It is just two years back when I started my first blog. I have no idea where to start and how to start, I didn't know what title I have to include in my blog and on which topics I keep on writing.

It is a sea world to me in the beginning, everything new and a lot left to explore. Many thoughts exploded in my mind and some left behind the scenes. Being a newbie, I didn't seek any personal advices. I never let myself revealed to the people in my life that I have an idea of blogging.

I worked behind the shades and spent overnights and I found out what is it takes to become a blogger. It is commitment. If I commit to the work I started then it could be a success to me.

I love dogs much (both pets and street) we always have a dog in our house. And I see many people in the society who just hates dogs. They beat them reasonlessly and treat them truly bad. I got my burn inside with flames coming out, like a ghost rider.
Don't know what to do and I am helpless in that time, without power and without authorization. Then, it became the reason to blog. At that time I was new to Facebook, making some new posts related to activism and social causes. It got much appreciation from my friends and mutual friends. I opened a new blog, BEING HUMAN. A blog which focused on the activist mindset. Encouraging activism and living in it. I posted about the bad treatment of pets & other dogs in the streets. And up to 5 posts I made. I don't know about the SEO and traffic in those days, what all I did is to write, publish and repeat.

That first blog of mine I created was done only with my symbian mobile from Nokia. Even today I moderate my blog only with my android mobile. But, in those days, having no idea about the social networking and about the devices. I explored all by myself.

I used high definition images from Google being unaware of the fact that they are the copyright of others. The only good thing I did was about the content, since I love to write, I developed my content on my own. No copy and paste is done.

Being Human is going good, no comments and no G+ likes, no social sharing. It is created to read by myself. I didn't even thought of spreading it to the world. It left unidentified.

Later however I shared it with my few friends. This didn't drove the traffic either. I began to post about everything I didn't selected any niche to blog. Technology, education, health, science, sports, life skills, fashion, self-improvement etc., all  are piled up together in my posts.

After some months of this posting, an idea struck my mind. It is to start another new blog in which I must share only my personal experiences. Then came the LEGACY blog. Name is apt, I shared all the history of my family and about the JBA - Campaign of my Dad and all my thoughts and views.

All is going well and fine, one day I got a thought of creating another blog. Meanwhile I struggled with a lot of confusion whether to use two blogs or one. And which platform of blogging should I use, all such questions made a long journey in my mind.
To keep an end to them, I created another blog and another and another.

This is quite messy here, what I did is I created a new blog with new title everytime I post a new content. This is because of unawareness of the blogosphere I guess. And now I got 10+ blogs and have no idea on how to manage them. I copied all the content and then exported them to a new platform called WordPress. Then I created almost in all blogging platforms like Livejournal, Tumblr etc. I deleted these excess blogs.

Now again my mind was unstable. It is wandering for more. Then WORLD'S SHOWCASE took birth. My blog is a place where you can see all the topics are covered, so I kept it uncategorized and created it.

I don't know why I only stick to the blogspot and lacked interest in others. Blogs ade down to three, it became hard to manage now, I was unable to create a very rich content due to the confusion of placing the post in these blogs.

Then, I made a decision to terminate Being Human and Legacy all together. But, it is the Being Human, the first and the best blog. I loved it and lived in it. It changed me a lot and I'm inspired by it. I don't say now this world's Showcase (WS)  is a stand alone success. It is what it is because of the Being Human.

I moved the content of those two blogs to WS and deleted them.

At present, am working this WS as a base. Contributions are made on other blogs and websites. I just loved to share my blogging experience here, those two blogs aren't dead, they are in WS. Terminated and Transformed and Turned into oneness.

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All Priyankians out there, cheers! It is the time to celebrate and through some parties folks. It is the time to appreciate our favorite actress and activist, Priyanka Chopra. As she becomes the first ever actress from Bollywood to play a lead role in the American TV series.

Since the 'exotic' girl got some huge talent in performance and acting, she reached a next level in her career by signing the 'Quantico'.
Her love for acting and commitment made her to achieve this success which will be a huge boost to her career and also it makes so proud of her among her admirers.

PC is playing the role as FBI agent, named, Alex Parrish, who got trained in Quantico, suspected of a terrorist attack. This is the story based on action and terrorism. Priyanka is the youngest of the agents and she is the female lead. She and her team got some reasons to be a part of FBI and their flashbacks.

PC loved to work on this project from its inception, she expressed her love by her Instagram posts and giving all her team respect and admiration. There is no doubt to say that Quantico has reached its point of success when it is premiered. This success is praised as much as up to 83% by the media in their respective reviews.

Quantico is going to be premiered in India on Oct 3. Star World HD is going to be the broadcaster.
This is a new angle of action by PC, though she is involved in cops roles in Don and latest Gangajal this Quantico role stands different because of the platforms. She is now the Hollywood girl too.

And many of PCs' fans are happy to see her in a leading role on a foreign TV series. This makes her more popular and pc maniacs will keep on increasing after watching her astonishing performance.

We can say here, a new chapter has been started in PCs' life with Quantico. She has to participate in many of such series which will bring honour to the country. We are proud of her this achievement and wishing her to attain much more.

PC is a multi-talented icon, she is my favorite star too. And I made a tweet to wish her :)

Besides this Priyanka has also appeared on a popular night show of Jimmy Kimmel's, Jimmy Kimmel Live!
She stole the hearts of 7 million viewers of ABC with her amazing talk on her role, Alex Parrish and more.

Now, it is Priyanka Chopra who is going to be the top searchable persons on net.

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Truth about being cruel to other living being is the demand for surviving in this ecosystem. We are encompassed by varieties of animals and insects and plants according to their species. They all have their own unique characteristics and differs in the approach for food.
There are generally three types of animals in the nature, we all know them very well. They are Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores. We also know that green plants are the prey here for any animal belonging to any of the above categories.

There are also some plants which are as wild as these animals. They do catch their prey, executors of the trap planning. Such plants which 'hunt' to live are called as Carnivorous Plants.
How do they hunt? And what are their prey? Let's dive into the details...

Carnivorous plants are the sole survivors. They survive in the very unnatural and bad climatic conditions, where no other plants can withstand. These carnivorous plants can live without consuming any prey, it is not mandatory for them.

Sundews or Drosera got their name from glistening, sticky, hairlike trichomes, which secrete enzymes that digests insects. The benefit of consuming the prey is to get the nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which is lack in the soil.

Nearly 600 carnivorous species on the planet today thrive in places where other plants struggle.

All the carnivorous plants are not associated with traps, Geranium Viscosissimum is considered protocarnivorous, its enzymes can digest protein, but it lacks a trap.

Traps vary according to the species, from a pitcher plant's cup-shaped trap to the snapping taco shell of a Venus' flytrap.

Venus' flytrap is the most famous plant carnivore, Utricularia or bladderworts are the most widespread on every continent except Antarctica.

In the aquatic bladderworts, the action is very quick. The trapdoors opens so quickly that the change in pressure sucks the prey inside. It only takes few milliseconds to open and close the bladderworts.

Carnivorous Genlisea use 'lobster pot' traps, narrow tubes lined with inward curving hairs, once prey wanders in, it can't be out. It can only continue to its doom in the digestion chamber. Generally these Carnivores feed on arthropods, these are their best choice.

Roridula is a carnivore, it depends on an insect called Pameridea. This insect will help the plant to get the nutrients, it doesn't need to consume the Pameridea, the insect itself releases the required nutrients.

Some other aquatic carnivorous plants depend on water-living invertebrates and protozoans.

One point is very interesting here, that is these Carnivores never uses their assets of beauty (flowers) to trap the prey. Only the leaves and other parts will participate in this hunting.

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Instagram is the best photo sharing app. available for free in the play store/Google play. It is the only app. which allows to filter your photos online and only the square images are allowed to upload in the past. But, now this is changed which we will discuss here later.

Now, why should we use Instagram? And why bloggers/readers or anyone should possess this app.

Well, there are many reasons for using the Instagram and also there are complaints on this app. too. Instagram is the best place to share the moments as they happen with the world. Snap it and upload to the Instagram, it will be visible to the world.

And when coming to the bloggers, their focus is always on SEO and traffic (so do mine ;) ) As a blogger I know how hard it is in the beginning to drive the virtual traffic to the blog. If we can focus on some available tools and techniques, this is made easy.

Instagram is one of those tools am talking about, however you can't link the photo to your blogpost and you can also not able to make your blogpost link click able in the insta. Besides these two, there are many benefits within the app. you can link the post in the bio. AND you can use #hashtags with the trending topics and make yourself visible to the people of your niche.

I guess you remember the days when we switch accounts and post the same photo. That switching is a ton consuming thing. When we use Instagram here you can post in the insta and four other social sites at the same time.

This is known to all of us, but many of us are not utilising this feature. And those social sites are as follows:

All the above four are the best sources to drive the traffic to the blogs and make your post top on the search engines.

All we have to do is to connect these apps ( i.e integrate) with insta only once and whenever your post appears on insta it will be taken to all the above four social sites in no time.

Interact with Celebs.
Another boon of this Instagram is it's reliability nature when coming to the celebrity accounts. Since the stars themselves publicize their original ids and updates them with their own images and selfies.
One who is interested to interact with their favourite stars can follow them here on insta and get the latest news and other insights of shows/movies.

Image sizing on Instagram:

Instagram is now not like the past. It is now updated and with some new facilities it came to us. Now Instagram is not limited to only square images, we can now post portrait, landscape and also that of vertical big images like on Pinterest.
Now you can upload any photo you desire with some specific dimensions mentioned in the below infographic.
courtesy of

Tips to improve the activity and visibility in Instagram:

  • If your Instagram is not very personal and without any 'secrets'. Make no mistake in making your account private. As this will prevent many users to reach your posts.
  • If you choose to be private, then go with it besides creating another account to spread your business or interact with the world for advertising your blog/brand. Here you have to use two Instagram accounts, wait! Don't call me a fool, because on one device we can't use two identical apps, but here I am suggesting you is Instagram on your browser, known as webstagram.  Just visit with the search 'webstagram' and login/signup. It is the best way to surf insta on our browsers. You can keep login in both of your ids', one in app and the other in the browser. You have to make one of these accounts public.
  • If you are a writer/blogger do provide the link in your post while sharing the picture. It is not clickable, but still it acts as an eye cache to the visitors and then they will visit your bio.
  • Believe in the power of #hashtags these are the fuel to our posts. Never let a picture on your Instagram go without any interpretation. It is time consuming process to create #hashtags, but this is worth in doing so.
  • Use the #Repost app. to repost the instapost which inspired you, you can do it easy. It can also credits the originator of the post.
  • Try to respond to all the likes, comments and Instagram directs (PMs). This will help in huge networking.

If you are with new tips & thoughts on this post, rock the comment section.

P.S. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking here, I never delay in following back ;)

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We all need friends, good friends who will strengthen us when we are walking through the hard situations. We need them to inspire us and fill the courage either to fight the situation or to defend it.

Nobody would like to stay with the companionship which always keeps us low. When they are around we feel like their presence is draining our confidence levels and there is no juice left to provide us the energy.

If such people are allowed into our lives, behold! It is the first step to ruin your life and decrease the lifespan.

We all need encouragement and inspiration. We love to get noticed with the talents we got and we are willing to get some appreciation from others. But, there are few people in our lives. Who just mock us and discourages us with their words.
When they are around we feel like hell, we can't just avoid them and walk away. They make us feel ill and all their negative thinking impact on our thinking too.

Discouragement is always a dangerous thing. It will kill the next developmental step and prevent a person in trying something new. When you carry a cassette with discouraging records then definitely you will reach no goal.

Our mind always fetches for the encouragement, when this is not possible it attains a state of self-encouragement. And in the absence of encouraging words when discouraging crepts in, it is toxic.

We all may have come across such people. They are not our enemies to hate and not any colleagues to say a bye on face. They are friends, bests and even life partners. If this is seen in a person whom you are going to share your rest of life, then be careful, try to change their attitude otherwise their impact of negativity is intolerable.

These are the pity party groups and people who just discourage you. Some discouragement is necessary to shape ourselves, but if it is in high amount, destruction starts.

Discouragement is like a salt, it is used with some limit to give taste when the limit crosses, food will lose it's taste.

So, why to avoid the negative people with negative thoughts is explained...

  1. Our brain is like a voice recording instrument. It will record and play it in the future, it saves all. When we allow the devastating discouraging words to hit our ears and then are passed to brain, it will work when we are unconscious and it will show effect on the reality.
  2. Discouraging people will suck away all the fighting spirit in you with their words. If we allow them much, then they are able to control you without any noticeable difference in our acts. You will become weaker and weaker.
  3. Problem solving capabilities will be shut down when there is a huge amount of discouragement.
  4. When they teach/preach and talk about the mistakes you made, guiltiness will enter inside and it will act as an obstacle to our success.
  5. Healthy and optimistic mindset will be carried away with the discouraging words. When they say something like that, even we ignore at that time. Later, we recap what we heard. It will trouble you much.
  6. People with such behaviour will always try to dig your past. They are going to remind you of your beast years before, they will remind you of your epic failures. Who wants to get discouraged?
  7. The success rate in our work falls to ground and the rest of life gets tormented with these words of discouraging people.

How to avoid :

It is not always possible to avoid people who approach us with this kind of attitude. All we have to do is to switch the autobot mode in us. It is like listening and leaving if you allow them to stay in your mind for a long time, then it starts the damage.

Sometimes, people whom we respect a lot also surrounds us with the discouraging environment. Notice such situation and try to free from it. They are our well wishers, they are good, but in this case they are trying to take out all the gas in our balloon. So, take a prevention step.

The most common thing these people do is to rub us with their thoughts and principles. It is all good in their sight, but it is uncomfortable to us.

To avoid them is hard, but we have to make affirmative action. If not we are going to become weak and finally give up on our tries and thereby moving away from our desired destiny.

What happened in my life is disgusting,  negativity ruled me for many years. It is me who is with the negative state of mind and fetching for the reasons and excuses to run away from the problems. However, slowly I drifted my mind from getting more influenced by the negativity.

And how I did that is by giving my mind a specific task which includes the problem solving skills. And I applied it everyday, this negative impact was vigorous in me during my college. And with the reality, I learned that nobody will help me and even their pity won’t help me to solve the problem I am in. This realization made me to think practically.

I felt so deeply down when I recall the excuses and complaints I made after each failure. That feeling made me to quit for the pitying glances from people.

These discouragements will enervate us, they keep on knocking us down each time we try to get up. Watching, listening and reading are the mediums which carry this virus of discouragement into our lives.
If you are surrounded by such people and trying to get out from their influence. It is never a late, act as you think, immediately!

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Hello! WWE Universe, What are the changes that occurred from the Summerslam to the Night Of Champions, who got seated on the top and who got lowered down in these two pay-per-views. We are going to discuss about them.

Summerslam was the event which came as a gift in that hot season. All the match cards were quite interesting and especially when we talk about The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar's collision. The Undertaker who came with the spirit of vengeance, did what he decided to do. He made Brock to pass out with the choke hold (in a huge controversial way) this made The Undertaker as an icon to appear only for a victory.
Courtesy of

Summerslam became the home of controversy, this is seen in the John Cena Vs Seth Rollins match for both the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the United States championship. With the intrusion of the host of Summerslam who is the host of the  daily show,  Jon Stewart. The match changed the outcome. When Jon hit John with a steel chair and costing him the US Title.
This remained as a huge suspense until the next night, which is Monday night Raw.

Jon Stewart came out and told that he wouldn't see his favorite superstar record to get beaten. And his favorite star is none other than, the nature boy Ric Flair, who is 16 time champion.
courtesy of WWE. com

This explanation of Jon seemed convincing, but not Cena. When Cena came to the ring and delivered a very 'kind' AA to Jon in front of Ric Flair.

Another hit match card is the rivalry between Stardust and movie star Stephen Amell.
Amell warned Stardust to stop his mocking, but Stardust never did it. Amell came to Raw as he said in his tweet and then he made it to the Summerslam teaming up with Neville.
courtesy of Twitter. com
Stardust teamed up with Bad News  Barrett and tag team match went on.
Stephen Amell showed his high flying skill here and he as a team took a victory.
courtesy of WWE. com
This storyline worked out good and was executed well.

And in the divas division, the 'Revolution' kept on going. But, it lacked the clarity on how they are going to handle the complete domination of the reigning Divas Champ. Nikki Bella.


The sequel matches continued in this PPV too from the Summerslam. But, new champions emerged.

The match between Cesaro and Kevin Owens at Summerslam is appreciable one. They fought a very good fight at Summerslam and here at Night Of Champions (NoC), Owens went one on one with Ryback for the Intercontinental title.
The first official match between these two superstars ended with the controversial victory of Kevin Owens, now Kevin is the new IC champion.

New day Vs. Dudley Boyz took a roller-coaster mode and finally New day lost by disqualification and hence titles remained with them only. It is the Xavier woods who intrigued in the match.

Divas revolution had occurred many weeks before and the outcome is the Charlotte. As she won the title by submission. However team PCB split in the Monday night Raw after the NOC.
Courtesy of WWE. com

The suspense about their tag team partner ended when the 1..2..3.. hit on the big monitor. It is Y2J, Chris Jericho who teamed up with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to face the Wyatt family. Unfortunately, Roman's team lost due to the action of Jericho in the end.

It is the double competition time for Seth Rollins as he will face John Cena for the United States Championship and Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight title. In the first match both wrestlers showed off their skills and moves, but finally Cena takes back what he is waiting for.
Courtesy of WWE. com

For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it is Sting and Rollins who fought. But, Sting made a mistake outside the ring by standing in the corner on the announce table and by which Rollins caused him to suffer. This is the title defended by Seth Rollins all on his own.
After the victory Seth didn't got the time for the celebration as Sheamus came up with the money in the bank contract and almost invested it. But, here comes the Demon Kane and takes out both men and ending up by delivering tombstone to Seth.

NOC results :

  1. Rusev Vs. Dolph Ziggler / winner : Dolph Ziggler
  2. TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP- Dudley Boyz Vs. The New Day (C) / Winner : Dudley Boys by disqualification and still champions are The New Day.
  3. DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP - Nikki Bella (C) Vs. Charlotte / Winner : Charlotte
  4. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho Vs. The Wyatt Family / Winners : The Wyatt Family
  5. UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP- Seth Rollins (C) Vs. John Cena / Winner : John Cena
  6. WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP- Seth Rollins (C) Vs. Sting / Winner : Seth Rollins

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Everyone in this busy world is trying to find peace. Knowing that peace of mind is lacking in lives. Peace is something we all need, a peaceful life is a pleasant life all of us dream to friendship with peace. But, sometimes it seems like an impossible task because of the shackles of the problems we are bounded by.

Peace is for all, it is a right for everyone. Peace doesn't depend on religion or region, colour or beauty. It is impartial.

Yesterday, 21 Sep, International Peace Day and the theme for this year 2015 is "Partnerships for peace - Dignity for all" this is something to think about in this life itself.
We all know the importance of peace, it is a scary thing when we really needed it. We search for it everywhere, but fails to find it. We invest everything we got to dwell in  peace and still not able to find the way out of the problem.

So, where are we heading to? To find that piece of peace.

Where is the peace actually? Where is its birthplace? And where does it preside? Any hometown?
Hard to answer, but the truth is peace is not anywhere it is...within you.

There is no need to waste the investments and no need to search for it. It is there where it is intended to.

Peace is not a thing to buy, but still it's expensive it can't be sold, cannot be bartered. It is scarce to those who gives much space for pessimistic mindset and it is plenty with the one who adds optimism.

I would like to discuss today the types of peace. Let's start straightaway_

  • Self peace
  • Public peace
  • Peace among nations
  • Peace among friends & families

Self peace :

First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to other-Thomas A Kempis

This type of peace is important and tops the lists. Because this is where the peace is said to sow its seed. If we are able to manipulate ourselves and control our consciousness then we can obtain self peace which will further result in a positive manner. This is a positive impact on the opposition.

Public peace :

This is quite opposite to the above one, where in self peace only our thoughts are matter, but in the public peace many minds and many thoughts do matter.
Here the cooperation and mutual understanding are the basic tools to attain peace and create a peaceful environment.

Peace among nations :

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding-Albert Einstein

Peace among nations will prevent the wars and helps citizens to work together for a better cause. World peace is good for all. We all must take part in the good causes and improve the peace treaty among nations.

Peace among friends & families :

In this type of peace, adjustment and understanding are the basements to build peace. We have to make peace with at least a person in a year with whom we fought. This if included as one of our new year resolutions, it would be nice.

Attaining peace everywhere

Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time-Lynden B.Johnson

We all have to work with a goal to attain peace among us. Minimizing the misunderstandings and avoiding the fights for no reason.
World peace day is not celebrated only a day, but each day we have to make it as a peaceful one. This can only be possible if all of us think and work as unity.
Zooming into the problem will make it more bigger, here we got two points. One is, the bigger image obtained is helpful to find a solution and on the other hand, the  bigger image is responsible for the discouragement. It completely depends on how we portray that outcome of zoom. It is our mindset that helps us to attain peace.

Let's take an oath today and make it a better for all our lives.

Share your thoughts on how we can attain peace in this present generation

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Few movies we watch in our lives are so close to us. Each and every scene appears like we are in it, few movies will occupy a special place in our hearts and stay there as long as we live. They aren't just movies but the pictures which depict our nature.

Here am going to discuss about a movie which has stolen millions of hearts and filled almost all the eyes with tears when they watched it. This isn't any latest movie or not any old romantica, talking clearly this movie isn't about human beings.
There are no action fights, no graphics and no beach girls. Still it took a place in the disks of many youngsters. No more prolonging, the movie is HACHIKO - A DOG'S STORY (2009).

This is the reality based story, a true story which took place in Japan between a Dog and his master.
Records say that Hachi or Hachikō born on Nov 10 1923 and left the world at 11 years of age on Mar 08 1935.

Hachi is known for loyalty, honesty, perseverance, love and patience this being became the symbol of loyalty for the love it shown on the master.

Story behind Hachi's fame:
Hachi means, number '8' in the Japanese language. Hachi's owner Hidesaburo Veno loved Hachi much and he was followed by Hachi daily to the Shibuya Station where Veno took a train for work. They do it daily and Hachi awaits for his arrival in the evening. One day Veno died while he was at work and he never returned to the station where Hachi is waiting. Hachi didn't saw his dead body and never saw him stepping down the train which he took in the morning. That made Hachi to wait with patience at the station daily at the same time.

This waiting isn't for a day, or a week or a month. To our surprise it is for next nine years, nine months and fifteen days from the day Veno died.

Think once, it is nine months a dog waited for his arrival of its master. And even more Hachi can wait if he is not left this world.
This perseverance is unexplainable one, this awaiting has no equalization.
The resting place of Hachi is at National museum of Nature and Science in Veno, Tokyo. Hachi is an 'AKITA'. Hachi is completely affectionate towards his master and reports say that Hachi had no offspring.

Hachikō in the movie :
In the movie, a small kid Ronnie, in his oral presentation at school picks the topic by his choice about his grandfather's dog, Hachikō. Whom he addresses as his hero. He narrates the story to his school mates.

It was in that station, where Prof.Parker Wilson (Ronnie's grandfather)  meets Hachi for the first time. This is by an accident, as Hachi falls at that American station from a cage which is destined to US from Japan.
When Carl (station master) feels bad about locking Hachi all the night in the station office, Parker picks Hachi and takes him to home with an intention of returning it to the real owner. When Parker reaches home, his wife Cate doesn't want the puppy to stay home. But, slowly give up on that idea as her husband developed a special affection on Hachi.

Parker came to know that Hachi is an 'Akita' a very special breed and a Japanese Prof. Ken transliterates the symbol on the collar of Hachi, and it is number 8, which means a good fortune. Then Parker names the puppy as Hachikō.

Parker is always surprised because of the behavior of Hachi. It is because Hachi never behaved like all the dogs, he never played a fetch game and actions are quite different from those other dogs.

Days are passing by, Hachi and Parker are now the true lovers. They loved each other much and strengthened their relationship. Hachi followed Parker on his way to work to the station. Then returns back home and in the evening he goes to the station and waits for his master, Parker. This is a daily routine thing for both of them.

One day Hachi came with all willingness to play fetch game, he brought a ball in his mouth and approached Parker. This amazed Parker and he finally felt happy about this. But, Hachi barking in such a way he is not allowing Parker to leave to work that day. However he finally went to work with the ball which Hachi and he played with in his hand.
During his lecture, Parker broke down and due to heart attack he died at spot.

Here, at the station in the evening time. Hachi being unaware of the fact that his master is no more came to his regular spot and awaiting Parker's arrival. Later in the evening, Hachi was taken home. But, Hachi still waiting for its master. The next evening, at the same time and in the same spot awaited for Parker. And the next evening and the next... Weeks, months and years passing on..Parker never returned. But, Hachi didn't lose hope and never give up waiting with patience.

Hachikō became the sensational topic with a local article published in a newspaper. Everyone who knows Parker and Hachi began to pity Hachi and providing him food.

Andy, daughter of Parker tried to keep Hachi home, but later realised that her action hurting Hachi and she let Hachi to go to do its duty. Hachi started to stay nights in the station, spending his time in waiting for his lovely owner. Dreaming about his presence and touch.

Hachi became everyone's responsibility because of his loyalty and perseverance.
After ten years, Cate came to town on the tenth anniversary of Parker. She meets Ken, now she is surprised to see Hachi still waiting, she got no words to praise for this loyal being. She gives her hand for a sniff and sits with Hachi, waiting for her train. She converse with Hachi by saying it is ten years now Parker left. And she also says it's Hachi's duty to wait there. She admires Hachi a lot, hugs him and wishes bye.

When she reaches home, Ronnie gets to know about Hachi. He heard a lot about him from his grandmother, but never knew Hachi personally. Those students who laughed in the beginning shed tears when Ronnie finished his message.

Her words made this boy to treat Hachi as a Hero, the loyal being and the all together love of Hachi is worthy of a praise.

And in the end of the movie, Hachi dreams of uniting with Parker, they play together and Hachi hugs him. (Hachi remains unstable laying on the green grass)

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