is the best freelance model hiring website. This is the best site to know the models by the category and new talents are found here . The categorised models for example jewelry models, kid models etc. All are at one place including the anchors who can host your show whether it's a big family function or a business event. By Southcast you can hire it all with an easy clicks. Singers also available here, this is the best place without going anywhere in search of the super models.

You can browse through the profiles from the top models to the newbies. Site is updated time to time and many new profiles are added ,this will save the time in casting an anchor or a model. The best place for the models is here ,

There will be times like you need to hire someone for a show but all those in your contacts are already booked or might be busy with their schedules. This site will be helpful to you in those times.
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The new Inbox by gmai is really amazing as it handles multiple tasks easily with few swipes. There are many other options to view the mails on desktop but when coming to the mobile handsets like androids etc. there are only few apps which are used to view, for example the gmail app is the long running app on the android platforms but now it seems that this inbox can replace it.

We all know the categories in the mail , i.e the social,promotional etc. All these are with a drag button on top left corner in a gmail app. But now its completely changed in the inbox. The mails we receive will appear according to the category and we can delete the entire category with a single swipe. How easy it is!
The  Inbox is quite well handles the tasks and it is good while displaying the contact logos correctly than the old app. This is not a replacement to the gmail but its an optional one. Where we can still have access to the mail views in the gmail.

Inbox can be visited on a browser  and it is user friendly app on the android devices. The major attraction is the bundles of the mails, Some of its special actions are discussed below.

One tap to delete (or) add a reminder

Inbox provides two action swipes ,to the right and the other to the left. To the right I use for a mail to sent to the bin and left swipe I used to put it later as a remainder.

Overall the Inbox is good to use and I can call it as a modernised form of standard mail view. I replaced it with old gmail red coloured app with this new inbox blue.
Give it a try...
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Temperatures across India are recorded highly during the last three years and this year it got some boost and increased. Many people are suffering with the heat and in this 2015 its too much, heat waves are striking the livelihood with their power and not  letting the people to live free. These summer seasons from decades are increasing their heat , more heat and more destruction to the livelihood. The water resources, plants wither away because of the heat produced.

When I was a child ,there is the temperature rise up to 40°C , it is really much in those days. Now they are reaching up to 50°C and still I can tolerate it and work in the heat if it is an important one. But why does the sun is so harsh on us all? Why the summer season became a season only we have to wait to survive? What happened to those days when the summer holidays are given everybody rush into the nearby ground and play the games?

Even the evenings are striking us with the heat waves. This is completely different from the past and we need to do something about this. You may think that this is a God's issue but actually it is our mistakes that made our earth to become a burning sphere. We deforested ,we developed many gaseous which depleted the Ozone layer and we allowed the global warming to spread in a rapid way like this. We cannot run a vehicle without emitting a carbon monoxide, we can't develop any energy without a residue of carbon contents. All these are must and necessary to us but still there is a need to maintain them and manipulate .

We can't live a day without electricity similarly we can't stay on earth without sunlight . If the electrical appliances use more power than they are capable to hold then the blast occurs . And in the same way one day our earth will get blasted (not like a bulb). And that blast can't be seen ,it occurs in the core. The magma area in the core heats up and thereby causing the Tsunamis and earthquakes.

We, humans are the direct cause and we have to take this burden on our shoulders to save our home. No alien is out there to freeze our earth ,no planet we got as a second option to live in it. No powers we have with us to control the heat of the sun. What all we can do is to realise now this is the time to act. With this our act the future generations can be saved and we are at our own rescue.

Not a plant for a family but plants for a family, many we need for these are the only weapons we have to protect ourselves from the wrath of the sun. Its our own made mistake,let's correct it now . This is a 'Now or Never' situation. We need to end what we have started, this is the moment to sit and think and immediate action. No longer waiting for the approval of any government ,no longer waiting for a time. This is the only time we have in our hand ,let us mingle and resolve our problem.

Private organizations, governments and all nonprofitable organizations and NGOs and all and all. Let us think and act ,fight for the survival of our kind. This is more than a war ,this is a war with the control. No one takes a victory or no one dies in this war , it is a mutual beneficial war. Come all together, let's join our hands for a revolution of green. Be a part of the MISSION GREEN.

Plant the plants, spread the greenery in everything and everywhere. People are many but plants are less,let's grow them in millions and zillions. For they cost us nothing more than a burgar ,pay the time and pay the attention. The benefit is ours,credit goes to us. And the effort is the plant's. It carry the pain and will give is the cool. It cools down the environment and prevent the prevailing of the pollutants.

No place should be left without being turned into green. Let's spread the green. Come ,for together we are strong.

We are not doing this for a fame ,we are not doing this for reputation or records. This is for us all, no class,no category all the bodies have the same blood flowing and everyone has the same pain when they are hit. Do not step back...

Let's get into the action.

       Mission Green

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Many movie and book reviews had published in this blog but I never went for a movie of my mother tongue. For the first time am writing a Telugu Short Film review which came from the thought of my dearest friend & brother Mr.Otte Shiva Kumar. He got the spirit of directing in his breathe and I saw the burning he got to direct a movie and his consistent mentality on cinematography. Then I decided to review his one of the latest short-films (In Telugu language) called 'Mukhi Pyar'.
This post is dedicated to him and the love he has for the movie field. As a blogger I felt his desire and we shared all this in one night. We are not so close ,but got the desire in common then we are even. Now, let's review the make of the film. This is the story entitled 'Mukhi Pyar' which means a silent love in English. The title is in Hindi and the story runs in Telugu pop-up messages .As it is named as a silent story there are no vocals in the entire film. One has to understand by the actions and expressions made by the cast and by visuals.

There are only two roles in this short-film a boy and a girl. The boy is the hero (Shiva Kumar himself) and he performed good and did his best to the storyline. The story starts with a Facebook chat on a laptop by the hero with the heroine. They both met via Facebook and never met in person, the seeds of their friendship eventually grown into love. But at first they decided to meet and the girl says that her brother who lost his voice is going to get operated soon and hence she decided not to talk for few days. As she prayed that her brother must regain his voice.
Our hero took a step of love here by saying that he is also keeping silent ,following her prayer . In Indian culture staying calm is also a form of prayer. This impressed the girl and she appreciates his kindness.

Later they both meet in the garden and hero decides to express his love for her as he told her earlier that he is going to say something important . But, he goes aside and visualises the outcome of his love proposal and afraid of being rejected he stay calm .
They both converse with signs and actions and never utter a word. Moments later the girl picks up a letter from her handbag and hands it to the hero. He opens it slowly and realises it is a love proposal, he goes easy from the tension and pressure and the thought and feelings of both matches exactly. Now its the curtain down... The storyline is fine with the love based story and it fits in both the actors. The expression of emotions and feelings by the silence is an art. It isn't that easy to get to the shore rather it ends up with the frustrated misunderstanding. But in this 'Mukhi pyar' the love is balanced. It is stable from the two hearts and one is afraid of being rejected other is dare to express as the person know exactly about the other.

Our hero represents every boy out there who is showing a good respect to the love. He killed his likeness because of afraid of losing her. This isn't cowardness but its a braveness ,it takes a lot from a guy to terminate the love proposal inside the heart. It creates an explosion ,really a massive one inside the heart. And the girl otherside ,completely studied him and decided to give him the letter with a confidence of not losing him.
Overall ,the concept is an old one which is been from ages and ages ,because love never gets old. The presenting is good and I wish him all the very best for his upcoming filming career.
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Hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher, actress with super talent and naturalistic in nature ARUNA SHIELDS . The supertalented actress now a guide to the lives which are exploring and digging to know about the meditation and it's facts. Aruna got it all, the way of teaching and injecting the truth into the minds with her mindfulness is amazing.

You may have seen her on screen with her acting talent but she is now revealing her another dimension, a new dimension in which she won't act but she lives in it. The complete meditating methods and the positives in it. We can hear many people talking or presenting a presentation but, it only gets into our mind if the speaker is so impressive to us. The clear and categorised explanation and perfect authorship on the topic which she is going to teach. All makes Aruna,because her life is dedicated to all this mindfulness and she can teach how it helps us to reach the peak and what it takes to be in a state of mindfulness.

Her YouTube channel is an interesting one ,where we can find all the latest videos about the lessons and methods of attaining calm in this daily life. Subscribe to it to enjoy the ride with Aruna, as this journey may help you to open the gate of success. Because we need some inspiration, some excitement and some problem solving nature. We get all those here on Arunas' channel, am not advertising this but I am recommending this.

Her voice is magical, her beauty is admirable, her way of thinking is a gifted one. All these are the assets of Aruna and with her talented tone she is able to turn the focus on and thereby helping to learn much.

You may be shocked at once, because she is really a good motivator. That's what the present generation need in this battling world. A 'piece of peace' is necessary for everyone of us. What are you waiting for! GO...Subscribe to Aruna Shields TV.

This is not a promotional post/ad, I did this because I experienced. And moreover as a fan of Aruna Shields, I gave this post a breathe. The world is in need of enthusiastic icons and one is here ,yea I found one called ARUNA SHIELDS.

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Many talk about the Reincarnation and the life again after the death taking the mortal form again and again ,like a cycle. But, where is the concept of 'Karma' ? When the increase in the world population is vigorous and the deaths are less but the births are high. So,where do the remaining bodies going to right after the death? There is no proof at all for the Reincarnation or the Karma. Deeds are done on this earth ,in this very life we have now. Good or bad is said to be done and the growth or the fall occurs now itself ,it is covincible that we take the results for our performance when we are living on the earth. For the punishments/rewards/gifts there is no need to take another life and that too adopting another form (like dog ,lizard,insect etc.) .
Everything is done once and for all in a single chain of this life. Once it is broken there will be no link to get it back to the work. No signs of completing the uncompleted tasks. Then ,what is the reason behind taking another life for? Is it necessary again to repeat single life for generations and generations?
Every religion has its own concept about the births and deaths and the life after the death. They confess with their explanations and supportive speeches. The real thing is hidden to a common man, a forgiveness is necessary in these hearts to live and let live. Loving and kindness will give you the peace and a good nights sleep.
Many of us are off the track in these and they are still searching for their identity and while searching it they are believing about a second chance. Am not questioning any belief of a person or a religion but,am questioning the humans . About the life they have adopted to live today.
While doing this stuff I came across a very special website where it updates each moment and each second of the life on earth in terms of environment, society & media, government & economics, world population, food, water, energy, health.
Have a look at this website, WORLDOMETERS and know how the world is changing its digits in milliseconds. In such a place where is the matter of Reincarnation?
By visiting this website we can access all the live data across the world , birthrates and death rates ,environmental changes and other important data is updated live in this worldometers.
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There are some stupid people in our society who doesn't have any work and feel no responsibility at all. Like those who spit everywhere,who do things which are not good. Who always try to be a destroyers of peace and bring more people to disputes.

I personally experienced on many occasions like interacting with such foolish people. Everywhere I go ,I see them doing things which are non social. The offenders and bullies and all the other people without any attitude .

We cannot change them ,we cannot control them. But only thing we can do is to expect a change in them which only can done by the God .I see many such irresponsible people in Facebook and other social sites who just roams idle and even the educated people sometimes behave like this too. The bad commentors in the social sites and all the other people who just comment/send a message without knowing the respect. In my social book life ,I have such experiences too which I would like to bring here and strengthen my topic.

(Note : Those messages are in my language ,Telugu. And I would like to translate on demand.)

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