.
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This is the biggest title post ever i chose because i found no short-substitutes to represent it . I am being the one who with a broken heart and my feelings got rammed by the hammer of ignorance and un-loving from the people surrounding me.

I gave my heart to those who can easily breaks it with an ease ,the respect and love i gave them to the utmost and now i know they don't deserve those. I know how it feels when the love is rejected,i know, we all know what the pain will be like. Its an un-explainable agony and mental stress . Deepest feeling of bad and a noway out situation the love we have others seems not enough ,it seems the love of God isn't enough but the thing is when you are broken as a glass-doll in the other hands ,remember there are also hands which will glu you and make those pieces together to rebuild you. All it need is to realise and accept those hands,they may appear very less in our sight when we compare to the one those whom we liked but the fact is they are just like the mirages.And those who tend to love us are like the water-vessels. If we fall for the mirages our chase stays forever for nothing and goes useless that all great effort and if we able to realise,open our eyes and invest that small amount of effort in the case of the vessels we already have then it is more than enough for us.
Never go after those whom we love but are rejected by them. They rejected because they don't like you or your way of living. Think once how you can live with them who don't like your way?.
This is the biggest truth to get comfort in times of grief the love we have from those who loves us is enough and enough.Do not search for the anonymous guilty pleasures enjoy being you and enjoy everyday life.
I experienced the pain and i realised later and now am still loving and learning to live a happy life and i ask God to guide me in that way.
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In recent days my spiritual life been at risk and on the line with some intruders of the world. I made myself complete satanic and behaved so bad about the living I have. With my family ,friends and others I behaved rude used a lot of words which hurt the hearts and more than them I felt pain . Because am aware what am doing and I can only clarify and justify myself that am doing this to test the bad in me and how far can I go with this attitude? . At one or two phases it ruined me and shaped me but the next day started with the same behaviour.
I know I need to change but am not ugly hearted but I learned to behave in this way to know what I am. No ,actually I gave my control to the Satan and without my involvement it is controlling me. I became a puppet in its hand. I felt that am using the bad but the bad is using me as a weapon to spoil me and spread its territory. And trying to ruin me by its traps but the LORD never let me go away from his sight the extended love and the kindness of him is with me even at my dark. I may feel happy in this temporary feeling but I do know that this will not last forever ,there are jerks I faced this year and those are biggest knockouts in my life and left the bruices on my mentality . The behavior I have now is not the one I dreamed of it came as a support to the evil and it showing me the world attractions to create a huge separation between me and my creator but the thing is my Father in heaven is the one who takes the control back in me and I will be the same guy like the backlash.
Here I demand for my glory and name back to me. I cannot go any far more than this.
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It is the colourful world which we are living now and it all matters is peaking into the luxurious lives and dreaming about being in their place , as a person of honours and the respect they earn being the stars the life of a celebrity is the non-privacy life. Being plotted by the cameras and the screening things they are just busy but when they are home do they live a normal life which is similar to the common man? Do they breathe the same fresh air ?
The life is luxurious and it is the autograph seeking characters but the life behind the screens are the same. Celebrities got the same muscular heart and got the same blood like all of us which is running in our vein network the only difference is they are known to the public and the people and the media won't let them breathe free , the life being a celebrity is not made for all but it is for the real seekers of fame and those who keeps the balancing of the reality and the dreams will lead the life of the celebrity.

But they do have the same emotions and feelings like us. They do chat with friends and love to get in touch whom they love to be with. But, there is a baraccad between them and the others. The love they had is with the restrictions and they can't easily spread it, they love to be surrounded by the four walls like everyone of us,they fetch for the privacy and the life of being the free birds but they can't untie the wings because their life is the one which influences each and everyone of us. Tell me the one name who isn't influenced by a character or a person? The life of a celebrity keeps pinging us daily in the fashion,style and the attitudes. Rude persons get rude and the kind get kind by taking them as an inspirational icon.
Sometimes I dream of being famous and sometimes I dream of a celebrity life and think of being in glass panes of rooms with high category of security surrounded. But the truth is I am happy with what I got and they are remaining as themselves ,when one day if the time changes me and turns me into a celebrity then I can remember of this moment where I took time to write this being a celebrity means...
It means everything ,you can have tasks which have to be finished and the childhood dreams keep on chasing you. Your to - do list is busy with the current schedules if you miss any one then it won't return to you until if it is needed again. Those tasks will leave a small hole and gaps in lives which cannot be seen or noticed by any of the fans or others but the celebrity he/herself only knows it and keeps on thinking about it.
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The super talents who dwell among us are born from our race only ,and it takes a lot to recognize the talent they got in any respective field .We see stars among us with their glittering talents and shiny stunts. Either a movie star or an album maker are all under the tent of a talent and they love to be shaped by the pain caused by the obstacles on their way to reach their destiny.
One of them is the singer and song composer from Sydney, Australia AYLIN ESER
I came to know about this young talent via my Twitter
And my interest for music and love towards the singers of pop and all bands made me to bring her presence right here and am happy that finally I can make this possible.
With the burn in her heart and a strong willing desire in her nerves she became known to the world overcoming all the obstacles.

Its never easy to vocals to be notified in this competitive world where the only principle is dominance and she got identified and encouraged by the supporters and fellow guys.
One thing in our lives is to learn from other's motivated stories and one day that motivation will lead us to the success and then that day we will feel our gratitude for such people and feel proud for taking them as our role model and inspiration. They will encourage us by staying in the hearts .

And its my wish and love to write about persons like Aylin ,as what I know about her is inspirational to me and keeping her in here may help me to preserve my confidence and side by side helping the like minded people.
We can know about Aylin by her official website
And we can know more about her on Reverbnation

I would like to support her and being her fan wish her all the success in her further music and other fields.
You can reach her by the following official social accounts
^@Aylin eser twitter
^Aylin eser Facebook
^[Aylin eser YouTube

{All the above images are taken from Aylin eser's official Facebook account and images are subjected to their respective copyright holders.}

I am proud to say that am her fan and happy to blog about her.
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The year 2014 been a hard crushing one in our lives ,me ,my family and all the love and happiness we have is stolen in the 2014. It gave me a knock on January 1st and continued until today I don't know what to name this year. Today is Christmas and this is the day when I remember in past five or six years back ,we all went to church and prayed and had some fun. But what we are present is completely quite opposite ,no cheerfulness and no intention to go to the church and make a wish. My sis she is fed of making the wishes and she dropped from doing it and slowly even I fall. And I know this isn't any external thing's wrath or any plot of others . This is especially mine own fault and I never regret it.

I know I made a mistake, a sin and I am with the curse and letting my family into the same curse and fall short in the sight of the Lord. We stopped the family prayer and broke the chain and made it into a single piece and I don't know how to rebuild this collapsed building.
My Lord will accept me again and again even am not fit all I have to do is to see Him and to follow him , one thing is clear it is that even we are not close to God in this year (I felt it) but He never stopped blessing us. He did miracles in my career , saved my mom from the death and helped my dad to lift. And I got my many wishes fulfilled side by side of these pains . All and everything is crystal clear that we have to look towards him , and he is ready to shape us back .

The celebration, decorations, foodies and all nothing is left in this year too early in the morning we didn't went to the Church and this is due to the extreme winter(an excuse) and no prayer is said to be done either by me or by my family ,the reports are against us and I can't object them because they all are true. I need my past life of childhood back,I need the songs of praise back, I need the loving kindness and the hand of God back on us but I have to question myself am I fit for this? the answer will be' no ' because I am now the fallen angel and I need the cleansing of my heart and it must be me to bring back the GLORY to my family.

Am not deficient of the sources and no tragedy I see now present everything I have what I dreamed and demanded for . All this is due to the grace of Jesus Christ and I need to back to my knees to show my gratitude.
I am here willing to bring a CHANGE in mine heart and my family too. And I am making my this ,today's little Christmas as the starting point.
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CARISSA VALE the doll from Quebec ,23years old and the Electropop singer. I turned into her fan within seconds for her tone of eloquency and that tend me to bring her right here ,the girl when she was 17 ,composed her own music. This shows her talent and commitment and love for the music.

She is smart in appearance and the way she sing will melt the hearts and her music is the dose of anasthesia.

Reach Carissa by her social accounts
Carissa's youtube
Carissa's Instagram
Carissa's twitter

Carissa Vales
Carissa's Pinterest
Carissa's Google+

She is an astonishing talent and i would love to encourage her.
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