There is a writer in everyone. In you, in me and in many. But, all writers writings cannot influence or motivate the readers.
Someone must create a relation or develop an understanding between the reader and his/her writing. It is not an easy thing to do.
Following are some of the qualities of a writer, which have to be possessed by a writer.

These are the peppy ways as a writer to stand out from the crowd. And every pen ejected words and sentences must contain them. 
Let's dive in__

Visualization :

This is the basement for an author, to build a building of readership. Visualization is  like a very first brick in the construction of a building called writing. How much information is visualised by the writer, he can keep it all, at least a minute percent in his/her writing. Visualisation is the gift. And this doesn't need to do any with your eye-vision.

We know, there are some blind authors who wrote most heart touchable books. Yes, visualisation of an author is related to the mindset of the author. 
It depends on the past life, the localities and the situations in which one spent in childhood and raised up.
For example- if there is a roasted chicken in front of two people with different mindsets (here authors) one will think about the tastiness and appreciate the cooker. And the other will think about the harm and pain the hen had undergone in the process of roasting. 
So, this is why visualisation helps you to focus on how your mind is thinking.

It depends upon the mind. Genres may differ, all readers may not like your writings, but those who found the key in your writings, will never leave you alone.

Fearless :

Let's imagine, there is a person (boy/girl), who hates bullying. And he/she wants to write an essay on the topic called bullying. That person will not be able to write the remedies to bullying instead he/she will focus on the writing of their fears and experiences in facing the bullying because, they fear to this word. 
So, while you choose to write an enthusiastic passage try to drive away the fear (if exists) on the topic you chose. 

Because, beware! readers can feel your fear while they read on your writings. Even in the printed letters one can say that "Ahh!...this author might be in a running train or shaking his/her hands while writing". Readers are really intelligent ;) they can sense your writings.

Curious :

Never dare to choose a writing in which you’ve never shown an interest. Because, we can't focus on the reality to express our views to them who are reading it. We are not curious about our own topic. 
Curiosity is must and should to express the views and thoughts in a motivational way.
So, be curious.

Imaginative :

Both the reality and imagination will add the flavour to our writing. Because, we are not any political leaders to speak all the real (of course, they don't). The imagination of an author must be like a branch technology. One idea and one imagination must lead to the creation of other. By this imagination a writer will be able to dwell his/her readers in their imaginative reading.
Engaging the reader in the suspense and to steal their focus, imaginative writing is necessary.

Writing Colossal Articles

Collaborative :

This is also a supportive function in a program called writing. One writer must collaborate with the other...
Wait! wait! am just kidding here, as no two writers collaborate completely as they both are thinkers. That's why, they are writers.

Here, the collaboration means the mixup with the surroundings and the actuality with the things and places which we used in our writing. It must look like that we have much interaction with the things and places we mention in our writing.
It would be a crazy writing if a writer who never been to Antarctica, tries to write about "Expedition To Antarctica" at least he must have the idea or some literal knowledge about the icebergs, avalanches, polar bears, etc..

Resourceful :

The first rumour heard from the reader's mouth is "the author has gone mad" if we (the authors) write about a topic in which we lack the resources. 
This situation will occur in the case of the writings, where there must be a point to point evidence. However, in general writings, we don't observe this. In my recent experience, i saw an author who is an atheist trying to prove that the Bible is wrong. 
Well, he is really a good writer, with perfect grammar and stress usage. His writings made me to think for a while whether he may be right. It's a social commenting platform. So, i 've decided to comment on his writing. I posted like this "Sir, do you have any resources to keep this arguments high?" in reply to my comment, after three full days he replied "Nope, it was my thought i am no historian to look for resources" 
Yea, he was right he is neither a historian nor an archaeologist. Then, why did he wrote on a platform where there must be an evidence and resource data needed?? . As i said the same to him, he just deactivated his account in that social network. 
Be Careful, if your writings deal with the naturality. Be there with the resource to stand and keep your written work supported.

Journalistic :

We all are familiar with the above word. Yes, you got the point. Our writings must reflect like the writings of a journalistic mind. 
It doesn't mean, i am suggesting you to attend a training in journalism course, what i mean to say is we must modify, defy, and compress our writings in a journalistic manner. 

Say a lot with less words and in simple sentences as well as short, but cache.
Don't let the reader give up on your writing by saying that “ this author is outdated “ or “ he is just a long-ago writer”.

P.S : Here, in this post, i'm sharing my thoughts about writing. It doesn't and never meant to hurt any author's feelings.
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Living a useful life, for ourselves and for the society’s sake is an honourable thing to do. In it lies all the pleasure.

Help for help, revenge for revenge is in this world, viewing the world with the perspective of a developmental eye is necessary.

This is not an individual planning, this is for all. Socially moving forward is our target.

When one person began to walk in a certain path, few will definitely follow if it's a good path. Make a storm like decision, change will follow up.

We live in a country, where advice is available for free. When we seek a help, we aren't sure that help is on its way, but immediately there comes an advice.
Just like a person who shouts with a loud voice during a road accident. There are two people lying on the ground, screaming for help. The person who is one from the crowd, shouts ‘somebody give them water', ‘somebody call an ambulance’, ‘somebody do this and somebody do that'. He don't want to indulge in helping, all he can do is to shout. Many of us have seen like the above in our lives, aren't we?

And for God's sake, we are proud that we don't fall under that ‘shout-outs’ category. We are in action, we call an ambulance, we gave them water, we assist the victims to hospital.
This help is not for any publicity, this however not going to earn any Penny. We are set to do this, we are like an autobot here. Our limbs move to give a hand in the rescue operation. This is called the real citizenship and this isn't going to mock anytime.

As a citizen of India, we have all the human rights, constitutional laws and last, but not the least, freedom.

The real gift we can give to those real freedom fighters are not the heap of garlands, nor those cultural programs. But, by our performance in the society, our action is taken into the consideration. Isn't that the real gift?

A flower placed at the feet of any of our favourite freedom fighters will wither away by evening, but if we make up our mind and show our real responsibility by doing any work in the society, it will stay alive. And breath to that work is the result we get over the work we did.
Republic day - World's Showcase

Don't think how you can be a responsible citizen, whatever you are doing, do it with responsibility.

How to be a responsible citizen???
This is a question about attitude, about behavior and about our existence.
Being responsible is taught in childhood, but with the real life experiences it is strengthened.
If you are a student, perform the tasks given to you, within time. Student life is amazing life, provided respect must be preferred first. An employee may think that his work may not impact the rest of the world, because it is only a small space he is controlling. But, remember each one of those who works are the precious assets of the nation.
And a housewife may think, that their lives are bound and limited to a certain place. But, they are the spine of all the success, only go unnoticed because of the gender dominance. Each and everyone is productive in the country.

Let's take an oath today, that we perform whatever, we bring the glory. Let's do the work with wholeheartedness, with a commitment and with love.

Today is the Independence day, yeah, you heard it right. Today is the day in the history, India is feeling proud being on its own feet. Later it is addressed as the Republic Day.
This part must be included in the beginning of the post, but am very excited to share my thoughts and views.
Today we celebrate the 67th Republic Day. Unfurled flags are what we saw early in the morning.

Tricolour flag is the symbol of respect. Its influence fills our blood with the pride.
We, Indians, are celebrating the Republic Day today. One fact thing about our constitution is, it has a total of 448 articles in it. No other country can boast like this.

When we salute the flag, we are saluting the characteristics of it. We are taking an oath that we will play our best role in preserving the law and then securing the peace, protection of the nature.
This is not any comparison to the Independence day, this is itself the Independence day.

To be a citizen who impacts the society, all we need to do is, follow the constitution. Be united and fight as one against all the social evils.

There are many wars to be won. And there are many victory flags awaiting to crawl on to the flag posts. Those wars must be done by the citizens. They are poverty, illiteracy, caste indifference, regional differences and if we count, there are many to empty our ink.

On this Republic Day, let's stand together in unity, to fight against all the evils. And once again to show the world that we aren't second, for the number one spot awaits for us.

Coming to the political section, a real political victory is that victory which is an outcome from the hearts of the people. And a political section where there will be no buying of votes. And where people won't agree to be a sellout.
Let's hope for such a wonderful day.

Wishing you all a Happy Republic Day :)

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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This is the continuation to the post on pornography.

In the part - 1, we've seen how porn can destroy the thinking capacity and decision making of our brains.
We've also seen how the porn industry making billions of turnover every year.

Last, but not the least we've also listened to an interview with a sex trafficking victim Anna by Covenant Eyes®.
In case if you missed to download the podcast, visit here to listen.

In the part - 1, we were discussing about the impact of porn, causes and reasons. As promised in that post, I am here with some points to discuss on how to quit porn.
Pornography/world's showcase

Pornography kills motivation, brain shrinkage takes place and works less. We cannot ignore these facts, because they're proven by study after study.
I think this is a valid problem to discuss.

Before we see how to quit porn, let's observe some benefits in leaving porn.

Benefits of quitting porn :
  • Porn is a drug. Leaving it will give you the same experience like if you left a drug, say heroin. This is quite useful if you are  teenage in.
  • You don't have to lead a double life. You are the same person in the world and especially to yourself.
  • Your energy increases, focus increases. No more drawing back from performing any task.
  • Able to start a fresh life, which is amazing than ever before.
  • No place in your heart to bear all those guiltiness and self-soothing records.
  • Your change gives you a pleasure. It can be noticed by your friends, family and colleagues. But, you only know the real reason behind it.
  • Depression, anxiety, anger and stress flee away from you.

Those are the benefits of quitting porn. Let's see how to quit. Starting with this infographic.
[click on the image to view in larger size]

Courtesy of Stop Procrastinating – Guide to beating porn addiction.


This isn't going to be any easy thing to implement, if one is addicted to porn, there must be a lot of struggling with it to come out of it.

Man cannot remake himself without struggle, for he is both the marble and the sculptor “ -Alexis Carrel

Let's see what are those struggles. Below are the points on how to quit porn, forever and ever.

(1). Take a decision

This is the key, your decision must be strong and final. You must not turn back and feel regret for the decision you take here. Write it on your slate of heart, if you are strong in this section, there is a broad spectrum of battles to fight.

(2). Self awareness

You must be capable of knowing yourself. You must know those things which make you happy, sad, disgusting, etc. If you are aware of yourself, then you can think of a change in your lifestyle.

(3). Acceptance

Accepting what you are is the next step, you have to accept yourself sincerely. Nothing must prevent you in doing this.
You are who you are, you must be with yourself in your entire life, it's your life to live. Nobody has the control switch, but you.
You must accept your life even entire world rejects it.

(4). Willpower

Willpower is what it all takes, if you have it in you. The goals you design and resolutions you make will stand. This is the sword to fight against the battle.
Porn is controlling you, it's time to take the control into your hands. Use the willpower and rule it. Shut it off completely and prove yourself to you that you are a real hero.
Because if you can't win on yourself, you can't win on others.

(5). Knowing Triggers

Pornography always depend on a strong trigger. Because it can't enter your brain directly, it needs a gateway. Those gateways are triggers.
Each person has different trigger. Knowing which is your's is the first victory in the process of quitting porn.
Loneliness, stressful moments, boring time, angry, disappointment, etc. are few of the triggers. These include watching visual contents like TV, Magazines, Movies.
When you feel alone, you watch a movie, in the movie there is a bold scene which automatically triggers your sexual desire.
That desire won't get satisfied, it will make you to walk towards porn since you are addicted to it.
By avoiding those triggering situations, you can suppress the urge to watch porn.

(6). Transmutation

Of course we all know how transmutation works. Here we've to use one energy drive for the purpose of other.
If your sexual desire is causing you a lot of trouble, use that entire calories for any other good work. Here, transmutation will help in two things. It drives away the thoughts since we are using the energy for other work and diversion from the porn also occurs.

(7). #NeverGiveUp

You cannot leave any habit in a single night. Practice, commitment and few failures to huge mistakes, everything is a part of the journey. What you've to do is #NeverGiveUp. We are humans and we are having a chance after chance for a change, finally which is good for our livelihood.

Don't curse yourself if you failed to attain the goal in overcoming the pornography. It is in your mind for a long time, it won't go off that much easily. It takes time and wait, waiting will be worthy here.

(8). Forget

Leave the past life to the past, you are all new and fresh here. A fresh start will energize you to maintain a clean record. Don't let the past ruin your present.

(9). Stick to ‘Yes' or ‘No'

Don't let your friends force you to do what you are unwilling to do. It is not their life, it's yours. So, don't let them to control you. Stick to a single answer in any situations. If you say NO then it must be a no.
If you say YES then it must be a yes.
If you bounce in between these answers, then it's a doubtful life.

(10). Rejoice in your performance

In a spiritual writing, which I read few weeks ago, in that the author compared our records to a clean tablecloth. When it's new, nobody spilled anything on it. It was all new and shiny.
One day by mistake, a person spilled juice, then following it everybody began to spill due to the carelessness. Because, one stain on it won't make a huge difference, because there are many.
Likewise, when you maintain a good non-porn life record. If you failed once, don't repeat the same. Stand up, admire your performance and move on. That clean and neat tablecloth is nothing, but our performance.

Finally, be you nothing can change your mind. It is all your thinking whether to accept or not.
One thing is crystal clear, porn isn't good to watch. ‘Everybody watches’ is the word that comes to our mind, but are you want to be one of them or stand alone from the crowd?
Choie is at your feet, if you move away, I am not promising you that you'll be a millionaire, am not promising you pure success. But, the life you lived before watching porn and after watching porn is noticeable.
That stressful mind exists no more, once you give up the porn and see the results.

Before I conclude this topic, I would like to share another infographic which is on ‘How to quit pornography', stats, benefits and steps.
Infographics provide the information accurately and they show a positive impact on seeing them.
How To Quit Pornography
From Visually.

If and only if, you can't resist the temptation and if this thought won't let you to do your daily works. Then you need to see an expert or a person who is a professional in dealing with such things. It is an addiction, need a courageous mind tripled to beat it.

To those, who've read this post patiently and are not a porn addict. I thank you so much for your precious presence here and time.
To those, who are porn addict and somehow if this post helped you to create a spark in your mind which says ‘not to watch porn' then my soul rejoice in it. This post is for you, a personal letter. If this post talked you in that way, don't need to comment, you just right now start the process. Avoid all the distractions. I wish you all the best to you :)
And to those readers who have no connection with the porn, my zillion thanks to you :))

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Everything is at our fingertips in this technology driven world. Online shopping has become a major part of our life. Since it is a time saving and fast process when compared to other shopping processes.

Now it's time to introduce the best ever platform, a marketplace with powerful support. To showcase the talent of artisans and designers and more. It is is a free online marketplace and it offers all the features to create a free website, open free showrooms.
There is also a premium membership to get rid of the Google ads.

We will come across some people, who are very creative and talented in various fields like, designing latest designs for home decorations and other artisans. Do you think they'll get profit by selling them to any other shop? No, they will not get profit in doing so. If you are a person of such talent and you think you are creative enough to attract more clients. Here, is the best place. Why am calling it best is due to the following reasons…

Reasons why is the best place to showcase your creativity :
  • Free online shop, here on no hidden costs. It will remain free as long as you continue in this. When we get free from all those
  • You are the owner here - your own social media is created, a blog and a shop.
  • A direct contact with clients, no place for mediators.
  • Equal laws for everyone and one price, one currency principle.
  • This is the best place to make money online.

Here at you are who you are, your products are offered to real people. There are no limits.
You can sell anything. A best place for all the small business owners.

This is a community with like minded people who are willing to share their works with the world. This is the place where entrepreneurs dwell. If you are a start up and in search of the perfect marketing. You are at the right place.

Gone are the days, where you wasted hours and days, maybe months and years in search of the people who are interested to buy your products. Gone are the days where you head to every social networking sites and start to advertise by spending time & money.

Now it's the time to enjoy and relax, besides doing your business. With your tasks are finished with ease.

Facebook shop is the best example for it, because Facebook is the best site to get you more clients. offers you the Facebook shop. And you can have your product images piled up in one single place. Then you can categorize them, unlimited opening of showrooms is possible here. Everything is for FREE.

Benefits of

(1). Networking

Not only get your products online for sale, meet the designers with different talents around the globe. Who knows, the person you meet maybe your next business partner.

(2). Creating online shops

  Create an online shop for free, design it with your product images and showcase them.
There are a lot more features here.

(3). Worldwide access
You may be limited to local selling. Your products are liked around the world, you may have tried and ended up because of the investments in spreading your products all around the world. has its wings widespread, it is a global platform. You can be local and think global.
This is the best opportunity knocking your door.

(5). No transaction fee
One more thing is, there will be no transaction fees by swapping goods. Avoid them by signing up for

Social networking sites are the best platforms to get your products online for sale. is the only place to do it all for free.
Easy to manage and a user friendly site.

You may wonder what to sell, there are no restrictions as long as the products are legal and genuine. You can showcase anything here, furniture, fashionable things, home decors, handmade items, etc.

The wait is over, you & your talent will be now explored by the world with
The world which you dreamed about being an entrepreneur is here. No more waiting, head to and avail all the amazing benefits of it.

To know more, visit

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Today, am going to discuss about something which is avoided to talk about. This is the problem behind the curtains for many people in the society, they are not able to share their problem openly because of fear of rejection or treating as bad people.

No more hide & seek, I chose this time my topic as PORNOGRAPHY.

There is no reason for me particularly to discuss this, but I think talking about this is worthy.
Since this pornography is ruining many lives, if it is treated as a problem which will be gone by time then we are making a blunder.
Porn is irrespective of any region, it has its wings spread wide. They are wider than any good deed. One thing am going to make clear is, am not any industrialist to hate the porn industry, also am not saying anything against any particular porn industry. What am going to discuss is all self-improvement for a better life and good nature.

I planned to make this post into 2 parts. In which I will share these below concepts.

  1. How porn impacts lives and
  2. How to quit porn

Pornography is considered as a major problem with many students, employees and those who are single. It doesn't mean those who are already in a relationship are free of porn. But, it's affect is more on youngsters.

And those who are porn addicted, there are many barriers they have to face to live an ordinary life. No one is invincible here, since attraction to the opposite gender is a natural thing. But, when this attraction crosses the intended limit, that is considered as a problem. Why we have to talk about porn is, when this intention for sex is high, many people will reach porn since they consider this as ‘safe' way to get satisfied.

But, this isn't any way safe.
Watching porn is more than engaging in a sexual abuse. This is the worst thing to do.

In this first part, we'll discuss why porn is bad and how does it impacts our brains.

I would like to talk about boys, because I am a boy. And to be a gentleman, dignified person. There are few duties left for us to do.

Porn is holding few persons back from becoming what they want to become. It is interfering with daily activities and regular health cares.

One can access pornography easily in these days. Platforms are many such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc. The porn industry is widespread across the globe. It is found that there are 25 million online sites with many more pages of porn in them. These are only online, offline porn is countless too.

Many will argue that watching porn and masturbating is not a ‘crime', but here there is a truth to know. Encouraging porn is also means supporting the industry. This will perpetuate a culture of violence.

There are a lot of things which are hidden to those who are watching porn, those girls/women in the videos are not there by their will. They are forced to ‘act'. These girls are being victimized by the lure of stardom. Some are forcibly drawn into the industry.

All those videos they make are ‘fakes' no one is living in those videos.

I would like you to visit the below link and download the podcast of
an interview by Covenant Eyes. This is the interview with Anna Malika, sex trafficking victim.

Now it's time to see what are the impacts on humans by pornography.
I would like to present them one by one. Let's dive in…
Pornography World's Showcase

(1). Porn and the brain :
If someone is watching porn, their brain comes to a state of fantasy. Here, brain saves all those visual effects later whenever a person is alone, it triggers the inner thoughts.

We can't control this process carried out by the brain, this is called an addiction.
This doesn't go when we wish to leave. It becomes worse with time.

Pornography's are highly functional when a boy gets focused on sex. If addicted, there is a lot of work to do to get rid of this. It may take months and years.

Do not get comforted by those sayings like ‘porn don't destroy you', because it is going to destroy. Brain loses its capacity to enjoy the reality. It forgets to rejoice in the real sexual encounters. This is really disgusting.

Don't feed your brain with this kind of explicit data, this is not any substitute for anything.

If once fall, there is a need to reprogram our brain. Which we'll discuss in the 2nd part of this post.

(2). Socially inactive
If one is addicted to porn, they only wish to stay alone. Mostly away from family, in their rooms, doors and windows closed. They only depend on watching it and later fantasizing. Getting tired and sleeping.
There will be no place in their minds to get out of the house. House is heaven in their view.

This attitude will destroy relationships, compression in friendship and other misunderstandings.

(3). Mentally disturbed
Porn avoids to see the real. It helps in mapping those unrealistic dreams and aiming for something which isn't a possible job.
Mental illness will occur if we are watching porn for a long time.

A mentally disturbed mind will lack the focus and concentration. It is not a wonder if a porn addicted person say that he is unwilling to brush in the early morning as it is killing his time.

Anger, anxiety, stress and depression follow up.

(4). Porn = Drug
Porn is as toxic as any drug. It will create an imbalance in us and makes us to wander for more and more pixels.
A drunken person says he is all stable, but still he can't realize what is happening with him until he is out of the effect. Same thing is seen in the case of a porn addicted person, he don't bother what happening to him or to his surroundings. Even an earthquake occurs, he is there with his pornography.

(5). Objectification of girls/women.
All the above mentioned habits are one's own mindset. They are a self-soothing. But, here comes the danger. Excess watching of porn will make a girl/women as an object in the sight of a boy who is watching it. Girls are only viewed with the intention of sexual desires and no respect is seen here.

Sometimes this drive men to commit rapes and harassments. This is not good, who is under such dominance must need to consult an expert who can fix this type of mindset.

If I can say, objectification of women or voyeurism is the final stage of porn addiction.

Reasons for addicting to pornography.
These reasons will vary from one person to other. Depending upon their lifestyles and situations in which they are brought up. Everything will influence here, starting from the adolescence stage.

Here are few reasons___

  • Loneliness and abandoned - kids who are not under keen observation, who are not so open with parents and who are lacking care & love will be having chances of addiction to pornography when they are grown up.
  • Those who spend much time being alone and avoid family & friends are mostly exposed to this addiction.
  • Those who wish to escape from the reality, problems in relationships, career and stress will make to to get ‘temporary’ satisfaction and peace for that particular time.

And many more are there reasons.
This pornography won't leave any dignity in the person who gets addicted to it.

Those who watch it will think that they're going to leave this matter when they needed to, but they can't. There are withdrawals and substitutions, one addiction to dominate the other addiction. This isn't safe. Because ‘A thorn is a thorn, if it's from a beautiful rose plant or any poisonous plant, hurting is thorn's nature’

If someone is religious, they have to live a double life. Watching pornography is a sinful life, living another life beyond this as a good person is battling with the emotions.

My this discussion doesn't mean that those who are watching porn are bad, this only means if it is stopping the person to walk freely and genuinely, then it's a mistake.
Talking publicly about this is now more than a necessity.

And, we must all have to fight together. No devaluing of those who watch porn, they are humans like us, but need some moral support from us. Do not hate them.
Pornography - World's showcase

What is porn and where is it?
This question must be in the beginning, but intentionally I kept it here, because we are not done yet in talking about pornography's impact.

Pornography is as old as our existence. There are few categories in it, clean porn, harsh, semi-nudity, nudity, violent and more. Porn industries are more creative, they make the pre-planning of a scene which is closely related to our daily life. They include dialogues, actions and acting emotionally. Though they are not true, but to them who are addicted, brain pushes them to accept it as reality.

Frankly saying, if one is addicted to porn, he considers porn more than women. Porn is his first preference. How bad it is? Objectifying girl is seen here.

Earlier in this post, I told that there is no particular reason to talk about porn. But, in this flow I think I need to stand and raise my voice against this ‘evil'.

There is no good porn and bad porn. Everything shown in this are not educational, but are traps to wisely steal the pockets.
It's a surprise that a guy addicted to porn will spend his money in subscribing those channels for 24/7 access to porn.

Where is porn? It is in mind. Yea, porn sites aren't the only places to ‘save' porn, human brains do that too.

For a pervert, a girl fully dressed also seems as a sex-icon. Dressing is not a matter at all, it is in the mind and the thinking.
Since it belongs to us, we can control it. Provided, if we talk and discuss this.

Triggering of evil intentions in a human brain is doubled with this porn. They dream of performing the same as in those videos with their girlfriends/wives.This is rude, can be considered as rape.

Modern world stepped into another revolutionised generation, where semi-nudity is common. Television commercials to movies, this is highly encouraged. It's hard to find a movie nowadays without an intimate scene.
Cameras are only shooting girls and their bodies, adding some more strength to the objectification.
This is what we can't control, we don't have power to eradicate them, but we can rewire our brains.

To prevent violence against women, to stop the beast mentalism. We need to discuss this…

Are you with me? Many minds when works together, evolution will occur. If you are willing to play your role in eradicating this violence, do share your thoughts and opinions below after reading this. We can make a change, let's wage a war!

Part 2 - Coming soon...

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Underneath the oceans, there are many plants called weeds. All the aquatic animals feed on these to survive.
Due to the fuel leakages on the surface of the water by ships, a thick layer of film is formed. This will prevent the sunlight reaching the depth of the oceans.

Here is a weed, shouting out, it's situation out for us. Drowned in the problems, but not losing the hope.
Poem - Bring me back to life

Am a weed underneath the sea,
withered away without the sunlight.

Drowned in water, but no light
to enlighten my life.

Those film of oil layers,
turned out as my foes.

It's been days here,
I've been waiting for my saviour.

Who can it be?
Where I can find?

Bring me back to life,
I am abandoned, i am betrayed.

I deserve love, I deserve care.
I am not demanding for them.

I know my perseverance won't go fruitless,
there must be a help for me.

There must be a rescue,
from this deep and dark sheol.

My prayers will be answered,
for there is timing for anything.

I am living with the hope,
Deliverance from the thick darkness.

I would like to see light,
One day I will.

Oh! My saviour,
bring me back to life.

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