It is also a wonder when we think about the term, creativity.
It is the term which is originated from the stone age, in that primitive man's mind. It is the reason why the world is so advanced now in every aspect. Creativity is needed in every field, it is not glued to a particular firm or an office. It's necessity is everywhere, even in the household, in the form of interior design.
courtesy: Margan Zajdowicz/freeimages

Today, let's explore the roots of creativity. Let's create an insight on the creative minds. This means, we are now diving into the Human Neuroscience.
I would like to note that, I didn't collaborated in any of the projects related to the neuroscience. This post is the hard work of many of those sciences, the people who are behind it are the hard workers. What I did is, according to my interest_ I researched on these articles on the Neuroscience, found some interesting facts of my likeness. Because am the person who always wonders about the origin of the creativity. Wisdom, knowledge and perseverance are behind this amazing creation.
When coming to the most common question about creativity is, universe creation. How did all this happened to be in the regular order? Science speaks about the Big-Bang theory and spiritual life talks about God. Well, this debate seems endless unless one is able to unlock the truth which is beyond. But, the only thing behind this all is, creativity.

There is no doubt in confessing that our human brain is the birthplace of the creativity, all the beautiful things are born from this fatty ball. It is the only organ worthy of the appreciation for holding the rooms and controls for this creativity.

Creativity is not limited to the realms of greatness

Consciousness and unconsciousness acts like the gates for our brain. The gate is open to the world when we are conscious and it is closed during unconscious. Here, while we are in conscious state, almost we are aware of all the thoughts and ideas which are born. But, during the sleep mode? Not all the control under our sight right? So, what is happening there inside our closed compartments?

During a consciousness act, we spend an embarrassment amount of time thinking about a solution to a problem. By doing so, the solution will suddenly pop up while we are taking shower. This is because when we are thinking by keeping the gate open, we didn't know from where the answer or a solution going to come from.

Now falling on to the unconscious state. Here some active unconscious processes will also contribute to the creative thinking. The anecdotes sleep facilitates creativity and our unconscious state also helps in the mental set-shifting. Here the period which we leave aside a problem for some time to obtain the solution is called the incubation period. We all know the fact that we are running a huge network in our brains, the simulations and these incubations.
courtesy: Flavio takemoto/freeimages

This unconscious processes is nothing but a sleep-dependent learning. We all are aware of the dreams, many say that if their lives are involved with a daily hard work then they won't get any dreams and they argue that their brain goes completely to the 'rest mode'.
Even I confronted with few persons who are with this thinking. But, let me tell you here a truth. How one can say that they didn't dreamt while sleeping? Up to which extent is this true? Because a newly born baby, who is a few months older will start dreaming and keep laughing and crying during their sleep. Then, here when you are a baby. You know no pain and no profit, all the mind do is to incubate. When coming to the adults, all are arrested by some huge problems and even the physical hard work can't surpass the dreaming world and the incubation of the mind.

When animals are able to dream then why not humans?

Rats dream about their treat and also dream about walking towards it.

This helps them to create a mind-mapping and to save the locations 'place cells' are used inside the brain. The neurons in the hippocampus also plays a major role in this dreaming after the exploration.

How great we are and our neuroscience, we are hereby provided with answers to our problems by dreams. And when we concentrate on the vivid visualization almost all the time is linked with the help of the brain.

Finally, dreaming is good thing, but the outcome of the dream is dependent on the positivity and closeness to the reality. Sometimes, unnatural dreams may bother us. But, when we are with mindfulness then we can control the negativity.

These interesting facts are the part of a research by Ritter and Dijksterhuis in human neuroscience at Frontiers in human neuroscience. For more details log on to

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        15 August 2015


Proud to be an Indian my fellow Indian friends. Today is our Independence day. And we are celebrating it with our co-students or co-staff.  That's really feels good to be free like a free bird, likewise everybody else deserves this kind of freedom. And i am proud to be a part of the Indian land. Years are passing by, we are celebrating this as routine duty. We host the tricoloured flag and we salute, sing the anthem, we take pledge and carry over with the cultural programs. Well all these are must and should because this is the time to rejoice. Because we are free and this is our 69th Independence day. Everything is unchanged. Flagpost is ready to hold the respect and we are ready with our speeches (some with by-hearted ones). Some are ready with the scripts to play by having done their restless rehearsals month ago. Fine, everything's fine and perfectly planned. Then what else? Why am here to say the same thing?
Coming to the point....

Dear friends, am not focussing only on Indians but on the entire world. Please just lend me sometime to speak about the agony of the billions around the globe.

INDIA  the place of greatness and home for historical monuments. Bearing a population of a billion, carrying the wonder(s) on the land. Standing tall and competing with the top nations and developing is in its way and taking the honour of the world and boasting of it everyday. But, we are here and able to do all this and achieve success because of the freedom. And i salute the legends who fought for it with the complete sacrifice. Commitment to their surname. And after all the fierce things happened we got our INDEPENDENCE on August 15th 1947. Good to be free. Good to write our own Constitutional laws. Good to have our own assembly under one roof of freedom, under a shield like shelter called India.

Let's see at the other frame of these things.


My question is about the freedom? The land of crimes, land of poverty. Of course every nation has it's own problems, which are similar to ours. And especially am going to discuss here is about the RAPES ON GIRLS. My topic is on the track now and my ink going to filled much. For every 20 minutes a girl is raped in our India. And this 20minutes statics are those which are officially brought into the light,then what about the rapes that happening in the dark?? Which are silenced and depressed by the evil powers.
You may ask that every country is having such crimes. And every country is with the similar problems. YES, i completely agree that every country got the same, more or less than India . And if such questions are asked there raises another question saying 'Why the world media is focusing only on the Indian rapes?'. Yes ,because we are the spotlight. That is why the world media is bothering about us. Let us have a look at the map of Indian rapes. It shows that in the year 2011, as many rapes as took place which equals to a population of a small country.

This is the only numbers which are brought into light. And see there,India is the third place in rapes. But the most brutal rapes in the crime history occurs only in India. There are also responsible citizens in India. And am happy that this generation is enlightening the good spirit. They are protesting against the rapes. And the reason i only handpicked the crime rape because i didn't forgot what had happened to the 23 year young girl in the 2012 in our capital city Delhi. I have to take some help from the wiki here is the complete case details taken from the source.
Click here to read

If you can read how Jyothi singh was allegedly and brutally raped and i got no words to further explain it. She is not just raped. But she was shown the hell in live when she is still alive. And humans, Indians only did it. Not any invaders or any aliens. It's our Indian youngsters.
The million Gods, whom Indians pray didn't gave the heart to those beasts. No one could think about her pain. They used iron rod to penetrate. And they did what more they can. We have to find a new word to represent them. So Where is the freedom? In her cries and in pains of million girls who are treated in the same way. And even these beasts are marking a black shade on tourism as many cases are filed under the raping of foreigners. Is this is an Independence we should celebrate? And in this we rejoice?

I would like to take words of a rape victim from an Arab country. Read what she says ...

"I posted this recently in r/India, and I'm reposting it here. The title of my post was: "I'm sick of the 'but rape happens everywhere' response to the way women are treated in India"
Every once in a while, one of the daily stories about rape in India gets shared on an international news site including reddit. And inevitably, the "PC" high and mighty comments begin. "But the US has more rapes per capita" "The media just loves to sensationalize Indian rape stories since that one horrible gang rape incident last year." And my personal favorite, "rape is a world problem, not an Indian problem."
Yes, rape is a world problem. I was almost raped at a summer camp in New Hampshire when I was 13. But I have lived in several US cities and a town in Spain and have spent time in 30+ European, Asian, North American, and Central American cities. And after living in Delhi for the last 1.5 years, let me tell you: Rape is a HUGE problem in India.
To those people who like the "but the US (or another country) has a higher rape per capita" you have any idea how under-reported rape (or any crime for that matter) is in a country like India? Under-reported doesn't mean a few cases get slipped under the rug every now and then. Under-reported means that most people, especially lower-class people, would rather not tell anyone if they have been sexually assaulted because of the unlikelihood that a person of authority will do anything about it or be "on the victim's side" in the matter. People also don't tell because of the cultural shame that goes along with it. I agree with you that rape happens everywhere. But you know what doesn't happen everywhere? Government officials telling the offender "well if you marry her, there won't be any charges." Women killing themselves after being raped to "preserve their husband's honor." And if you want to believe that these are just sensationalized stories and not things that actually happen, then fine. Go ahead.
But please explain to me how it's okay to not feel safe in a major, international city after 9pm. Explain to me why every time I am out, I hear Indian male friends telling Indian female friends who are leaving "please make sure you text me the license plate of your cab/auto rickshaw." Explain to me the frequent stories I hear from my Indian female friends about being followed, groped, harassed, etc. Explain to me why at a religious festival at a historical monument, I walked past a huge crowd of men on my way out and 15 or so of them thought it was perfectly okay to painfully grab my boobs as I walked by.
Or just explain the daily stares and crude comments. And yes, I know that stuff happens all over the world. But here in India, that kind of behavior is accepted and often encouraged.
I don't often post publicly about my experiences being a woman in India. Whenever I see other foreigners speak out, western countries usually bash them for not being "culturally sensitive" or wearing the wrong clothes or whatever. (Since I know clothing seems to be a big factor to some people when discussing rape, I'll have you know that every time I've personally experienced sexual harassment in India, I was wearing conservative Indian clothing, even though this really shouldn't be a factor in this conversation). And this isn't about ME, this is about what I see happening every day to women in India, Indian or any other nationality.
I read a New York Times article today that perhaps said it best. "But the biggest challenge, Indira Jaising, additional solicitor general, told India Ink, was changing the patriarchal and chauvinistic mindset of judges, legislators and police officials who see verbal harassment as just a bit of fun and dismiss stalking as “boys will be boys.”"  There are many things I love about living in Delhi. This is not one of them. If we want to fix this problem, we first need to accept that it is a problem!
PS I wrote this after seeing an article shared on FB about yet another little girl being raped and then reading people's comments. "Please stop encouraging the media sensationalizing of rape in India. Rape happens all over the world. There are more rapes in the US than in India." Every time people post articles about rape in India, I see these kind of comments (especially on reddit)
Thank you for all your responses and the gold. I was really scared to post this because last time I posted it in r/India, I got got downvoted so much I had negative karma and received really angry messages. And I received a lot links to news stories about rape in the US of course...
I know I didn't do a good job of explaining WHY. I just wanted to comment on my experience. I think the reason WHY is a mix of a bunch of complicated issues. After reading all the posts in this thread, I think @Ande_Ka_Funda 1 really summed up a lot of it. I've done some work in schools in rural villages and it is true that often there is no interaction between boys and girls. Once I was doing an activity, and it was impossible to get everyone to hold hands in a circle because no one wanted to be the person holding the other gender's hand. So yes, imagine these boys growing up and then moving to a city like Delhi and seeing girls interacting freely with other men and feeling raging jealousy. Just imagine that for a minute. You are barely allowed to look at a girl and all you have your fantasies and desires. And then you see girls and boys holding hands on the streets or getting cozy in a bar or something. And if YOU try to talk to a girl, they look down on you in disgust. And like @Ande_Ka_Funda 1 said, imagine if your friends experience this same thing...
So there's this + apathetic law enforcement... I think the NY Times article I referenced has some good points...that often this behavior is "acceptable."
Many people are working towards fixing this problem, but unfortunately, many solutions further separate men and women (i.e. women-only subway cars and women-only banks). And then there's the law that basically puts a woman's word against a man's. This is supposed to help with law enforcement against rape but obviously causes more resentment. I think solutions need to bring men and women together, so more men can feel comfortable with women and see them as equals. This has to start in childhood, and it will take time. In the meantime, the law-enforcement needs to improve.
We happen to be talking about rape here in this thread but let me also say that after living in India for the last 1.5 years, I want you to know that I love this country. I am choosing to live here right now after all... There is good and bad in every place. I have met some of the most incredible people here and seen some of the most innovative ideas. Rape is a problem in India just like any other problem in any other country. It of course does not "define" India. But we need to recognize that it is a problem and continue to work towards fixing it."

Delhi last year, India has become the world’s rape capital. An American website recently satirized the problem by joking about an upcoming rape festival in the country. You can call it a reflection of the way the world thinks of India or you can call it bad taste (depending on which part of the world you are in) — but you know the image of India as rape hell has stuck when most readers of the article failed to realize that it was satire. Rape is a serious problem all over the world. So why does it seem so much worse in India?

(1). More rapes are being reported now: Along with the modernization of society, more Indian women are being educated and are going out to work. They are breaking out of the subservient mold that society had given to them and are more independent. While this means they are more likely to be sexually abused, it also means they are more likely — compared with women of a previous generation — to report rapes and confront sexual predators. In the three months after the Delhi gang rape, the number of rapes reported in the city more than doubled to 359, from the 143 reported in January-March of 2012. This doesn’t necessarily mean more rapes are happening now, just that more women are emboldened to come out and report.

(2). India actually has a high conviction rate for rape: According to the Guardian, just 7% of reported rapes in the U.K. resulted in convictions during 2011-12. In Sweden, the conviction rate is as low as 10%. France had a conviction rate of 25% in 2006. Poor India, a developing nation with countless challenges, managed an impressive 24.2% conviction rate in 2012. That’s thanks to the efforts of a lot of good people — police, lawyers, victims and their families — working heroically with limited resources.

(3). The media report everything: According to Dave Prager, the American author of Delirious Delhi, crimes that “wouldn’t garner even a sentence in an American paper because so many bigger crimes would elbow it out of the way” are obsessively reported in Indian news publications. Post the Delhi gang rape, Indian media have faithfully recorded each and every rape case, highlighted them for the world and continue to do so.

(4). Most Indians, men and women, hate the reputation that rapists have given their country: No country in the world can claim to have witnessed protests against rape on the scale of India’s, where people turned out in the tens of thousands to voice their shock and sadness. It was people power that forced the government to change existing rape laws and drew the world’s attention to the problem. What happens in other countries? This may not be a typical example, but the rape of a teen girl by high school football players in the Steubenville, Ohio had many in the town sympathizing with the rapists and not the victim.

All these articles, all these writings and all these voices are provoking a one same thing. This 'rape' is a big problem in India when compared to the world. Because the reasons are very crystal clear. Boys and girls (starting from the schools) are not allowed to talk to each other. Teachers will punish them if they do so, then at the college level, parents will keep an eye on their boys. Later on, when they are 'free' when they earn their own money. Who are going to bind them? Who are going to stop them in doing whatever they wish for?

So, the first thought must raise towards solving the problem. It must be of all our interest and feel like the responsibility. In my view, to stop this evil the roots must be laid from the beginning. The project must be as mentioned below.

  • In the childhood stage, a child must be taught how to behave with the ex-gender. Having sister(s) isn't the solution here. Because in our culture, the interaction between a brother and sister is so pale. A good thought must be seeded into the mind of the child. It must be done in the schools and at homes too.
  • As the above post by a foreign woman clicks that what happens in the schools is_ one boy and girl feels shy to hold their hands on occasion of drilling etc. This is because of the ideas and feelings which are suppressed inside the mind of the students. It must be taken out of those child minds, because it is the root of all the sin.
  • FAMILY - A best place to learn about everything and anything. Do not shut the topic of ex-gender feelings, dreams and fantasies. It is hard for a parent (especially for an Indian parent) to be open to their children about the Sexual discussion. They shut the topic and creates a huge model of privacy compartment in their minds. They develops a feeling that, discussion on such terms is restricted in the house and is accepted among peers. This will affect the outcomes. As all friends and their suggestions are not always acceptable by the society. Their fantasies and dreams are the source of the evil today.

These are only my opinions, these are only the unwritten goals. These might not be possible or may be possible someday.
After a long gap, after all the 'pain' I undergone from last three weeks. This special event, Independence day became the primary reason to write about. I gathered all my strength, both physical and mental and able to post this.

  I WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY                                                             INDEPENDENCE DAY :)

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Hello dear pain
You know NO age
You know NO rage;

You are an impartial thing
Which grabs all the world's attention;
With a single knock.

A new born baby feels you
Youngster and an elder do so;
There exists no limits to your rage
It occupies every cage;

Oh! Pain, do you know how it feels like?
Do you know how it feels like when you hit the humans?
The agony is limitless, the cry will open the doors of any ruler.

You know NO ruler, you know NO brawler
You treat all as unity and you keep all under your control;
Oh! Pain, where is your gain?
Where is your victory?
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A teacher/a tutor/a professor/a faculty is the replica of all those students, who are shaped and designed by him/her.

Teaching field is a respectable one and differs from all the other professions. Being a teacher is never easy, my respect for them is always high. This is the only field which got energy and authority to change the world. I thought that teaching is easy when I know each and everything with experience. But, it is proved wrong when I stepped into the college as a faculty.

This is an opportunity which knocked the doors of my life and provided me a platform with which I can show-off my talent as a lecturer.
I accepted the call and within two days of the interview and direct conversation with the director, I was recruited as a faculty. I didn't asked about pay because it is a place of my experience and also the institute was unable to provide a big pay to its faculty (I guess) by observing their situation.

How I dealt with the complete new job as inexperienced.

Before joining the job, i just finished my college and all new fresher. And I always had a dream about speaking to a crowd, who are pupils or college students. Finally! It came true and I took three classes and all ran very well with a +15 minute extra time after the bell. Wow!!! I got a talent in me, I got a good speaker and a nice lecturer in me. Thank God! My talent is revealed to me.

But, the major problem is the health due to the home sickness and accommodation. My health got worse and it left me a mass of body with no energy left only in three days. These three days are enough to damage my health completely which altered my blogging and reading books. And one more thing (also bad) happened is I got a headache which is only half side, left side. And it is reported as a migrain pain. Lord! What is this pain? It's unbearable and it knocking me off from my works and I couldn't do anything. Because of the stress i underwent at the college due to inexperience and other factors like the management failures, my health got down. I left the job of teaching (without pay) and I realised how hard it is to teach.

One have to reach all the four corners of the study to dig the deeper truths in the subject. And like everyone says it's an easy field, NO, I won't agree with them. Because for me teaching means a treating. Treating a plant, so caring and monitoring its growth. A teacher becomes a replica of the student in the future. This field is a honourable one and considering it as a commercial thing isn't justified.
This is my first job right after the study (without certificates in hand). And a good lesson I learnt by it. I hope in the future, I can be able to speak at least two hours a day. 
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First of all wish you all a happy friendship day (belated) because i planned to post it yesterday itself but couldn't do that. In my mind, I do not have much idea of friendship, I have a finger count friends and they are busy too (of course am the same). But, talking about a friendship is something good, it is like sharing our opinion on the social expand. "Man is a social animal" he cannot live completely on his own, there must be some friends (or many) to teach good and bad.

On this 2k15s'  friendship day, I am here on my blog to share the ideas on how to celebrate the day. One sad thing is, I got very less number of replies to my wishes and few wishes. This hurts, but still life has to move  on. Let's come to the point, i would like to share my three ideas about celebrating the friendship day. These may seems like the party ruiners and bored. But once tried it can give you the lifelong memories to share with and fills the joy in our lives. And however, am not forcing anybody to do this, this is just a thought on my blog. Time to know what are those three (foolish) ideas, they are as follows:

(1). Mass Communication For A Good Cause

Friendship is the best way for communication. Chatting, outing and cheering, all these are seen in our friendship circles. But, let's do this enjoyment in another way.
There are many social campaigns running across the globe, like blood donating, volunteering and other causes. Let us do a good thing, beyond the self enjoyment. Hold our hands together, engage in raising the voice for the good cause in the society. Let us communicate and bring all our friend networks together and encourage them to participate in any of the fields which they are interested in. If there are no currently running camps, let's create a new one by taking assistance from any political leader or any social welfare association.

We all are well connected, we can enjoy the party and rock our world. But by doing this good to the society, it will remain as our greatest memory forever. Let's try this today.

(2). Giving Away...

Come, let's give to those who are in need. The orphanages and the old age homes etc. are among us. We can see their suffering for minimum needs. Like clothes, medicines and other basic needs. We celebrate the friendship day with investing a huge amount of money in various bookings at hotels, cinema halls and also we hire celebrities to perform. Can we imagine? How much money are we going to invest?? No idea, because the estimated scale may cross and bill our pockets. We are doing this same enjoyment on different occasions like our birthdays, friends birthdays etc. so this one, for this friendship day (if possible on every friendship day) let's make a change. Donate and donate, huge giveaways. Orphans needs books, clothes, mobiles and more. If we are having many such things, soaked in dust on our shelves for years and years. Even they are in a good working condition, we aren't showing any interest to use them in the future. Let's give away all of them and observe those innocent eyes and their happiness. Aww! It's a divine rejoice. If no old things available, buy new one or two and give away. This is worth than a celebration.

(3).Awareness on Superstitious beliefs/illiteracy

Our India, being a vast country it is still dipped in the foolish beliefs (not religious). These beliefs are born from the sick minds of the people, who are using the 'illiteracy' as their weapon. We are seeing many news on this. Number of villages are trapped with such superstitions. The villagers are unaware of the fact that those sick minds are using them for a benefit.
This action is somewhat risk involved. Because, bringing awareness is whole a lot than teaching. So, this suits for the guys who always starve for some risks. This risk will help those innocent people to save their lives, also their neighborhood villages. All we need to do is to carry a portable projector (which can be moved) show them the videos on how science is behind all those magic and mystic. And these are only the Superstitious mentality and can be a self-soothing to their own lives. You may get beaten, but don't worry. We are for a good cause, good is in our hearts. Take the permission from the forest department and nearby police station. Request them to accompany an officer with your troop. Here, you are on safe side. Aware them of the superstitions, all those things that cheaters playing are proved wrong by your seminar and video clips. This is the proudly act on this friendship day.

I think I ruined all the enjoyment with those three ideas, because we need a lot to party and hangout and meet friends and friends of friends. Shopping, visiting new places, touring and movies. Where is the time for the above???

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