WWE Extreme Rules 2015 -RKO beats RKO

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Every time in the end of the month there will be a regular post here pointing the latest news from the WWE . I started this since the last year's Summerslam ppv. On this Sunday ,26th of April its the moment for the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view. And as of its name the matches well followed up with some extreme moments from Dean Ambrose to the Roman Reigns ,when they faced their opponents. Let's take a review of all the matches from the E.R
The main event match between Seth Rollins ,the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and his opponent ,the viper ,Randy Orton took place in a steel cage with the director of operations Kane as a gatekeeper of the cage. And the outcome of this match is unexpected because the weapon of Randy,RKO move is banned in this match. But ,to the surprising Randy lost the match with RKO from Seth as he walked away from the cage to took a victory by delivering RKO to Randy. This is really upto an unexpected.
courtesy: wwe.com

courtesy :wwe.com

All the rest matches are also Extreme in action in the ring. Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper's ,chicago street fight match was awesome. As Ambrose drove Luke in SUV to the arena.
John Cena ,the United States Champion faced the Russian tank ,Rusev in a Russian Chain match and he proved to the WWE universe once again that he is the fighting champion when he won the match by touching all the four corners of the ring. Neville proved to the crowd that he deserve a better shot in the future as he faced the Bad News Barret .

The most embarrassing moment of the entire ppv is the match between Dolph Ziggler and 'the changed' Sheamus , Dolph won the match but was low-blowed after the match and made to 'kiss my arse' of Sheamus as they both fight in a Kiss my arse match.

The Divas title match was also at the Extreme rules and Nikki Bella ,the current Divas Champion looked more hotter than ever in white outfit. And she regained her title with the assistance of her twin ,Brie Bella against Naomi. Overall ,the Extreme rules showed an Extremely Extreme ring action with all the match cards and it made the next ppv Payback bit interesting .
courtesy: wwe.com

The flow of current in the arena seemed low because there was no Intercontinental Champion ,the 'Yes' man Daniel Bryan. But still fans chanted the yes during the steel cage match and also in other times. 


•  Seth Rollins (C) defeated Randy Orton in a steel cage match.

• Ryback confronted Bo Dallas' addressing and beat him up.

• Roman Reigns defeated Big Show in a last man standing match.

• Nikki Bella (C)  defeated Naomi.

• John Cena (C) defeated Rusev in a Russian chain match for the US title.

• Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper in a Chicago Street fight.

• The New Day defeated Cesaro and Tyson Kidd for the wwe tag team championship.

• Dolph Ziggler defeated Sheamus in 'kiss me arse' match.

• Neville defeated Bad News Barret in a kickoff match of Extreme Rules.

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