Depression, we heard this many times. We've been there many times. This is the words which cut through our hearts and meet the sad section in our minds.

Depression is a feeling of pain. Sadness and depression, both are not of the same category. Depression is something takes us to the town of pain. Am saying pain because only a person who is suffering can feel it. It can't be seen by others.

I was there before, in that mire, so drowned and wounded.Losing all the hope and lack of communication with the reality.  I comforted myself with the fantasies, but they are only a temporary relief.

Here is a writing that depicts the true pain of a lonely heart.

World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

All were there, nobody else has answered his (Mr. P's) call.
There is Mr V,  whom he helped more than anyone.

V said he can't talk.
V was busy in his job, that job is a gift of Mr. P

He called Mr D, D ignored and
rejected the call.

Then, Mr.P made another call to Miss.R, who is his close friend, whom he respects much and secretly loves her.

Mr.P never made an attempt to propose Miss.R.
He is scared of being rejected.

Miss.R answered the call, listened to
Mr.P's pain patiently.
This gave him hope.

Later, he continued to share more pain and ease the stone in his heart.
Miss.R said she will call him back.

Mr.P knows very well,
She won't call again.

All calls were made, to the close and
to the far.
But, no result.

None of them answered him what his heart is willing to hear from them.
He thought at least one of them would've lifted the call, stay with him in the air.

He helped all of them,
Spend his day and night in assisting them.

When they are alone, he was there.
Now he is alone nobody there.

He took a pen and paper.
Tried to write what his heart is trying to say.
No, that was a failed attempt.

His hands are shaking, his sight has blurred.
It seemed nothing in the world is going well with him.

It appeared to him that everyone and everything are his foes.
Even his heartbeat scaring him.

That loneliness, that silence is killing him inside,
all he can hear is the sound of his heartbeat and his watch's seconds handle tik-tik sound.

He loves writing, what can he do?
He prayed with trembling lips.

His words are unclear, but God knows what he is saying.
There was a silence for a couple of hours.

And then…

His hands began to move on the paper.
With all the force and strength.

He is able to write now by supporting his hand which is writing with the other hand.

He could only write these lines

Dear ‘Me’,

I don't know what I am. Am a loner, gone to a place where my heart hurts. No comfort is seen anywhere.
I don't deserve this, for I felt a moment that all in the world are my friends and dear ones. I've made my attempts to reach them. The world was and is  never a friend to me, it's a place for dealing with depression and loneliness.
I've to comfort myself. I can see those stars shining in the sky, they are strong together, but they are apart by million light years. When am hurt much, nobody came to my aid. I had to fight all alone by myself. I was not selfish, neither I am now. My life is a perfect example of suffering.

World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

After writing these lines, Mr. P rested there for a while.
He decided to give up the idea of ‘giving up'.
He realized his purpose of life, he moved on to take the handof another person who is in need of help.

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Today is ‘Tailors day’. This is an annual celebration celebrated in several countries.

This is the birthday of Sir. William Elias Howe, sewing machine inventor.

We are now in the world with advanced tailoring. Fashion technology has gone too far from the expectations. Revolution has occurred in the field, but the importance of sewing machines and their contribution remained same as before. This is evergreen.

Tailoring as a profession :

Back in those days, owning a sewing machine is common. Each house got one machine.
When it comes to the profession, it is feeding many families.
There is a caste name for them too ‘Dharjis’. We cannot dream our clothes stitching and alterations without these tailors.

They know the measurements and they are the experts.
There is no regret in saying that this is an art.

Tailoring as a source of income :

When it comes to run a house, income is the fuel. And ladies of South India choose to learn to stitch dress materials and sarees and earn from it.
Even it's not their profession, they work in this field.

Importance of tailoring :

We can't dream a world without a tailor. The style, the lifestyle and female wardrobe. There is the involvement of a tailor and a sewing machine in each work. Having a day for tailors is great to know. It's a sign of gratitude.

Types of tailoring :

Depending upon the style of stitching and the locations, tailoring is named.
Local tailoring, distance tailoring and travel tailoring are few examples among them.

Am glad to write a post on this topic.
Wishing all the tailors on the other side of screen a Happy Tailors Day.

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World's Showcase - Navigation
Embedded image courtesy of Picjumbo

Life is a challenge, life is a game, life is a journey, life is this and life is that. When somebody asks us to define life, we'll have lots of options to choose from. But, are those options really meant for our lives?

Imagine, if a person who is always a negative thinker. Can he answers to the question as ‘life is positive?’ , no. Because it's far from the reality. And on the other hand, he is lying.

What is life for us? How can you define your life? Is it possible to get a sincere answer from us about our life?

Life, indeed a complex term. A term with lot of questions and answers. A life, a word which worths a talk. Life, a gift.

We all are living, that's why you & me are here today. We all went through brutal times, walked alone in the streets, went to the pain and kissed it. Experienced betrayals and backstabs. But, still we are moving on, still we stand.

Life for me is an exam and an example. It's an exam to me, when I am set to face all sorts of problems. When I won them, people will take me as an example to solve those same sort of problems which I solved.

Life for me is a big game. Where we never knew the exact full time, but keep on playing is what all I can do. I don't know when will the bell will ring and match is called off. I've to keep on playing, caring not for victories and losses.

We are watching, reading everywhere about the suicides. When we heard about them, we feel sad and show sympathy. If we are placed in a similar situation of the victim, we then reach out for an escape. Maybe we are following the same thing, giving up.

But, it's not the answer. We are facing the problem with the breath in our body, let's end it with that same breath left inside, but not an empty one.

We all has to go through hardships, no matter how rich you are or talented. At one point or the other, you have to confront the big challenge. You don't know what form it is, you never know how disastrous consequences they are. You have to face, you have to stand, you have to fight.

It's simple,

“Life is really simple,
but we insist onmaking itcomplicated” - Confucius
world's showcase Navigation

Thinking negatively and visualization of the negativity. It's hard to be positive always, but by thinking practically every day. All problems are nothing, but only another victory in our lives.

Losing courage and control, losing all the confidence leads us to the dead end. There we feel like no chance of survival. But, there is a solution for every problem. If there exists no solution, there won't be the problem too.
World's showcase Navigation

We need to learn, we need to make up our minds to face the truth and to accept the gift of life. Let's start dreaming a life which is our destiny.

Know what is influencing your life. If it's sucking all your confidence, avoid it. No second thoughts on it. It's your life, your game.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?’ - Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you are good at helping people, carry on. If you are good at teaching people carry on. Do it as long as you have the strength to do. But, when you aren't satisfied with your deeds, then the question arises.

Let's make our life a beautiful and peaceful one from today, right from this moment. Enjoy the life as it is, no more expectations for anything or anyone. Dream, work and achieve the dream. Desire is your tool.

This voyage through hardships will be an epic story one day, provided that you sail with all what you got. Never ever giving up.

Let's be an inspiration and stand as an example for the coming generations.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking” - Marcus Aurelius.

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Social networks worl's showcase

Social networks play an important role in our lives. Without them, the world seems like a shut down computer.

Social networking sites are spreading their services to each and every corner of the world. Making our lives easier by finishing the tasks online.

Gone are the days where one has to wait for days for a reply to any query. With the social networks, within seconds the problem is resolved.
We, human beings became addicted to these social networks because of their speed and accuracy.
This is the revolution brought by the technology.

Being the most popular across the globe, these social networks are not 100% safe. There are pros and cons in them.

One who isn't aware of the facts of the dark side of these social networks, that one is completely free to invite the bad effect.

We can't control everything in these social networks. Though we've moderation in them, we can't prevent someone in saying something abusive. Not only this, but also the visual content uploads are not under our control.

In today's world, everybody is aware of what these social networks are and how do they work. There is a need to discuss the pros and cons of the social networks.


  • Social networks allow us to find lost friends back in the past and connect with them. They help us to expand our world.
  • Being in many social networks increases the popularity. One can boast about it.
  • Office and personal works are done easily with the social networks.
  • These are the best time killers, they'll never make us feel bored.
  • Professionally, if you are an artist or a singer. Your works can be promoted easily with the help of these social networks.


  • On any social networking platform, we are forced to share our personal data in public. If not, no one can find us. Additionally offered benefits can't be accessed without sharing our details. This is a privacy breach.
  • Another thing is, we are tricked and trapped to download the malicious software. We don't know which link leads us to where. Every one of us experienced this. Right?
  • Likes, sharing, posting and updating. These are the key points in any social network. They may cause us trouble by disturbing us mentally.
  • Addiction - When someone is addicted to the social networks, they are unable to dwell in the real world. This is because of the colorful and attractive interface of the social sites. This will lead to distractions and short temper.
  • Connection with the family and friends weakens. Those who are true caring people in your life, they are missed if they aren't on any social site. Relationships will diminish and thoughtfulness falls to zero.
World's showcase social sites

These are few pros & cons. If we discuss, there are many. There is always a good and bad in anything. It only depends on how we accept it and gives it a place in our heart.

If we became a puppet in their hands, they will play with us. If we learn to control them, everything is under control. There will be no need to say a lie after lie, everything will be crystal clear.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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World's Showcase Education
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Schooling is the major part of the children's life. It is the first step into the world. Whatever the home teaching and basics are taught to the child, they all play a vital role in schooling.

When we come to the education system in these days, it's a good one with the revolutionised generation of technology. The teaching methods have been changed and every day lesson planning is followed.

The knowledge required to face the tough questions in the academic is provided by the teaching.
These teachings are only focused on learning the subject knowledge. Beyond the book knowledge, there are more likely education is there.

Learning more textbooks and preparing the students for the term and final exams. Conducting daily tests, giving heaps of homework, punishing them if anyone of the above tasks is improper.

In a kid's mind, schooling is a place where there will be teachers, homeworks, assignments and punishment. In their mind, there will be no other thoughts than this.

Well, this is the education required, but this isn't complete.
Intellectual potential isn't available at schools.

Intellectual potential is the ability to think logically. To educate a child, school plays only a 50% of the entire knowledge.

We all know that a child's learning ability and willingness to open a book and read the subject is only a part of fulfilling the assignments. There will be lots of unnecessary things included in these learning projects, which will never be useful.
Only 50% of the matter in books will be useful in the future.

Private tuitions with huge financial investment doesn't help to maximise the intellectual potential of a child.
Only competitive exam based training and skills of exams on how to face is taught. These trainings never add a minute of skills to increase the IQ (Intelligent Quotient).

To increase the IQ, there is a need to be aware about the intellectual potential.
We all know how IQ is calculated…

IQ World's Showcase

Now, the education system will only leave a child as an educated, but not any smarter. To become smart, there's something more the child has to rely upon. It is on our shoulders to teach the children the moral values and prepare them to face the real problems.

I didn't mean to say that the education system is useless, it's useful, besides the point of intellectual potential is also taken into the consideration.

Napoleon Hill, in his book ‘Think & Grow Rich' quotes about education as follows.

“what is EDUCATION, anyway? This has been answered in full detail. As far as schooling is concerned, many of these men had very little. John Wanamaker once told me that what little schooling he had, he acquired in very much the same manner as a modern locomotive takes on water, by “scooping it up as it runs”. Henry Ford never reached high school, let alone college. I am not attempting to minimize the value of schooling, but I am trying to express my earnest belief that those who master and apply the secret will reach high stations, accumulate riches, and bargain with life on their own terms, even if their schooling has been meager”

Schooling will not teach children how to set themselves in the society. Many people will struggle in colleges due to this lack of knowledge.
School isn't the world, it's only a part of the world.

Relational Frame Theory :

RF theory is about understanding the relation between the things in the world.
Relational Frame Theory isn't taught in schools. It is something we've to learn on our own.

The real life experiences and situations we face will teach us this theory.

Best example to understand RF theory is, a dog is type of wolf, but wolf is not a dog.

Not only this RF theory, many theories and values aren't taught in schooling. After stepping up college, it will be a busy life.

Here, our life on the go teaches us everything. How to solve the problems of life and standing tall in the end.

Whenever you see any child struggling with his assignments, don't discourage them. It is not their big deal, help them if possible and try to teach them meaningfully.

Let's make the children as the true citizens of future. Let's together increase the Intellectual potential in kids.

Let's make the kids minds to think advanced and ahead of their physical growth.      

    This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.            

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How to stay postive - World's Showcase
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Positiveness is strength. By spreading it the confidence levels rise to maximum. Everyone of us needs to allocate positivity in our lives. This will help us to move on.

We've seen the Boons Of Being Positive last time. As promised in that post, now it's time to focus on how to be positive.

Positive attitude is good for all, it helps us to ignore the unnecessary things in our lives. It helps us to build our own territory and manage it.
When a person with positiveness is set to face the problems, he/she will face them without thinking about a loss or a defeat. It's because, they don't click on the negativity.

How to stay positive?
Following are the 10 fantastico tips to stay positive.

(1). Mental peace :

Mental stability and having control on our thoughts leads to mental peace.
When a person attains a mental peace, that person is active in making impressive decisions and problem solving nature is abundant in such people.

(2). Avoid distractions :

There are many unnecessary distractions and stress related things in our lives. We all know, they are tough to handle and not easy to get rid of them.
Avoiding distraction and stop thinking about things which hurts you more.
Early morning walk and relaxation will help us greatly.
Remember, these distractions are not remembered when we are succeeding, only success matters.

(3). Expanding ourselves :

Expansion of our network not only helps us to be mentally strong, but also helps us in achieving success.
Spending time with friends and family, maintaining clean and good relationships are recommended.
No need to join any social clubs or paid services for chatting. Talk to the one who is beside you. That's  more than enough.

Having one good and true friend is worth than having thousands of useless ones. One who stays by your side, strengthens you by sending messages is the true friend.
It feels they are with you, even they are miles and miles away.

(4). Talk positively :

When you are in a conversation with the group. Try to utter the words which will reflect the positivity in you. We can control our talking, daily we may be using the negative words. ‘I can't do that', ‘impossible’, ‘no chance’, etc.
Replace these words with the positive words.
Avoid discussions which will lead to the negative side. If you feel that particular discussion is hurting your positive belief, leave that place immediately.
It's your life, everything is under your commands.

When someone approaches you with a problem, keep the negative words aside. Even the problem's severity is hard to handle, who knows, your positive words may impact the opposition minds positively and miracles happen.

Make your friends believe that they have something special talent in them. Don't disgrace, mock or judge anyone. It's their life, it's not your control.

(5). Stick with positiveness

Whether it's an office work or a personal issue. Stick with the positive points in it. If you drift your thoughts on to the negative, you may lose interest. Later, even if you finish the task successfully, there will be no satisfaction.
If you knew something is coming, suck all the positivity in it, leave there itself negativity as a residue. It's a pulp, which is no more recyclable.

Another tip to stick with positiveness is to avoid the discouraging platoons. To know how, read this post 7 Reasons Why We Should Completely Avoid The Discouraging Platoons

(6). Think, work and wish for noblest :

Our thoughts, works and wishes must be only for the best. Positiveness must fill in our mind and exposed to the world with our body language.
Our actions must be of positive attitude.

(7). Planning

A successful person's plan will be like this, he doesn't have enough time to think about his neighbour. Our planning must be in that way.
Condemning others, making them forcibly to accept our proposals and spending time on planning to defeat them must be avoided.

A positive thinker will not try to beat his opponent, but he will make sure to modify his own abilities.

(8). Do not compare :

We all know how a kid feels when his parents compares his progress to the neighbour students. Likewise, comparison to others will make our unconscious mind to focus on them regularly, even if we don't want to.

To switch this activity off, we have to be positive, and positiveness only comes to us when we stop comparing our lives to others.

The Comparison is toxic for those who want to achieve their dreams. Everyone of us is gifted with some talent. It's all the time that reveals it, in a particular time in a particular place.

(9). Rejoice in others victories :

When we hear about a friend's success, we feel jealous inside. Not all people are like this, but many do exist.
When we learn to enjoy and share the equal amount of happiness in a friend's success, it is the true positiveness.
When we party for the victory of our competitors, it's the true step towards success. Am sure, you are so close to your goal, the grand finale of your life.

(10). Usage of energy :

We all have lots of energy, physical energy and career energy. We are super energetic by nature.
Even a powerful lens can't burn a paper with sunlight, without a perfect focus.

From Visually.
Focus on the perfect zone of development and implement it with all the positiveness.

If we are able to follow all the above fantastico tips, we can be positive.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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School life is an amazing life. It nurtures the qualities and adjusts the attitude of a pupil. Makes him/her a bright citizen of the society.
Consultancy - World's Showcase

I don't have lots of memories to share from that colourful life. I spent more days at home, hospital than in a school.

Due to that, my network of friends is very narrow one. Only few friends from school are still in touch with me in real life. Many of them, I lost and I indeed miss them.

Well, I can't change the past now. What had happened in those days are only memories. I don't care if they are sweet or bitter, they are just there to wish me.

Coming to the point, due to my feeble network of friendship. Those who are with me, as my supporters and as encouragers. Who called me on phone and reminded me that even i got some good friends out of my house.
I couldn't forget them, wherever they are, may God bless them abundantly.

Here, Mary Grace Ezekiel is a good friend to me from the school. After the school days, we've never seen each other faces, not even had a contact.
I was a kind of weird person back in past, who stayed in a room, surrounded by four walls, which constantly yelling at me. That's a torture.

When I stepped into my Engineering college, one evening I got a call from Grace. She wished me and began to call me. She is a good friend. We never talked when we are in school, but still that friendship is alive.

Let's stop the flow about me, this post is not about me, but about Grace. She is now in contact with me and achieved one of her dreams in recent days.
She established a consultancy firm. This is a great news to hear, because there are lots of struggles she underwent and battles fought.

She started the consultancy services on Feb 04 2016 (on her dad's birthday).

Who is Grace?
Consultancy World's Showcase

A lovely daughter of lovely couple, Mr. Ezekiel & Mrs. Pramila. A sweet sister to 5 brothers, Emmanuel, Judah, Solomon, Vinay and Vinod.

They all love her much. It's only because of them she is capable to achieve these heights. She is thankful for all the encouragement and inspiration from them.

Grace is known for her handwriting, she sculpts the letters beautifully. Our teachers in school admired her handwriting. She is excellent in communication and able to impress anybody.

A God feared girl and prayerful. She shared her reason to begin this consultancy earlier in the morning. Then I decided to give a shout-out for her new company.

A professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field is called a consultancy.

Grace Max Solutions

There is a story behind why Grace started the consultancy. It's not her dream or any suggestion before. Her father suggested to prepare for ‘Groups’, but she went into the software side and learnt app.development course.
As a part of a project, in order to get the enough financial strength, she joined as a part-time computer assistant.
Later, her superiors noticed her talent and despite of her qualifications, they handled her a HR post and she performed more than their expectations.
After this, they placed her in a consultancy, where she nailed it too.
Later some disputes occurred between Grace and her colleagues. She then decided to start a consultancy on her own, being aware of the mountainous obstacles, she, with the help of God, her father and family, most importantly, Chinu, who is a very special person in her life, motivated her and stood by her side.
Consultancy World's Showcase

When she came up with the proposal of starting the consultancy, they accepted her decision with respect on her.

Finally, her dream came true, in an unexpected way, she is happy now.

When I heard this from her, I felt this is worth sharing on World's Showcase, because it's a success story, which is real and genuine.

I don't know what kind of battles she fought, we don't know how toughest situations came along her path. But, she made it to success in the end. She is an entrepreneur now.

In her every walk of life, there's Chinu. He is the spine to Grace, with his love and caring, she can do anything. Am amused to see them together.

Below are the few shots of her castle.
Consultancy World's Showcase

Consultancy World's Showcase

Consultancy World's Showcase

Visit :Grace Max Solutions
H.NO. 10-3-65 6-2C,
Jewels Residency,
Opp. Andhra Bank,
Teachers colony,
East Marredpally,
State : Telangana,
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