Genres Of Smile

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Smile the gift for all of us and hold a very special place in our lifestyle. It brings change in us and can make others to smile and decorate our face with cuteness. Smiling is an art ,yes definitely its an art because there are millions of people out there who trying to smile but they are failed out. The problems,the pains and the diseased body we have won't let that smile to come out from our heart. It means we learnt to smile inside but failing to express it on our lips ,thereby going back into the sadness.
But when we learn to 'smile in sadness' the entire time changes for us. With that small and cute smile the entire day will be transformed into a new happy one. But,the world is now at risks and trying to commercialise the smile and it making cash out of it and there the laughing clubs which are provided to bring the smile forcibly ,but sincerely there is no reality in the bought smile. And now there is a single word called smile but its different at different places ,let's take a look what smiles we got...

Homely smile

This is the natural smile and a great way to show what one is all about and the real attitude is revealed with a homely smile. And it can only be seen when we are between our family with all their love on us. No other place is there where we smile as heartily as being at home.

Professional smile

This is occasional and is seen at the offices and when customers reach to a stores the receptionist will receive with a cute smile on her face and this is not identical to the homely one. On the TV telecasts ,newsreaders and other anchors also spread a professional smile.

Deceivious smile

This is kind of very attractive but a cheat and an easy believable one .It is a trap and one cannot realise the truth behind it until it sheds away. This is used as a weapon to cheat someone.

Evil intentional smile

This is a complete evil, a mocking smile on the faces of the evil people like those in the movies. But, when we see this in real we can say they are the real villains among us. Generally we won't able to experience this smile since the real people will think before they laugh.
A camera smile
This is the subcategory of a professional smile and all the celebrities will have to smile for a click. No matter of what their mood is a good one or bad they must smile as it is a public photoshoot.
Clown smile
This is the best smile in my opinion because it makes all of us to smile. None of us know the real face behind that clown's smiley but he spreads the smile in the arena and pleasures us. Such a great smile.

Masked smile

A similar one to the deceivious smile but it reveals easily when the mask goes away. This is seen among the colleagues of an office and the employers and the boss, most of the time they spend in the working hours and puts this mask on just to dodge the way.

Impressive smile

This is the way of impressing the opposite person and can be used during the interviews and other business purposes.

Convincing smile

This is a weapon in the hands of all the sales departments and the managements where there is a need to convince the other party.

Negotiable smile

This is a demand and loss smile, yea its a market smile when the need of buying or selling a particular product is needed this smile is used. We can see this in a nearby grocery stores.
A Bridal smile
This is a smile of shyness and it is observed on the face of a bride when her marriage is fixed or at the marriage. This is
a lovely one with no bad in it or any plots,completely innocence filled smile.
Besides of all these smiles there are many other too which we can categorise many smiles and some are profitable to a single person and some smiles are filled with selfishness and some are unintentionally smiled just as showy. Whatever the genre of the smile is ,it is with a lot of story behind. And a smile when we receive from a strange person just who is a daily co-traveller ,or during a morning walk etc. All these are good to watch, we can also see the invitational smile between lovers and many others. If we keep on listing them there are many in number. If you find something interesting smile other than these ,tell me what kind of smile it is and where does it met you.

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