There is the changes that circles with the seasons and different seasons will bring us the different mood.The feeling of a particular season won't be felt of another season of the same year and the same season in the other year,everything transforms from day to day and it needs our attention to notice what a season is giving us. We have Summer,winter,autumn and the rainy seasons.
All these seasons are the repeated process in our life cycle and we have specific and specialised styles for us when we go through these seasons and the season which gives us many memories will stand apart from those which aren't. And from the last two years the most memorable season is the winter and it is quite opposite to my past life as I love the summer season much and still I love it even the winter distracted it and going to make buildup with some memories. And the winter season from the year to year review was really awesome and it gave me the taste if both bitter and sweet. I got victories which are the brightest in my career and the love life and the sweetest things. And the unerased backstabs and betrayals of all time in my entire life . These winter to winter gave me all these and I can remember these as long as I live,especially the morning times @6am and the evenings @5pm the early mornings sunrises and the evenings sunsets and the fog travelling along the borders of the leaves and the trees are so nice. In India ,we cannot see the snowfall as it is only at the north east and Himalayan parts. But south Indians never saw a snowfall and the fog as much as in the images shown.
Being an asthma patient I cannot enjoy the wet in rain and much coolness but by the wish of playing I tried and bedded twice and for the third time I can play by not getting sick. I hope one day I can drive the ice-bikes and race,when I was small I used to watch winter x games and these are the winter seasonal memories. The summer evenings and the blowing winds I love it much.And these are my winter seasonal memories what are yours?
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When some movie resembles to the real life of us we feel much excited about it that our own roleplay is appearing there. The same thing happened with me too when I saw the Ghost Rider movie when it released and Johhy Blaze(Nicolas cage) character in it is very unique and a completely different one. Tearing pages from the books for his research on the bad evil and reading a lot in his room. Behaving very strangely and all his moves really match me because I am sort of that category too and only one thing I couldn't compare is those burning flames and a bony head with some supernatural powers and fire control. This isn't a real so I no need to bother much and shouting and gnashing teeth and walking way and always feeling like am a prisoner to my own limits I want to burn it all with the fire power but am not a Ghost rider , but I really burn the soft and copies with a matchbox and feeling like I created the fire,too strange isn't it? And when I see myself in a successful path they show me the nightmares and I always used to say that 'fear go away' and here the dialogue from the movie is 'you can't live in fear'.And the other thing is 'taking a negative and turning it into a positve' and I did practised this in my real life too. One last thing here which is more important is the 'sign' I always fetch for the sign that could possibly stay with me and help me to bring back the smile and love. But,really there is no such a sign I could able to recognize until I got cheated in believing a fake sign rather.All these things are really happened with my life too and no sign could drive away my loneliness but God did it when I truly bowed to him ,flesh cannot help flesh.
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Before ten years when an advertisement is set to telecast on any channel viewers changed the channel and they only treated that 'ad' as a break and interruption to the show they are watching.
Durex ad screenshot
And as the name itself indicates as a 'break' and people took it as a break too. But now the revolution has occurred and the change that brought in the field of advertising is amazing one and it is a big explosion . In these years the advertisements has gone too far and the makers of the advertisements made the changes very rapidly when we compare to the last ten years to present advertising field made the viewers to stick to them without changing the channel and the graphics and the script are the rawmaterials in this.And the most successful ad makers are contributing their amazing talents and cashing it.
The hiring of the graphic designers and the ad making personnels increased ,in the coming years there may be a chance of lengthening the advertisements and shortening the shows.Recently I saw a new ad from a condom company named Durex™ and this made an advertisement with all the colours that could possibly have in a single album music by any star, with the Bollywood male star in the main character the ad is perfectly with some good music and it gave a new message that ads can be in this way too ,with all the qualities in a musical hit and this is the best example that advertisements won't be put off next time by the viewers

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Being a fan to someone means the likeness one have for that particulatlr person.And not altering the respect we have developed for him/her by any gosspis and news is the real fan thing. I can remember very well that its now more than 10years am a fan of  Priyanka Chopra the former miss world and the Bollywood girl.

I have developed such love on her that am not ready to accept any gossip about her ,because I just like her in that range. She is the greatest actress to me and she exactly looks like my sister, no one can express why they love someone likewise here am not into any further explanations that why and what made me to become her fan and make a favourite to me but I can only say some reasons.  
                                                      Her simplicity ,her look,her kindness and moreover her innocent eyes made me to fall for her. And Priyanka is the one in Bollywood with much talent and she playing a major role in exposing the industry around the globe and she also made three albums one in which featuring Pitbull. And am proud being her fan because of her activism and the helping nature she ggot, its not the sexiness in body or the other things which will earn a person respect but by the behaviour and the attitude and how they respond to the reality. Its not the hotness in her which made me her fan but the kindness.And she is worthy of being respected in the society and I didn't change the fan because am really happy with her actions and the activism for all these years. Its like never let me down and I think I can find no reason to leave her when she done with the industry too, as the ages increase the respect emerges more from my heart for her.
And Priyanka Chopra will be the one in my list forever, and I like the name too.With all my heart I wish her all the success and may God bless her.
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Blogger help screenshot
This latest news from the Google Blogger really made me happy ,it is the restriction of the explicit or nudity content in the blogger. And this could be a best step to build the world with some descency because the blogs which are publishing the nudity have gone beyond the limits and it show no humanity in posting them being a google search addict I came across many blogs which are from the blogspot and they publicly published many nude graphic and related contents I cannot name them because there are many such blogs on google.                                                                  Now its really a very good decision by the google to take down all that content. In the news it is reportedly said that from March 23 no blogs are allowed to publish any nude contents beyond the regulations and the nudity posts exception is also made by the google which is a viewers favour for example on the basis of education purpose viz. And if there are any such contents in any blog it will be automatically signed as the 'privacy blog' which means only the person(s) who own it have access to it but not by the public and if there are no such content then no changes are noticed in the blog. After 23rd of March new blogs will not be allowed to post explicit content and if they do so google will go legally on them. I want to thank you Google for introducing this policy as it is much needed.
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This is the movie of 2010 and it deals with the true relationship with God and his role in abiding in marriage. The caption of this movie is First love second chance as it suits the movie as in every clip it is proved. It is a good guide to the premaritals and a lesson to those families which will never try to be together after the quarrel. The image of love is drawn in this with the involvement of the God himself and the story can be a single lane travel.After five years of release its still pings me as new to me.                                                    
No greater love poster
  In to the story.                                                     There are only five characters in the entire movie and other supportive roles ,and the movie is about the past and present situation between the two loving couples and how did they treat each other before the iintervene of Jesus and after it. Here Jeff(Tyler Quinn) is the husband of Heather(Danielle Bisutti) and father of Ethan(Aaron Sanders). Jeff is quite busy with the works he got regarding to his ambition and he used to spent a very less time with Heather and their son and thus making Heather to argue daily about his negligence and both broke into words everyday ,this made Heather to give up on Jeff and she left him and the child . She was addicted to the medication and felt comfort in it. Jeff raised Ethan on his own and made not him to feel that his mother isn't there to look after him,Ethan is smart and good kid.Jeff has a business partner and a friend named T.J(Eric Bivens-Bush) and he used to share everything about his life with him. And Jeff has a girlfriend too ,and she is a business partner too named Katie (Alexis Bater) who is cool and good to him. She used to stay at home and cook dishes for Jeff and Ethan and earned their love. Jeff had a propasal for marriage and he got a green signal from Ethan too,and this is where the things turned up and down for Jeff as he encounters with his ex-wife Heather.And this is because of Ethan went to a summer Bible study and Jeff saw her there and later when he think about her ,he came to realise that it is none other than Heather.And this hit him back to the past when she is only her ruined in his sight.  
A scene from  'No greater Love'
                However Jeff need her back as now Heather is completely transformed into a good lady and this happened with her as she accepts Jesus Christ and when he moved closer to Heather this made Katie to breakup with Jeff and walk away now it is what the second chance means to the both Jeff and Heather and they still love each other as Jeff never signed on their divorce papers and Heather kept there wedding ring safe by wearing it in her neck by a chain. They both managed to meet and Jeff told Ethan about his real biological mother ,Heather and he likes her much as he is familiar with her from the Church. Now it is the place where comes the love into action, it is back into action when Jeff told Heather that he wants to be with her and she said it isn't possible because she is not what she used to be before and now she has Christ in her life and she can't marry a non-Christian which is a sin. This made Jeff to get mad and he thinks and thinks over it,he know Heather now she changed a lot and she is blessed now with the help of the cafe friend and a local church pastor Dave(Jay Underwood) Jeff took the Bible and started to read it and learning to pray with his son. But,still he can't feel it because of his work stress. Then he talks to Dave that he is not fit for Heather because he felts they are quite opposite then Dave explains Jeff that this is not a coincidence which occurred in their life ,walking away of Heather as an irresponsible and returning back and moreover with Christ as a good woman. And all this is done only according to the will of God and they are made for eachother. This made Jeff to make up his mind and walk to Heather and say her that he can't be a perfect one but he will never let her go and Heather replies that he is what God gave her and she will not walk away again.                                                                                                                                Things to learn.                                                                   In these present days the bond between the married ones and the relationships between the families is teathering away and the Godliness is what that leading to occur this. Any relationship if it isn't with God it won't stand for a long time the Spiritual life will endorse the relationships. This isn't for a particular section of the people but for each and everyone of us ,understanding and forgiveness will build a basement strong for a couple. One thing is true that God made us and he knows how to design us,he saves the sinking ones . FIRST LOVE is without the intervene of God and it appeared to be well and strong but collapsed ,in the SECOND CHANCE Heather is the one prayerful and it changed the mind of Jeff and it seemed the relationship won't stand but here it is God,he made it possible. Another fact we have to learn is never to mixup with the work and the rrelationships,no matter what how much you are ambitious towards your career it won't worth at all when it is an obstacle for the relationship. Be committed to the both and pay the time to both. No greater love.
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Think if a year opens and it begins with the shut down of the movies, including all the album makings and reality and podcast shows everything down for 365 days. Think how can the world be ? Without the entertainment? The box office gets bankrupted and the 'woods' (Hollywood,Bollywood etc) gets there curtains down and cannot play a single movie in theatres. Can the world move on?
This is the strange thought I got when I am thinking about the movie making and the ccelebrities,everybody when got home from the office turns the TV on and spends their time relaxing back with the shows and humours but what will happen when all these are down? Does it make any difference in our day to day life?
The answer would be yes,because on the globe its the only human species which can negotiate the feelings with smile,humour and dance. And all these are kept together and piled up as an entertainment and our day begins with such amusement and it continues till the night . The headphones keep on working on our ears and the works are said to be done side by side with the indulging of these entertainments and as long there is no place for too much the entertainment keeps on going with the colours which will keep us to cheer and energize us.
For us I keep my very weird thought beside and I on my music player.
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WWE has its honourable place in the sports entertainment and it takes all it can from the fans in the form of chants which will blow-off the arena's top. And the new PPPV(pay-per view) Fastlanle which is the replacement to the elimination chamber was showed in Memphis on Sunday. And the ride with the favourite superstars is said to be with some mirages in the path and ups and downs with the irregularities on the road.
The match cards aren't much interesting as the Wrestlemania 31 is the coming up event in march but still WWE writers developed feuds before the weeks of the Fastlane to draw some juice ,and when all the juice is sucked up by the fans the taste left is like just a raw but not a fresh one. John Cena ,being the most reputated champion in the company lost to the Russian Rusev when he got a low blow from the ravishing Russian as Lana drifted the focus of the referee. This is not a good move made by the WWE in bringing the loss to Cena because he deserved much better and of course Rusev is still undefeated but he needs time to reach the Cena. As of the preshow and postshow both were not so good looking to build this match and end it with an unfair move.

The kickoff show with the Miz TV is also a pointless one as it didn't show the Champion Brock instead it gave fans the most successful manager Paul hey man. And the Usos match ,team Ziggler and team Seth all are in the same level but, the awaited moment for the return of the Viper Randy Orton is the best one . Following these the Dust legacy been boring and the Divas outcome was also an expected one , the sudden amazement is the pipebomb by the Bray Wyatt as he took the 'undertaker' form from raising up from the casket and open challenged the phenom for the match. And the IC title is went with a disqualification of Dean for not listening to the referee.
And here comes the face to face of the WCW legend sting and the COO of WWE Triple H as it did stick fans to the seat with the speed of the fastlane as they rided with the sting along with his baseball bat as he challenged Triple H for a match at WM31.
And this PPV made some match cards well prepared for the wrestlemania and with some puzzles among the superstars with the yes or no. And the founder of the 'yes chant' Daniel Bryan lost to the Roman reigns ,the winner at the Royal Rumble in the main event. And it changed nothing for the number one contender as he already won at the Rumble but now it is a relief to him as he freed himself off from the Daniel's Yes lock.

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Wherever I go,I would like to capture the moments at my residing place and I love to keep them safe for memorising them after a long time.
I am a good traveller ,yes really good in journeying longer distances without any regret and as I love doing it I won't be tired much. The best example I can give is a train journey in which I stood on my legs for 12+ hours and still I am up. I did work and I walked and felt to dizzy. This is what we humans do when we love something much we can do anything to act.

And journey is different from a night journey when I was a child I used to hate the night journeys because of the lack of visuals I get through the window either it is a bus or a train. And when I grow big, and bigger I slowly understand that the thrill in the night journey is really filled with a lot of excitement as I can see the stars and the sky with my eyes moving with them. And the lightings around the vehicle is astonishing and can be very interesting when we come across the big industrial areas as the lamps glow brighter there.

I can only say one thing very clearly that one of my childhood dreams is to go to the longest distances and it is achieved as I stay for study many miles away from my hometown and every holiday requires a long journey to reach home.
The next big thing I have in my mind is the world tour and I hope very soon it will take the form of reality.
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My love for photography is an enormous one ,I will always stick to the principle that I make the pictures to talk what I can't.
And that power drive in me pushed me to capture the deodarants .
And the outcome of that idea is this showcase.

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She is cute, she is the fashion ,she is pretty and she is now sexy. She answered the critics by her rise and proved them wrong. She is now a star and icon ,she is none other than Selena Gomez

She is driving her talent and testing it by drifting it in various ways and got top listed and now currently one of the most searched person in the internet. Her innocent look and her cuteness made the blast to occur in the fans hearts and she steamed the dance floor and won it. She stealed the eyes by her looks, and recently she gone 'bold' for the V magazine and that is her own choice. She went topless and tried to make a place beside the topless celebrities. My opinion on this is ,I feel sad that she did this because I would like to see her as a Disney girl and album maker and good dancer but this her new step is different from the cuteness. Its what the fans says and so do I.
We don't know behind the curtain scenes so I hope we get the answers soon..

*All images are taken from
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Love is the most beautiful thing in the world it is really a wonderfully hand made by God himself. To get the love is nothing but to get ready to float with the waves but if it got a big wave then the boat gets reverse and have to face the troubles get in its way. And those troubles are never been easy to get through and will leave the scars and aches and nightmares in lives. I was there yes I am today world celebrates the loving day called Valentines day it's really a blessing to them who are holding there hands together, side by side and a walk along the park . So lovely isn't it? Yes it is .
Those who get the love are enjoying now and I remained silent because I got no valentine wish , and a girl at my side. This is hard to take. But the love I had once taught me many lessons and when I listed the important principles to adopt and move on in the life.

When the love is walked away from you , you got things to do to prevent the heart to fail working.
accept the truth by believing that this is not in your hand to change what has happened. So just accept the truth and try to erase (wait..its not that easy) at least try to move on with that stone in your heart.
A real man doesn't seek the vengeance but he forgives this is the hardest thing to do. A forgiving heart require lot of capacity to tolerate the pain and it is honoured than the one that seeks revenge.
The very next thing is to realise that the one who left isn't the right one for your life and they may not deserve to be a part of you. Hard to forget but can subsided by little concentration.
When we are done with all these things even we are not into a peace cabin, the life we have mocks us every time it is embarrassing. When we see the places and ,see things which are around which will remind us of those short days which we lived like days like those are forever and we got cheated and casted out of the world completely abandoned and left. Here it is important to move on with the days because living is worth as life goes on.
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When am thinking about the post related to the smile ,I remember the clown. Clown is the best example to represent the smile and there is an idea struck in my mind about making a clown with a small squared paper ,without the need of any great tools except small pair scissors or a blade.
I gave the idea the impulse to make a smiling clown . I did it only with a small paper which is a perfect square of 30cms each side. This is my first paper art which I gave birth to my idea on the spot.
And I would like to share the art right here.

Taking a sheet of paper and then drawing a laughing face is done in the a and b steps. We can replace the eyes also with circles instead of boxes.

cut the eyes ,i.e the small boxes and separate them as in c Then cut the shape of the laughing face as in d and separate them as in e
Notice here,that we do not have to take the different paper for the arms shape and head shape all are covered within the c and only a smiling face cutting will provide us other parts like head and arms.

Now it is those separated parts. f is the mouth part ,g is head and finally h are arms.
(Use a two layers of paper so that two arms are obtained from a single cut).

Now we come to the assembling ..

When all the above parts are placed in an order we get this i which is our desired outcome.
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Note All the Bible verses are from ESV®

Proverbs by Solomon from the Holy Bible is all about the wisdom and a way of living by overcoming the obstacles by the various sins.

Proverbs are the father's message to his son

A simple guidance and a truth revealing teachings to escape from the day to day threats and this is a perfect guide to the youth,who are ready to be good and sincere to their loved ones.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction"
Pro: 1:07

If we observe the book of proverbs the entire texts deal with the teachings which will help us to be good in the society and for the youth its a perfect fatherly words and helps a man to build his manlihood. It got love,warning and assistance. It creates a crystal clear difference between good and the bad, love and hate,wisdom and foolishness. It displays the outcomes of the bad ,and it teaches us to walk in a abiding rules.
It talks about the eternity and the rewards which we get for being good and the graceful garments and the pendants. It teaches us never to accommodate at a sinful place and neither practice the sin at any cost. Fools hate the knowledge and their path lead us to the failure . Whoever listen to the wisdom dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster. Search for the wisdom like we search for the hidden treasure ,seek it at right places.God is a shield to those who walk in integrity.

"She is more precious than jewels,and nothing you desire can compare with her"

(Background photo by miss.Nikhitha Raj)

Proverbs also talks about an adulteress and it explains her words are smooth like oil and her lips drips honey and she is too good to go with and love her. But definitely her presence is surrounded by the traps to Sheol(hell) and her meetings are the road to the loss of sense and health. And in the end she is as bitter as warmwood and whoever allows this forbidden woman into their lives they may never return again.
She says her husband is out for days and can enjoy as much as one wishes with her all the night,but its hard to escape the wrath of the God as going with her is Lord's enemy thing, he may pour his bowl of anger on you and your legacy will perish forever and your name will not be heard or spoke of again.
What if we choose righteousness?? It will be like this..

"But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn,which shines brighter and brighter until full day.The way of the wicked is like deep darkness ,they do not know over what they stumble"

Proverbs asks to learn the wisdom and leave the wickedness. It asks us to learn from the ants which have no leader but still they survive in all seasons and lack nothing. It says that one can enjoy in his wife with all the pleasures and all the beauty she has and do not even think of the neighbour's wife.

It also talks about the things which are abomination to the Lord ,they are:
1)Haughty eyes
2)A lying tongue
3)Hands that shed innocent blood
4)A heart that devises wicked plans
5)Feet that make haste to run to evil
6)A false witness who breathes out lies
7)The one who discord among brothers.

Proverbs doesn't show partiality ,it is a teaching to the son by his loving father. And it focuses on all possible bad from a woman. And if we think practically a woman doesn't need to invovle directly in the sin by a man. If his heart is of bad and evil , he thinks of her all the time and that makes him ruin. Here there is no woman who is the one explained above. She doesn't roam at the corners but its the man who desireth her in his heart and performs the sin so its all goes on to the head of him only as the woman is innocent here. This is what the proverbs teaching us not to get into the hands of the evil.

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it"
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Have you ever dreamed ?
YES we do will be your answer because all of us will dream about something while we sleep and these dreams are those unfulfilled wishes or unachieved goals and things which we really want to do badly but we can't do them in reality. And these dreams are the substitutes to give us some satisfaction which is not a long lasting one. Dreams are a window to our unconscious, they offer us a solution to the various problems which makes us to think a lot. Expressing the dream is always wonderful and it is a beautiful thing to remember the dream ,we have to incorporate our dreams into our daily life and one point is clear that our problems are the reason for our dreams ,more problems more dreams ,less problems less dreams and a psychologically good health. Our true thoughts are which lead us to dream and the hidden aggressive impulses and unfulfilled desires are set to be exposed in those dreams . We get a glimpse into our uncovered side through these dreams.

How I made the EPISODES in my dream?
This sounds a bit crazy, I made my regularly appearing dream as a continue episode ,how this is possible? How this is possible to re-appear and re-vision the SAME DREAM in two consecutive nights? I am not a mentalist nor a dream analyst but still am highly successful in repeating the dream ,the same dream twice.

The night before the next episode of the dream begin I dreamt of a real scene from high school final exams ,the scene is that in front of my bench there is a beautiful girl and some other students in the exam hall.

And the dream is that I am in a beautiful garden (I think it is a garden) with the full greenery and the fountains and the water sprinklers and nice classic huts. I played in the garden and it is so real and when I woke up I am sad that those moments cannot be retrieved but then the next night before going to bed I strongly felt of continuing the last night's dream and that desire is so strong with will power as a fuel I saw that dream again and it is the second episode to the previous one.

I don't know how it is happened with me to see the same dream in the form of episodes . But I know one fact and it is I can somehow control my brain to see the dreams which are good to me again and again.
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The idea that made me to make this post is the phone,my watch and other glassy items.As all of us encountered with the 'scratches' those which appear on the screens and the displays. They bother us every time when we stare at them ,those are the nightmares which lack us peace.
I am the victim to these too and I know how it feels when these things are on display or new car. Some are removable and some are not due to their minute .

We can't get rid of the whole thing due to that small scratch and its can't be removed. Generally this happens with me when I use my phone,small line scratches and the dot like spots are there ,I can't remove or change the screen cover but I have to learn to go with those dots. I see the whiteness of the paper but not the dot that corrupts it,so I manage and manipulate my mind from getting overwhelmed.
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