The Living Characters of Indian Serials

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There is no doubt at all saying that the Television Serials are the most widely watched programs in the Indian Tele media. The enormous episodes list of those serials are the standalone proofs to say how much the rate of watching these serials.
The characters in these serials resembles to the real ones but there is a disclaimer saying that no character is related to either dead or living. Serials became a part of the family ,where everybody sit together to watch it with complete involvement and tension. All these serials are penned and run by the talented writers ,directors and is telecasted with the producers and production management. And highly talented junior artists, newbies and senior artists all get casted according to the story. And they really know where to pause the scene for the next episode to maintain the suspension level increased in the fans. All this is the talent and the story makeup art and credit is given to the entire crew for its efforts.
The style is seated big and the merchandise is sold out ,especially in the case of a girl's dressing and the ornaments and jewellery ,serials will be the first to introduce new styles and the lifestyle and modern trends. There is a huge industry which is only investing both the manpower and brainpower to make a living by the mini-screen serials. And we can now say that these mini-screen celebrities are providing a tough competition to the silver screen superstars.
In the past when the serials has just entered into the show, they are intended for the woman world , housewives and other grannys and girls. The making of those vintage serials also focused on these women only and no violence is screened and no informal language. Boys and men tend to act as they are going to rebel against the serials as they are only showing the tears in the ears and love and relationship. No fightings ,no explicit content . But, now it is quite opposite to those past .end because we invited them into our homes not as just a serial but as a family member and a good companion which sometimes mattered most than the real companions .And when they say goodbye to us we shed tears and it left us in the disappointment as long as another serial newly begins with the same cast. But finally, the Indian television is the home for these daily serials in all languages and places. They are now connected to the people more than ever before.
Now we got everything in the small shows ,romance (no limit and no nudity) violence (extreme) and some serials need a PG (parental guidance). The negative roles played by the negative characters are so villian type and the cruelty and negativity is highly played in the serials even they are the family serials. The daily,weekly serials are currently on demand the the weekly serials are decreasing in the list because of the domination of the dailies. And no one will wait all along a week for a particular show unless if it is a huge hit. And can spend a very high budget in the industry to give a competition to the daily runnings. And now as the whole family is spending time on these shows the reality era is shown well. In the past I used to watch a children entertainers like 'Shakthiman' , 'Bongo' , 'Aryaman' and likewise fantasy serials where they are filled with lot of entertainment in both comedy and action. Now these serials are in the hall of fame because their time is over . But those characters are still living among us, they don't have an
Conclusion : We must always keep in mind that all those characters in the serials no matter what how much close to the real life and how much we love to watch the fact is we must not allow them to run into our head and we must take care of our mentality on how we accept them. They are just the entertainment and stands so far from the reality. Just watch and enjoy...

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1 comment

  1. Lovely post Dasari about the television serials you have in India it's especially great when it is a series suitable to watch together with our families :)