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To a chess player , watching the live games going through the tactics and learning the moves from the videos and games is really a needed one but out there are many number of websites and applications available for different platforms and many are just nothing but icons. And filtering all of the good and the best of the bests lead me to a certain website and app called which is available for both the desktops and android devices with more than 80% of best features when compared with the other apps.
And it is free in the app store or google play and many features are enjoyable without paying anything but to improve the game with some additional features like unlimited puzzles and tactics there is an upgrade available . And it is an ad-free too,even though ads doesn't bother much in a free version too.

We all may be tired of playing with the computerized game with the bot and sick of its recurring steps and repeated tactics, we all deserve a live best game to play against the real players! But how? Here has solved all those problems as it is a live action in which we will play against the real players all around the globe. The choice is completely ours whether to play a blitz (2or5or10 or15 minutes) or a live standard with 30minutes a daily standard game with 3 to 5days of next steps and finally a 1min bullet game. All these at one place and it is the, the players with basics will turn into champions and the champions will turn into an unbeatable legends with the game interface provided by the

The live game action will blow you off with just an internet connection to the servers of and within 10 to 15 seconds (depending upon our signal strength) the game will start with the real opponent who is more experienced and rated star player than you or maybe a newbie. And you can select the rating range of the opponents and can change a game mode to a rated or non-rated one. Here to remind a thing that these ratings depend on our wins or loses and they aren't the real money and even the rating falls to a negative count still we can play the game as before.

There is a direct chat message with the opponent during the game and we can add friends and meet new people in the and can create challenges or participate in the other challenges which are already created by other users.
And last but not the least , the interface and the boards and pieces are many in the chess app. The number of beautiful themes are available to use.
What are you waiting for go and get the app by clicking here.

P.S. There are the greatest games ever I played like this and there are also some epic games I shared on my Google account
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