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Every time in the end of the month there will be a regular post here pointing the latest news from the WWE . I started this since the last year's Summerslam ppv. On this Sunday ,26th of April its the moment for the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view. And as of its name the matches well followed up with some extreme moments from Dean Ambrose to the Roman Reigns ,when they faced their opponents. Let's take a review of all the matches from the E.R
The main event match between Seth Rollins ,the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and his opponent ,the viper ,Randy Orton took place in a steel cage with the director of operations Kane as a gatekeeper of the cage. And the outcome of this match is unexpected because the weapon of Randy,RKO move is banned in this match. But ,to the surprising Randy lost the match with RKO from Seth as he walked away from the cage to took a victory by delivering RKO to Randy. This is really upto an unexpected.


All the rest matches are also Extreme in action in the ring. Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper's ,chicago street fight match was awesome. As Ambrose drove Luke in SUV to the arena.
John Cena ,the United States Champion faced the Russian tank ,Rusev in a Russian Chain match and he proved to the WWE universe once again that he is the fighting champion when he won the match by touching all the four corners of the ring. Neville proved to the crowd that he deserve a better shot in the future as he faced the Bad News Barret .

The most embarrassing moment of the entire ppv is the match between Dolph Ziggler and 'the changed' Sheamus , Dolph won the match but was low-blowed after the match and made to 'kiss my arse' of Sheamus as they both fight in a Kiss my arse match.

The Divas title match was also at the Extreme rules and Nikki Bella ,the current Divas Champion looked more hotter than ever in white outfit. And she regained her title with the assistance of her twin ,Brie Bella against Naomi. Overall ,the Extreme rules showed an Extremely Extreme ring action with all the match cards and it made the next ppv Payback bit interesting .

The flow of current in the arena seemed low because there was no Intercontinental Champion ,the 'Yes' man Daniel Bryan. But still fans chanted the yes during the steel cage match and also in other times. 


•  Seth Rollins (C) defeated Randy Orton in a steel cage match.

• Ryback confronted Bo Dallas' addressing and beat him up.

• Roman Reigns defeated Big Show in a last man standing match.

• Nikki Bella (C)  defeated Naomi.

• John Cena (C) defeated Rusev in a Russian chain match for the US title.

• Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper in a Chicago Street fight.

• The New Day defeated Cesaro and Tyson Kidd for the wwe tag team championship.

• Dolph Ziggler defeated Sheamus in 'kiss me arse' match.

• Neville defeated Bad News Barret in a kickoff match of Extreme Rules.

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Many people who are in a relationship complaint about the breakups and walking away. This became a style and a part of a lifestyle to walk away for some people. But, there are some real reasons behind walking away and when we see through the lurking reasons the following reasons are the building blocks.
And these may also considered as the reasons for what makes a person to walk away from your life.

No two persons way of thinking is same

When searching for a perfect match, either the parents or the person who are getting to ready for a relationship thinks about his/her partner and likely want him/her to think similar to one's mind. And they do try to match for similar tastes and interests. But ,the fact is even the tastes matches they may differ according to the mind's functioning.
Let's take an example of an interest called 'drawing pictures' . Two persons are here,one likes art and the other too ,their interests are perfectly matched because of the same field . But when we ask them why each other adopted drawing as their favourite the reason they explain varies from each other. One will say drawing is his/her hobby since childhood and the other person will say he/she developed the art because to kill loneliness. Art is same but the way they fall for it is exactly opposite. Likewise all other matching of the hobbies or interests .

Struggling for 'Control'

This is seen mostly in both the genders. One will try to control and manipulate the other and on the other hand the second person also tries the same . The final result will end up in misunderstanding and quarrelling. Because here the control power lies in one's own hand. And when we keep the forcing on it their mind won't take it after some extent ,it will try to ease from the pressure.


This is the main enemy for those who are in a relationship. Judging will hurt the ego and it will make a person to walk away. Do not judge as the consequences of it will be so dangerous. You may say that you love your partner so much and cannot stop saying him/her the words which are useful . Because you may add the very strong reason , it would be like drinking alcohol,addiction to drugs,lust for the opposite sex etc. I agree all of these are the bad qualities no doubt at all. But when you judge the person rightaway on the spot it will really hurt the ego. And when you keep on repeating this judgement it will enlarge and break the connection finally.

Never letting the 'past' go away

This is a hard pill to swallow for anybody. If you keep on reminding your partner ,especially his/her baddest past that will really make the person crazy. There are chances of going back into the past life or get irritated as you use the past as a weapon to control and weapon to sue . But this isn't suggestable one for a good relationship.
Let's see another example : In the past your bf/gf had an affair with one of your friend or a relative. Later he/she realised the mistake ,regret for it, felt sorry for the deed and you forgave and let him/her back into your life again. Later,when a situation arises or in a discussion you raise the past mistake and continually pointing to him/her by saying that it will repeat again , "you didn't changed at all" ,"you will go with my friend,as you had the habit of" like these words will hurt the opposite person. Because you really mean it what you said but it was the past and past is meant to leave but not to stick with. And besides you forgived ,is this sueing with the past is what forgiveness in your opinion?
Preaching behaviour
Here,your actions like a preacher will let your love walk away. Let's see how a preaching behaviour let the people began to move away. A person maybe your bf/gf is doing a work. Suddenly you showed up and started running your mouth by lot of suggestions and preachings. "Hey! This is complelety insane ,this is bad you know" , "Don't you know this is a bad,leave it right away" such kind of words are used by you. And yea,am not saying that its a mistake ,I know all your intention is to keep your partner good. But ,think, is this the right way to behave?
Keep yourself in the place of your partner and try to solve the situation. The bad will be good to do and some things need to be handled roughly to be eliminated. This doesn't mean your partner is a complete jerk. Preaching him on phone,on walk ,on bed like his/her family didn't even taught good or bad. This will make a way to walk away,you are thinking yourself a perfect and a very good one. And your partner is thinking himself the same way. You may be scripturally upright and perfect in it,but when you substitute at your partner's situation you may not able to stat with the good you got.
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ConclusionIf you ever felt like you need to change the thinking of your partner I say eventually you will fail unless you attempt it with the timing. Get much closer to your partner and then try it. And always keep in mind that all the tastes may match but they are not of an identical outcome. Never judge ,but try to explain and then lay a track of support. What is the difference between you and the others to your partner when you judge him/her like the others do?
Past is past, it must be drowned and never allow it back in any case. And don't use it as it is the weakness of your partner. You only know about his/her because he/she shared with you. Because you weren't with your partner when he is in that dark. So you got no right to judge but you have the the right to change his mind with love.
Good is good and bad is bad, if your partner is in bad don't point him but try to explain the scene and he/she is also aware of the bad but situations are the worst ones. Treat like a close one and peel the pain off.
Always remember you and your partner isn't raised up from childhood under the same tree. The emotions, views on society,tree of life ,relatives etc may vary depending on all these things. This is definitely a sensitive case to deal with. All the best for a better understanding lives.
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Take up a cause, fall in love, write a book. -John carter movie This is the dialogue which lead me to write a book and I made it finally to the three books. My dream is here finally achieved and its really honour to me to share it here.
The love for writing made me a bloggerand later an author who can turn any single situation or a picture into an amazing blog post or a book. This love for writing is the intention but not an idea and it is not said to be stopped or prevented. Writing is a hard thing to choose but once if we fell in it,we are just carried in a flow and cannot live without it.
This book is a spiritual one which is completely talks about the faith and its incremental bases. And how God helped me to stand up against the major problems even I didn't many mistakes and sins. This book is a faithrepresentative and the clear explanation about THE BROKEN COVENANTS with God, In the beginning I started it to make as a part of a blog post but then the flow continued and it fitted as a book. A believer can increase the faith and its a comfort to my own . I can remember of my Lord's miracles every day when I read this.
In this present world the faith which we developed is tested and trailed in every moment of our lives and there must be some additives which will help us to stand firm without any doubt.
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This is the face of the true faith ,a faith that which all the humans will adopt and all the hopes began to take form of the blessings. The faith is something which drives us forward to the success with the spirituality and this isn't remained as only the blind faith when it got some true stories to share.

My this post is the Faith theorem and it is the real experience  the real person and it is me. I am a believer of the existence of the God and who accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and I put some huge problems which are like a huge mountains before him. And I didn't accepted him to save me and help me all the time but I accepted him because I love him.

Let's come to the faith ,I was (of course now too) in some of the very tough to handle pains in my life and I solely can't fight with them . I need some power and a pull from back to stand upright against those and survive. And I reached to my God,after a long gap then he accepted me and provided me the enough strength to fight and stand up against them. It is my great experience to know actually how faith works.

Faith theorem states that faith is directly proportional to the miracles ,if there are many incidents in the past which are filled with the miracles then when one is down those hope backs again the faith.

And if there are no already experienced miracles then we have to undergo the crucial test before opened with a miracle.
The more detailed view is explained in my this ebook
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We all may have wonder on the surprises  by our family members.

When I was a child I used to go for the evening walks with dad and I really enjoyed whenever am taken out by him. Because he was too busy with his office work and now he is complete different. He is retired from the office but not from the work,its been a busy day even today with all the household works.

With his work being unchanged but I changed a lot ,I loved the evenings most and the regular places we together roam are library of a dad's friend and our relative, aerodrome and outside to the ground. And weekly visited places are park,which is top in my favourite list and mostly we all together ,four members visit it on Sundays, the exhibitions and circuses. Those moments are simply awesome and soon am going to write a book on that.
Let's back to my childhood, am a screaming baby boy with the intention of buying all the toys whatever I saw and I made it with dad bringing at least 2new toys for me in a week. And best example to show how much he loves is when am too small I cried for a three-wheeled kids bicycle. It costs about ₹700/- in those days and dad's salary is ₹500/- ,he never said a NO for any of my wishes so he went that same night and bought it for me. And my madness for toys is in such a way that if I stepped out with dad I ought to buy a new toy and these are not in the list of those which dad brings me weekly. That's the reason why I had a gunny bags of toys. I even bought girl toys like a barbie dolls and bueala dolls without knowing that they are girl's playing items.

But ,all those are a side and this gift which is a valuable and meaningful first gift on my birthday (maybe its my 5th birthday). A portable table clock with an alarm and its a classic clock which can be folded into a box when not in use. It came with the guilt of gold coloured linings and it gave a meaning to my life when I first received it.
As my family informed me before about the birthday present because they want to teach me a new lesson for a successful life. That I must maintain punctuality and utilize the time well in my life when I walk through the rhythm of life.

This gift is the most precious to me and for this I began to learn the importance of time and its quality. Thank you Lord for giving me such a kind Dad and family .And I still have the clock with me and there to make a mark my Lt.sister Jyothi, had also gifted me another fish shaped green coloured clock (maybe on my 11th birthday) and the clock is similar to the above one but without a box and a table clock.

Even to a guy like me,who born in a small family and have no experience of many relations got some beautiful moments to share.
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Every year its a complete spiritually filled one when for a Christian if he is capable of celebrating the Christmas and Easter with an abundance. An absence on these particular occasions will stay as a negative forever. That's why every Christian will attend the Church.
Being a Christian by birth,I am the good guy with some adopted qualities and I fall down into the pit when my focus skipped from Jesus to the otherside. I didn't let the sin to go off from me but I went with it and I on the self-destruction mode in my life, it casted me to the places where I have never been before and felt no shame for being there. But, I never felt like God leaving my hand,he is there with me and still listened very keenly to all of my prayers and answered them instantly and showed me the miracles and the biggest miracle is saving my mom from the death.
All these miracles,favours and love showed by him but still I got my face hidden from his alter.

Its been a longtime me and my family together went to the Church and the Christmas morning nights and Good friday afternoons and Easter sun rising services are missed. I remember attending the Church in the year 2013 on the Easter Sunday and it was the great one . The 2014 being the ruiner I was completely kept away from all the celebrations and back to the recent 2015 ,where me and my dad attended the Easter Sunday (above picture) but it isn't a complete bread for me( I felt). The gap I can feel it peeling my faith off, I need to restore it back as soon as possible before something takes me away from the faith. My basement is really very firm one and it is not capable of picking out so easily. No matter what how much the satanic strength is ,I know I can withstand to all of it.
Finally,this years Easter is finished and only one big Celebration left and its the Christmas. And with all the gathering faith and building the relationship with God I will be awaiting for this Christmas 2015.
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Smile the gift for all of us and hold a very special place in our lifestyle. It brings change in us and can make others to smile and decorate our face with cuteness. Smiling is an art ,yes definitely its an art because there are millions of people out there who trying to smile but they are failed out. The problems,the pains and the diseased body we have won't let that smile to come out from our heart. It means we learnt to smile inside but failing to express it on our lips ,thereby going back into the sadness.
But when we learn to 'smile in sadness' the entire time changes for us. With that small and cute smile the entire day will be transformed into a new happy one. But,the world is now at risks and trying to commercialise the smile and it making cash out of it and there the laughing clubs which are provided to bring the smile forcibly ,but sincerely there is no reality in the bought smile. And now there is a single word called smile but its different at different places ,let's take a look what smiles we got...

Homely smile

This is the natural smile and a great way to show what one is all about and the real attitude is revealed with a homely smile. And it can only be seen when we are between our family with all their love on us. No other place is there where we smile as heartily as being at home.

Professional smile

This is occasional and is seen at the offices and when customers reach to a stores the receptionist will receive with a cute smile on her face and this is not identical to the homely one. On the TV telecasts ,newsreaders and other anchors also spread a professional smile.

Deceivious smile

This is kind of very attractive but a cheat and an easy believable one .It is a trap and one cannot realise the truth behind it until it sheds away. This is used as a weapon to cheat someone.

Evil intentional smile

This is a complete evil, a mocking smile on the faces of the evil people like those in the movies. But, when we see this in real we can say they are the real villains among us. Generally we won't able to experience this smile since the real people will think before they laugh.
A camera smile
This is the subcategory of a professional smile and all the celebrities will have to smile for a click. No matter of what their mood is a good one or bad they must smile as it is a public photoshoot.
Clown smile
This is the best smile in my opinion because it makes all of us to smile. None of us know the real face behind that clown's smiley but he spreads the smile in the arena and pleasures us. Such a great smile.

Masked smile

A similar one to the deceivious smile but it reveals easily when the mask goes away. This is seen among the colleagues of an office and the employers and the boss, most of the time they spend in the working hours and puts this mask on just to dodge the way.

Impressive smile

This is the way of impressing the opposite person and can be used during the interviews and other business purposes.

Convincing smile

This is a weapon in the hands of all the sales departments and the managements where there is a need to convince the other party.

Negotiable smile

This is a demand and loss smile, yea its a market smile when the need of buying or selling a particular product is needed this smile is used. We can see this in a nearby grocery stores.
A Bridal smile
This is a smile of shyness and it is observed on the face of a bride when her marriage is fixed or at the marriage. This is
a lovely one with no bad in it or any plots,completely innocence filled smile.
Besides of all these smiles there are many other too which we can categorise many smiles and some are profitable to a single person and some smiles are filled with selfishness and some are unintentionally smiled just as showy. Whatever the genre of the smile is ,it is with a lot of story behind. And a smile when we receive from a strange person just who is a daily co-traveller ,or during a morning walk etc. All these are good to watch, we can also see the invitational smile between lovers and many others. If we keep on listing them there are many in number. If you find something interesting smile other than these ,tell me what kind of smile it is and where does it met you.

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Being a writer means you cannot miss any concept of writing even if it isn't of your niche. Writing spirit arises you to pen it down and the uninterested things keeps on questioning us about the likes and dislikes but we cannot leave anything without including in our writings which are freely available to pick up from the world.
The same incident happened with me a day ago ,there is a good view of the cat ,I snapped it but the thing is I do not like the cats .Am the doggy lover but not the cats , with an intention of photography I couldn't resist myself from snapping that scene which will look good beyond my likeness and it did happened. My reluctant attitude didn't prevent me in taking a picture because my mind knows what I am going to do with that and how am going to use it ,exactly! It happened with all the disliking manner but still in the end the picture took a quote and its finally here in the showcase.

Likewise I guess things which we never even dreamt of being under our niche and situations which we never figured in our expectations and un-invited and thorn type of problems and trials will always show up in our lives. But,with the tool of likeness we can make that problem into a useful resource like the picture ,then it will be a memoir to us and even we don't like it at all ,it will be given a place to dwell in. When we began to see the beauty in everything then our life is filled with colorful dreams and innovations. We have to do something for the people around us,because every time and maximum we fight to make a room for our own taste but when it is done to pleasure other hearts too,there is a kick! In it. We may not feel the amusement but others can admire our work and perfectionism as we took it to a new level in hating it and bringing it to a right place right after the capture.
So,for a writer there is no such a thing that which will escape from his/her view .A Blogger is the one who focuses on his abilities and tries to imply them on all things even the most hated ones. 
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To avoid a bad habit ,never keep a thought in mind to fight it but dodge away the idea of it.
The sexual addiction associates with 80% of men of all ages and it stays as unbeatable. And when it began to take the control of us,the results of it will be dangerous to us. So let us see 10 helpful tips to quit the sexual addiction.

Also visit Reasons why one should abandon pornography

1. Sexual addiction is a complete mind thing, it arrives from the brain and then commands the parts of the body to stimulate. When we are engaged with some important work 'very seriously' involved this idea didn't even reach us. It is not just engaging in work but 'seriously' doing it will prevent it.

2. Avoid leaving the mind idle and not being busy. Idleness will welcome the bad thoughts and trigger the sexual thinking capability so keep yourself in a 'busy mode'

3. Make yourself from a private to public, I mean do not spend the time in the own world as it is fully furnished with the imaginations and will help the sexual thoughts to crept in easily ,go into the crowd for a cause or any entertainment.

4. At any cost do not go to the bed unless it is night time or you are sleepy. Bed allow you to relax and then to brain its a time to fantasize the thoughts and play them as a reel in our mind . So spend less time,i mean very less time in the bed when you aren't sleepy.

5. Sincerely give up on those porn videos on all your devices and any hard copies or photo cuttings. Keep the wallpapers of your bedroom with some pleasant scenaries but not any photos of the opposite gender ,strippers etc. This will help you to kill the thought itself when it takes birth in your mind. Because an eye searches for a view to proceed and make the bad thought worse ,when there are no pictorial view eventually it will calm down.

6. Keep yourself away from the sexualized impulsive filled discussion among your friends or colleagues. Because you may not know that you are just listening ,but later on you will fantasize about those talks in the bed. Because there are new ideas and some attractive talks about the girl or boy. So avoid those meetings and it may bother you for sometime and make you to feel like that you are missing out something but this feel is much and more better than the feel you get after doing what you don't like, right?

7. Generally every sexual thought will end up with a masturbation or reaching out for a brothel. When one can control the thoughts then it can automatically control the actions ,if your desire is strong and no weakness is left in your heart your sexual thought will end up In a good way. And in a good way means that you are concerned about your future life partner or the present one.

8. Remember, if you are getting the sexual desire that doesn't mean you are bad its a natural thing that occurs in us as humans. And you have to rejoice for God has given you and planned a good sex time in your life in the future. No need to feel guilty and stay back and cry if it became your addiction. Everybody has got the same feeling but the only difference is the outcome . The treating of family, your girlfriend ,your wife or any of the loneliness situations may turned you into a sex addict. But ,it can be taken over because you are the one who created that world and you can destroy it with some spirituality as add-on.

9. Stop treating that bad habit as an enemy and stop acting like you are wrestling with it. Because we are weak here and that is why its gaining over us. And when you treat it like a gigantic enemy we will be prey to it ,just treat it as a small problem and never frame it big and prepare agenda to defeat it because its not an outer space thing . This is a natural and common among us but its our environment that which making it as a problem. Change the lifestyle and it will flew off from you.

10. Do not worry that this is happening only with you,it happens to all if us and we all are there. But some people hide it and act like they do not even know but its too dangerous as they are creating and building another world of thoughts when they say this . It is better not to talk about this ,but never hide your feeling while expressing. Because those killed feelings will re-born again during your private time. And never allow the peer pressure to watch the porn ,they may mock you that you aren't a boy thing if you don't watch or do it. Keep in mind that you are the one who cries with shame and guiltiness when you once done. And its not those friends and they won't even help you. You can do anything finally ,but remember some moral values and never get addicted as every addiction in the beginning seems like just a habit and until it get severe we cannot notice that we are addicted, once addicted then we have to proceed for the safety measures. Realistic mind can be helpful in this.


Finally,its completely personal whether to quit the sexual thoughts or not . If you feel like you aren't hurting any one personally with your acts then it is a big lie as you are cheating your future partner and moreover you are defending yourself behind a creation which will never be a useful one to you despite of giving you a pleasure for 10seconds. We all have to make a choice one day and that chosen path will decide our destiny and make sure that the choice we make must never be regretted by us in the future. 
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Dear Ephesus
-KYLE BESHEARS,Pastor at Peace Of Mars Hill,author Robot Jesus And Three Other Jesuses You Never Know.
The blog dear ephesus is the real time blog with all the greatest posts from its originator Kyle Beashears. He is the one modern blogger with the challenge ,defending and rocking blog posts writer related to the Christianity . In the present world there are many rumours spreading up related to the Holy Bible to probe it and prove it wrong and keep it apart from the history , but the fact is that Bible itself is a history and history is only a part of it.
This isn't easy to claim as said and the actions are completely opposite to the writings, someone needs to be consistent and specific and with a scholarship to face those brutal questions (even some are meaningless) and answer them. When am surfing for such an answer ,I found Kyle's blog post and stopped by it.
The crystal clear clarity,the perfectionism and the facts are all seen in the dearephesus. We can find the answers which will prove the reliability of the Bible with the blog posts and also by the podcasts. The critics words like "we can't trust the Bible because it was corrupted through years of translation" and more similar claims and comments are clearly washed out with dearephesus blog. Current world's situation is always questioning the facts in the religion's existence and the media is trying out its hand in such argues with their sensational titles which could even make a Christian to agree with and provides a lot of confidence to lock the Bible to the nonbelievers and atheists.
We have to answer these questions from the Bible itself but without a minimum theological perspective we cannot do that and we simply give up by saying that we are in a 'blind faith' , actually this isn't the right thing to do in this present revolutionary generation. Then here in the dearephesus we can find all those answers to our questions in the Christian faith and Kyle helps us actually to deny all those brilliance of the media posts with this questions and explanations. My favourite among all those posts is this one entitled Breaking: Camels disprove God's Existence ; Bible is false the thing is I came to know about the blog by this post when someone on quora asked me about the camel's issue , I used Kyle's post and applied it there. Well, the post is about the research of the two archaeologists named Lidar Sapir-Hen and Erez Ben-Yosef . They researched and said that there are no signs of camels in the area of Israel until 900BCE so the Bible speaks that camels were domesticated and in use by humans in and around Israel. The media took the form of a striker and based on these two researchers , it made the sensational titles without even knowing the truth completely and all those titles are mentioned in dearephesus blog, Kyle also made a title which is cache and it is the title of the post that labelled as a breaking. The real truth is the Bible do speak that there were camels and it will be the representative for the load bearing animals which are may be mules or donkeys. Camels will not directly show a camel, because the Bible can never point at a false thing it literally speaks about a load carrying animal.
The secrets of the number 144,000 which is related to the 'space' in the heaven . And the role of Christians on Judging John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. KJV . This verse says clearly that Christians can do the judgement and more in detail is explained in de blog.

Because of Jesus we don't obey the law for rest,we rest from the law
And in these days the theology which is focused on prosperity is increasing day by day and in de (dearephesus) Kyle gave us 5 reasons why prosperity theology is bankrupt. All these posts I brought here are just my favourites and for a Christian to learn and grown in the faith ,there are many posts in the blog.
There are podcasts , email subscription and categorized posts in the blog ,finally you can follow Kyle on twitter and Kyle on Facebook.
Quote: “There were no printing presses beforehand or until 1,000 years later. There were no vacuum-sealed technologies to preserve paper for centuries. Dried clay broke, papyrus and parchment crumbled away, primitive inks faded.”
Claim: We cannot ensure the accuracy of the Bible because of primitive writing and transmission technology.
Answer: No, we have plenty of means to ensure accuracy of the Bible. Things like historical context, archeological evidence, and extra-biblical evidence all help paint an accurate picture of what the Bible meant to say.

If you agree with Eichwald’s assessment, then, to be fair to the Bible, we must also throw out every single fact we know from history that we have learned collected from texts prior to the invention of the printing press.
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I have decided to be open here and this time it is something personal and a guy thing. The cerebral jerk and a bitter thing to share with the others when someone gets addicted to this. And am talking here about the pornography the evil that which is spreading among the young blood and breaking the moral values in the society. In the internet there are almost 70% of the sites either with ads or directly interrelated to the porn.
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Those are really pulling back the success rate from the youngsters and also everybody whoever became an addict irrespective of the age group.
We cannot stop the networking of those porn sites but we can do something about them by cutting down the clicks. Those who are using the internet all know about the porn sites popped up as ads and many sites are available which only based on the porn. Let's see some of the reasons that why we should stop watching porn....
• Pornography is the ruiner of the health

•Watching porn can cause the intentions to cause the stimulation in our brain and that leads us to the fantasy of sex

•Fantasizing of those sex moves is dangerous in real life and some are not applicable in real life and that desire will left us in a thought that we cannot enjoy the sexual moments and this will eventually leads to the failure of a marriage life

•All those people in those adult videos are PAID to perform that , they are no humans in that manner but are simply a bots which are manipulated by the casters and only like puppets if we addict to them we are now manipulated by an unknown and unsafer sexual desire which is not a part of our lives

•Hypertension,sleeplessness, digestion problems,anxiety,social anxiety,laziness and more and more goes the list because of the addiction to the pornography and these are all the primary obstacles to reach a good position in the society. Think once when you are done with a porn video ,you will definitely feel guilty as your heart says it to you 'you did something wrong' and all the day will be ruined up with nothing. When we see back there is an emptiness in our lives achieved nothing but just wasted precious time by opening many tabs on our system and always had a fear of being caught by the net-cafe administration or our family members. What does that fear gave us? And are we still safe if we aren't noticed by them? What about the God you pray to daily to fulfill your dreams?

•Watching porn isn't a single addiction for those who enjoys it but it brings the bad habits like Masturbation and day dreaming and fills heart with lusty thoughts. All these are enough to spoil a person both mentally and physically.

Internet porn is so dangerous and it will not satisfy you as you think ,you may feel all the good as bad . Its true because I had the experience with it, I felt like the entire world is of no meaning and keep myself stick to that porn sites searching and searching for new . But its a thirsty that which will never be have an end and all those search is really a waste of time , it won't teach us any new knowledge or it won't help us in any route. The spoiler ,we can call it and it will start like it won't disturb you in any portion of your life but later on all the blessings will gradually tend to move away and keep you all alone with a single question running in your mind What have I done?. And this is not a good sign for the man because he deserves much better sec than those 'commercial' sex videos
The end is near ,your career,your entire life is at risk if you tap those mobile or computer daily for a porn video it may seem like you are not hurting anybody by watching it and even it won't be a distraction from the daily life. But, it will hurt all the people who loves you when you lose your control because of the side effects of watching the porn. Think once, if we got a hypertension due to the problems in life it got a good meaning to defend but if we got hypertension because of watching these porn then does it worth? Does it at least holds a place in our heart? Do those girls or boys in that video come to your rescue when you are in trouble?

We gave them our valuable time and money too, do they know our name? ,you are somewhere lost In the street and that street was shown in a video and do those guys will show you a way out? You met with an accident and hospitalised do those guys which you watched in that video stays by your side ,holding your hand and service you? The series of answers to all the above questions will be a big 'NO' . But ,why a no? We gave our sleeps ,we sacrificed our events and parties,we spend a lot of money on them and last but not least we valued them much more than the boy who wants to talk to us in the neighbourhood. When we did it all for them why aren't they noticing our efforts? It is because its a complete shit of business and they are just the 'actions' which have no roots in the real world. Am not condemning any person in that field personally but am talking about the bad angle of watching the porn.
It is better to earn a good friend on a roadside walk who is real and sitting before these sites will never earn us any kind of respect and to those who are married or already in a relationship ,this is a big cheating ,remember it may not be your addiction but sooner it will drag you into it. This is proven pit of destruction which is officially confirmed. The longer we stay with it ,the closer we get to it and then the life starts to search for the minimal happiness rather than the long lasting one.

Here on the Bold and determined there are 10 perfect reasons that why we should get rid of this internet porn.On the world wide web the network of these porn sites are rapidly increasing and they can't be taken down. But we have to realise that there are two things everywhere in the universe the good and the bad . It is completely our choice to pick a side.
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In my Previous post I made a promise to post a lyrics from that movie and now here comes the song...
This is the hurt song and also called a 'soup' song because it is a song sung of a love failure and its a favourite song of mine. Kolaveri di is the most searchable song in the google right after its release and at that time I do not know actually the real meaning behind this but later when the girl I loved left me and made my love story into an epic failure I slowly began to know how good the song is . Well its not the time to discuss the love-failure let's get into the song.
Singer : Dhanush / Composer : Anirudh /Movie : 3
Yo boys am singing song   Soup song....Flop song....

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Rhythm correct

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Maintain please

Why this di.

Ahhh...Distance la moonu
moonu moonu coloru whiteu

White background nightu nigthu

Nightu coloru blacku

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

White skin-u girl-u girl-u

Girl-u heart-u black-u

Eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u My future darku

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Maama notes eduthuko

Apdiye kaila snacks eduthuko

Pa pa paan.... pa pa paan....

pa pa paa pa pa paan

Sariya vaasi

Ha-haha-haa -aaaa

Super maama ready

Ready oneeee…twooooo..


Whaa! wat a change over maama

Ok maama now tune change-u

Ahhhhh haaan

Kaila glass-u ...only english-ah

Hand la glass

Glass la scotch

Eyes-u full-aa tear-u

Empty life-u

Girl-u come-u

Life reverse gear-u

Lovv-u lovv-u, oh my lovv-u

You showed me bouv-u

Cow-u cow-u holi cow-u

I want u hear now-u

God i m dying now-u

She is happy how-u

This song for soup boys-u

we dont have choice-u

Why this kolaveri kolaveri

kolaveri di

Ahhhh haaaa haaaan....
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Flop song
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Movies which are so close the real lives will stay aside from all the pile of the other movies. And these movies will let us to think about if how were those characters will be here in the real lives? Yes, it came out to be true as a movie named '3' (three) is so close to me. However movies like this are based on the reality and not all the movies are emerged only from the fantasy but movies like this are the real life stories but the only difference is in the real there are no background musics and not known to the world but in the movies it is well showed in the theatres and casted.
courtesy :
3 movie is the one in which the main character Ram(Dhanush) is the one who suffers with a bi-polar disorder and he loves a girl named Janani(Shruthi Hassan) while he is in +2 course of study. They both loves each other very deeply and Ram's friend stays aside him during his love story in the starting and later in life Janani says to Ram that she needs to fly to America as this is her mother's dream and Ram felt unhappy and he heads to Goa and began to expose his bipolar symptoms to his other friend, Kumaran. And that disorder began to get worsened with the time and now its Kumaran who stays with Ram to prevent major distractions due to the bipolar. He begs and makes Ram to consult doctor and then the bipolar began to get severe.
The story is so close to my behaviour as I kept myself locked in a closed room and been feeling happier and excited for a good news and then automatically reacted with disappointment for a bad news. Much angry and the level of patience decreases day by day, and no longer than that the pressure keeps on increasing and striking with the side effects like the hypertension and other problems.

The life seems with no hope and everybody seems as foes and destructive natures, cannot accept the truth and stays with one self-belief an action of the reality bursts and the reaction to it is the sleeplessness. Fighting with emotions and short-term treatments no longer gives a cure. All these symptoms are bipolar and can draw me close to attempt a suicide like Dhanush did in a '3' movie. But, suicide is not for a person like me who likes to write and write as much as I can. I focused on my fantasy and killed it with pills of reality and however I cannot guarantee a good life with me because the viper is waiting to strike me at anytime without any signal. No precautions I can take before because being myself in a blindside I ,myself unaware of this.And loving things, relationships and other attractive beings may be put to harm by me. But I need to realise with this ,I have a good family really a good one than the best. But still I feel hard to fight this.Moreover this battle seems bigger to me with anonymous warriors pinning me down and the unknown fears during my sleep.
Its been a longtime since I slept like a child and no night is there in my nights without a single nightmare or a dream. But, still with some hope I get good dreams too. All these things are self-esteemed and I ,by myself have to defend this and with the perseverance in God will help me anyhow. Because I believe in prayer and I do believe in His miracles, I went to Church on this Easter after a longtime I prayed.
And still not yet close to the prayerfull life I had once . But still God never let me down and left me alone during all this and I am still up because of his kindness.When I saw this 3 movie , it stunned me for a while and made me to think , the facts that how if I react to my life partner in such a way? And what will be the outcomes and the families will really set to a fight all because of me and yet its not all I do in a conscious but I do not even know if I reacted in such a way. So,for now I must stop fantasizing and must believe in the reality. No addictions ,no bad-behaviours. Am raised good,I lived good and now I deserved to be good again

rediff pages

Movies like 3 may not a big hits at the box office and may not be a high budget makers but they will help the society that such and such persons are struggling in real lives too and fighting for their right to live with the demons which are ruining them.
In my next post I will be sharing the lyrics of one of my favourite song from this movie
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To a chess player , watching the live games going through the tactics and learning the moves from the videos and games is really a needed one but out there are many number of websites and applications available for different platforms and many are just nothing but icons. And filtering all of the good and the best of the bests lead me to a certain website and app called which is available for both the desktops and android devices with more than 80% of best features when compared with the other apps.
And it is free in the app store or google play and many features are enjoyable without paying anything but to improve the game with some additional features like unlimited puzzles and tactics there is an upgrade available . And it is an ad-free too,even though ads doesn't bother much in a free version too.

We all may be tired of playing with the computerized game with the bot and sick of its recurring steps and repeated tactics, we all deserve a live best game to play against the real players! But how? Here has solved all those problems as it is a live action in which we will play against the real players all around the globe. The choice is completely ours whether to play a blitz (2or5or10 or15 minutes) or a live standard with 30minutes a daily standard game with 3 to 5days of next steps and finally a 1min bullet game. All these at one place and it is the, the players with basics will turn into champions and the champions will turn into an unbeatable legends with the game interface provided by the

The live game action will blow you off with just an internet connection to the servers of and within 10 to 15 seconds (depending upon our signal strength) the game will start with the real opponent who is more experienced and rated star player than you or maybe a newbie. And you can select the rating range of the opponents and can change a game mode to a rated or non-rated one. Here to remind a thing that these ratings depend on our wins or loses and they aren't the real money and even the rating falls to a negative count still we can play the game as before.

There is a direct chat message with the opponent during the game and we can add friends and meet new people in the and can create challenges or participate in the other challenges which are already created by other users.
And last but not the least , the interface and the boards and pieces are many in the chess app. The number of beautiful themes are available to use.
What are you waiting for go and get the app by clicking here.

P.S. There are the greatest games ever I played like this and there are also some epic games I shared on my Google account
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Courtesy Cocacola
Welcome to the summer season , south India. Here its time to feel the fresh and cool air in the mornings and evenings and to face the sun's mercilessness in the afternoons . All Indians know how it is a hard pill to swallow when they need to travel in the mid summers at midday ,sun strikes with its hotness minimum above 40°C and drews our energy and glucose out of the body. This is why schools run only a half-day in the summers and children can sit at home in front of coolers but what about the employees? .They don't have any summer vacation or any half-days ,it is must attended duty. So no escape from the sun, even the colleges run too and if a person like me walks out on a perfect sunny day he depends on the water bottle (however water in it eventually gets hot) and the choice then is the soft drinks or the cool drinks and fruit juices and other coolants.
I held a big record of consuming the soft drinks and it is the biggest list which came out of nowhere in only one day . And the list is as follows :
Water bottles - 2

Fruit juices - 5

Cococola - 2

sprite - 3

Dew - 1

Here I took only two water bottles and the rest are 12 in number soft drinks. They are with some chemicals and colour mixups but I got no choice and I felt that water cannot face my thirstiness and in the end I ended up with filling my tummy with all the gas and gallons of soft drinks which never let me feel less thirsty after taking them. They only let me feel as I was in a pond while drinking but right after the last drop of the drink am back to the shore where there is thirsty and hot. This made me to order another drink and in a day I took 12 and still its my only record which I think can't be breaked by me in this year ,but may be later.
courtesy cocacola

What I came to learn by this record drinking is my thirsty will not end if I drink soft drinks but they can calm down my thirst temporary and if I drink water it can get me lot of relief but availability of clean water is a problem and my heart definitely chooses a drink than the water. I was unable to restrict myself from consuming it and I went for it as if am controlled by an Autobot.
And the danger in vigorously taking soft drinks is injurious to health and it leads to gas trouble,acidity and other intestinal and digestive problems . We all are aware of it but still it cannot be avoided due to the loss of salt from our body and we feel unsatisfied with H2O (water). And I found a good solution for it and it is to preserve the energy and prevent the energy loss due to the sun's heat. Wearing a cap and walking under the shadows might be helpful and don't curse yourself for drinking the cool drinks a lot because it is only a once or thrice situation and that too in the summer.
P.S : If you are an Asthma patient or allergic to the cold them try to consume the chilled water and cool drinks as much as you can.
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There is no doubt at all saying that the Television Serials are the most widely watched programs in the Indian Tele media. The enormous episodes list of those serials are the standalone proofs to say how much the rate of watching these serials.
The characters in these serials resembles to the real ones but there is a disclaimer saying that no character is related to either dead or living. Serials became a part of the family ,where everybody sit together to watch it with complete involvement and tension. All these serials are penned and run by the talented writers ,directors and is telecasted with the producers and production management. And highly talented junior artists, newbies and senior artists all get casted according to the story. And they really know where to pause the scene for the next episode to maintain the suspension level increased in the fans. All this is the talent and the story makeup art and credit is given to the entire crew for its efforts.
The style is seated big and the merchandise is sold out ,especially in the case of a girl's dressing and the ornaments and jewellery ,serials will be the first to introduce new styles and the lifestyle and modern trends. There is a huge industry which is only investing both the manpower and brainpower to make a living by the mini-screen serials. And we can now say that these mini-screen celebrities are providing a tough competition to the silver screen superstars.
In the past when the serials has just entered into the show, they are intended for the woman world , housewives and other grannys and girls. The making of those vintage serials also focused on these women only and no violence is screened and no informal language. Boys and men tend to act as they are going to rebel against the serials as they are only showing the tears in the ears and love and relationship. No fightings ,no explicit content . But, now it is quite opposite to those past .end because we invited them into our homes not as just a serial but as a family member and a good companion which sometimes mattered most than the real companions .And when they say goodbye to us we shed tears and it left us in the disappointment as long as another serial newly begins with the same cast. But finally, the Indian television is the home for these daily serials in all languages and places. They are now connected to the people more than ever before.
Now we got everything in the small shows ,romance (no limit and no nudity) violence (extreme) and some serials need a PG (parental guidance). The negative roles played by the negative characters are so villian type and the cruelty and negativity is highly played in the serials even they are the family serials. The daily,weekly serials are currently on demand the the weekly serials are decreasing in the list because of the domination of the dailies. And no one will wait all along a week for a particular show unless if it is a huge hit. And can spend a very high budget in the industry to give a competition to the daily runnings. And now as the whole family is spending time on these shows the reality era is shown well. In the past I used to watch a children entertainers like 'Shakthiman' , 'Bongo' , 'Aryaman' and likewise fantasy serials where they are filled with lot of entertainment in both comedy and action. Now these serials are in the hall of fame because their time is over . But those characters are still living among us, they don't have an
Conclusion : We must always keep in mind that all those characters in the serials no matter what how much close to the real life and how much we love to watch the fact is we must not allow them to run into our head and we must take care of our mentality on how we accept them. They are just the entertainment and stands so far from the reality. Just watch and enjoy...

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One cannot be many in case of the interests . And if we are suffering and confused about choosing what makes us happy then we are not with a clear view into our own life and we may feel lost because of this self-battling .
And the battle is so fierce as we are against ourselves and I would like to bring that confusion and unclear ideas which I struggled with in my real life.
Being a lover of writing I kept myself always closer to the blogging platforms and in these platforms I lacked the way of choosing in which platform do I blog and how to categorize them with respect to the personal,technology and entertainment and finally the activism. It took nearly seven months to me to get a clarity on what to maintain with and to make which blog as a base and run the other sister blogs with the regularity and systematic posts weekly and monthly. But,am not many , am only one and can not do multiple tasks at the same time.
I struggled in the beginning to run my three blogs but later I kept the base version of a blog which is this one and two other blogs under the 'pages' category and posts in those blogs appears very rarely as they are categorised for only a particular topic. But,to make this ,I sacrificed many nights and think about how to write .
And besides the gaming platforms ,they squeezed my time and restraining my blogging time because note that games are so addictive. We are obsessed both with the wins and loses too,if we lose we play repeatedly to win and if we win ,we keep on the winning streak to continue until it is breaked and when it breaks then the chain process goes into a recursion. In this way there are many 'time ruiners' in our life ,some are important and some are not. Grouping them is always a challenge as everything seems important to our eyes . We cannot be clear In this and keep on following the chain process and we don't dare to break it.
Its hard,but yea we can do it when we develop a perfect will. If not, there are two things to ' let go ' anything that which bothers us much.
1)Do it until we are sick of it
2) Develop an attitude that beats the addictive feature.
We must know clearly what is it really fits and suits us. Writing? Reading? Gaming? Blogging? Drawing? Whatever it is, take your own time to vote the one . Give maximum time unto that field and sideline the others, within few weeks you'll know how the life had changed because of prioritizing the interests.
Note that Interests are not because of someone is forced to like it ,or someone famous is doing it. Your interests are unique and they may or may not match with the others ,studies have proved that even twins got a reasonable percentage difference in the interests ,likes and dislikes . So first thing is first...
Explore yourself before you explore the world
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Being a mechanical engineering student I never discussed about the automobiles ever before and this year in three months am walking out of the college with the Bachelor of Technology in the stream of mechanical engineering . And in my point of view I am ready to face the Challenge is made by a faculty to me about getting a job and I will update it after it is achieved . And here am ready to share my first mechanical engineering related post and that is the automobiles revolution.
Mahindra Xylo

Walking long and longer distances to travel and using donkeys,horses,mules and camels are the means of transport of the caravans in the past. But all these are now the old school ones as we got highly travel based ,sports based and daily use based vehicles in the present generation with modifications running like the race car speed. Every day a new modification is done to the existing design and new models are designed with the more comfort more long lasting service and more flexibility. They are released into the market and all ready to meet our needs. Coming to the car it is the most seen means of road transport and a necessity for an average employee who needs to attend the office in time. And there are number of brands available in the automobile market based on the style,space and seating. The main interior space of a car is occupied by the seating arrangement.
And the compatible seats are really good to use as we never need to feel like we are jailed when we get into the car. I heard from my friend who is 6'ft tall saying that in the cars he cannot fold his legs and he feels difficult in freeing them. And it feels really disgusting when we are locked-up in our own car which is no greater than travelling in a crowded train. So, the industrialists noticed all these complaints and made the design of the interior as big as they can with a slight increase in the size of the car.
Mahindra Xylo

The 4-seated car turned into a 6-seated one and then can adjust 9 members in it. And its size is not the matter of the mileage as the engine of a 6-seat car varies from that of 4-seat one. Not only the seating but the other facilities like air conditioning and steering ,gears and the braking technology has been went through the great change with the newly introduced applications. Among all these ,the Mahindra Xylo which is with the foldable seats is great in look as it is a good one to pick for the long drives. The seating will attract the customers and it is the best choice.
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Now its the WWE diva AJ.LEE (April Mendez) retired from the in-ring competition and is officially declared by the WWE on Twitter. And she is the most successful diva helding the title for longtime than any other diva in the divas division.
And she is the perfect fit both as a good and as a heel from all these years in the company and known for her best in-ring action victories. Being the wwe diva she earned most of the fans around the universe during the past three-four years and in a recent Wrestlemania31 match she tagged with another diva Paige and was victorious against the Bella twins and this in the big match before her retirement ,in the show of the shows. There is no doubt at all that in the next pay-per-views she will get the title shot but her retirement made this dream to shut the door.
She also raised a twitter trending hashtag for the divas division #GIVEDIVASACHANCE against the authority of the wwe for the low level treatment of all the divas in the locker room. Her retirement is announced officially last night by the wwe and since then rumours spread up there might be a chances of her husband behind this, who is also a former wwe superstar ,CM Punk (Phillip Jack brooks) and he tweeted right after her retirement saying ' #thankyouAJ ' .
The wwe is known as a showcase of many and many superstars and divas who came and gone but a diva like AJ will be occupied a special place in the roaster for her talent and both as a geek girl and black widow she did showed her excellence in the ring and off the ring and backstage too. The epic love failures storylines and breakups are untameable performances by AJ . She perfectly fitted in this and she did more than the best.
The gap left by AJ cannot be filled by any other as long as we find another identical icon. And her retirement decision is completely her personal and as a fan I have to respect this .

I can only say one word for all the moments she gave by her wrestling action. This is about to happen sometime but it came out too early and a sad news too, THANK YOU AJ for all those memorable episodes and I wish you all the success for your career and personal life. May God bless you.
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I want my princess to stay with me, I want my princess to stay with me;
I want you in each and every moment to stay with me, Inspite of all the conspiracies, All the controversials; I want my princess to stay with me, I want my princess to stay with me;

I want you to hold my hand and say that ‘I ‘am with you', I want my princess to stay with me; I want her to look in my pupil of my eyes;

I want my princess to hug me, I want my princess to kiss me; I promise my princess that as long as the breathe left in my body, i will stay beside you; I accept both good and bad in you; I accept your past and present;

I respect and support you, I never leave your hand and your stay; I will invest all my strength in the form of love to keep you happy; I live or lead my life not by feeding on food but,by staring that smile on your lips.

ToMy Princess, Your beauty enchants me early in the morning; Your presence makes my day refreshing, Your chant gifts me the tone of music; Your bosom reminds me of the bed in the paradise, I want my princess to stay with me;

Your sensitiveness is not your weakness, Your weakness is not your softness; Your strength is your love, your strength is your kindness;

When I Stare into your eyes ,I see the future; When I rest upon you ,its like a mattress of soft pearls;

I only know a scent ,which gives me relief in time of agony; Its your body scent and naturalised aroma. I want my princess to stay with me, I want my princess to stay with me;
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