We all are familiar with the term, gossip. As it is with us everywhere and even there are times when we directly involved in the gossiping.
Studies show that this gossip is good sometimes and it need to be a very fair and good gossip. Otherwise this will become a destructor.

You may gossip about anything and anyone at anywhere. All it needed is that gossip remains as fair and clean. Not indulging in bad, it must not completely frame the 'third person' who is our gossip frame. He/she is absent there and that lead to gossiping.
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Gossip is violating someone else's privacy, causing a privacy breach. This is the thing with a complete negative action in most cases, it will not let the good to pass through the negativity. But, there is also a positivity in it.

Gossiping also depends on the size of the social networking. If the size increases the gossipers spread out. Social network has a huge effect on the happiness and mostly on our mood.
Sometimes it is suspicious if people won't gossip. If we are not involved as a third person who is the reason for gossiping, that means we are not yet the star.

If gossips are enhanced in a right manner then they are the good informational exchange.

Carry the gossips in a good way, otherwise we will become a person with no trust in the future.

What to do when people gossip about you :

If a crew is gossiping on you, there are two things you need to do. They are quite opposite in nature.

  1. You have to do nothing about the gossip. Listen to it and listen more.
  2. Do not encourage the people who gossip about you. Act as a neutral.

People engage in discussions and gradually it turns into a group of gossiping. It can be good as long as the third person's personal matters wouldn't made public and criticised.
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Benefits of gossips :

Gossip can benefit a person if it is a useful gossip. A clean gossip can esteem the talents, to know more about the role played by the gossips and gossipers. Visit this Short Term Effects Of Gossip Behaviour On Self-esteem

Gossipers must be aware of the consequences they are supposed to face after they create any gossip. It will alter the other person's life and his privacy. Gossips are not always associated with the celebrities, they do indulge in common lives too.

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This is the problem that which still left behind as the problem unsolved from decades . The severity of the problem is rapidly increasing despite of countries and nations. The problem am talking here is the violence against women and the different kind of attacks on them for various reasons which many go without any explanation.
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Brutality is there in our society since the homo sapiens existed, it is different for different situations. Brutality towards animal life, human life and nature. We know all the facts about this, there are speakers who give speeches on this and writers who write, activists who protest in our society. Are we feeling any responsibility towards these actions? We may or may not feel, it doesn't make much difference when the action is done still there is no reaction. I mean when the effort go waste without any fruit then it's just considered as a try. And i think these tries and attempts are not going to work anyway, a perfect reversal is needed now to make our society to feel responsible, flying beyond all the obstacles like illiteracy and poverty. Lack of awareness is also a major threat for a person to build a mentality.
Many people are unaware of many blindsides. The 'open crimes' are however increasing, bribing is one. If we discuss about the anti-social activities am sure there will be pages and pages of data flows like a busy rush river.

It is known that words go free in air if they are not done in action. I am writing about the attacks and brutality on women for the second time and i know that i can't change the billion people mind about what they are thinking and i can't bring the check to the attacks on my own. What all i can do is to create a question among all of us and if at least one is touched by it,then our effort will transform activism to cure the diseased beast minds.

The common brutal activities on girls are:

ⓐ Acid attacks (usage of concentrated acids like con.sulphuric acid or nitric acid to disfigure the face of a girl and cause third degree burns).
ⓑ Rapes, harassments.

ⓒ Murdering (on dowry issues,misunderstandings and disputes,illegal affairs).
Not only these but there exists many problems in the society by which a girl cannot tolerate them and is forcibly stepped back from her dreams. Who are responsible for this mistake? Are the elders who created a barrier between a woman and the society?
Or we who are still believing in the damn rules and superstitions related to freedom of girls in the society? Well, what does these rules doing for girls? Are they just paperworks or helping any woman in need?

It must be because those who created the rules are not here to re-write or modify them according to the revolution occurred due to the generation change . And some rules must and should have to be changed because time and days are changed. Let me take an example here...

Back in those days .. Let us rewind and see, a girl must be the one who have to serve her husband throughout her life and main thing is there was no age-restrictions for bride grooms. An old fellow of 60+ may marry a girl of 20+ or below too. And we can visualise that girl's situation. Child marriages however maximum are prevented now with the fights of some kind hearted people.
Can we at least stay in those days? Girls..can you? NO ! we freak out . Because the rule is a rule and rule for all. Even a girl has a right and freedom to live in the present world everything is changed completely.

Girl stepped out

Yes, she does. And she is now well educated and employed and earning equal (even more than) to a man. And now a days can you number those families who are depending on a girl's income? No we can't because there are many. She is running a family now and bearing the pressure on her own without any assistance.

We have to realise here that the problems are changing too with the growth in the knowledge and the development. There were no rape cases much in the past when compared to present. And gropes in the public places and manhandling are increased on a huge scale in the current days. So,this means there is a need to change according to the problems. We can't apply an old method to takedown the modern one.
So ,if we are in the world of equality a man and a woman must have equal rights and now they have too (Not in some areas) . Still these rights are just a paperwork and they made no effect on the painful lives.

By nationality am an Indian and i have witnessed many cases which are hurtful to women . The victims were my friends, my neighbours so do my relatives.

The rank of India is topping in rapes and Delhi is called as a rape capital now. If a girl set out during night all alone or even accompanied by others, her situation is erratic.
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In different countries there are different problem for the girls a man can survive at any corner of the world but a girl don't.This doesn't means she is weak, she needs a minimum respect and honour and care from her surroundings and neighbourhoods. It is worst that if her own people turn on her, a girl is special being, a blessing.

Her love is a necessity, her hate may become a spoiler, her anger is dangerous. She is a mother, a sister, a girlfriend, a lover, a wife. Without her there is no beauty. She is a God given mate. But she has a threat in the world, in the society from us, not by any outlanders.

And in the countries like Afghanistan and other Arab countries they follow the rules on girls are very strict. They won't let them to live free.
If we talk different situations under different circumstances the girls are treated as the 'figures' who are just there in time of need. This falls under the category of human trafficking and prostitution.

Let's hope for a change, as nothing is permanent except change. Not just sit and hope, but play a role in bringing a shade on this evil and pluck it off with roots.
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Good people are worth appreciation and if they are the celebrities, then the appreciation goes wild with the social network's praising.
Because doing good to the society and being very active and attentive in the social causes for a celebrity is really a very very hard task. Their schedules are very busy and to-do-lists are piled up everyday. Handling all of those tensions and stress in the work and coming out at least a week to promote something like a volunteer in the society is a great thing to do. Not many are up to  this, very few are doing this because they love to live in the society by uplifting it in various sectors.

Am talking all this about one person, an actress, activist and a powerful woman. She is POOJA GAUTHAMI UMASHANKAR.

A Sri Lankan actress, seen in many tamil and few tollywood movies. Very talented and indeed a beautiful girl.

This post is dedicated to her on occasion of her 34'th birthday and i have been waited long enough to publish this post. Because am Pooja's fan, I admire her and one weird fact is I never saw any  movie/show in which she acted.  Then, how did I became her fan?

The answer is quite simple, I came to know about her during my reading on a social site, a social cause. She is very active in all the good causes which are held in the society and she loves children a lot, I mean a lot.

It is no wonder that only few persons whom I chose to follow on my facebook, Pooja is the top. She updates her page daily. With lot of cheerfulness she greets her fans. So humble in her deeds and a lovely soft voice.

Her dressing comprises of mostly ethnic wears. Recently, she planted plants on the World Environment Day.
She helps orphans and got a good heart. It is always, she occupies a respectable position in the society, being a celebrity and a person with values.

Pooja is the good promoter of all kind of social activities. She spends her time a lot with the public, that love is always with her, lot of blessings and bunch of roses.
©Sandesh Bandara

The condition which am in present won't let me to write a post. I gathered all the best in me to write down here about Pooja. And am already a day late in wishing her.
May God bless her hubby and her entire family with abundance.

It is really not her acting made me her fan but the life she is living outside that screen is really inspirational one. Naturalistic behaviours never get failed, here is the example Pooja.

Lot of messages, quotes and impressive photos are daily updated on her official Facebook page click here

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What is a festival? A celebration of joy and spreading the happiness. But, here this festival is celebrated with the cries and brutality, there are millions of traditions and traditionally driven festivals across the globe. They depend upon their respective origins and cultures, we are nothing to say a 'no' to them or fight against their celebrations.
Even the festivals which are involved in the human risk are still celebrated in India and in other countries too. This one festival made the activists to write, fight, to sign the petition and lot more to stop this because of its brutality and cruelty. This is the China's Yulin Dog Meat Festival, this is the festival which involves in killing the furry ones (dogs and cats) and over 10,000 dogs are killed, not just killed but slaughtered and tortured to death. This kind of cruelty is involved in this celebration.

Who on earth named it as a celebration? Is the enjoyment comes from this kind of ruthless behaviour against the voiceless living beings???

This made many animal lovers and millions of activists to girt and move to ban this Festival. We can't see with our eyes how cruelly they kill those dogs, tears will flow from our eyes. Some tie them and burn them alive while those lovely eyes questioning the people why are they doing this?. Their motionless body, which is tired and tied seeks a hand to help them.
What did those dogs do to them? Why do they deserve that kind of merciless beating and death of horror? Are they sinned more than the humans??

One quote from the media ripped my heart and made me so emotional ever before. The following one...

Dogs are named as the most faithful and known for their loving nature towards humans from the beginning, these kind of inhumane things need to be questioned by all of us. Because it is not these dogs which are the voiceless but those people who are encouraging this.
If you ever watched movies like 'Hachiko - A dog's story' and 'Marley and me' you are going to shed the tears after watching these 10K dogs being slayed.

Am not insulting or trying to personally say words about any person either directly or indirectly, because I don't even know the faces or names of the people who are doing this to the dogs. This is a world issue and need to be banned forever. This Festival must be terminated.
Courtesy : thepetitionsite.com

They say that this equals to consuming the pork and other non-veg items. But, why these dogs are shown the hell live in those slaughtered house? They also say that if a dog suffered much in the beatings, it's meat is good in taste. What kind of hearts does these people got? What can I name them?

Am not encouraging any kind of violence here. This is the thorn in my heart, a pain that gave me many sleepless nights right after knowing about this. This came into light in the year 2009 but, got some history behind it too from centuries.

A culture must rejuvenate the power of the goodness in the society, a culture must fill the innovative minds with lot of confidence. When the culture, even it is in practise from the early ages, if it harms the beings (any living things) there is a need to know the danger and to stop it at any cost.

This dog meat eating Festival in Yulin is kind of disgusting for some but it is an amusement and kind of honour and blessing to the people who are celebrating this.
The worst thing is, it is reported that majority of those dogs in those cages are pets. They got belts around their necks and are stolen from the houses, streets and other places.

They doesn't care about the relationship between the dog's owner and the dog. I think they don't even know the love, kind of beasts.

Who cares who and what they are, but this must be stopped. The Chinese government said that it is not encouraged and also got moved by the many activists and the media pressure. But, still we are not sure what had happened there. On Saturday, a retired teacher named Yang Xiaoyun, paid about $1,800 to save 100 dogs. And there are many actions taken by the volunteers and other good hearted people in China.
Courtesy : tekjournalismuk.com

Many people in China protesting against this and this issue severed this year. As this petition is signed by 3 million+ people on the Change.org. And this is a good news to some extent.

The faces behind the masks of culture and tradition is the financial benefit . This is a Summer Solstice Festival, lychee liquor, strong grain beer and here comes the dog meat. When the adrenaline levels of dogs are high they taste good they say.
Eating dog will wipe off all the evils and increase the sexual ability in men. What kind of tradition is this? They are still trying to defend their this bloody things by keeping this so called culture in the middle.

This kind of Festivals and practices are to be checked. Otherwise, there will be no meaning for our existence as a human.


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Only the five persons are the witnesses for that epic  achievement of the dream of humans of all time. That is flying in mid sky doesn't had any advertisements and publicity.
But it brought the revolution in the aero field. Within 20 years it changed the destiny of the world. That wonder fired guns in the hearts .

To invent an airplane is nothing,
To build one is nothing,
But to fly is everything.

This is by Otto Lilienthal (23 may 1848-10 Aug 1896).
The legend of gliders and whose death was due to a glider crash.
Courtesy : Wikimedia

This is the reason why after their first fly Wright brothers didn't celebrate much.

Wright brothers
Wilbur wright (April 16 1867- May 30 1912)
Orville Wright(Aug 19 1871-Jan 30 1948)

It was 17 Dec 1903, North Carolina,kill devil hills. They flyed four times successfully, without much publicity and fame only five persons were the witness for it. With a small engine, two propellers and linked by cycle chains and gears. After this they went to kitty hawk and sent a telegram to their father, who was in Dayton to reach the local media (newspapers) to publish the news. The next day 'The Dayton evening herald' and other three local newspapers published the news in short. Beyond that, there are no celebrations and news of this success.

Later Wright brothers worked hard and took Lilienthal's words as an inspiration and invented planes which are completely pilot control and can fly long distance.

In 1905,  Wilber flyed 38 kms for half an hour. After watching them many people showed interest in the manufacturing and designing of the aeroplanes. This bothered White brothers about the re-usage of their invention. And they had decided not to reveal the inventory plans without any patent, in 1906 they got the patent.

And by that the Europe 'Aero clubs' started to spread the news . And a famous science newspaper 'Scientific American' which keep on publishing the counter news and critics on Wright brothers started to praise them and gave value to the Wright's work. Following it countries like England, France, Germany and Russia started to begin the works on the invention of aeroplanes.

Flyer III
courtesy : wikimedia

Wright brothers decided to expose their invention to the world and finally in the year of 1908, they came in front of the world with Flyer III . When Wilbur Wright flyed the aeroplane in France people came to kiss him after landing. And at the same time Orville Wright travelled in the sky in the presence of American government officials and many journalists. Both Wright brothers journeyed around the Europe and told the people about the importance of the aeroplanes.
All the newspapers published that the "Aeroplane decade" has started . And the human life is going to be a complete one with this, the news spread rapidly.

With J.P.Morgan Wright brothers established Wright company. And in Dayton they built the factory.They gave training to the pilots in the 'flight school' and they made new designs and modifications too.

First accident

In 1908 September, there occurred a flight accident for the first time ever. And Orville Wright escaped the accident with some injuries but the passenger Lt.Thomas Selfridge was dead in that accident. This is the first passenger death recorded in the flight history.

In 1909, the government of America bought two aeroplanes from the Wright brothers(a bi-plane) for 30K dollars.
Even though all the new modifications were made all the aeroplanes appeared to be the primary designs. But wright brothers showed to the American military officers that their aeroplanes can be used in a wide range during the war(s). They also fixed guns to these planes. By this Europe shown interest in it.

World countries interest
courtesy : ros | freeimages

In the year 1909, the Daily Mail newspaper announced the 100 pounds competition. And Louis Bleriot crossed the 24 miles English channel in half and hour thereby created a sensational record.
During the year 1912 Wilber Wright died due to the typhoid fever while they are travelling around to sell aeroplanes. After Some years Orville stopped the manufacturing of planes and sold the company, when Orville got typhoid, Wilbur was there to read the newspaper for him, and after Lilienthal's death, Wright brothers began the journey of designing planes and had ended with the death of Wilber after 16 years. Meanwhile the world countries adopted the aeroplane technology from the Wright brothers.

Until 1920 people travelled in flights which carried postal letters. And from 1930 it became luxurious.
Until 1940 aeroplanes were run by the piston engine propellers .
For the first time in 1914 Frank Whittle, England invented the jet engines and from then we are in the decade of JET SPEED.
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When does a son/daughter called as a lovely child on this earth?

>When he/she takes birth?
>When he/she gets ranks and trophies?
> When he/she makes their dad proud for being their daughter?
> When he/she loves in the same way, like when they are kids?

In my opinion, the last one is the best one to be called as a lovely child. Because making him proud is not needed when he is in need of the love. The fourth one, the same love, the unconditional love is what can be called as a true gift to him on the FATHER'S DAY.

Not only one day of love, but a love that endures forever. In this busy world we couldn't even find a time for our family, we work hard to earn the fame and name. All we are there, because of the tough competition. Many people are in need of our presence, but lost their hopes by waiting on us.
Do you remember those evenings? When your dad told you to take you to a movie/park/exhibition and he is late and hence plannings failed? How you felt that night? It was the worst place and time, wasn't it?. Now the same thing is repeating at home. Father's love their children. They do risks and adventures, all for children's sake. Sacrifices their own wishes, keep their lives on the line for children.

Ignoring them, hating when they retire from jobs. Shouting at them when they spill something on dining table, irritated because of their shaking hands. Where does all that love gone?

Am not talking about those who are still loving their dads and treating them as heroes. Am talking about those people who are joining the old parents in the old age homes, those people either sons/daughters who is so wild towards their parents.

A father is always a father, no matter how rowdy in nature to the world he is so loving and caring towards the children.
The love you got when he is young and you were a child is not the complete love, the love showed when you are the youngster and he is old is the complete love. Try not to be the showy one by acting love. It is the self-cheating behaviour and not humanity.

He is the one who lifted you up everytime you fall, he is the one who inspired you and he is the backup for your deeds. Love of a father isn't explainable in words, it cannot be finished with writing.

The real father's day gift to give a father is love, love and love.

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      World Ethnic Day
      June 19th 2015

 Craftsvilla.comcelebrates the world ethnic day. This is the best place to show off the ethnicity to the world by the products.

And the Bollywood actress and the ethnic woman, Vidya Balan is promoting the cause. Craftsvilla.com conducting the contests and other campaigns like gifts and coupons.
This is how the ethnicity is showcased. A very thoughtful one and can esteem the culture and tradition in the society, at the same time filling the happiness by the cultural activities and other recreations.

The world ethnic day is celebrated with the following activities, according to craftsvilla.
Courtesy : Craftsvilla

Wearing an ethnic dress is how we support the ethnicity, if you are willing to celebrate the day with the craftsvilla, just do it. Because participating in such traditional activities is always a symbol of respect towards the country.
If you would like to celebrate this day, i suggest you click a pic of yourself and share with #worldethnicday on twitter. This would be nice as the world watches it.
Courtesy : Craftsvilla

Ethnicity doesn't mean only dressing and celebrating. It also related to the living.
There are always some points lurking in my mind when I walk through our Indian streets, especially places like Hyderabad and Mumbai. I think this is the best time to speak about the ideas, because it is the ethnicity.

  • Let us show the world the tradition not only in our dressing but also in our actions.
  • First is the respect, which is lacking much in the current generation, respect for elders it is a blessing and will be a plus point to our attitude.
  • The indifferences among the people must be eradicated. Religious disputes must be curbed.
  • Everybody has the right to express, as long as it won't breach the laws of the respective constitutional amendment. Do not mock them.
  • Never misguide a justice, it will make us to pay someday
  • Being ethnic means treating as even. We all are first humans, later comes our values and credits and class.
  • One has to learn what his/her role in the society. And also learn to stay close to the reality. All are even, that doesn't mean a shopkeeper willing to hold a green ink to sign. It is associated with the profession. A shopkeeper, if he works hard in reality, he may reach a higher position. But being a shopkeeper and dreaming is unrealistic.

Our Country needs the young blood, a hungry blood to burn with the thirst of success. And it also needs the vintage old and respectable people and senior citizens because talent has something to do with their experience.

Come! Let us build such a world, a complete ethnically designed and stand tall as an inspiration to the globe.

Let us preach the ethnicity through our lives, in a good and admirable way. Not only this single day but this celebration will last long.

Just dream! If we all dressed according to our ethnicity, participate in the social welfare campaigns and giving away and making donations. This day will become the coloured mark, will be the reason for our cheerfulness in the future.
A single day spent for the helping and gifting gives us a that happiness which is lot more than the day which we fought for our own.

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Bloggers are those people who turns whatever they experience into a very well story/post. This is an art and they blog about everything. Never devalue a blogger, because he/she may include that insult in his/her next writing.

I saw some people who treats blogging as a commercial. They say that the bloggers are selfish people, who makes money on blogging. Well, this is a different thing. They makes money because they are the talented ones. It is a great thing for someone who makes money on the work they love to do. Because unlike other jobs, blogging is a platform where each and every second a blogger's mind need to sync with the posts.
Lot of attention and perseverance is required to blog.
Besides the earnings, bloggers do a lot to the society. They are the roaring activists, who has the capability to bring a change in every field.

This is a short-story of a blogger, who gets mocked by a person and then helped the same person to solve his problem.
Let's get into the story___

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courtesy : WWE

         WWE RAW
       15 June 2015

The Monday night RAW after the Money in the bank PPV brought us many new things from the company. As there is no John Cena, the US champion it felt hollow but in the end the show energized the universe with an exciting entry. We will talk about this excitement later. Now, let's see what all the RAW got.

Raw is Ambrose

Seth Rollins has proven to the world that he can beat the opponent on his own last night at the MITB. And he is was out there to celebrate his victory last night. And he acknowledged the people who helped him and are the reason for his tremendous victory, he named them as Seth Rollins and Seth Rollins and Seth Rollins (obviously this angered the authority) as Seth doesn't mentioned them and took all alone. Later comes Ambrose (he walks with injured leg and never cared about it). Seth gets down from the ring, pick a fight with Ambrose and retreat. Then here, Ambrose is Raw as he took a chair and sat in the middle of the ring saying that he won't leave the ring as long as Seth comes out.

Sheamus Vs. Ambrose

Now the authority sent the Mr.Money in the bank, Sheamus to clean the mess in the ring i.e Ambrose. But what happened later is great, during their match the viper, Randy Orton interrupts by his music and presence and then Ambrose pinned Sheamus for a victory.

King Barret Vs. R.Truth

R.Truth came out with the king's tunic and that embarrassed king. Barret as he lost the match and after the match he beat up R.Truth and said that wasn't a joke to dress like a king. And he (Barret) won the king of the ring contest. Yea, he won the right to wear, but what did Truth earn? That's the point.

Kevin Owens Vs. Dolph Ziggler

John Cena defeated Owens in their last night's match but Owens made Cena to walk out from the arena with assistance by the brutal attack after the match. Here, Cena's respect for Owens made this all.

Owens is out and openely challenged a match, when Dolph Ziggler came out accompanying Lana, Owens said that he only open challenged for a match but not for a title match. The match begins and Dolph gave much beating to Owens, however he couldn't picked up a victory.

The Bella Twins Vs. Paige - A 2 on 1 handicap match.

Considering her lost to Nikki Bella at MITB, Paige tried to gather a team against the Bella twins to stop their cunning. But, that was just a failed attempt as nobody from the divas division stayed her side. Leaving her all alone to face the Bellas.
During the match, the numbers are much for Paige and she ended up with a loss again, and the Bella twins standing tall.


This match is a good example of the authority's misuse of the power. As Randy took Kane one on one. The match is turned out into a NO HOLDS BARRED batch by the Director of operations Kane himself. Sheamus, who is already making his way to the ring indulged in the match and later Randy was beaten by Choke slam. Randy got the retribution to what he had done to Sheamus earlier during his match with Ambrose.


This is the only moment that the entire WWE Universe chanted. The return of the beast, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar didn't got his rematch against Rollins as he was suspended due to the in descent act of attacking an employee.
But, the authority decided to give Seth Rollins a tough competent at the upcoming PPV Battleground. And he got one, Rollins didn't look eye to eye when Lesnar inside the ring.
This means the suplex-city is rebuilded and now it is the time to wait for it.
courtesy : WWE.COM

The Worst moment of RAW

The guest of the RAW, the rapper MGK Machine Gun Kelly got attacked by Kevin Owens. He came out after MGK's music performance and did all the damage there.
Courtesy : WWE.COM
This is a very saddest thing to see because MGK isn't a wrestler and he is a guest of the company. Attacking a guest is a crime and this will make Owens to pay.
Later it is reported that Owens publicly apologized for his action.
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Courtesy : WWE

This year's WWE pay-per-view, MITB (Money in the bank) started off with the tribute to the former wrestler and a hall of famer, Dusty Rhodes (67), he passed away last week due to a kidney failure.
All the WWE superstars including the Chairman Mr.Mc Mahon are at the tribute when the bell rang for ten times. RIP Dusty, you are a great wrestler of all time.

MITB 2015 booked with the two ladder matches, one is for the WWE World heavyweight Championship and the other for the Money in the bank contract, which ensures the winner a shot at the WWE world heavyweight title all along the year.

7 Men ladder match for the MITB contract :

The competitors are Kofi Kingston, Kane, Sheamus, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, Neville and Randy Orton.

This is the first match and a greatest ladder match. The personal rivalries between Randy and Sheamus went on in this match too.
Everyone had got their hands on the MITB briefcase but got distracted by the other opponents, as this is every man for himself. Roman reached the top of the ladder when all the other superstars are down and was intrigued by the Bray Wyatt. Wyatt stealed Roman's opportunity and that lead to the first match card for the upcoming PPV Battleground, where Roman faces Bray.
Sheamus is the only person who is somehow able to stand and climb the ladder, Neville prevented him but later he was to the down and cleared the way to Sheamus to become Mr.Money in the bank.

WINNER : Sheamus

Nikki Bella (C) Vs. Paige - Divas championship

This match between the Divas seemed to be a very fair match, until the Bella twins followed the same trick on Paige.
The twin magic worked out very well and even Paige won on Brie Bella, who isn't in the match. The referee counted one,two..three after Nikki making her return into the ring.
Courtesy : WWE

When Nikki is down on the floor,ringside. Her sister Brie replaced herself by dragging Nikki under the ring. However, this isn't a clean victory, Nikki regains her title.

WINNER : Nikki Bella

Big Show Vs. Ryback (C)  - IC (intercontinental Championship)

Ryback after winning at the Elimination Chamber confronted with the World's largest athlete, the Big Show. The match is a face to face with the two strong guys and in the very beginning, Ryback took the control and later Big Show. But, the final result of the match is a disqualification due to the interference of Miz, who has issues with the Show. Big show won the match but still the IC champion is Ryback

WINNER : The Big Show (By disqualification)

John Cena (C) Vs. Kevin Owens (C) -REMATCH

John Cena, the US champion and Kevin Owens, the NXT champion faced each other in a Rematch. The match in which Cena needs to win, because he lost to Owens last time.

The match is Mano-e-mano, both the wrestlers gave their bests and got frustrated as none of them give up. But, it is Cena who stands tall, I mean really tall. He beat Owens in the middle of the ring and what happened after the match is really a disrespectful one. Since Owens stepped into the ring with Cena, he is showing a complete disrespect. Cena after winning the match said to Owens that he belongs there. Right after the shake hand, Owens kicked Cena and outside the ringside and on the edge of the ring Owens spine bursted Cena that which made Cena to walk with assistance. This is a complete foolish and worst thing I ever saw, Cena appreciated him and that respect is the reason for getting beaten up so badly.

WINNER : John Cena

New day (C) Vs. Prime time players - Tag Team Championship

Finally, there is a break for the New day (Kofi, Big E and Xavier) here in MITB as they lost to the Prime time players (Titus O Neil and Darren Young).

WINNERS : Prime time players

Dean Ambrose Vs. Seth Rollins (C) - Ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The lunatic fringe took to the limit by keeping Rollins busy by beating him up and casting him on the ladder. But the major mistake is he injured his leg and that made him to lose the match. Even though with the injured leg, Ambrose made it every time up to the ladder to grab the belt.

Finally both the superstars had their hands on the title and jumped to the ground. But, when they hit the ground from the top of the ladder the title was in the hands of Rollins. And Seth proved that he can win without the assistance of the authority.

WINNER : Seth Rollins

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