Automobile Revolution

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Being a mechanical engineering student I never discussed about the automobiles ever before and this year in three months am walking out of the college with the Bachelor of Technology in the stream of mechanical engineering . And in my point of view I am ready to face the Challenge is made by a faculty to me about getting a job and I will update it after it is achieved . And here am ready to share my first mechanical engineering related post and that is the automobiles revolution.
Mahindra Xylo

Walking long and longer distances to travel and using donkeys,horses,mules and camels are the means of transport of the caravans in the past. But all these are now the old school ones as we got highly travel based ,sports based and daily use based vehicles in the present generation with modifications running like the race car speed. Every day a new modification is done to the existing design and new models are designed with the more comfort more long lasting service and more flexibility. They are released into the market and all ready to meet our needs. Coming to the car it is the most seen means of road transport and a necessity for an average employee who needs to attend the office in time. And there are number of brands available in the automobile market based on the style,space and seating. The main interior space of a car is occupied by the seating arrangement.
And the compatible seats are really good to use as we never need to feel like we are jailed when we get into the car. I heard from my friend who is 6'ft tall saying that in the cars he cannot fold his legs and he feels difficult in freeing them. And it feels really disgusting when we are locked-up in our own car which is no greater than travelling in a crowded train. So, the industrialists noticed all these complaints and made the design of the interior as big as they can with a slight increase in the size of the car.
Mahindra Xylo

The 4-seated car turned into a 6-seated one and then can adjust 9 members in it. And its size is not the matter of the mileage as the engine of a 6-seat car varies from that of 4-seat one. Not only the seating but the other facilities like air conditioning and steering ,gears and the braking technology has been went through the great change with the newly introduced applications. Among all these ,the Mahindra Xylo which is with the foldable seats is great in look as it is a good one to pick for the long drives. The seating will attract the customers and it is the best choice.
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