Easter 2015

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Every year its a complete spiritually filled one when for a Christian if he is capable of celebrating the Christmas and Easter with an abundance. An absence on these particular occasions will stay as a negative forever. That's why every Christian will attend the Church.
Being a Christian by birth,I am the good guy with some adopted qualities and I fall down into the pit when my focus skipped from Jesus to the otherside. I didn't let the sin to go off from me but I went with it and I on the self-destruction mode in my life, it casted me to the places where I have never been before and felt no shame for being there. But, I never felt like God leaving my hand,he is there with me and still listened very keenly to all of my prayers and answered them instantly and showed me the miracles and the biggest miracle is saving my mom from the death.
All these miracles,favours and love showed by him but still I got my face hidden from his alter.

Its been a longtime me and my family together went to the Church and the Christmas morning nights and Good friday afternoons and Easter sun rising services are missed. I remember attending the Church in the year 2013 on the Easter Sunday and it was the great one . The 2014 being the ruiner I was completely kept away from all the celebrations and back to the recent 2015 ,where me and my dad attended the Easter Sunday (above picture) but it isn't a complete bread for me( I felt). The gap I can feel it peeling my faith off, I need to restore it back as soon as possible before something takes me away from the faith. My basement is really very firm one and it is not capable of picking out so easily. No matter what how much the satanic strength is ,I know I can withstand to all of it.
Finally,this years Easter is finished and only one big Celebration left and its the Christmas. And with all the gathering faith and building the relationship with God I will be awaiting for this Christmas 2015.
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