My love for poetry is unexplainable, it keeps on increasing year by year. I write at least two poems in a year, since am not much a poet.
I bring my madness and dreams together and write a poem.
I try to keep them short, but finally they end up so long.

Here is a poem originated from the same dreams which I remind. This is a repeated dream, yea! You heard it right. There are few dreams which took episodes and knocked my dream doors. Same dream, reoccurring twice or thrice.
Oh girl in the rain poem

I searched for you in my heart ;
But I found you missing there.
Your presence at that moment ;
Left a mark on my heart.
From then my heart fetching you ;
For your presence again and again.
Raindrops rolled down your head,
They chose your shoulders to pave away ;
Your hair is like a waterfall,
Because of the realms of water on it ;
That rain made your view blur,
I couldn't see you clearly ;
Oh! Girl in the rain,
Your identity is still lurking in the dark ;
I knew my perseverance will not go fruitless,
One day I ‘ ll meet you someday I will ;
Oh! Girl in the rain.
Now my dream went to,
Its native, nothingness.

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Exceptional Facts About Human Brain
Background image embedded is the courtesy of digitalart at freedigitalphotos. net

We are running a huge network in our central nervous system, it is always a wonder to know about the construction and functioning of our brain.
Let's see some interesting facts about our brain. Studying brain is the neurological enlightenment. Knowing more facts about it is very interesting.

Our brain utilizes 20 watts of energy and it is enough to light a bulb. And don't you think this is the reason why sometimes we feel our head is heating up!

75% of this fat ball comprises of water, this composition is necessary. This water content may be used as coolants to cool the heat generated in the brain and also undergoes in generating fluids. Also in regulating various functions in it.

Definitely we are not hosting any Formula one racing inside our heads, but there is a speed in our brains, which is more than that of the Formula one. The signalling speed of our brain is 268 miles per hour (431 kph)

Our brains are getting smaller, over the past 10 - 20,000 years. It is shrinking to the size of a tennis ball.

Human brains are 2% of the entire body weight and elephants 0.2% due to their massive bodies. And 8% in rats, this is why rats are smart.

Men's brains are 10% bigger than women's, even after taking a larger body into account. And this doesn't have anything to do with the thinking capacity.

Albert Einstein's brain weighed in at 2.71 pounds. This is 10% smaller than the average of 3 pounds.

Those sleeping pills don't put us to sleep. They act on our brain and puts it into a state similar to coma. This essentially bypasses any restorative value of sleep.

Brain consumes 20% of oxygen in the entire blood stream. This oxygen will feed the brain and keeps it energetic and active.

1 litre of blood flows through the brain.

Damaging of brain occurs in the absence of oxygen, it cannot survive without oxygen more than 5 minutes.

Each and every part of the brain has it's own function. And it is not true that we use only 10% of the brain, there are many more activities which are carried out with the involvement of brain, even in sleep.

One amazing fact is, being the master of the central nervous system. Brain is the only organ that lacks nerves.

We have also a ‘milky way' in our brain like that of in the universe. Our network is huge one and nobody is sure about how many, but as many as 100 billion neurons are participating in the processing of various tasks.

All brain cells are not alive and active, different cells has different functions. There are 10,000 specific types of neurons are present in the brain.

90 minutes of continuous sweating can result in temporary shrinking of the brain, this is like aging of the brain equal to a year.

We also have a very big ‘chemical lab' or ‘a forensic’ in our brain. Yes, don't panic, since more than 100,000 chemical reactions takes place in our brain every second.

BBB - Blood Brain Barrier will protect our brain from toxins and frequent chemical fluctuations.

95% people forget what they dreamt last night or during a rest. And 12% of people dream in black & white.

If anyone say that they are smart enough, then they are liers. Because our brain fools us around making us to believe things differently from the reality.
Fascinating Facts About the Human Brain
From Visually.
An average brain has around 50,000 thoughts per a day and almost 70% of them are believed to be negative.

We are 95% out of control in our lives, as only 5% decisions are made during the conscious state and the rest are during unconsciousness.

A drunken person fails to recall what he/she did after consumption of alcohol. This is not any ‘forgetting' disease. It is only due to the fact that brain fails to forming the memories in that drunken state.

Alcohol doesn't kill brain cells, it ‘only' damages the connective tissues at the end of neurons.

Neocortex is approximately upto 76%. It is the organ involved in the language and consciousness. This is why we can speak and animals not. Since animals have less percent of it.

Every brain loves music, it depends on the personnel who uses his/her brain. Slow or fast beat, brain is fond of lot of music.

Multitasking must not be encouraged, it will makes you less productive. Our brain will toggle back and forth between the tasks. This results in lack of attention span decreasing, learning, performance and short-term memory.

Coming to the storage memory, we already knew our brain equals many supercomputers. Brain's storage capacity is considered virtually unlimited. And there is no losing of RAM unlike our electronically programmed devices.

“Our brain know no pain”  Although pain is felt because of the processing in brain. The reason behind this is brain don't have pain receptors to sense the pain. That's why while a brain surgery, the patient can be awake and feels no pain or discomfort.

There is nothing like left-brained or right-brained. This is only a myth. We all are full-brained.

Neurons multiply at the rate of 250,00 per minute during early pregnancy.

15-20% (750 ml) of the total cardiac output is directed to the brain

P.S : Please include any fact(s) you know about brain in the comment section. And do share your valuable opinion and thoughts on this post.
Thank you :)

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The Undertaker WWE
WWE Logos and Undertaker logos are the courtesy of

Legends live and walk around, they live footprints back and makes marks in the history. Coming to the WWE, there are many such immortals and icons. And how could we not remember when the name ‘legend’ is heard, THE UNDERTAKER this is the name which really fits if we talk about a legendary personalities.

Living with many names, The Undertaker, Phenom, Dead man and much more whatever fans call him. He is Mark William Calaway, known as The Undertaker (ring name).
He is famous for his undefeated  streak of 21 years of victories over other WWE superstars, who are legends too. However, he lost to Brock Lesnar and made it as 21-1.

The Undertaker, born in March 24, 1990 is the only best superstar in the WWE, who rules the darkness. His dressing in black and all demon games and claims are worked perfectly with his career.

He debuted in the year 1984. In WWE, he stepped in 1990’s.
Though he is famous for the streak, he do held some Championships.
He is ‘8’ times world champion. That includes the heavyweight and WWE belts which are not unified in those days.

We have traveled through PG era to the reality era in the WWE, but The Undertaker’s place in hearts remained firm.

On this 25th Anniversary of The Undertaker's presence in the WWE. Here I wish to bring all the Wrestlemania's biggest victories and their dates.
For any wrestling fan, this information can be delightedly good to know.


1). Jimmy Snuka
At : Wrestlemania VII
On : March 24, 1991
Place : Los Angeles memorial sports arena - Los Angeles, California.

2). Jake Roberts
At : Wrestlemania VIII
On : April 5, 1992
Place : Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis - Indiana

3). Giant Gonzalez
At : Wrestlemania IX
On : April 4, 1993
Place : Caesars palace - Las Vegas, Nevada

4). King Kong Bundy
At : Wrestlemania XI
On : April 2, 1995
Place : Hartford civic center - Hartford, Connecticut

5). Diesel
At : Wrestlemania XII
On : March 31, 1996
Place : Arrowhead pond - Anaheim, California

6). Sycho Did
At : Wrestlemania XIII
On : March 23, 1997
Place : Rosemont Horizon - Rosemont, Illinois

7). Kane
At : Wrestlemania XIV
On : March 29, 1998
Place : Fleet center - Boston, Massachusetts

8). The Big Bossman
At : Wrestlemania XV
On : March 28, 1999
Place : First union center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

9). Triple H
At : Wrestlemania XVII
On : April 1, 2001
Place : Reliant Astrodome - Houston Texas

10). Ric Flair
At : Wrestlemania XVIII
On : March 17, 2002
Place : Skydome - Toronto, Ontario

11). Big show & A - Train
At : Wrestlemania XIX
On : March 30, 2003
Place : Safeco field - Seattle, Washington

12). Kane
At : Wrestlemania XX
On : March 14, 2004
Place : Madison square garden - New York city, New York

13). Randy Orton
At : Wrestlemania XXI
On : April 3, 2005
Place : Staples center - Los Angeles, California

14). Mark Henry
At : Wrestlemania XXII
On : April 2, 2006
Place : Allstate arena - Rosemont, Illinois

15). Batista
At : Wrestlemania XXIII
On : April 1, 2007
Place : Ford field - Detroit, Michigan

16). Edge
At : Wrestlemania XXIV
On : March 30, 2008
Place : Citrus bowl - Orlando, Florida

17). Shawn Michaels
At : Wrestlemania XXV
On : April 5, 2009
Place : Reliant Stadium - Houston Texas

18). Shawn Michaels
At : Wrestlemania XXVI
On : March 28, 2010
Place : University of Phoenix stadium - Glendale, Arizona

19). Triple H
At : Wrestlemania XXVII
On : April 3, 2011
Place : Georgia Dome - Atlanta, Georgia

20). Triple H
At : Wrestlemania XXVIII
On : April 1, 2012
Place : Sun Life stadium - Miami Gardens, Florida

21). CM Punk
At : Wrestlemania XXIX
On : April 7, 2013
Place : Metlife stadium - East Rutherford, New Jersey

These are the records of the deadman so far, and he lost to Brock Lesnar (click here to read the match details). There he lost the streak.

Now it is all UNDERTAKER WEEK in the entire WWE Universe. Celebrating his 25th anniversary and the phenomenal achievements.

World's Showcase congratulates The Undertaker on his long long journey as a wrestler. 25 years as a wrestler is enough to leave a mark in the history.

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WWE Worlds Showcase

All WWE fans in India, here is the most awaited celebration welcoming you. You heard it right! WWE is coming to India and it's not like before, but with an event(s).
We (Indian WWE fans) stick to the TV sets in the evenings and tune Ten Sports channel for our favourite wrestling show on earth.
Almost all of us had a dream of watching it live amidst of thousands of people shouting and cheering. We call that environment as WWE Universe. Finally! our dreams became true. WWE touring India in January 2016.

Now it's official that rumours took form into the reality. WWE took it's step on the Indian land back in 1996 and 2005. It was not that sound due to weak advertising and other various reasons. But, after successfully launching the WWE Network, the company has decided to spread globally. And how can they miss the shot at India!.

It is for the first time ever that the Ten Sports network brought all the LIVE! action from the WWE.
Gone are the days where fans in India has to wait for a week after any special events like Summerslam, Royal Rumble, even the biggest show on earth and Showcase of immortals, Wrestlemania.

With the Ten sports network. Now we can see live each episode of Monday Night Raw as it happens live there. And it's really amazing thing to say that we watched Wrestlemania 31 live in India, it is first time ever to Indian WWE fans. We felt the rush of electricity in our nerves when we see the matches. It's still visualising in our minds.
courtesy of WWE.COM

The connection between the WWE and India isn't new, we've welcomed many superstars like Kane, Eve Torres, Bad News Barrett and Big show, Mark Henry, Kane and many others. They all made their entry only as single, never brought any schedule of matches with them. As kids we watched them wrestling and to be frank many of us do ignored their caution by breaking it. We imitated their signature moves and wrestled on that sand and on beds.
In those days, it is like impossible that we can see our favourite stars wrestling on Indian land. That became possible now.

And also Ten sports, telecasting a program called ‘Raw Sunday Dhamaal' which is the Hindi show. And it got huge response and love from the fans.

WWE IN INDIA - Details
We have been waiting for the details of WWE in India since Ten sports keep on advertising it. Now the wait is over, event details and the superstars also revealed who are going to be in ring action.

There will be not one, but two live events held in India in the New Year 2016, on 15th & 16th of January.
Superstars advertised for this tour includes John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Big show, Sheamus, Cesaro and Ryback. [ These advertised superstars forum may change if any injuries/for any other reasons].

Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, NEW DELHI.

All pre-sale tickets are sold out. And you can get tickets on
Tickets starting at ₹1,699 INR

This is the first time ever, WWE touring India with scheduling. There are many rules and regulations which are to be obeyed by the audience. Here in WWE we call the audience as WWE Universe. You may all seen the WWE Universe taking a closer look at their favourite superstars & Divas. You may also dreamed about it. It's your turn now.

To know more about the event's rules & regulations please read it in the rules section on BookMyShow.
WWE network
courtesy of WWE.COM

Additionally here an amazing news, WWE Network now can be accessed in India for $9.99. We can now watch all the events live and some more special video series from it. Here, first month's new subscription is absolutely free!
We can watch video-on-demand from the WWE Network library for 3,700 hours. What are you waiting for, subscribe to the WWE Network and enjoy it on TV/PC/Android.

Are you a WWE fan? What do you think about the January's tour of WWE. Share your ideas and thoughts on the live event below in the comment section. Thank you :)

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Free Images - Prasanna Dasari

Images cover 50% of the topic which we wish to say to our readers. Images do speak and images are the best way to express clearly what we want to show. To get free images is every blogger's dream.
A blog post/article will look pale without an image. At least one image will add the flavour to the post.

Here comes a big challenge on how to find relevant free images for posts we make and where to find them?
We have to keep in mind one thing while selecting a free image. Google images aren't free images, we can get millions of suitable images for our use, but they aren't there to meet our need.
They are protected by copyrights and using them for personal/commercial purpose falls under copyright infringement.
We have to respect the work of the photographers, we need to consider their license and publications.

It is safer to consult them for the picture and include an attribution. If you are able to buy the image, it's all yours without any restrictions.

Each and every blogger/writer wishes to have some high quality and clear images in their content. And many aren't willing to pay for this. The need for high-resolution images is increasing and also the providers.

Now we know how important images are, either you choose to include them with third party image hosting or direct uploading, they are going to attract more clients/readers/visitors.

Let's come to the main track, now we are going to discuss where to find the high resolution and royalty free images.
There are many sites which will provide you with HD images for free of charge. Among them, I made a study and handpicked 35 sites. These are the sites with all our image needs in one place.

Note: This order isn't based on ranking/alphabetical/google results. This is made random.

(1). Freedigitalphotos
WS Blog

Freedigitalphotos is simple and very easy to download any image(s). There is a subscription process and especially we don't need to create an account to download the images. We have to provide your email address and then proceed with the downloadable content by passing only one security captcha.

For smaller size image requirements this is the place you have to be. We must attribute the owner as mentioned in the email we get after the download(s). There is also a premium membership for more stock photos in high resolution.

(2). Startup Stock Photos
WS Blog Startup photos

Startups posts which are related to techies and business. This is the right place to find all the free images. All kind of techie photos is hosted by startup stock photos.
Articles which deal with entrepreneurship and business ideas, here we can find many such images.

(3). Free Images
WS Blog

Free images is a free platform of many images for every niche. Science & technology, industrial, textures, patterns, sports, fitness, people.
You can download all the images for free, there is also a premium service.
You have to let the owner of the photo know about the download by commenting. By creating an account you can comment there.

(4). Life of pix
WS Blog

Download unlimited high-quality pictures and get notified via email when new images are uploaded.

(5). Dreamstime
WS Blog

This site got some huge response from the bloggers and it is due to these pictures they give. There are editorial pictures in this with a designing area.
You can enjoy being here.

(6). MMT

MMT provides a number of images for commercial use. This is helpful in image finding.  All pictures are owned by Jeffrey Betts.

(7). Every stock photo
WS Blog Everystockphoto

This is the hub of occasional photos, here we can get images related to celebrations and moments that stay forever in our hearts.
We can directly embed the image to blogs/websites by giving back the credit.

(8).Little visuals
WS Blog Littlevisuals

Sign up with little visuals and get 7 hi-resolution zipped up to your mailbox. We can use it any way we want.
Here there is one sad notice from the website that the owner of this site, Nic (26) died due to S.A.D.S (sudden adult death syndrome). And it happened back in 2013. Now there are no new updates, but you can download it from the old packages.

(9). Pexels
WS Blog pexels

Pexels is loaded with astonishing pixels. Here there are 10 new photos arriving daily.

(10). Splitshire
WS Blog Spiltshire

More than 500 free images to download in zip format and it gets updated almost daily. Royalty free images are now to use on our terms. If not bought, do appreciate the work of others and attribute.

(11). Magdaleine
WS Blog Magdaleine

Magdaleine is a free images site which brings a new image every day. Many images are very inspirational here.

(12). Picjumbo
WS Blog Picjumbo

Picjumbo subscription service is very active, it delivers with some beautiful pictures (at least 4) to our mailbox. All the pictures are the hard work of Viktor Hanacek.
You’ll never regret being subscribed to picjumbo. Of course, it's free and also paid subscription also available.

(13). Gratisography
WS Blog Gratisography

Images are free of copyright restrictions and the developer is Ryan McGuire. Gratisography has some ravishing HD pictures.

(14). Morguefile
WS Blog Morguefile

This site is useful in grabbing the images for illustrations, comp or designing, art etc. One can make good presentations with the free images available here.

(15). Foodies feed
WS Blog FoodiesFeed

The name itself indicates this site is related to the food images. And this is the choice of many food bloggers.
If you are a food blogger or having any idea of creating a food-related post, head to this free site.

(16). Jay Mantri
WS Blog Jay Mantri

Images are free to use for personal or commercial purposes. The beauty of nature, locations etc can be seen here.

(17). Unsplash
WS Blog Unsplash

Unsplash is a hub for new photography talents. A large number of images are generated by the crew and from various photography. 10 free images for 10 days.

(18). New Old Stock
WS Blog New Old Stock

This is a place for vintage images, as old as 1893. Historical and cultural images are also seen here. All free to download and use.

(19). Stock snap

Stock snap is a very active images site, up to 100 pictures are added weekly.
WS Blog Stock Snap

(20). We function
WS Blog We function

This site provides images in the form of volumes (vol. 1, vol. 2 etc).
Exciting images and free of copyright.

(21). ISO Republic
WS Blog ISO Republic

This free images site gifts us with images of flowers, keyboard keys, cityscapes, interior design and lights etc. All are free to use.

(22). Shutteroo
WS Blog Shutteroo

All images are captured by Klaye Morrison. And here this is travel photography, most helpful for the travel bloggers.

(23). Death to the stock photo
WS Blog Death to the stock photo

Free photos are seen monthly and we can subscribe to their mailing list. This is really death to the stock photos.

(24). Negative space
WS Blog Negative space

Another best site which can't be missed a shot.

(25). Ancestry images
WS Blog Ancestry Images

This site holds all the ancient historical maps and other images. Can be a useful one to those who work on history on their blogs.

(26). IM free
WS Blog IM Free

Images and free templates, people and business related are available here.

(27). Refe
WS Blog Refe

All real-life photos with amazing natural looking are available for free here.

(28). Pixabay
WS Blog Pixabay

You can also try pixabay to get all the free images for various tasks.

(29). Lock and stock photos
WS Blog Lock and stock photos

Best of royalty free images, full clarity and good looking pictures. All for free.

(30). Compfight
WS Blog compfight

Compfight is an image search tool like the site, it is linked with Flickr.

(31). Photopin
WS Blog Photopin

This is another site for all the free images for bloggers, the source is needed to be attributed.

(32). Public domain archive
WS Blog Public domain archive

Here, we have options to choose from the categories like vintage, modern and weekly etc. Choose your needy task suitable picture for free.

(33). Snapwire snaps
WS Blog Snapwire snaps

Snapwire snaps is a Tumblr blog. You can download free photos here.

(34). Graphic stock
WS Blog Graphicstock

Graphic stock is a colourful site and a paid site for the HQ images. If you are a professional blogger and you want professional shots, choose this site.

(35). Flickr, Pinterest, Google+

Flickr is the place of images of all categories, world's best photographers roam around on Flickr. Create an account here and you can upload your work too. Using the images will depend on the permission of the respective owners.
Pinterest is home of portrait pictures, long and long length pictures. Infographics and other amazing images are here. Not free to use, but if you can attribute properly, you'll escape copyright infringement.
Google+ never loses it's charm. Since it's launch, it became a best place to experience real life photography. Contact the photographer and let him/her finish the property for your blog/site.

What's your favourite site(s) to get free images for your blog/website. Do share it below in the comments and also share your thoughts on this post. Thank you :)

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