The showcase of the immortals is finished few hours ago and the live action for the first time ever in India is telecasted by Tensports and it is really an epic moment to experience the greatest show on earth in the entertainment history and it is the Wrestlemania .
This 31st edition picked up its place in the Levi's stadium and in the sunlight. Its the company of the most successful entertainment and this show telecasted in India early in the morning at 04:00am IST and fans like me of course do keep their alarms on for this moment.

The entertainment has gone a step beyond and brought an exciting monumental bodies fighting with the privilege to make their footmark in the history , the world experienced the real fights as they travelled with the wrestlers.
My Predictions became 57% true and with some shocking outcomes and title changing the hands.
The predictions for John Cena,The undertaker,Randy Orton and Divas tag team AJ & Paige became true and The WWE world heavyweight title ,Andre the giant memorial battle royal and tag team championships doesn't happened as predicted.
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The amazing thing is the UFC champion RONDA ROUSEY came to enjoy the matches but she do enjoyed beating both the Triple H and Stephanie with the electrifying Rock beside her. And finally the curtain is down with Rollins cashing his money in the bank briefcase and becoming the new wwe world heavyweight champion.
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The showcase of the immortals is to be aired on Sunday with the enough entertainment around as this is the 30th anniversary of WWE's Wrestlemania. And this time the most exciting match cards are waiting to reveal the champions and to reveal the true legends and their legacies.
In this post am going to make predictions on the matches and compare the success rate when the matches are finished. Let us take a look at the matches which are about to take place at the Levi's.
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•Randy Orton Vs Seth Rollins

•John Cena Vs Rusev (C) (US title)

•The Undertaker Vs Bray Wyatt

•7men ladder match (IC title)

•Triple H Vs Sting

•Bella twins Vs AJ Lee and Paige

•Fatal 4-way bout for the tag team title

•Brock Lesnar (C) Vs Roman Reigns (WWE World heavyweight title)

•Andre the giant battle royal for the Andre's statue

The show will be kicking off with the tag team title on the line between the four tag teams including the Usos who were most successfully defending title holders from the last year and now Tyson Kidd and Cesaro holds the title but the prediction will be favoured to the Usos.

Usos will win the Tag team title
Randy Orton will face Seth for the vengeance and he showed on the week before Monday night on raw that he can be a slayer and destroy Seth .

Randy Orton will win the match if there are no external interference
The Undertaker being challenged by the Bray Wyatt from weeks and weeks and finally the dead man accepted the challenge by overcoming the last year's WRestlemania defeat.

Undertaker will be victorious
Coming to the United States championship Cena is on rage and this time he made Rusev to accept the fight and succeed in changing Rusev's mind ,but can he be successful in bringing back the US title to home?

Cena will win the new US champ.
In the Andre the giant battle royal the fighters will be battling in an over the top rope elimination and I expect a surprise here to happen and that is !

Sheamus might win the match on his return
The WWE world heavyweight title is the one which is held by the beast and Roman is fed up with the 'can't s ' and he said to believe that he can and he will. Would he be the one who defeats Brock for the title?

Brock Lesnar will regain the WWE world heavyweight title

Coming to the divas division there is no title match but a tag team and to the expectations ...

AJ and Paige will beat the Bella's
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            Happiness is a gift, a relief in times of grief and a comforter in times of distress. To get happiness we just need to feel ourselves and it is hidden in us but not anywhere. Searching for happiness in the temporary things is just a foolish thing to do because temporary things aren't the longlasting reliefs and they will shift from us at anytime.

The true happiness is a feeling that which makes us to live in the moment and make it a memoir. It cannot be bought in the markets and it is not a thing to cash but everybody deserves this happiness and when we are happy we can make the people around us happier with our smile.There is no naturality in the smile which we buy literally in the laughing clubs and it is just like an investment for a laughing gas,but we must become a laughing gas to our own world.
No need to be a reputated person to feel happy its in our lifestyle and attitude, if we desire hardly to be happy then it comes from nowhere and it is not associated with an extraordinary things but in the simple things which can fill our face with a little smile and this smile means a lot to us as we all have to face the odds on a daily basis. At school,College or at our workplaces , stress and tensions knocks us down to the bottom and steal the smile from us. What we need to do is strike back and take the gift as it belongs to us and that too...forever.

Things that make me happy

There are not one but many things that bring back the smile on my face, when I see any person who keeps on helping others that could make me happy and this isn't just happiness but I can move forward and take that person as an inspiration.
When my dad appreciates me in achieving any new goal whether its small or big ,that makes me happy

When I see a dog on street which I pass by ,I give it a cookie and observe its hungry is fulfilled upto some amount.
When I make my day really successful with the involvement of multiple tasks like doing well at a college test,a social campaign participation and meet up with friends and expanding myself makes me happy

I feel happy when the environment which am surrounded by is with full of cheerfulness and amusement. And there are many more things which I feel happy reminding my past moments and school days etc.

When the smile never feds away from our face,we bring a change in our field more than a half and we can become the reason to smile for the people around us. Never let that smile leave you at any cost...
This post is a part of Coca-Cola International day of happiness
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Gadgets became a good partners to us in this generation and they occupied the most of us and places like our pockets and night in the bed during we sleep. The reason for this is the importance of the gadget in our daily life and how it made our tasks easy so does the life too, many people were in doubt whether this technology can do this and now it has cleared away all those question marks from the world. For us in the beginning, owning a new android mobile is a dream that seems too far to achieve but now-a-days this dream is reality and to any class of the people in the society they can own an android device easily within their budget. Just like our Moto-E ,which made those middle class dreams come true and satisfaction from all the categories of the people with its stunning performance and built-in applications.
This amazing android device is everywhere now and became the talk of the town in a very less time after its introduction into the market. Competing with the all famous and reputated brands and giving them a good sportive challenge with the features provided at the fingertips.

I can do a lot with Moto-E

What I can do with a Motorola Moto E ? Well,I can do a lot. I can just pose with it as the colours are black/white and the size is 4.3 inches. Its a slim and handy when I carry and I can store a lot in my Moto E as it got 1GB RAM and 4GB internal memory . I can keep it in my pocket and bother not for the damage of the screen due to my keys or any such things because it got a protection with the corning Gorilla glass 3.
As a blogger I need some good pictures from the nature and the environment I live in with Moto E I can capture the moments and save them with the help of the 5 megapixel camera and view/edit them with the built in function.
I am happy to carry the light weight mobile which weighs only 142g and I enjoy the videos with 480p.And more and more I can perform with the Moto E and its astonishing features.This is me and my Moto E                                                                                                             P.S : This post is a part of

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Eating is also an art and I think am up to it because of the varieties that my mom had made and now my sister carrying that legacy.Sweets,hots and many more items are prepared by my sister at home and I do not assist her and I only eat and enjoys what she makes, I just like to appreciate her and can call her a chef.
Homely made dishes are sort of an adventure because to those who tries for the first time they feel like they are achieving a next level but to those who tastes it ,that is the point where we can call it an adventure because we are facing the one whose moves aren't known to us to defend it.

Credit: Sarala Sithara Vani Dasari
They can easily knockout us but,it is really an adventure ,eating and tasting adventure.I faced this situation twice for two of my sister's new dishes and got stirred up with the taste and it was really bad in taste but I didn't called it bad because it takes time to learn something new and if it comes to the cooking ,it will take some more time due to the measuring of the contents are not similar to our contents in blog.Bowl is a blog there and the adding of the ingredients are content in it, let's take a look at the following dish which she did well like a pro.chef in her second trial.

Gulab jamun mix.

This is a sweet dish and an Indian dessert which can be prepared at home or can get a commercial mixed powder .And this is the origin from West Bengal ,India and now is famous every part of the world.
Gulab jamun is a milk solids and wheat ingredients dessert and it contains saffron or cardamom powder according to our taste .We can add them directly in the syrup which is already prepared.
The ingredients of a commercially made Gulab jamun mix by Bambino™ are refined wheat flour,skimmed milk powder,edible vegetable fat,sodium bicarbonate and malic acid. This is available at any super market well packed in the form of powder.
Credit: Sarala Sithara Vani Dasari

Directions for use

•A dough is made with the mix of powdered content and 1/4 volume of water.

•By applying oil/vanaspathi or any other oily content to hands divide the dough and make it into small balls.

•Fry them in the oil until the balls turn brown in colour

•Prepare a sugar syrup ,and soak these fried jamuns.
. Note: The sugar syrup must be hot ,for this make it before you fry the balls.
A sugar syrup is made by mixing the sugar in the water and boiling it for 5minutes,the measures of sugar and water depends upon the intake of sugar in your family.
Now the sweet Gulab jamun is ready to taste and it is good in taste and can be prepared in a very less of time.A time saving dessert for guests who make uninformed visits and at special occasions.
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My interest at writing articles and stories made me a blogger and not just a blogger but an obessessd blogger.I love to update my blog at anytime that means I have no particularly planned or scheduled timings to publish a new post ,whenever I struck with new ideas I blog.
Whether it is a midnight or early in the morning I just take a note as a reminder or I go to compose it directly. Sometimes I make big posts and sometimes I make shorter ,this depends upon the topic and the ideas and views of me in that topic .I can write more if am familiar with a particular section ,if not I can just say the outlines and highlighted content and then I close. Am close to the first anniversary of my blog and I would like to recall the blog(s) I first created and I didn't do this all in an overnight . It took months for me to know actually how to maintain a blog.I didn't focus on the SEO (search engine optimisation) because I am not running a commercial blog but its completely a personal blog.So I drifted my thinks on the content and the layouts and especially the design, in the beginning I got the basic templates which are offered by the google blogger itself and I learnt how to edit and customize the templates and change the backgrounds and text styles.Then I moved to the adding of the badges and gadgets to the blog which adds the attraction and they are like the decorative items to blogs.But we have to make sure that these gadgets must not be a distraction to the content and loading time of the blogs,the external sites which offer free and pro.templates which further helps our blog to look pro.when compared to the basic blogs.
These images will show how was my blog before and after when I made some changes regarding the layout ,design and the template.This will show clearly how can the designs can make the difference in the appearance of blog and its look. 
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This is all about that moment where i took a step extreme in my life and I pushed myself beyond the limits and my strengths to alter my life forever. This is the decision which made all my views on future a bit hard to bite and I kept myself as a prey to my own fears till they ripped my heart ,this is kind of personal something that which is related to my feelings and dreams and where I need to go along with the time and cast myself into the field which I hated most always.

I thought of taking one bold step which can completely keeps me on different platform of life and here I decided to move through it.All this is about my career which is a crucial time for me lurking between the two choices of education one is archaeology degree and on the other hand B.Tech (Bachelor of technology). I never liked the ,I mean ever .I heard of ragging and I heard of all the bad about it ,the students lifestyle and the new world of this professional degree never attracted me much.But I got a good rank in the Entrance test and I can't just let it go ,its my time to take a step and move on.I figured out all the troubles I could possibly face if I step into ,and the health problems by staying away from homely environment, the pains I could undergo when I face the toughest situation like getting bulleyed and I never want to become a 'laughter at' character .I know exactly what I am doing because all those years of study is at home and everyone is strong being home but in my case its different ,even being home my friends made fun of me that I can't play well and I can't flirt with a girl and I can't swim etc and many 'I Cant's' chants which caused me many nightmares

If I am that much bad at my own home how can I go to a foreign and perform well?Where I know not a single guy and being myself a stranger can I cope with all these issues? The night before I sign the papers which I claimed my already submitted cerficates at my archaeology college all these fears circled in my mind like the visulas of a movie and I couldn't sleep that night I sit back and I think and think and took a decision which is a one daring adventure that I ever made in my entire life.I decided to join the battlefield ( and I manipulated my thoughts and pre-plans to face all those punches.
When I went to college and then to the hostel ,that night seemed to me like it is the end of the world .I broke into tears and I catched the early morning train and headed home.I cursed myself for dragging myself into that situation ,I blamed myself for suck a huge risk .But, I was wrong because that courageous decision turned my life completely and shaped me into a perfect responsible person who I am now.Because of that bold step I took to join the field let my life go like a racer and filled me with anonymous passion and drives me closer and closer to the success.
I realised that there is no taste in the relief unless I had an experience of trials which are tougher of the toughest.These maybe silly to the people who think it was but its like a mountain to me and I climbed it up with all the spirit and overcoming the fears ,health issues, in evident gossips and all.If I jerk and stated back at home I am the same guy who living in the fear with my own built restrictions. I know not this blogging , I know nothing about the astonishing technology .But ,my one daring step altered my entire life ,without that step I know clearly what and where I could be right now.I blamed my craziness and I felt its nothing but a dead end but in the end it was all proved wrong and still I am proving my obsession that it is not a reliable one.What I am supposed to say here is never let your dreams die behind your instincts which are not trustworthy and have no proofs .Take a bold step whenever it is necessary and do not give ear to the discouragements ,make a way yourself and just be with it.The commitment we has will definitely guide us and there our destiny awaits.

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In the beginning,flying up in the sky was a dream and it is achieved by the invention of the aeroplanes.Now its a dream to all the nations to fly up in the sky with lesser pollution and lesser global warming, I think its the time to watch our this dream coming true and it is not so far as today a solar plane ,SOLAR IMPULSE 2 took off from Abu Dhabi in the UAE(United Arab Emirates) and landed in Muscat,Oman.And this solar impulse 2 is the project by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg.
This can be a new chapter to be written in the Aeronautical legacy as the world countries is looking forward for the low-pollutant technologies and they are starving for such new inventions which is environmental friendly in nature with higher efficiency and reliability.

This navigation around the world is done in a plane which is driven by the solar power and no fuel is used hence no carbon dioxide which causes the global warming. The flight utilises the battery stored power during the night and stores the solar energy from solar cells during the day. And it is ready to trip over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans as a part of the world tour.

Solar impulse 2 dimensions

The plane is huge and it weighs less than 5,070 pounds (2,300kg) and it is only with facility of single pilot in the cockpit.The diameter of the propellers measures 13feet(4m) and wingspan of 236feet(72m).
With the first fly the inventors are proud and happy about this as this seems to all of us a new era.We are in need of control of the pollution and in search of the sources which will utilize the solar energy and consumes maximum amount of energy which is able to finish the works as fast as the energy of fuel does ,well solar impulse 2 can be a best example for such kind and the hope for the future generations not only stays alive but it can be thrived.
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Chatting,gaming,sharing,pinging and more are available in these recent days are at our finger tips where the platforms allow multiple applications in a single app whether it is on android or other devices. We didn't see this facility some years ago but now we got many apps which are entertaining us with all in one features,we can observe clearly in the stores of our devices that social media apps are increasing rapidly day by day and has no limits. Newly introduced apps,classy apps which are running in the race since longtime .We never get bored when we tap on these buttons and get connected to them and I have been there where the hunt for the apps goes beyond the border.I stay late nights and search for the apps which will provide some time to get passed whenever am free and I was given many choices and colourfully designed graphics attracted me.And one app that made me to feel much happier and completely satisfied ,that app is the GALAXY -CHAT & PLAY 
The app is intended for chatting and gaming with creation of an account and choosing an avatar then proceeding with some basic 'tutorial' by robomentor.Yes you heard it right here the chat rooms are not just simple boxes but they are with some beautifully made avatars and they appear like we are side by side and it is a 2d platform but resembles the IMVU website. The chatrooms in it are called as planets and they are named according to our wish ,many tasks in it are performed freely with the installation of the apps but additional features like creating a planet,buying new costumes and backgrounds will require the real money called a 'cu'.And according to the countries it will be charged.

This Galaxy app stands completely in the another level and unique from all the chatting apps in the store it stands alone from others. The app isn't with any explicit contents but there are some people who misbehaves in the planets.
PROS AND CONS OF GALAXY Likewise with all the other apps there are both positives and negatives in gala (short form of galaxy) too. The planets are with great artwork which are owned by the respective owner and the privacy of the planet (public/private) ,capacity of the planet to allow the people and all the other settings can be manipulated by the king of the planet who is with a crown on his head ,the owner.All this is interesting and quite addictive,and my personal experience with gala is astonishing and it is the greatest choice of all time in the entire apps and the most used app of all time both by money and by time.I earned the other world by using the app and it gave me many I mean many friends around the globe, some people I met via these apps are still in my contact list.
And I am pretty sure that I cannot go back into the galaxy world ever again because I am a hall of fame in using it and I got it all ,the good and bad from the app. And that respect I have for the app made me to write about it here . And the negatives in this app are the fake ids which are really disgusting and they act like girls even they are boys for a time pass and it is not so good place for girls who are too sensitive.Because the chats in this are really offensive in some cases and beyond this the galaxy is a great place to meet with new people and to get experienced by a new level of chatting arena.

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It was my birthday on March 02' and I grown older with another year increased in me. Its time to stand before the mirror and examine myself whether I differ from the past years or am I still old class?.

I can only remember about the one year back that is in 2014 March 02' because I don't have much memory power to remind what I was alike before many years. Things have been changed around me like the world,I learnt many new lessons and new things and skills which made me proud to step into another freshener year.But last year it was pretty much hurt as I didn't celebrated my birthday even it came on Sunday due to an important college work and all I could do is a journey and however I discussed how 2014 ruined me and this year is quite good going on me than the previous one.
I have noticed few changes in my life from last birthday to this one.
•I somewhat developed my hardworking nature and showed off my skills in some fields and is victorious too.

•I realised the power of reality and its capability and I succeeded in applying it to my real life

•I came to know that who are with me and who are not by the way they exposed their inner thoughts by their deeds and I focused on how to move on in life without the involvement of such people in my life and moreover I learnt that I was misguided in past and it cannot be repeated again.  Every year it doesn't actually happen as we plan because if it is all fair we believe that there is no need of God ,and likewise I got both good and bad on this birthday too.Some are I gave party to two friends with all my heart before my birthday and it was not at all a satisfactory party in my sight as they didn't even cared for me and at least wished me in advance ,one of them didn't greeted me on the cake day too. This shows that I was with wrong people ,giving the best of me and I must learn from it this time. And secondly I didn't received a wish from the person whom I am expecting the wishes at 12:00am ,but this time its my dad who wished me first since three years.Many changes in gap of a year and lot of things to be aware of.

But life goes on,if a year brings me happiness in some cases it disappoints me in the other and i must implement new motivated ideas to comfort my argues and take down those ideas which are overriding my reality.
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When his music hits,i can only see a real champion walking,when he runs into the ring ,i can only see a person with #nevergiveup is stepping in,when he stands in the middle of the ring,i can only see an iron man is ready to fight against all odds.                                                             
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And that superstar is none other than the WWE icon and fan favorite of all time JOHN CENA.And i am impressed by his attitude and the way he took and running in the track for years and years.Even after seeing him beaten completely at Summerslam 2014 the respect i have for him didn't decreased a bit and this is due to his kindness and the charisma and his charity. Cena been booed by many in the WWE universe but still his place is iconic due to the influence he brought on the company, many superstars had came and gone but without Cena a PPV could be a hard to bite.The fighting spirit he got and the Hustle,Loyalty and Respect as his motto ,moves on completely in control and never lost his respect towards the wrestling rules and regulations and he never go too far with a superstar as long as the game is played like a game.He is completely a fair guy in the WWE .Am not devaluing other wrestlers but am being Cenation supporter for 7years so far i know how it would be being John Cena. His words are inspirational magics and his contribution to #makeAwish ,#noBullying are really appreciable and will be a part of his legacy.                   And finally am happy to write about him.
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Its every writer's dream to publish a book. But it is hardest things to do if we are not a free person in life who is always busy with the college,exams ,works etc. And the pleasure of writing still with us as we write about the incidents regularly and trigger our ideas with day to day trend. And blogging is quite different from a story writing or a book writing ,we can shortlist the blog post maximum to maximum whereas in case of writing a book it cannot be done because we need to say elaborately to the readers what's our real passion is all about and since our blogs got some Autobots like 'about-me' and social network icons ,badges they say about us clearly and provides the readers a sneak peek into us. But in a book writing we need to start from the beginning as it doesn't contain the badged but it has the introduction and preface pages. This makes us dodge back from writing a book and kill the intention is ourselves about penning it. But the technology has improved a lot and it made it easy to write or publish a book and that too without spending a penny. There are many sites which will help us to write our book and preserve them in their servers which is edited again when ever we need it and it reduces our pen and piles of papers to carry with us on the go. The replacement here is done by the mobile phones or PCs . We can blog now via mobiles that is great news for guys like me who hates using a PC and feels absurd to carry it on my back. And these platforms favours us much and they assist us to pen our ideas or any stories into a book. When I surfed the web a year ago I found the site called 'widbook' and it helped me to publish my first ever ebook for free. In past I have many ideas about story writing,I lived in it daily by writing the stories when am at school but I wrote them in books and papers and I couldn't find them again when I needed because they maybe gone or maybe it was me who tore them or burn them in anger. And those hard copies turn to ash and never be retrieved unless I write them down again with the same topics freshly but it will definitely miss some data which is as in the beginning one. So,these websites really helped people like me to clap hands and say ,yes now we can do it easily. My first EBook on widbook is a mix of reality and fantasy it is The Fall-Wrath Of The TruthIts been really a long time I waited to write the book and that long awaited dream became a reality when I finished this short story in the form an EBook. There are many websites and platforms that will encourage your writing skills and brings the author out who is hiding in you. If you are with the same passion switch to these sites and take advantage of the best of the bests.    
            It is good to have something than to have nothing                       
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As what it is said before hereBlogger Policy there will be no changes made to the existing blogger accounts related to the explicit content.

It is reportedly said by the google that the ban on the nudity in the blogger cannot be done as announced before as they received lot of feedbacks regarding to the contentd in the blogs which may result in a huge loss of identities and may become a problematic to the bloggers and so changes as mentioned before isn't said to be occurring in the google blogger as of now simply a notification to the blog with nudity content is sent to make it under the category of maturity content and if not the blog then will be removed.This made me sad but i don't know what it will be really like for google to lose many blogs if they implement the new policy and i hope one day this policy can be run.
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This story happened when am 9' years old and still I can remember it very well because it is the such scary and hard to forget and a loving one which taught me a lesson and inspired me to move on. I was back from school and it was Monday evening where my dad went with someother of his office staff to an aerodrome for a walk and they discuss about the tasks to accomplish and projects to finish. I can remember their discussion very well because I went with my dad one Monday evening ,and this time am eager to go but they already headed there. It is too far from the house and they took their bicycles for the ride and I fixed in my mind that I must join them at any cost and I told a lie at home that am going out to dad's office to bring the calculator and I started running on the road towards the aerodrome. I can merely remember the route because I have been there only once and when I stopped by the two lanes which are separated by two different roads I am totally confused in choosing the right one which takes me to the aerodrome. And I took the left one by hoping that it is the way ,knowing not really it is I started running and it lead me to another big junction which is now seperated by four different roads and I am completely distressed now as this is not what I am expecting in my run. Lot of confusion and I am unaware that I lost actually. Taking the second from left road and from there I go into a lane and then to a street where it ended. And I saw a ground where some school students and the local guys playing cricket. I began to cry ,and see dad and his team nowhere they are out of my reach and I don't even know how to get home now. I started to cry and run here and there from a corner of street to the other,then an old woman noticed me and stopped me and asked where was I am from ,I remember my street's name where I stay and I uttered it with uncleared words she got me and said its too far from there. I started to cry more now as all the people there are only strangers, two young girls and a woman with her small baby joined the old woman and they planned to accompany with me to a spot which is a temple road. I told them that if they can show me the route to the temple from there I can go home. They agreed with that and started to walk me to it I saw the cricket ground and other roads and finally am back to the road which am familiar with. I thanked them for the big help and I walked to home. At some point I thought I lost my life ,somebody will surely kidnap me and kill me or eat me alive. But with this help the optimism is back in me ,I found the hope of seeing my dad,mom ,sister and my pet dog (Zimbo).
when I reached home by walk after two hours. Zimbo kissed me and he is excited about the new scent I gave him of those new street as he sniffed my feet again and again. I was questioned by my sister what did I do for four hours I said I talked to an uncle at the office and my dad came home after fifteen minutes . And this is the untold story of mine and only I can remember it ,am scared to share with my family but it is the real story which gave me enough hope and showed me that still there is some kindness left in the world as I thank the stranger street girls for they brought my family back to me.                                                                                                                                                                                    P.S :This blog post is a part of Indiblogger and related toHousing/lookup .
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LED stumps and bails
Introduction of the newest technology to the cricket has brought a remarkable change for ages and ages. As this innovative idea lead to the epic revolution in the Cricket ,it added some more colours to the audience and occupied a special place in their hearts. The technology is with both ,a boon and a bane.Some of the latest technologies makes us happy and some are sort of pain. This also can applicable to the Cricket if we observe some of the major changes that occurred in the cricket from the past years to the present. Now due to the technology, viewers can feel like they are in the stadium and this technology may be a distraction to the players in the field,best example is the spidercam,a cable driven cam which can present the viewers the so close and clarity of the game but many famous cricketers believe that it is a distraction to the game.                                         While some other technologies gained much respect like the LED stumps and bails which are in use for IPL(Indian Premier League) and also in the other matches . The latest technology is reliable,in some cases it may cause disputes due to the failures this doesn't mean it must be banned because long ago we never saw a cricket match in such a high definition as we experience it today, all this is achieved only because of the introduction of new technology and making improvements to the existed ones.Use of the HD cameras is the best example, as it makes us to feel the match. The ball tracking technologies like Hawk eye and hotspot to test ball impact on pad or bat has brought the revolution too. To solve the controversial decisions by the in-field umpires, implementation of UDRS or DRS (Umpire Decision Review System) is also appreciable which is the part of the newest technology. Ball spin RPM(Revolutions per Minute) and the technology which is used to award the boundary to a batsman when it is unclear in a third umpire review a battle between the ball and the fielder and the boundary pads are also resolved. Overall the introduction of the technology is encouraged because of the clarity it brought to us and it is discouraged due to the other negatives. We have to realise that there is both positives and negatives in any of the invents but depending upon the percentage of the reliability the future of the technology is decided whether it is a stay or just a blinking one.                                                                                                                           We can finally say that technology has brought and still bringing lot of new supportives to both the players and the cricket fans.The point to consider here is, as long as it is good in the sight of players it cannot be plucked out.Technologists must keep an effort in satisfying both the players and fans because without a technology there is nothing so attractive in these days but it also must be kept in mind that cricket is what existed before the technology introduced to it. It must be like this ,tech for cricket but not the cricket for tech.                                                                         P.S: This blog post is part of Blogger Dream Team
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Games games and games...the gaming platform has changed all of us and it occupied its place in our hearts and there is none in this world who never been into this gaming arena by their androids or PCs and it can take all it wants in the form of coins and the real cash also involved in it. They attract us with the graphics and the 3d games as well as symbian games and puzzles etc are so addictive ones.The pay-per gaming centres for the 2d video games are outdated and the every home is built with the Xbox and playstations. The games are categorized based on the age of the players and on their interests and time of spending in playing. People like me generally not into the games but when we engage in any of the good game on the store then can't sleep until all it is finished up. But this is not possible with the games which are divived into episodes and needs gold coins or dollars to buy any packages and weapons (in action games) .
screenshot of '300' game

I played the strategic games,action,adventure, puzzle,role plays,fantasy etc and the longest played game in my childhood is the CONTRA S and the SUPER MARIO BROS . And I played this on my home video game connected to the TV, and recently I played most the 3d games and the best game is GUNSHIP BATTLE on my android device. The theme of the games are so influential on the players as when they play the heroic role they will feel like they are the one in the game and they play with all the involvement and concentration and when they sleep they dream of fighting with the villian . This is causing the minds to think even the game is off and draining the attentiveness from it and it will eventually makes us to fall for it. This new addiction will cause in the poor results at studies and lower performance in the reality as I am there too the huge indifferencess between me and my parents when I used to spend much time in playing the video games. I took all night up to morning 5am sometimes keep on playing until I take that boss out. And it caused me lack of sleep and what I am going to say is the technology is our handmade and it got both the benefits as well as the losses. So we all need to be aware of the health hazardous and keep a safe gaming without getting addicted.
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I like the movies which are focused on the street racings and the huge sportivity encouragers ,back in the 2014 March, it is the Need for speed movie and I loved the making of the movie highly appreciated super fast cars and the action they brought on the screen.
And the story is the biggest hit as it once agains proves that the racing theme in the Hollywood never a disappointing. This NFS shows the heart and forgiveness and the respect for the fellow competent in any sport that killing them is not worthy.Game and race is all about the spirit of the sport and the feeling for the races ,its not about backstabs and the cheats but a completely fair play. The NFS movie has got it all as Tobey Marshall(Aaron Paul) avenges for his friend's (Pete's (Harrison Gilbertson) death by the cunning minded Dino Brewster(Dominic Cooper) as he frames the incident as the theft by Tobey and Pete of his car by hiding it. And he spins Pete's car in a race and kills him before this. And with the help of His crew Tobey made it possible to register another race with Dino and he gets a chance here as Dino was left behind and struck inside the car after it hits the ground. But evil for evil is not encouraged here as Tobey goes back to the Dino's car and saves his life . Then he get caught by cops who are following him from the race as it is illegal one. The movie ends with the lesson that nobody has need to take the other's life to live and vengeance cannot end the pain ,tears in Tobey's eyes says it all in the movie as the music hits singing...
Weep not for roads untraveled Weep not for sights unseen May your love never end And if you need a friend There's a seat here alongside me
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