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Very few people are able to say that their day went excellent and they utilised every second in it successfully without a waste. It's really not that easy to make 24hours beneficiary to us. All includes in these 24hours happiness, sadness, stress, tensions, business and more.
Saying that we are happy amidst of all these is kind of crazy. We have to experience all of them in a single day. Then, people who say they are successfully utilising their day are liers? No, we can't say that, because many successful entrepreneurs has proved this. Is this utilisation of the day is an inheritance to only entrepreneurs?

It is not only to them, it's for everyone. The only thing is using the resources perfectly with time. Many people complain about their day, it's been bad, went like a burning furnace and went with bad luck.

There are numerous reasons to say that a day is bad. And also plenty of ways that will help us to make our day meaningful and successful.

In this post am going to change our day, it must change if we are stuck in the complaining platoon.
Let us see how we can actually manipulate the entire 24 hour clock.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. -Marcus Aurelius
Every successful person has his/her own unique approach, if planned and implemented without fail, then victory is yours.

Follow these steps in the beginning of your day, you will feel renewed and energetic at the end of the day. Remember if you start a thing, you must finish it off  rather than giving up in the middle.

Let's explore the secrets on how to make our day a successful one.

> Surround your surroundings with as much positivity as you can.

None of us wants to start a day with a dull mood, don't we? But, sometimes small things upsets us a lot and ruin our entire day. What are these so called ‘small things' which possess the capability to ruin our day. These are what we see when we wake up in the morning, they may be the wall posters, clocks, sceneries which will remind us of a sad past and maybe an office file. They are important, but not that much important that they ruin your mood. Sort them all, replace the sad ones with amusing ones. Paint the walls, modify your atmosphere.
Pon boards, to-do lists are have their place, but if they are interrupting, move them to another place.
Your first look must be on anything that makes you happy. Bring them all in.
Successful day world's Showcase

> Spirituality

When your mind and heart filled spiritually, then you are able attain mental peace. This is not a time waste, but a worthy act which will help us to stay peace throughout the day.
Make it a practice and do it with all the faith. This works out perfectly.

> Think Positive

This is the trait of every successful person. Early in the morning, when you get up from your bed, fill the mind with complete positiveness. Leave no space for those useless fears and negative thoughts.
Thinking positive not only will increase the optimistic mind, but also fills us with positive vibes and thereby provides us that confidence which is needed when facing a problem.

> Do not abuse your body

Your body is the temple of God, if you neglect it, it means you are working on something which is of no use. Don't sacrifice health, relationships and leisure time for the sake of work. Because when you achieve a certain level you must need someone to appreciate you.
If you neglect the people in your life by thinking that you will at once turn to them when you are finished with the works. It may be too late, those moments may have turn their back on you. So, spend some time for all.

> Do the unnerving task first

Try to begin your first work with that one which is harder of the rest. You have a lot of energy in the beginning, it will makes the task easy.

Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day - Mark Twain

When the biggest work is said to be done, smallest are fun to finish.

> Avoid Multi-tasking

Multi tasking is riding on two horses at the same time. When we join those two horses to a chariot then riding is possible, but horses alone are not fit to ride separately.
Here chariot refers to the clubbing of the task, after clubbing the task the work done speed is increased. Clubbing must be done in such a way that at least the tasks in a club are related to each other. For example, writing an article and at the same time designing a relevant picture for it.

Don't think that multi-tasking is a gift, it's not good for us when we want to succeed in our lives. It has lot of cons than pros.

> Workout

A regular workout will keep you fit and healthy and in shape. Workout means you don't need to squat heavy weights. Just let your body to bend.
Early in the morning is the best time for workout, burning the muscle is good for health. A morning walk is highly recommended.

> Set boundaries

When we set boundaries in our lives then we are away from expectations. Success is typically built on a series of failures and obstacles. When we are able to stick with ‘Yes’ or ‘No' then no one and nothing can cross our boundary.

> Stick to a routine

Make willpower your morning star, perform the regular duties which will energize you. Do not shift them to another time, like if you get your soul fill with all peace due to reading a good book in the morning after you woke up then do it everyday at the same time. Because it is the productive time for you.
Likewise apply this same thing for all other activities. If you love walking during nights, go for it!
Successful day World's Showcase

> Challenge/Motivate/Dedicate

Challenge yourself daily to beat your own epic records, don't focus on the victories of others. By doing so, you'll only feel inferior. However, by comparison you are not going to earn any bit of talent which you already has.
Challenge yourself and motivate yourself to gain the confidence in achieving the dreamed success.
Be consistent and dedicate yourself to the task. It will be like breathe to your success.

> Activate - 3G

Oh! Wait, this is not any internet service, but it's an attitude 3G .
  1. Gratitude
  2. Generosity
  3. Genuineness

We must show gratitude and move on and be generous in some situations, like helping those who are trying to climb the hill. And being genuine is always honoured. What are you waiting for! Activate 3G now…

> Be S.M.A.R.T

Last but not the least, we have to be smart in our lives. When it comes to make our day successful, being smarter will boost us. Here being smart is taken into the consideration for the goal setting. We have to jump every morning with ideas drawing closer to the goals. Huge mess of unrealistic goals will suck out all the energy too.
How to be smart? It's easy and fun. One thing to notice is S.M.A.R.T is an acronym which stands for..
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

We have to aim for anything with all the above smartness. We must be specific about the goal and it must be measurable. Close to the reality and relevant to our lifestyle and finally it must have some period to attain, deadline is set.

We all know about these things, but am reminding you once again. A bright morning must bring the brightness in our life too. If not, we must not ignore it, since we are adding a +1 day to our lives.
Hope you all enjoyed this post, do share your thoughts on this post here and if you have any tips on how to make a day successful, feel free to write it down.
Thank you :)

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Divide and rule in anger management

Anger management now became a very essential for all of us. Now it's crucial part in all our lives, since anger got it's roots rooted unto the depths of the individuals and it became the reason for disputes if not controlled.

It will cause enough damage to both the parties, even one with peace mind will get hurt when the anger takes a form and shape. We have to learn to avoid such hurtful moments.

Anger management is practised in two cases
  1. Self-Anger Management
  2. Others Anger Management

There are many methods we know on how to keep our anger under  control. Some tips are helpful to all of us, while some fails. It completely different from each person. Some like cold and some like hot, it's all in our wired brain.

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” - Henry Ford

Here we are going to see how the vintage principle of ruling and strategy ‘Divide & Rule' helps us to meet the Anger Management. How it can be applied here.

Application Of  ‘Divide & Rule'  In Self-Anger Management :

Self-anger management is what we all follow when we are into the unfavorable situations which cause us anger. This varies from person to person.

How divide & rule principle helps us here is by numbering the situations severity which are the strong reasons for us to get angry.
This numbering will help us to analysis and then to prevent the repetition of the similar problem in the future.

Divide & Rule means to breakdown the complex problem into several small groups. And then identifying the very less influencing thing and later eliminating it as a part of our solution. Confused? Let's see how it can be done with a brief example.

Vani is a software engineer, she has to deal with lot of stress in her professional life as well as in her personal life too. This vigorous stress lead her to short temper. She doesn't even know what she does in that angry flow, this eventually became her habit.
One day on the advice of a family member, she realised how badly she is behaving when she is drowned in anger. She realised that toxicity and began to think to overcome it. What she decided in the end is to implement ‘ % & Rule'.

She took a pen and journal and wrote down all the negatives in her and those situations which drives her close to anger. It looked like this…

My angriest moments :
  • I get angry daily, early in the morning on my car driver who doesn't show up in time.
  • Then on that ice-cream parlour seller, who sells my favourite flavour to those who comes for a morning walk.
  • Then I get mad on my inferiors at the office, they are too lazy to finish the task in time.
  • Then in the evening I get angry due to traffic.

As soon as she completed this list, she began to think practically on all the above things. First one, about the driver is the ‘weaker’ issue if she gives any particular number, she numbers it low, say <1. Since it's weak she has to sort this out first, this is what we call divide and rule. Here we are not ruling any nation, but our own thinking.
Vani's morning is ruined with this late-driver, her mood disturbs here and fills her mind with all the pessimistic thoughts ‘I'll be late', “I can't get that ice-cream’ etc.

She learnt how to drive the car in a month. Now, there is no need to shout on anyone. Later, she began to go for a morning walk and grabbed her favourite flavoured ice-cream without missing.
After another month, she started to assist her juniors in finishing the task and projects in time. She solved their doubts which they are scared to ask her in the past due to her angry behavior.

Now, everything is fine with Vani, her day starts off with cheerfulness and morning walk keeps her fit and healthy, she earned much respect now from her colleagues. All the positivity surrounded her now. Result? She is free from that short-temper.

Divide and rule helped her to get back normal life. She divided the problems and found the less intensity one (here the late coming driver) and solved it first.
In this way even we can apply the same ‘% & Rule' principle in our lives in Self-Anger Management.

Application of  ‘Divide And Rule' In Others Anger Management :

This is some kind of hacking, here we need to figure out the outcome of the other person with whom we are conversing. Body language, gestures and pitch of the voice are our tools.

Self-anger management is personal, but this is something which is not related to our kind. We have to map the result in our mind first to get out of the wrath of anger.
In the earlier post discussed that anger-anger is not a solution to avoid the fight. There we've seen this ‘Divide & Rule’ principle. Now let's see in detail how does it actually applicable in this case.

“Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it” - Rene Descartes

Disputes occurs between two because of two reasons, one is misunderstanding and the other is anger. Anger turns gentle personality into a worst one, unfortunately it is an instant poison which will kill a good impression on us in a very less period of time.
It is hard to estimate the amount of anger that the opposite person possess. And if we don't have an insight into his/her life before, it's impossible to say what makes them mad.
So, divide & rules principle fails in case of strangers. We cannot apply this on a person whom we don't know much.
Divide and rule in angry management
Embedded image courtesy Betty Miller/

Those who are close to us, it is bit easier. We have to figure out correctly which are the situations, conversations, words, persons, places, etc. are getting them angry. And why? Here, this question ‘why' is itself the solution. As it brings us all the various reasonable reasons on why they are mad at particular things.

If we need to handle them, do the same process as mentioned above in the Self-Anger Management. Do the same as Vani did. Write down their reasons and find the ‘weaker’ one in your sight. Don't bother about their view on that particular area, it is a solution for us to handle them, not them to handle us. Our opinion counts here.

After doing writing work, check if you are there in any of the written  reasons. If you are there reason for his/her bad mood then the correction must be done, or else we have to walk away from them.

After necessary corrections, visit the same person and try not to raise the topics before them which will make them angry. Prioritize the severity of the words and situations, if possible try to explain them, if not completely delete the topic.
This will prevent lot of misunderstandings and quarrels. If we observe clearly, behind a huge rivalry there lies a very silly reason. It is only silly to us because they didn't think like we do.

Am happy  to share my own opinion on applying the principle in the anger management. Am eagerly waiting for your views. Do share what you think about this, also share if you have any new ideas :)

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Anger Management World's Showcase
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Anger brings us down and makes us out of control and keeps us away from the listening thing.
As humans, we all do have a bit of anger in us, but in some people it's heavy, as heavy as their weight. When they get mad at us, it's  pathetic. And when we get angry, we do the same with the opposite one. The anger turns the best into fools, it is not with a vision.

Anger changes peoples and their thoughts. When anger hits a person he turns into a lycanthrope. Filled with rage in every pint of blood and a hatred. Most of the times, we are unable to understand why actually the person is mad at us. It may be due to his view on us or maybe any other reason.

This is important for us all to handle an angered person, besides it will help us to cope with our own anger.

Here I am not going to provide any tips to control our anger, but how to handle the person who is angry at us.
Firstly am going to show to those guys who are business men & women, as they routinely worry on how to handle with their angry customers. Here, this infographic will help us out, check this out.

How to Handle Angry Customers [Inforgrafic from Provide Support]

I pointed especially business people because they have to deal each and everyday with such persons when compared to common people.

Anger management is necessary for all of us, when it comes in the case of an opposition its need to be managed very carefully.
There are two categories of people we have to handle separately when they are mad at us.

  1. People who are close to us, like family members, relatives and close friends.
  2. People who aren't close to us, like colleagues, customers and strangers.

We can map the danger from the people belonging to the first category, because of the closeness we have with them. We may also have some tricks to calm them down. Only in very rare situations the worst happens when dealing with the first category people.

All the problem lies with the second category. Since we cannot map their behaviour and actions, it will be a difficult task to deal with. Here, we are completely blindsided, knowing not what it comes in a row.
To meet this difficulty and to deal and handle these persons with 70% of success we have to dig deeper. Now, let's see how can we do this.

First of all let's know the reasons which will cause a person to reach the state of anger. But, keep in mind that these are not common among all persons. Depending upon his/her mental state, anger hits them. It's like one man's heaven is another man's hell so we must be ready to read the minds.

Reasons which will make a person angry :
  • Due to the perfectionism attitude
  • When their planning and thoughts doesn't meet expectations
  • Lack of capability and scalability in problem solving
  • Situations into which they are in, in their daily routine life
  • Nightmares and other beliefs
  • Misunderstanding and amateur thinking
  • Jealousy, dreaming without a vision
  • Also due to health problems and other mental illness.

These are the general reasons which makes a person angry. Sometimes it is too silly. For example, at a coffee shop a person is reading a sports newspaper then another person came in and commented badly about this person's favourite player. This made him angry and they both fought on this. Here, these both guys are strangers, what made them to pick a fight is a bit of common sense. There is no need to argue on that issue as it not going to bring the world down. When he made a comment the other have to ignore it, because it has no importance there. Likewise, we have to learn to ignore such comments in our lives. It may be IRL or in internet.
So, here ignorance can be helpful for us, but not all times.

Here there is a very important thing to consider, ignorance doesn't come all alone, there is a strong commitment and a key to activate this ignorance. That weapon is forgiveness. When we got it all to forgive the other person, then ignorance is free. It follows like a mate with the forgiveness. If we need to ignore we have to forgive first. Otherwise, it will make us mad as we think about the issue all the time in seeking vengeance.
Not all times are same, forgiveness has also got it's own limits. There will be conditions when this fails. Then we have to go for the other option.

When you observe the words of the person are like supplication of fuel to fire, act realistically. Walk away from such people, all they do is to lit a fire and call for help even there is a fire extinguisher. Such persons are not angry people, but they naturally live in acting as they are.

Dealing anger with anger, i.e anger-anger is not good, it can further aggravates problems and creates more roadblocks. Silence is the another weapon we have, silence in some cases will calm down the quarrels. Also it will increase the patience in us and decrease the patience in others (who are mad at us).

Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute - Josh Billings

Let's move on to the next handle, this is interesting, here we are going to take action after a study. Studying the opposite person's mind. Don't panic you don't need any psychiatry, but a little human psychology. When the reason is know for the outburst of the person focus on the weaker section. Try to free the knot with a step by step process. Problem solving is implemented and if and only if the other person listens to you and pays attention, use this.
Worlds Showcase Anger Management

Remember one thing here, everybody gets angry, it's human nature. If someone isn't angry about something then there is a need to consult a physician. Because this is quite opposite to the humans.
We need to manage the anger, calm down the beast in us and expose the best in us to the world.
Am still learning on how to control my anger, many suggested me many tips. Like counting down, drinking water, meditation, exercise. We need to wisely select the perfect thing to control the anger within us. If an option is going well with the other means not it will be for you too. You are unique, choice is your own.

What do you think about the anger management? And do you have any more information on how to handle the persons who are mad at us?
What are your weapons to beat the anger? Please feel free to share your thoughts & opinions
Thank you :)

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Success is a pleasure, success makes us cheerful, success is the celebration. It may be in our life, career or any other sector. Success is a success, the happiness attained by it is worth to celebrate.

Success is different for different people in different fields. For a business tycoon, success means profits. And for a student it is what related to the grades in the examinations, for a movie star it is the rating of his/her movie.
In this way success varies, but the rejoice in it is same.

To achieve success in any field/sector there are some key factors. These key factors are considered as the weapons to win the war. But, hold on! All these factors aren't that reliable and effectively work to achieve success. There are only few which will boost us to reach the goal. Let us see all those factors first…

  • LUCK
  • FAME

Why are the above are called as factors of success? There is a strong reason for this, all is hidden inside the alphabetics. The magic is in the chart.
factors of success

Arrange the letters in English in an alphabetical order and number them. They are 26.

Now, there is the magic and a genius thing hidden in these alphabetics. We need to explore the magic. Let's see how…

factors of success, luck
Luck is a theory based on probability, it is based on the final outcomes and dependent on the randomness.
Luck is not any property to possess, it is an event which occurs randomly. It has nothing to do with the spirituality.
Success ‘sometimes’ approaches by luck. It is not a dependable source to avail success, it is a very rare thing.
Other's mistakes or carelessness will tend to give success by luck.
For example, let's consider a chess game. There are left only six pieces on board. King, queen and rook of white and black. Both the players are good players, but one of them took a wrong step due to some distraction and that benefited the other player to take a victory. Since they are two players of good touch at game, chance of victory is very less unless one takes a wrong step. This is how the luck of the player who won the game.
It is only a chance but not a reliable factor of success.

Factors of success
Next factor we discuss here is the powerful ‘power’. Power is strength to do a work, if it is invested in a right way it fruits good. Many people think that success can be easy if there is more power. Not in all cases this is true, power plays a part in achieving success, but solely depending on power will lead to massive destruction. And also our power is our worst enemy.
To prevent this over-power thing, we must stop believing that power is the only thing that gives success.

factors of success worlds showcase blog
Our next factor is money, being the root of all evil money is what many will think of. Of course money is a necessary and it is what that drives a family. But, it is not the controller of success, it can't buy success. Even if bought, that's not the real success.
Money can provide everything, but not anything, not wisdom and knowledge.

Fame A Factor Of Success
Fame also a keen factor of success. Passion for fame is like an energizer, it will help us to race harder and harder for success.
Burn inside the heart to create a world which follows you and your thoughts, hunger for fame will provide the confidence to get success. We cannot keep this fame aside in the factors of success because it brought many stars on to the dias.
And I thank you my favourite blogger Maitreni Mishra for suggesting me to include ‘fame’.

Faith A Factor Of Success
To execute any plan we need to believe in it. Here comes another factor of success referred by Aditi Mohoni ‘Faith'.
Faith is an important factor to consider on our journey towards success, because we can't do anything without faith. Faith will do a 44% job for us. Have faith and move on…
Thank you Aditi for such an important factor you recommended here.

Knowledge factors of success worlds showcase
Knowledge is another factor, it is the fuel to success. More desirable than money, with it success route made easy. But, knowledge is also not a trait for a complete success. Utilization of knowledge is done with care, it builds life, also collapse it. Knowledge alone isn't enough to get succeed. It needs to be mastered.

world's showcase factors of success
Hard Work is always honoured, it nurtures the path of success. When it is combined with some other factors, success comes to you. And alone hard work is like digging for a well on a rocky surface, hard work is digging but the result, water is nowhere.

worlds showcase factors of success
Here comes another key factor, the spine of success, attitude. Attitude is the trait of a successful person,  one who understands the power of attitude that will make him/her a successful person.
Everything is under the control if there is a good attitude.

worlds showcase factors of success
Discipline is the factor which will never get down. It is a friendly nature and 100% success is possible with the discipline. Everyone loves a person who maintains a good discipline.

Illustration of images :

LUCK = 47
This is the alphabetic magic,
L=12, U=21, C=3, K=11
L + U + C + K = 12+21+3+11
= 47

This same principle is followed to the rest. Here, both Attitude and Discipline scores maximum. So, it is clear that with these two factors success is so close to us.
without these factors none of us able to reach success, money and knowledge are the only sources, without attitude and discipline they are worthless. This post idea is originated from a book i had read during my junior college which is written by Dr.B.V.Pattabhiram. This book entitled as 'Genius' and it is a gift from my Dad.

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Togetherness #RealTogetherness
©Stuart Miles/ Freedigitalphotos. net
In this busy busy world, driven by most advanced technology and accompanied by number of latest electronic gadgets there arises the need to connect with the real world. We need to get out of the ‘net' world and interact with the people, in person.

This sounds like those days of 20th century, where letters played a major role in our lives. Now, we don't have a good relationship with people through these letters. Our race developed much, it developed in such a way being busy became a sign of pride and fashion.

In these days it is fashionable to say that we do not know who is our neighbour is and living a life engaging with WiFi and TVs. For what we should bother? When everything is done online which is at our fingertips.

Digitalized chambers are more relaxants than persons. Searching for a WiFi network is done before searching for the people. This much dominance is shown on humanity by the technology. It is a very good informative icon, almost all things are done using this, but it's not everything in our lives. We have to spend time with people around us.

Getting socialized is not in the social sites, but with the real people around us. Am not saying that this technology is the reason for the distance between the people, let me remind one thing here. When there was no such mobiles and net, there are printed books and papers, many people carried these with them to read during their journey and while at hotels. Someone reads a magazine and the other writes something. This technology is not an obstacle, but our mentality.

A person who would like to get social, he/she automatically mix-up with the people. There is nothing that can stop him/her from doing so, even this internet.

Change must occur among us, not in the coming and going technology. They are only a part of our lives, but not our life. If we are willing to interact with the real people it's completely in our hands.

It's like comforting a person by online messaging who is million miles away and neglecting the neighbour who is in need of help. We can reach our next to person and help him/her, but we don't. We are afraid of the consequences and afraid of something might harm us. Instead we pick the phone and engage in the conversations.

What does this technology has to do here when it is harming us more than helping. We made it to help us, but now it seems it is controlling our actions.

We all need good and developmental technology, it is what makes our lives easy. If it is standing in between us and the society as a wall, then we need to think.

Here is an amazing and thought provoking advertisement by Kissan India. Here, they want us to think about the togetherness and the benefits in it. #RealTogetherness is what we should search for.

Kissan India is trying to bring us all together with its taste. This togetherness is most wanted one. Depressed people are increasing rapidly, they need to get comforted by the real persons not those who are online.

Ignoring the real people in life for chatting online is an atrocious thing.
Everything we created to help us, not to destroy us. This over usage of the internet and other technologies are slowly ruining the social life.
Problem solving nature is decreasing due to less man-brain power investment. We are seeking the solution inside the machine brain. We trust the power of machines much than man. They became more reliable than us.

Now it's time to know the importance of human network. We need to bring that most awaited celebration of togetherness.

What we can do to prevent this dominance of technology over social lives?
We have to realise the importance of people in our lives, we need to talk to new people and friends on our way to work or home.
Everybody counts here, each and everyone of us got something in us which will help to light the world. Carelessness is said to be avoided here.  
Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours. -Vera Nazarian,The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Digital world is not the thing to dwell with entire day, spending time with people in our surroundings is quite helpful.

P.S. - This post is a part of

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Jennifer Lawrence Essay
Jennifer Lawrence came up with an essay, which is about the low pay in the industry based on gender inequality. She says that male stars are paid highly than the female.
And she entitled her essay ‘Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars?’ in this essay she penned about her views and opinions very clearly.

This essay is viewed on Lena Dunham's newsletter, Lenny Letter. Let's see what she said in her essay..

Jennifer when first heard of Lenny's letter she was excited much. She felt like she can complain about anything here, even this is not her first thought. She ended up in doing so. And it is completely fine.

“When Lena first brought up the idea of Lenny to me, I was excited. Excited to speak to Lena, who I think is a genius, and excited to start thinking about what to complain about (that's not what she pitched me, it's just what I'm gonna do)”

She doesn't like to engage in conversations which are trendy, she gave best example on this by pointing out very recent trendy thing, it is ‘Ice-bucket challenge’.
She quoted that this trendy move is more trendy than helping.

“-because it started to feel more like a ‘trend' than a cause” she said.

Jennifer told that she isn't perfect (of course none of us do). She also said that it's hard for her to speak about her experience as a working woman, because she safely say her problems  aren't exactly relatable.

She talked about the Sony hack and that the people with d**k s (male stars) are lucky as they earn much.

She got mad at herself, but not at Sony. She also agreed that she failed as a negotiator because she gave up early.

Jennifer also said that every man she is working with definitely didn't worry about being “difficult” or “spoiled”.

“But this is an element of my personality that I've been working against for years, and based on the statistics, I don't think I'm the only woman with this issue”.

“My phone is on the counter and I'm on the couch, so a calculator is obviously out of the question”

Jennifer says that when women try to express their opinion it seems like offensive and scary to men.

“Could there still be a lingering habit of trying to express our opinions in a certain way that doesn't ‘offend' or ‘scare’ men?”

She mentioned Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper are successful in negotiating powerful deals for themselves.

“-When another leaked Sony email revealed a producer referring to a fellow lead actress in a negotiation as a ‘spoiled brat'. For some reason I just can't picture someone saying that about a man”

I think Jennifer Lawrence is right, male stars are going to get paid much other than the female stars. This indifference is coming from the beginning. Someone needs to talk about this issue and here comes Jennifer, this is really appreciated.
This is what her co-female stars thinks about her essay…
Emma watson tweet on jennifer lawrence's essay

Emma watson tweet on jennifer lawrence's essay

Elizabeth Banks tweet on jennifer lawrence's essay

Jessica Chastain tweet on jennifer lawrence's essay

To read her the full essay  subscribe to the Lenny newsletter. And you can also read directly the essay on Jennifer's official FB account by clicking here.

What's your opinion on her essay? Do you agree with what she said about the remuneration indifference based on gender? Feel free to share your views below in the comment section. Thank you :)

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