A Disliked picture!

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Being a writer means you cannot miss any concept of writing even if it isn't of your niche. Writing spirit arises you to pen it down and the uninterested things keeps on questioning us about the likes and dislikes but we cannot leave anything without including in our writings which are freely available to pick up from the world.
The same incident happened with me a day ago ,there is a good view of the cat ,I snapped it but the thing is I do not like the cats .Am the doggy lover but not the cats , with an intention of photography I couldn't resist myself from snapping that scene which will look good beyond my likeness and it did happened. My reluctant attitude didn't prevent me in taking a picture because my mind knows what I am going to do with that and how am going to use it ,exactly! It happened with all the disliking manner but still in the end the picture took a quote and its finally here in the showcase.

Likewise I guess things which we never even dreamt of being under our niche and situations which we never figured in our expectations and un-invited and thorn type of problems and trials will always show up in our lives. But,with the tool of likeness we can make that problem into a useful resource like the picture ,then it will be a memoir to us and even we don't like it at all ,it will be given a place to dwell in. When we began to see the beauty in everything then our life is filled with colorful dreams and innovations. We have to do something for the people around us,because every time and maximum we fight to make a room for our own taste but when it is done to pleasure other hearts too,there is a kick! In it. We may not feel the amusement but others can admire our work and perfectionism as we took it to a new level in hating it and bringing it to a right place right after the capture.
So,for a writer there is no such a thing that which will escape from his/her view .A Blogger is the one who focuses on his abilities and tries to imply them on all things even the most hated ones. 
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