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Movies which are so close the real lives will stay aside from all the pile of the other movies. And these movies will let us to think about if how were those characters will be here in the real lives? Yes, it came out to be true as a movie named '3' (three) is so close to me. However movies like this are based on the reality and not all the movies are emerged only from the fantasy but movies like this are the real life stories but the only difference is in the real there are no background musics and not known to the world but in the movies it is well showed in the theatres and casted.
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3 movie is the one in which the main character Ram(Dhanush) is the one who suffers with a bi-polar disorder and he loves a girl named Janani(Shruthi Hassan) while he is in +2 course of study. They both loves each other very deeply and Ram's friend stays aside him during his love story in the starting and later in life Janani says to Ram that she needs to fly to America as this is her mother's dream and Ram felt unhappy and he heads to Goa and began to expose his bipolar symptoms to his other friend, Kumaran. And that disorder began to get worsened with the time and now its Kumaran who stays with Ram to prevent major distractions due to the bipolar. He begs and makes Ram to consult doctor and then the bipolar began to get severe.
The story is so close to my behaviour as I kept myself locked in a closed room and been feeling happier and excited for a good news and then automatically reacted with disappointment for a bad news. Much angry and the level of patience decreases day by day, and no longer than that the pressure keeps on increasing and striking with the side effects like the hypertension and other problems.

The life seems with no hope and everybody seems as foes and destructive natures, cannot accept the truth and stays with one self-belief an action of the reality bursts and the reaction to it is the sleeplessness. Fighting with emotions and short-term treatments no longer gives a cure. All these symptoms are bipolar and can draw me close to attempt a suicide like Dhanush did in a '3' movie. But, suicide is not for a person like me who likes to write and write as much as I can. I focused on my fantasy and killed it with pills of reality and however I cannot guarantee a good life with me because the viper is waiting to strike me at anytime without any signal. No precautions I can take before because being myself in a blindside I ,myself unaware of this.And loving things, relationships and other attractive beings may be put to harm by me. But I need to realise with this ,I have a good family really a good one than the best. But still I feel hard to fight this.Moreover this battle seems bigger to me with anonymous warriors pinning me down and the unknown fears during my sleep.
Its been a longtime since I slept like a child and no night is there in my nights without a single nightmare or a dream. But, still with some hope I get good dreams too. All these things are self-esteemed and I ,by myself have to defend this and with the perseverance in God will help me anyhow. Because I believe in prayer and I do believe in His miracles, I went to Church on this Easter after a longtime I prayed.
And still not yet close to the prayerfull life I had once . But still God never let me down and left me alone during all this and I am still up because of his kindness.When I saw this 3 movie , it stunned me for a while and made me to think , the facts that how if I react to my life partner in such a way? And what will be the outcomes and the families will really set to a fight all because of me and yet its not all I do in a conscious but I do not even know if I reacted in such a way. So,for now I must stop fantasizing and must believe in the reality. No addictions ,no bad-behaviours. Am raised good,I lived good and now I deserved to be good again

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Movies like 3 may not a big hits at the box office and may not be a high budget makers but they will help the society that such and such persons are struggling in real lives too and fighting for their right to live with the demons which are ruining them.
In my next post I will be sharing the lyrics of one of my favourite song from this movie
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