My first ever birthday gift

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We all may have wonder on the surprises  by our family members.

When I was a child I used to go for the evening walks with dad and I really enjoyed whenever am taken out by him. Because he was too busy with his office work and now he is complete different. He is retired from the office but not from the work,its been a busy day even today with all the household works.

With his work being unchanged but I changed a lot ,I loved the evenings most and the regular places we together roam are library of a dad's friend and our relative, aerodrome and outside to the ground. And weekly visited places are park,which is top in my favourite list and mostly we all together ,four members visit it on Sundays, the exhibitions and circuses. Those moments are simply awesome and soon am going to write a book on that.
Let's back to my childhood, am a screaming baby boy with the intention of buying all the toys whatever I saw and I made it with dad bringing at least 2new toys for me in a week. And best example to show how much he loves is when am too small I cried for a three-wheeled kids bicycle. It costs about ₹700/- in those days and dad's salary is ₹500/- ,he never said a NO for any of my wishes so he went that same night and bought it for me. And my madness for toys is in such a way that if I stepped out with dad I ought to buy a new toy and these are not in the list of those which dad brings me weekly. That's the reason why I had a gunny bags of toys. I even bought girl toys like a barbie dolls and bueala dolls without knowing that they are girl's playing items.

But ,all those are a side and this gift which is a valuable and meaningful first gift on my birthday (maybe its my 5th birthday). A portable table clock with an alarm and its a classic clock which can be folded into a box when not in use. It came with the guilt of gold coloured linings and it gave a meaning to my life when I first received it.
As my family informed me before about the birthday present because they want to teach me a new lesson for a successful life. That I must maintain punctuality and utilize the time well in my life when I walk through the rhythm of life.

This gift is the most precious to me and for this I began to learn the importance of time and its quality. Thank you Lord for giving me such a kind Dad and family .And I still have the clock with me and there to make a mark my Lt.sister Jyothi, had also gifted me another fish shaped green coloured clock (maybe on my 11th birthday) and the clock is similar to the above one but without a box and a table clock.

Even to a guy like me,who born in a small family and have no experience of many relations got some beautiful moments to share.
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