The Broken Covenants

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Take up a cause, fall in love, write a book. -John carter movie This is the dialogue which lead me to write a book and I made it finally to the three books. My dream is here finally achieved and its really honour to me to share it here.
The love for writing made me a bloggerand later an author who can turn any single situation or a picture into an amazing blog post or a book. This love for writing is the intention but not an idea and it is not said to be stopped or prevented. Writing is a hard thing to choose but once if we fell in it,we are just carried in a flow and cannot live without it.
This book is a spiritual one which is completely talks about the faith and its incremental bases. And how God helped me to stand up against the major problems even I didn't many mistakes and sins. This book is a faithrepresentative and the clear explanation about THE BROKEN COVENANTS with God, In the beginning I started it to make as a part of a blog post but then the flow continued and it fitted as a book. A believer can increase the faith and its a comfort to my own . I can remember of my Lord's miracles every day when I read this.
In this present world the faith which we developed is tested and trailed in every moment of our lives and there must be some additives which will help us to stand firm without any doubt.
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