Faith Theorem

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This is the face of the true faith ,a faith that which all the humans will adopt and all the hopes began to take form of the blessings. The faith is something which drives us forward to the success with the spirituality and this isn't remained as only the blind faith when it got some true stories to share.

My this post is the Faith theorem and it is the real experience  the real person and it is me. I am a believer of the existence of the God and who accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and I put some huge problems which are like a huge mountains before him. And I didn't accepted him to save me and help me all the time but I accepted him because I love him.

Let's come to the faith ,I was (of course now too) in some of the very tough to handle pains in my life and I solely can't fight with them . I need some power and a pull from back to stand upright against those and survive. And I reached to my God,after a long gap then he accepted me and provided me the enough strength to fight and stand up against them. It is my great experience to know actually how faith works.

Faith theorem states that faith is directly proportional to the miracles ,if there are many incidents in the past which are filled with the miracles then when one is down those hope backs again the faith.

And if there are no already experienced miracles then we have to undergo the crucial test before opened with a miracle.
The more detailed view is explained in my this ebook
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