Prioritizing The Interests In Our Lives

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One cannot be many in case of the interests . And if we are suffering and confused about choosing what makes us happy then we are not with a clear view into our own life and we may feel lost because of this self-battling .
And the battle is so fierce as we are against ourselves and I would like to bring that confusion and unclear ideas which I struggled with in my real life.
Being a lover of writing I kept myself always closer to the blogging platforms and in these platforms I lacked the way of choosing in which platform do I blog and how to categorize them with respect to the personal,technology and entertainment and finally the activism. It took nearly seven months to me to get a clarity on what to maintain with and to make which blog as a base and run the other sister blogs with the regularity and systematic posts weekly and monthly. But,am not many , am only one and can not do multiple tasks at the same time.
I struggled in the beginning to run my three blogs but later I kept the base version of a blog which is this one and two other blogs under the 'pages' category and posts in those blogs appears very rarely as they are categorised for only a particular topic. But,to make this ,I sacrificed many nights and think about how to write .
And besides the gaming platforms ,they squeezed my time and restraining my blogging time because note that games are so addictive. We are obsessed both with the wins and loses too,if we lose we play repeatedly to win and if we win ,we keep on the winning streak to continue until it is breaked and when it breaks then the chain process goes into a recursion. In this way there are many 'time ruiners' in our life ,some are important and some are not. Grouping them is always a challenge as everything seems important to our eyes . We cannot be clear In this and keep on following the chain process and we don't dare to break it.
Its hard,but yea we can do it when we develop a perfect will. If not, there are two things to ' let go ' anything that which bothers us much.
1)Do it until we are sick of it
2) Develop an attitude that beats the addictive feature.
We must know clearly what is it really fits and suits us. Writing? Reading? Gaming? Blogging? Drawing? Whatever it is, take your own time to vote the one . Give maximum time unto that field and sideline the others, within few weeks you'll know how the life had changed because of prioritizing the interests.
Note that Interests are not because of someone is forced to like it ,or someone famous is doing it. Your interests are unique and they may or may not match with the others ,studies have proved that even twins got a reasonable percentage difference in the interests ,likes and dislikes . So first thing is first...
Explore yourself before you explore the world
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