HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook
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Creativity is fun, creativity is amazing. The power of creativity is controlled by two things, one is our mind and the other are tools we use to fill oxygen in our creativity. One of such tools is HP Star Wars™ special edition notebook.

This comes with the irresistible power of darkness to explore and be creative. This is the new power in the galaxy, with speed and fun.

This world is running with the energy of technology. This notebook provides us all the necessary tools to be creative and fun, multiple tasking and other special features.
I can use this Star Wars built in content to explore my other side and expose my darkest side which is never seen before.

Am prepared to access the new power in the galaxy and unleash my hidden power. The power of the dark side is ready to drive me with all the success.

I would like to celebrate my each second with visuals, like images and graphic content. My mobile is filled with the designs and other photo shoots, inspirational quotes, etc. With the HP Star Wars™ notebook, my thirst for eye catching content will be fulfilled.
Since this notebook stand out from all those, loaded with the famous Star Wars content. This interface will attract everyone who is burning with desire to experience differently.

As a music lover, I stick to the music almost every day. With the B&O play audio in the HP Star Wars™ special edition notebook, I can enjoy a lot of music with all the sound effects.

I can create documents, store my files and perform other tasks with the help of the Star Wars command centre in the notebook.
All these are the rare Star Wars content.

All of us love speed, aren't we? We would like to complete the tasks in less time, coming to electronic devices. These gave the meaning to the real speed, now with the HP Star Wars™ notebook, tasks are completed lightening fast.

I am able to get 1,100 preloaded images of the epic Star Wars. Which are later used as themes or screensavers to make my notebook to look better.

I can customize the entire appearance of the desktop design and the wallpapers.

There is a new font available only in HP Star Wars™ special edition notebook and it is ‘Aurebesh'. This font makes me feel like being in the Star Wars family.

I love to read books and after the digital world begins to light up me, I stick to the eBook readings. Here I can get the library of free ebooks, comics.
All the trailers of Star Wars movie series are also available here.

The illuminating backlit keyboard helps me to type faster and accurately, so that I don't get mad with the slow flow of typing. And that red glow behind each key attracts me to type.

All these special specifications and beautiful look made this HP Star Wars™ special edition notebook attractive. Reliability, performance and look, all things are well placed.

Even you can experience this powerhouse, share your experience and use #AwakenYourForce to talk about this.

For me, HP Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook is a perfect match.

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ITD - World's Showcase

For many people, a cup of tea makes their day. After waking up early in the morning, tea is mandatory. This beverage refreshes our day and it will keep us energetic.

December 15 is celebrated as International Tea Day. Only sipping tea is not focused by the ITD, but to bring the awareness among the people about the problems of tea production.
Prasanna Dasari - ITD

International Tea Day is first held in New Delhi, India. This is the global production and an entire world knows the flavour of tea. But, ITD is mainly celebrated in the countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malawi, Kenya, India, Uganda, Malaysia and Tanzania.

Tea has many benefits, if consumed moderately. And celebrating tea day means to share the love for tea with the world.

Tea plays an important role with us, especially Indians. Whether it is for a meetup or a date, first word that comes out of our heart is tea.
It is our most favourite warm beverage.
Prasanna Dasari - ITD 2015

Depending upon the taste and mixing style. Teas are different types, herbal trees, instant teas etc.
These all are good to consume (must observe which tea is our healthy one).

When we talk about tea, its sibling coffee comes next. But, tea is preferred to coffee. Why? Let's see the following infographic.

Now, we've seen how tea dominated coffee. Let's see some points how tea is helpful for a good health.

  • Tea keeps us young due to antioxidants
  • Less content of caffeine
  • Reduces heart attack and stroke
  • Bones are protected
  • Tea burns fat as fuel
  • It prevents blindness
  • Tea reduces cortisol levels
  • Tea is anti-inflammatory
  • It increases memory and concentration
  • Tea is anti-allergen

All those above benefits are proven true and if you want to grab a cup in the morning/evening, go ahead! Now, go to grab one :D

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Feel The Rush Of City of Pearls

India is the hub of tradition and culture. There are many cities in the country and each got their own unique history and speciality. They all are famous for their respective talents.

After deciding to write a post about my favourite city from one of the four zones. It's hard to pick a city. Because all are worth to write about. Since Indiblogger ‘#madeofgreat Zonal War’ contest is the reason to write this post, I have to select any one city.

After sorting out much, I chose Hyderabad, which is in the south zone. And where I lived during my entire educational period.
As this is a very much known region for me, I can talk much about this.
Hyderabad is the popular and populous city in India. Secunderabad and Hyderabad together called as twin cities.

About Hyderabad :

Hyderabad was the capital city during the British rule and is the capital city in democratic.
It is called as ‘city of pearls’ and also ‘lion city'.
Now it is the joint capital for both the states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
Hyderabad is situated along the banks of Musi river.
This is the place with history of greatest rulers and emperors.
Floating in the colours and trends in the fashion, entertainment and IT.
People from both states shows interest to be called as Hyderabadi (demonym of Hyderabad).
It is providing education and employment to the people all over the world.
Hyderabad is the second
Now let's discuss the city with respect to the following three points.

  1. Drive
  2. Design and
  3. Connect

(1). DRIVE :-

Hyderabad is one of the busiest cities in India. 80% of roads in Hyderabad are with huge traffic. It is hard for a person to cross without a zebra crossing.

One who rides/drives on Hyderabad roads, then they can drive anywhere in the world. It needs much patience to handle the driving in some heavy traffic areas like Balanagar.
Due to many industrial areas and educational institutions and universities. Traffic problem gets worse by the evening.
Another disgusting thing about Hyderabad traffic is the horn sounds. There are some foolish drivers who sound the horn for no reason.
If someone visits the city for the first time, it's terrible to see all these traffic issues.
Hyderabad/Worlds showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Highways and international highways, flyovers and the ring roads. All are rush during the evenings.
Even other cities has the same problem with the traffic,in Hyderabad it is a bit more.

Anyone can love the drive during nights on necklace road and roads around Falaknuma. Those lights from the advertising billboards and beautiful decorations, it's a good drive (if we have patience).

(2). DESIGN :-

Hyderabad is home for the monumental constructions. It has more than 400 ancient and modern day places and buildings to visit.

Many monuments symbolize the city. Some of the places worth visiting are :
  • ‘Charming’ Charminar
  • Hussain sagar
  • Golconda Fort
  • Birla Mandir

There are gardens and palaces. Indira park, NTR gardens. Palaces include Falaknuma palace, Chowmahalla palace etc.

All these attractions make the city a good tourist place. There is history behind every construction, all of them are interesting to hear.
Hyderabad City of pearls / Prasanna Dasari

For the film industry, Ramoji Film city is the best place. A photogenic filming region.

If you love shopping, here are few bazaars, which have some years of history. They are Laad bazaar, Begum bazaar, Sultan bazaar etc. Especially for girls, these are the best places to shop.

(3). CONNECT :-

Hyderabad has three major means of transport. Roadways, Railways and Airways.
These all transport systems facilitates the passengers to connect with the national cities. Some of the railway lines are laid during the British rule.

Roadways are the widely used transportation in the city, including the local city buses. India's 3rd largest bus station is located in Hyderabad, it is MGBS (Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station).

Railways include the goods and passenger trains and local trains. Railway lines connecting the other states works 24/7.
The Secunderabad railway station is one of the busiest stations in India.

Airways also provide their service to the people. Two airports, RGIA (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport) and Begumpet Airport.
Begumpet Airport is also used for the military aviation training and for the VIPs landing.

The new project (almost finished) GHMC Metro rail will help citizens to travel easily within the city. This is going to reduce the travel time for employees and students.

These are the key features of my favourite city, Hyderabad, considering Drive, Design and Connect. This post is a part of MadeOfGreat - Tatamotors

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Anti corruption day - 2015 World's Showcase

Corruption, corruption, corruption. It is seen everywhere. It increased with the human population, developed countries and developing countries, all are involved in this.

Corruption is evil, it's approach is large. It's arms are stretched out and reaching every corner of the world. It knows no light and no dark.

Knowing this is illegal, many sectors will fall for this. Because there will be a no other way to escape. Either accept or reject, corruption wings are widespread.

As a part of prevention of corruption, we are celebrating today, i.e December 09’ 2015 as ANTI CORRUPTION DAY
Knowing we are helpless in few cases to keep a check to this evil, we are still here trying to prove that we aren't ready to accept the failure of sincerity.

This year's theme of ACD is
‘Break the corruption chain’ we can all participate in this big campaign by using hashtag #breakthechain

Corruption is an addiction. If a person or organisation tastes it. It will drag them closer to it. But, it is always our commitment to choose the way.

Public plays a major role in eradicating corruption. If one stop bribing, there stops the corruption. If one pays taxes regular, there will be no corruption. Preventive steps are many, few if followed will lead us to stand tall.

From a small firm to large industries there is corruption. From a government office to a private organization, there is corruption. It's not just spreading out on it's own, we are boosting it.

Also read : The Global Goals

When we follow goals like above, development is seen.
Let's observe the following infographic, it is the bribery report.
By The Network Inc., the leader in providing integrated ethics, risk and compliance solutions

It all begins with a single step, we are here to take a pledge to terminate this d(evil) forever.

There are many risks in protesting the corruption. They include the authority and governmental agencies. Geographic locations, third parties/associates, rogue employees etc.
Let's see this in detail in the following infographic.
(Click on the image for a clear view)
This infographic is the courtesy of

A corruption free country is free of threats and financial planning is great. And how it is obtained is seen in the following quote

If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher. — APJ Abdul Kalam — former President of India

We all together can bring the change and help coming generations to boast about a corruption free nation.
There is no perfect time to start it, just start right now.
Say NO to bribes and corruption.

Before I conclude, I would like to bring the corruption perceptions index 2014 (last year).
(Click on the image for a clear view)
This infographic is the courtesy of transparency.org

Conclusion :
As  proud citizens of India, let's dive into the action and stop the prevailing of corruption. Let's together

Share your thoughts and opinions on this Anti-Corruption day and how can we stop it, in your ideas. Comment box is waiting for you, thank you :))
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Chennai floods - prasanna Dasari

 #ChennaiFloods left us all in a misery. Many people suffered a lot because of these floods. Human, property loss had took place.
Many bloggers did blogged about this tragedy, everyone shared their experiences and encounters with this disaster.

Each one of the survivors will have an epic proportions of experience to share with the world. Few of them expressed through their writings and few saved in their hearts.

Every heart felt sad after hearing the real stories of the victims. Who to blame for this? Not a person, not any government. It's nature hand in this. And how can we blame nature? We've done a lot of bad to it.
We can't name this as ‘Revenge Of Nature’ because nature is always very kind. This is something beyond revenge.

Many of our friends are there in Chennai, checking them for hour to hour, concerned about their safety. Trying to assist them in one-way or the other, everyone of us did the same.

We don't have any idea how they suffered for food and shelter, we can only imagine. Placing ourselves in their place is an insight into their suffering.

Not just simply I came here and writing this, to be frank! I never thought that about writing for #ChennaiFloods.
I have my reasons before, I am not in Chennai to write about it. I can't make this post just only as a sign of sympathy for the victims.
Secondly- I didn't participated in any service to help people of Chennai.

Then tonight after watching a news (again) about the disaster, I couldn't stop myself from writing.
After all, this is not intended to hurt anyone.

These are completely my own and personal thoughts and doesn't depict any attachment with anyone.

After watching the news, I began to think. Why? What? How?

Why does this happened to Chennai? What are the reasons? How can I face it when i'm in that situation?

These 3 questions gave me 3 things to learn, I would like to share them here.


I realised many things with the #ChennaiFloods I know am not forever on this earth. Am running out of time, leaving behind many unfinished tasks. I have to urge to reach my goals and dreams.
When such disaster hits me I may or may not survive.
Before my dreams collapse like a card-buildings, I have no idea how to react to a sudden situation like this.

My realisation is about me and the society in which am living.
I have to question myself, how can I be the one of the helping hands? How can I help others in these cases, where no pre-warning is seen. I have to realise and ready to perform the essential functions.

Chennai got a big heart, it survived very well. Of course not alone.


For a while I thought I would never see these two words in the society. But, I was wrong. Chennai restored only due to these two things.
‘Human helping human’ is what ‘being human’
We all saw that in the rescue operations. Students to homemakers, all participated actively in the relief operations. This is humanity.
When men & women, children and adults, all together girt themselves to assist the victims, this is unity. It knows no race, no religion and no colour.


Rich, poor, beggar and all. All went under the same roof to save their lives. No indifferences are seen here, in this race for life. Under one shelter. One gentleman, hated to see that ugly face of a beggar who asked for alms everyday. Now he had to sit beside that beggar and eat.
One young lady who called the shelters of poor the worst places on earth, had to go inside to save her life. This is life, we don't know where it will take us.
chennai floods - world's showcase

Here, equality is most important thing to remember. The gentleman and young lady are none other than humans, like us.
Sometimes we also may feel proud about our achievements and successful life. Here we have to keep in mind one fact, the ground on which we are walking will swallow us one day to the place from where we never return.
Equality must be shown during the entire life cycle not only during the danger situations.

These are the three things I learnt from the #ChennaiFloods. And I am modifying myself to fix myself in the society to face the similar situations if faced in the future.

We all prayed for Chennai and it's well being. Let's #Prayforchennai and #prayforworld.
Change is within us, not anywhere.

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It's always a pleasure to watch those twinkle twinkle little stars in the sky during the night.
We feel really great while we watch them shine brightly, for me, I dream to go up there and play with them.

Knowing it's impossible for me to be high up there, but I can still enjoy the view and write for them.

It's still a habit for elders to narrate the stories of stars to kids. Those stories are heard by all of us, even we dreamt of being one of those characters.

Here, I would like to say those feelings in the form of a poem.

Lamps of the sky - world's showcase

 Stars...Stars...why are you so bright?
Is the light really white inside you?

Or is it the moon light that makes you white.
The whiteness is like a shiny pearl

Which is clean from a freshwater.
You brought the meaning to the whiteness and shining.

Why is it.. whenever I see you I Fall for you.
Why are your glitterings reminds me of heavenly lights.

Why does your beauty seems to be forever.
I wonder if you have death!

But, I came to know that even you die,
It is the falling that makes you die.

My question withered away,
So high in the sky.

Dwelling in between comets and constellations.
Why are you so adorable like a princess who is ready to wed?

Does your shiny thing ever faded during the day.
Can you teach me some science as they say that you shine.

Even in day as you do at night.
Is it true! That you never sleep?

Tell me oh! stars The wanderers of sky,
Lamps of the sky.
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Dates laddu - Prasanna Dasari

One who keeps on trying new recipes will never get bored. No matter where they are, they are pro.chefs.
Such people will keep on exploration of new recipes. Well, i'm not that kind, I only walk into the kitchen to see my sis experimenting with new ideas for cooking. But, I taste them all.

Now I would like to bring here one of those desserts, which is very simple to do and in a very less time. It also has low calories, because here, sugar free pellets or sugar free natura is used instead of sugar.

Low calories means a good news to the diabetes patients and also good news to those who regularly workout and are very much concerned about their physic.

Sugar free products are good substitute for sugars. They give the same taste, but with less calories than that of sugar.

We are now going to prepare DATES LADDU with sugar free.

I would like to thank Ms.Nikhitha Raj for being so good in this entire image collection and recipe preparation.

We all love laddus, aren't we? If I can say, i’ll say that they are the representatives for sweet. In our Indian culture, they are special. Laddus will top the list when it comes to the sweetness. Whether it's a special occasion or a festive season, these laddus will occupy the festivities.

Easy to prepare (well if we practice, it's not a rocket science) and easy to eat. People of all ages are fond of Laddus.

Here, we are going to taste those Laddus, which are free of calories. As we know a spoonful of sugar contains 20 calories. And these are harmful to our healthy lives, especially to diabetes patients.
So, what are we going to do is, replace the sugar content with sugarfree. The same sweetness and same taste, more healthier.

This is all due to the sugarfree.
Many will think that these sugar substitutes will not give the same sweetness as the sugar do. But, it's not true. There will be no alteration in the colour or taste. The only thing is low calories, we have to prefer low calorie diet.

Let's dive into the process…

Ingredients :

  • Grated coconut - ½ cup
  • Chopped dates - ½ cup
  • Rava (sooji) - 2 to 4 tablespoons
  • Rice flakes - 2-4 tablespoons
  • Sugar free pellets - 10 pellets (or) sugar free natura 5 teaspoons. (These contents are changed according to our desirable quantity, you may change the no.of pellets or spoons)
  • Raisins (kishmish) - 10 nos
  • Cashew nuts - 10 nos
  • Ghee - ¼ cup
Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Procedure for Dates LADDU :

For preparing dates laddu, first heat ghee in a non-stick pan.
After the heating process reaches the final level, add grated coconut, sugar free pellets/sugar free natura.
Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari
Mix well till they melt.
Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Now add rava and rice flakes, chopped dates, cashews and raisins.
Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Mix them well for 2-4 minutes, then turn off the flame.

Let it cool for sometime, let's say 10-15 minutes.
Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

After cooling has done at room temperature, take the mixture into your hand and shape into small balls.
Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Now, keep them in a plate and add some decorations for a good look. Hurrah! Dates ladoo is ready.
Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Dates laddu World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

This post is a part of Sugarfree-india.com

Share your thoughts and valuable opinions on this recipe. Thank you :)
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Ten Questions To Ask Yourself When You Hit A Rock Bottom
Embedded image courtesy of Frame Angel at Freedigitalphotos. net

We all have to go through hard times, when we are in the middle of the problems, left alone and betrayed. There is where our life hits the rock bottom, it feels like a dead end and words won't workout here, also not any comfort.

We can call this in a state of depression and hardship. And no strength will help us to fight this torments.
Comforting words sounds like curses, people around us appears like enemies and seems like they emerged as new foes against us.

We are going to fight with our feelings and emotions. May be we are out of control and prevention is miles away from us. So, how we are looking forward to handle?
There comes none to rescue us, we are our own light. We all had experienced those hard rock situations in our lives, some of us are through them and some are still struggling.

However, our beloved ones are there to help us out of these tough times, but we have to learn to cultivate self-motivation whenever necessary, as a tool.

Here am going to wing our lives with the challenging behaviour, we have to question the problem besides questioning our capabilities.
In this post am going to bring ten questions before you. We need to practice to self-act and self-question when we are surrounded by huge problems.

These questions will help us to realize our inner strength and fills back all the courage and there by increasing the confidence.
Let's see what are they!

  1. Is this failure occurred to ‘only' me in the world?
  2. If others, who had faced the same failure like I do. Are they capitalized and get out of the failure?
  3. If someone is out, can I be too? Can I make a big comeback after tasting this failure?
  4. Am I ready to accept myself and not to blame others for the failure? Am I ready to realize my mistakes?
  5. Did I made a correct strategy? If not, can I make one now?
  6. Can I make sure not to repeat the same mistakes from past?
  7. Am I ready again to invest enough energy, time and consideration for the goal?
  8. Am I ready to ‘let go' those who distracted me from winning?
  9. Can I implement any  planning to reach the goal?
  10. Am I ready to learn lessons from the failures and not to retreat from such situations?

Analysis of the above questions :

Now let's analyze the questions one by one.

The answer to the first question will be a big YES. Because, many are there before we are. Irrespective of the fields we are in, feeling of success and failure is the same. For an ordinary shopkeeper to a business tycoon, success means profit. Likewise, we all have our own success and failures.

When we are facing a failure after another and other. Then don't regret in doing another try. Before you, there are names in the list, who had gone through the similar situation like you.
Don't copy their way of approach, but do copy their spirit.
Answer to the second question is also YES, they may or may not capitalized, it's your time to get up and leave some footprints in the history.

Making a comeback is never like a debut, it's like a ball with speed after hitting the wall. It may gradually lower the speed, but it does make an impact.

For the fourth question, we have to say YES if we need a success. Blaming and complaining will not guide us. Accepting our own failures will boost us.

Checking our strategic planning is important to know the leaks in our bucket of investment. And if we re-read it, there will be some solutions lying in.

For the sixth question, a NO means lack of confidence, if YES means overconfidence. As we are humans, sometimes we do the same mistake twice or many more times. We can't assure that we can't repeat it, but still we've to try not to.
failure quote

For the seventh, we have to be ready to invest additional energy, that means more than before. Simple reason is, we've failed last time with less, let's make it more this time.

Eighth is right, some persons or things. Even emotions and feelings may distracted us in the past. Some addictions and procrastinating attitude. Let's eliminate them to feel the change.

New plans and new rules must be implemented to see a better result than before, we have to try this for sure.

Learning from the past is really a good thing. It's free, ready to teach us anytime.

Next time, when you or anyone you know are in a problem. Try this self questioning. This may help you out and bring you closer to the solution.
Don't pressure your mind much by questioning it, take a break and question with all the positivity. All the best!

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments, do you have any question to include or a tip to face the failure? Go ahead and share. Thank you :)

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