Thank You AJ Lee

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Now its the WWE diva AJ.LEE (April Mendez) retired from the in-ring competition and is officially declared by the WWE on Twitter. And she is the most successful diva helding the title for longtime than any other diva in the divas division.
And she is the perfect fit both as a good and as a heel from all these years in the company and known for her best in-ring action victories. Being the wwe diva she earned most of the fans around the universe during the past three-four years and in a recent Wrestlemania31 match she tagged with another diva Paige and was victorious against the Bella twins and this in the big match before her retirement ,in the show of the shows. There is no doubt at all that in the next pay-per-views she will get the title shot but her retirement made this dream to shut the door.
She also raised a twitter trending hashtag for the divas division #GIVEDIVASACHANCE against the authority of the wwe for the low level treatment of all the divas in the locker room. Her retirement is announced officially last night by the wwe and since then rumours spread up there might be a chances of her husband behind this, who is also a former wwe superstar ,CM Punk (Phillip Jack brooks) and he tweeted right after her retirement saying ' #thankyouAJ ' .
The wwe is known as a showcase of many and many superstars and divas who came and gone but a diva like AJ will be occupied a special place in the roaster for her talent and both as a geek girl and black widow she did showed her excellence in the ring and off the ring and backstage too. The epic love failures storylines and breakups are untameable performances by AJ . She perfectly fitted in this and she did more than the best.
The gap left by AJ cannot be filled by any other as long as we find another identical icon. And her retirement decision is completely her personal and as a fan I have to respect this .

I can only say one word for all the moments she gave by her wrestling action. This is about to happen sometime but it came out too early and a sad news too, THANK YOU AJ for all those memorable episodes and I wish you all the success for your career and personal life. May God bless you.
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