10 Helpful Tips To Avoid Addiction To Sexual Thoughts

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To avoid a bad habit ,never keep a thought in mind to fight it but dodge away the idea of it.
The sexual addiction associates with 80% of men of all ages and it stays as unbeatable. And when it began to take the control of us,the results of it will be dangerous to us. So let us see 10 helpful tips to quit the sexual addiction.

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1. Sexual addiction is a complete mind thing, it arrives from the brain and then commands the parts of the body to stimulate. When we are engaged with some important work 'very seriously' involved this idea didn't even reach us. It is not just engaging in work but 'seriously' doing it will prevent it.

2. Avoid leaving the mind idle and not being busy. Idleness will welcome the bad thoughts and trigger the sexual thinking capability so keep yourself in a 'busy mode'

3. Make yourself from a private to public, I mean do not spend the time in the own world as it is fully furnished with the imaginations and will help the sexual thoughts to crept in easily ,go into the crowd for a cause or any entertainment.

4. At any cost do not go to the bed unless it is night time or you are sleepy. Bed allow you to relax and then to brain its a time to fantasize the thoughts and play them as a reel in our mind . So spend less time,i mean very less time in the bed when you aren't sleepy.

5. Sincerely give up on those porn videos on all your devices and any hard copies or photo cuttings. Keep the wallpapers of your bedroom with some pleasant scenaries but not any photos of the opposite gender ,strippers etc. This will help you to kill the thought itself when it takes birth in your mind. Because an eye searches for a view to proceed and make the bad thought worse ,when there are no pictorial view eventually it will calm down.

6. Keep yourself away from the sexualized impulsive filled discussion among your friends or colleagues. Because you may not know that you are just listening ,but later on you will fantasize about those talks in the bed. Because there are new ideas and some attractive talks about the girl or boy. So avoid those meetings and it may bother you for sometime and make you to feel like that you are missing out something but this feel is much and more better than the feel you get after doing what you don't like, right?

7. Generally every sexual thought will end up with a masturbation or reaching out for a brothel. When one can control the thoughts then it can automatically control the actions ,if your desire is strong and no weakness is left in your heart your sexual thought will end up In a good way. And in a good way means that you are concerned about your future life partner or the present one.

8. Remember, if you are getting the sexual desire that doesn't mean you are bad its a natural thing that occurs in us as humans. And you have to rejoice for God has given you and planned a good sex time in your life in the future. No need to feel guilty and stay back and cry if it became your addiction. Everybody has got the same feeling but the only difference is the outcome . The treating of family, your girlfriend ,your wife or any of the loneliness situations may turned you into a sex addict. But ,it can be taken over because you are the one who created that world and you can destroy it with some spirituality as add-on.

9. Stop treating that bad habit as an enemy and stop acting like you are wrestling with it. Because we are weak here and that is why its gaining over us. And when you treat it like a gigantic enemy we will be prey to it ,just treat it as a small problem and never frame it big and prepare agenda to defeat it because its not an outer space thing . This is a natural and common among us but its our environment that which making it as a problem. Change the lifestyle and it will flew off from you.

10. Do not worry that this is happening only with you,it happens to all if us and we all are there. But some people hide it and act like they do not even know but its too dangerous as they are creating and building another world of thoughts when they say this . It is better not to talk about this ,but never hide your feeling while expressing. Because those killed feelings will re-born again during your private time. And never allow the peer pressure to watch the porn ,they may mock you that you aren't a boy thing if you don't watch or do it. Keep in mind that you are the one who cries with shame and guiltiness when you once done. And its not those friends and they won't even help you. You can do anything finally ,but remember some moral values and never get addicted as every addiction in the beginning seems like just a habit and until it get severe we cannot notice that we are addicted, once addicted then we have to proceed for the safety measures. Realistic mind can be helpful in this.


Finally,its completely personal whether to quit the sexual thoughts or not . If you feel like you aren't hurting any one personally with your acts then it is a big lie as you are cheating your future partner and moreover you are defending yourself behind a creation which will never be a useful one to you despite of giving you a pleasure for 10seconds. We all have to make a choice one day and that chosen path will decide our destiny and make sure that the choice we make must never be regretted by us in the future. 
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