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Courtesy Cocacola
Welcome to the summer season , south India. Here its time to feel the fresh and cool air in the mornings and evenings and to face the sun's mercilessness in the afternoons . All Indians know how it is a hard pill to swallow when they need to travel in the mid summers at midday ,sun strikes with its hotness minimum above 40°C and drews our energy and glucose out of the body. This is why schools run only a half-day in the summers and children can sit at home in front of coolers but what about the employees? .They don't have any summer vacation or any half-days ,it is must attended duty. So no escape from the sun, even the colleges run too and if a person like me walks out on a perfect sunny day he depends on the water bottle (however water in it eventually gets hot) and the choice then is the soft drinks or the cool drinks and fruit juices and other coolants.
I held a big record of consuming the soft drinks and it is the biggest list which came out of nowhere in only one day . And the list is as follows :
Water bottles - 2

Fruit juices - 5

Cococola - 2

sprite - 3

Dew - 1

Here I took only two water bottles and the rest are 12 in number soft drinks. They are with some chemicals and colour mixups but I got no choice and I felt that water cannot face my thirstiness and in the end I ended up with filling my tummy with all the gas and gallons of soft drinks which never let me feel less thirsty after taking them. They only let me feel as I was in a pond while drinking but right after the last drop of the drink am back to the shore where there is thirsty and hot. This made me to order another drink and in a day I took 12 and still its my only record which I think can't be breaked by me in this year ,but may be later.
courtesy cocacola

What I came to learn by this record drinking is my thirsty will not end if I drink soft drinks but they can calm down my thirst temporary and if I drink water it can get me lot of relief but availability of clean water is a problem and my heart definitely chooses a drink than the water. I was unable to restrict myself from consuming it and I went for it as if am controlled by an Autobot.
And the danger in vigorously taking soft drinks is injurious to health and it leads to gas trouble,acidity and other intestinal and digestive problems . We all are aware of it but still it cannot be avoided due to the loss of salt from our body and we feel unsatisfied with H2O (water). And I found a good solution for it and it is to preserve the energy and prevent the energy loss due to the sun's heat. Wearing a cap and walking under the shadows might be helpful and don't curse yourself for drinking the cool drinks a lot because it is only a once or thrice situation and that too in the summer.
P.S : If you are an Asthma patient or allergic to the cold them try to consume the chilled water and cool drinks as much as you can.
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