What Makes A Person To Walk Away From Your Life...?

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Many people who are in a relationship complaint about the breakups and walking away. This became a style and a part of a lifestyle to walk away for some people. But, there are some real reasons behind walking away and when we see through the lurking reasons the following reasons are the building blocks.
And these may also considered as the reasons for what makes a person to walk away from your life.

No two persons way of thinking is same

When searching for a perfect match, either the parents or the person who are getting to ready for a relationship thinks about his/her partner and likely want him/her to think similar to one's mind. And they do try to match for similar tastes and interests. But ,the fact is even the tastes matches they may differ according to the mind's functioning.
Let's take an example of an interest called 'drawing pictures' . Two persons are here,one likes art and the other too ,their interests are perfectly matched because of the same field . But when we ask them why each other adopted drawing as their favourite the reason they explain varies from each other. One will say drawing is his/her hobby since childhood and the other person will say he/she developed the art because to kill loneliness. Art is same but the way they fall for it is exactly opposite. Likewise all other matching of the hobbies or interests .

Struggling for 'Control'

This is seen mostly in both the genders. One will try to control and manipulate the other and on the other hand the second person also tries the same . The final result will end up in misunderstanding and quarrelling. Because here the control power lies in one's own hand. And when we keep the forcing on it their mind won't take it after some extent ,it will try to ease from the pressure.


This is the main enemy for those who are in a relationship. Judging will hurt the ego and it will make a person to walk away. Do not judge as the consequences of it will be so dangerous. You may say that you love your partner so much and cannot stop saying him/her the words which are useful . Because you may add the very strong reason , it would be like drinking alcohol,addiction to drugs,lust for the opposite sex etc. I agree all of these are the bad qualities no doubt at all. But when you judge the person rightaway on the spot it will really hurt the ego. And when you keep on repeating this judgement it will enlarge and break the connection finally.

Never letting the 'past' go away

This is a hard pill to swallow for anybody. If you keep on reminding your partner ,especially his/her baddest past that will really make the person crazy. There are chances of going back into the past life or get irritated as you use the past as a weapon to control and weapon to sue . But this isn't suggestable one for a good relationship.
Let's see another example : In the past your bf/gf had an affair with one of your friend or a relative. Later he/she realised the mistake ,regret for it, felt sorry for the deed and you forgave and let him/her back into your life again. Later,when a situation arises or in a discussion you raise the past mistake and continually pointing to him/her by saying that it will repeat again , "you didn't changed at all" ,"you will go with my friend,as you had the habit of" like these words will hurt the opposite person. Because you really mean it what you said but it was the past and past is meant to leave but not to stick with. And besides you forgived ,is this sueing with the past is what forgiveness in your opinion?
Preaching behaviour
Here,your actions like a preacher will let your love walk away. Let's see how a preaching behaviour let the people began to move away. A person maybe your bf/gf is doing a work. Suddenly you showed up and started running your mouth by lot of suggestions and preachings. "Hey! This is complelety insane ,this is bad you know" , "Don't you know this is a bad,leave it right away" such kind of words are used by you. And yea,am not saying that its a mistake ,I know all your intention is to keep your partner good. But ,think, is this the right way to behave?
Keep yourself in the place of your partner and try to solve the situation. The bad will be good to do and some things need to be handled roughly to be eliminated. This doesn't mean your partner is a complete jerk. Preaching him on phone,on walk ,on bed like his/her family didn't even taught good or bad. This will make a way to walk away,you are thinking yourself a perfect and a very good one. And your partner is thinking himself the same way. You may be scripturally upright and perfect in it,but when you substitute at your partner's situation you may not able to stat with the good you got.
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ConclusionIf you ever felt like you need to change the thinking of your partner I say eventually you will fail unless you attempt it with the timing. Get much closer to your partner and then try it. And always keep in mind that all the tastes may match but they are not of an identical outcome. Never judge ,but try to explain and then lay a track of support. What is the difference between you and the others to your partner when you judge him/her like the others do?
Past is past, it must be drowned and never allow it back in any case. And don't use it as it is the weakness of your partner. You only know about his/her because he/she shared with you. Because you weren't with your partner when he is in that dark. So you got no right to judge but you have the the right to change his mind with love.
Good is good and bad is bad, if your partner is in bad don't point him but try to explain the scene and he/she is also aware of the bad but situations are the worst ones. Treat like a close one and peel the pain off.
Always remember you and your partner isn't raised up from childhood under the same tree. The emotions, views on society,tree of life ,relatives etc may vary depending on all these things. This is definitely a sensitive case to deal with. All the best for a better understanding lives.
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