When the world starved for salvation and the sin began to cover the face of mankind. Then, heavenly Father sent his one and only begotten son to the earth, to save the life and make people to walk in the light.
Good Friday message

His unconditional love and his patience made him The Prince Of Peace.

His death is considered as good in the sight of the Lord God, because He is our ransom.

God kept me safe from last year's Good Friday to this year's Good Friday. I rejoice in it.
I remember the last year's post via Dolorosa and it's still in my heart.

I thought to edit that post and remake a new one,  but something prevented me from doing so. Via Dolorosa is the historical post. It dealt with the history and the points related to Calvary and cross.
In that post of last year's, i did mention the last seven words of Jesus Christ on cross, but I didn't elaborated them. This year, am not going to touch the history. Not even a single section. Am going to discuss the inner meaning of those last seven words from Jesus Christ.

If I might say,  these 7 words are the basics of Christianity. I'll explain that why in this post.

Today is a Holy Friday and a Good Friday. 2000 years ago, one person,  son of God, in human form. Took all the sins on him, walked to the suffering from rejoicing and submitted his soul to the Father by fulfilling the task.
Good Friday message

One can see the responsibility and commitment here in this act. Even it involved such a brutal and death. Jesus never asked God to remove it from His jobs. Though He prayed to Father to remove by visualization that pain, He really didn't mean to run away.

A relationship between a Father and son, humans and God, sin and good, death and living is seen in these 7 words.

What these 7 words will represent is as follows :
  • Forgivenes
  • Salvation
  • Relationship
  • Abandonment
  • Distress
  • Triumphant
  • Reunion

We are going to see all the above in the 7 words.
Before we discuss about the 7 words, below is a a chapter from the book of Isaiah,  which will portrait Jesus Christ.

"Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?

2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

7 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

8 He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.

9 And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

10 Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.

11 He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities.

12 Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors."
                                    Isaiah 53

Word 1 :

"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do"
             Luke 23 : 34

When the Roman soldiers keep on hurting Jesus who was on the cross, He prayed to Father that they didn't know what they are doing and to forgive them.

They didn't know what they are doing because it's all part of the God's will. It is his own will to hurt the innocent son for the sake of the world.
Good Friday message

Love thy neighbor as thyself is fulfilled here, those are enemy soldiers, hurting him so badly and torturing him. Still he prayed to the Lord to forgive them. This is an act of forgiveness.

Word 2 :

"Today shalt thou be with me in paradise "
     Luke 23 : 43

This is the salvation for a thief, who is ready to accept his sins.
Many of us draw back to apologize for the mistake we did, we never try to confess. It may be with a friend or a family member. But, here the Bible clearly speaks that, by confessing, there's a big gift waiting for you. It is the kingdom of God. The paradise welcomes you, if you confess.

In that last moment, that thief, because of his honesty, was saved and he received the salvation.

Being genuine is what real salvation means.

Word 3 :

"Behold thy son! Behold thy mother! "
          John 19 : 26-27

The value of relationship is seen in this word. We've seen many children abandon their parents at their elder age. They never even try to keep them at home, rather they join their parents in old age homes and orphanages. This is what we can see still today.

Here, mother and son's relationship is shown. A son, who is going to stop breathing in few minutes, showing his love for his mother and caring her.
Thinking about her safety and her life after his death.

This is his responsibility as she is his mother, begotten mother. Abandoning parents is a sin, no religion will encourage this.

Word 4 :

"Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? "
           Mark 15 : 31-35

This word means, " My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me? "

Here abandoned son's cry is seen in this 4th word. Jesus felt like he is abandoned by the Heavenly Father. This literally means that God can save the sinners, but he won't forgive the one who is still dwelling in the sin.
Good Friday message

Jesus Christ felt like abandoned because now he is bearing all the sins. That power of sin tearing his heart and barely he can feel the touch of the Father.

Word 5 :

" I thirst "
   John 19 : 28

Jesus Christ is son of God, but he is in a human form now. He can feel the pain and everything else like we do.
Here, his thirsty is about the physical body and also about those people who are still sinners. This is his distress heart and body in need of water.

Word 6 :

"It is finished "
      John 19 : 30

This is the fulfillment of the task. Jesus has completed the job put forth before him, taking all the suffering and restoring the relationship between the Lord and his people.

That barrier is broken down into pieces with the shedding of the innocent blood. Jesus's blood delivered people from all his sins.

Word 7 :

"Father, into your hands I commend my spirit "
    Luke 23 : 44 - 46

This single word proclaim the power of Jesus Christ and His control over his own spirit. Nothing killed him, but his own word made his spirit and body seperated. Here, his command and control over the life is seen.

P.S : Above three images with The Bible verses are the © of KJV Bible from playstore. Install it now on playstore by clicking below.
Bible KJV

Jesus Christ never taught any religion. He is the central theme for faith and love.
On this Good Friday, am honoured to write these few words. I thank God for His guidance.

May God bless you all abundantly, in Jesus name, Amen!
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T20 World Cup 2016 - World's Showcase

Cricket been India's biggest celebration since decades.It feels like India is the home of cricket, but England took that credit.

Indian cricket fans made this game as a part of their life. They've created a strong bond with cricket. They'll consider a person as fool if he says that he doesn't know how to play cricket.

This love made Indian fans to stick with this game forever, no matter what happens behind, they just don't care.

Back to the past, when it's a 20-20 game, it's like a fiesta to any cricket fan in those days. That game ends in a very less time and involves hitting big shots and awesome dives.
Miracles are set to experience in the field when a 20-20 game is going on. But, many people, even legends felt that this T20 format will be like an eclipse to the test cricket format. They're worried about this, luckily that didn't happen.

Test cricket got it's evergreen fame like before, it hasn't shaded away.

T20 - The Fast & Furious Gameplay :

In this running world, everything is intended to happen quickly. From internet to any journey, fastness is encouraged. So, why not a cricket?
T20 format has revolutionized the entire cricket. Youth loved this, it's a hub of new shots and game plans.

Nobody thought that this T20 will survive in this generation. Because it will end soon and can make us feel like more match. But, it didn't happen. T20 made a huge impact and it is now ruling.

#T20 World Cup 2016

This year's T20 World Cup is hosted by India. Team India has higher expectations to win the gold this time, like they did back in 2007.

I want to pick two teams, which are my good friend Venkat Jaggarapu has picked up as hot favourites of this 6th edition of World T20.

We'll discuss about this further in this post. Now let's see the history of the T20 World Cup.

History of T20 World Cup :-

This is the prestigious cricket event organized by the ICC (International Cricket Council), once in every two years.
Since its inception in 2007, this world cup format never lost its charm. Back in 2007, South Africa was the host, in that India won the gold.

Let's see the following image on who won the  world cup in last five years.
T20 World Cup 2016 - World's Showcase


As I discussed above about this year's hot favourite team. I must shortlist the teams to two, because it will be easier to discuss. Am going impartial  here. And this is not any prediction, but only my own opinion.
To the team India, I've added the Caribbean team because they got the burning desire to once again win the cup. Now, it's their move in the super 10 group, by winning all the 2 matches, West Indies made a statement that they are dangerous.
T20 world cup 2016 - World's Showcase
courtesy of Crickbuzz.com

Their top order is strong and firm with hitters and the Caribbean team now comprised of all rounders. This will benefit them to step into the finals. If they can make it to the finals, then we can experience a tough fight.

Coming to the host team, India, even though they lost a match, the doors aren't closed yet. By a convincing win against Pakistan. It's the Indian team and fans awaiting to bring home the cup, with all the power and investing the hard work.

Virat Kohli, he is making the team to win. Of course not on his own, but he is driving the team to that point where it can take a victory. Now he is the one called icon.
It's the entire team's efforts and talents are going to benefit here. And however, it's the Mr.Cool captain of all time, M.S Dhoni is there too.

We all love the game, it's these batsmen and bowlers that fill the life in the game by their unique shots and fielding.
T20 world cup 2016 - World's showcase
courtesy of Crickbuzz.com

Let the best win here, will the West Indies dream come true? or is it India's turn to be glorified. Let's see this.

T20 World Cup 2016 And The Technology :

When I was in school, when any cricket match was ongoing. Then one of our classmates asks the teacher permission for water, he rushes to a nearby friend's house or a coffee shop to know the score. He carries that message for the entire classroom, in the end, even teacher knows what was the score.

When he returns from the shop/house, eagerness will cover the classroom. When he's back, he has to face the bullets of questions. I remember this very well. It's from 2005 or 06. In those days, no Android device was available. The networking is also very feeble. We've to subscribe to the mobile alerts and invest much money on this subscription.

Where are we today? In a world which is controllable by a single tap. We can watch the match live and get the updates live within milliseconds.

The Betting Arena :

There are these illegal settings on the matches. People who predict the outcome of any particular match will do the betting thing. This illegal to do, we've seen so far many settings and all are now or then exposed to the law.
Betting is something that which is addictive, it will encourage a person to invest and then winning or losing depends on the match. Prediction based illegal game. This will also develop hatred of the players when they don't fit the expectations of a bet.

Shades Of Fixing :
When I first heard about match fixing, I thought it's going to be bad. And I can't raise my head again as a cricket fan.

But, even the shades of match fixing crept on top of the talents. This hasn't killed the love of the cricket fans on the game.
Once again, it is proved that, not only fixing, but any kind of such activities may happen in future. One thing is clear, fans are fans.

If you are a big cricket fan and want to play a fantasy cricket game online with the real schedules? Head over here Fantasy Cricket and play it. Oh! Yea, it's all legal.

Share your opinions on this post and which team is your favourite in this season? Do share your valuable views below in the comments section 😊

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I had attempted to write a review for the Telugu Short Film last time, it was successful. And keeping that in mind, am going to review more 3 short films from that same director Mr.Otte Shiva Kumar.

He is the one guy whom I met during my engineering and he is a senior to me. Very friendly and enthusiastic about directing the movies.
Telugu Short Films - World's Showcase

He always says that he is made to become a director. He relentlessly works for it, his aim never changes. I am glad that I met him. We do have lots of memories together like going together to some parties.

He made three short films with a good message to students and youth. Due to various busy schedules I fall behind in reviewing them.

Now I got enough time to view them and write about them heartfully.
When Shiva Otte directs, there must be a good message in it. He conveys it in a beautiful way.
Here are the recent 3 short films from his 12SK productions. Each one with a striking thought and uniquely designed to impact youth. 

When a boy or girl steps into the college, their dreams and goals changes. Only few students are able to stick to their childhood or school made goals, the rest will move with time. One common thing we observe in college life is love. Students will get easily attracted to the love thing. Knowing not what it is actually, their age makes them to take a wrong step, then this will ruin their lives and career. 
This kind of problems is quite common during our college life. They are enjoyable as long as  not injurious to our career, but not all guys have the same thinking about this. They feel like this is only life they got and that is the only moment.
Hurting themselves, their parents and the opposite gender occurs. 
In this True Love Story short film, we can see the clear insight of an engineering student in terms of love. He falls in love like everybody does, but his focus is not altered by any such attractions.

In to the story :

Shiva is an engineering final year student. He loves a girl, Nithya from the same college since four years, but never proposed her. This is not due to any afraid of rejection, though the girl had rejected many guys who proposed her, Shiva has lot of confidence that she will accept his love.

Shiva has two dreams. One is to become a big director and second one is to marry Nithya. The reason why he didn't proposed her is discussed with his close friend, Kamal.
Shiva explains him what is the difference between a true love and attraction. He reveals that he loves Nithya from 4 years, before this his even Kamal never knew about Shiva's love story.

Shiva don't want to disturb Nithya by making her love him back and waste her time with him. Because she has a goal to reach, he don't want to distract her from that. 
After falling in love, they might waste the valuable time by roaming in parks and theaters. He doesn't want that, he loved her sincerely by staying away from her.

During their final semester, Nithya meets Shiva, he proposes and explains his love. She answers positively and accepts him. Telling him that she will be heading to foreign for further studies and she may not be able to see him for 4 years. 
Again Shiva says, he is ready to wait for her as long as it takes. He says he enjoyed by watching her and dreaming about meeting her. Now he will cherish in the meeting all the 4 years.

She asks whether he is serious about waiting and asks him for the phone number. Shiva again rejects to give his number. Because that will make her to call him daily and becomes a disturbance to her study. Rather he gives his dad number to her, so that she can call him after 4 years to find Shiva. 
Both will agree and appreciate their love, moves on and finally gets married.

(2). Dhoola ( Craziness in English ) :-
This is a fun and entertaining film which rotates round a game called 'spirit game'. 
Few people will sit around in a circle and they place a paper sheet with few squares drawn on it and with words like spirit come and spirit go.
With the help of this, they call upon the spirits roaming around and make them to dwell inside their body for sometime and then they'll know the problems and unfulfilled dreams of that particular spirit.

In to the story :

Shiva and his friends will gather and plays this.  When it Shiva's turn, he is under full control of that occupied spirit. He can't cast that spirit away by saying 'spirit go', because that spirit gains full control over Shiva's body.
Now it makes him to force his friends to do lot of works, with the fear of the dwelling spirit, they listen to his orders and they do what it warns them to do.
Shiva is no more Shiva, now he is a spirit. He entertains himself by making fun of the friends and by keeping them new names.
They are disgusted with the spirit and began to think about a way out of this. One of their friend advices that the similar thing happened to a person in past. When something good news like fulfilling a dream hits the ears of the body, then the spirit can leave him. Because the person with the body won't let the spirit in since his dream got fulfilled.
They started to think about the dreams and wishes of Shiva. Then they came to a point that Shiva loves his girlfriend Jyotsna much. But, she left him as she dislikes him. They got only one choice to escape from this spirit. 
All friends will go to Jyotsna and convince her to love Shiva and to accept his love. Finally, they were successful and brings the girl to Shiva.
Then Shiva turns to a normal guy like before.

Suspense :

It is not any spirit did this all, it's the Shiva himself. Because when he told his friends that Jyotsna has rejected him, they made fun of him and criticised him much. 
Then by this plan, he made them as baits and won his love through the same friends who made fun of him. Watch the video to experience the joy.

(3). Sadhinchu ( To Achieve In English) :-
This is a good moral story teaching the weaker minds who are with the thought of suiciding. When somebody hits a rock bottom and feels like everything is out of their hands, they move so close to the state of depression and finally they'll do this mad deed, suicide. 
Knowing not the value of life and knowing not the true love they own, their mind only focuses on the failure and pushes them to kill themselves.

In to the story :

One guy on top of a fort, trying to jump down and planning to commit a suicide.Then Shiva notices it, ran towards him and drag him down.
Shiva asks the person what was his problem and why is he decided to die. That guy says that he failed in love and that's why he want to die.
Shiva asks to spare few minutes with him and he would like to tell something about life. The guy agress and Shiva starts to teach him the importance of life. In his words, life is a gift. Love is only a part of it and how ever his love failed. If he dies, does it come back?
There are many kinds of love. Family & friends, relatives and siblings love. You lost in a girl's love and are you going to miss these all loving companionships?

Love fills the life, it never aims to take the life away. If it does, it's not the love at all.

Imagine that this world we are living now, ends today! let's imagine there's no more sun and moon and all the people on earth! Think how this world is so empty without all these? It's scary isn't it?

For now, nothing happened. Everything's fine. You are alive and you born by fighting with many in your mother's womb. This life got a meaning and goal. Dieing without a meaning is bad, it is a coward thing.

The world with huge competition is far more better than that empty world.

Let's prove the world that you are something, show your existence at least to your country.
Fight the life like a brave soldier, don't die as a loser.
By hearing all these statements fron Shiva, the guy gives up the suicide idea and decides to move on to achieve something in his life.
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Sacrifice - the word which has its honour. The word which has the power to change and the word which really stresses the love.

We all are familiar with this 9 letter word. We know what it takes to sacrifice, we all are there at some point or the other.
It's not that easy to do, it's really hard to keep into the action.

This word, if brought into action, history will praise it for ages and ages, generations will talk about it.

It's not an act of ordinary people, but an act of extraordinary. Only a few in this world are up to it. Sacrificing something and never wanting it back requires a huge heart. And a bold thinking.

If we observe the world we are living now, we experience lots of bad. We feel sometimes like giving up on various occasions. We feel really low.

We feel alone and nobody in this world is able to understand us. It's the loneliness, we try to get over it, but we just fail.

Then we seek the real comfort, the real peace. And where does these come from? None other than from a sacrifice.

You may ask me HOW?
Let's see the answer.
There's a kid, who is 5 years old. He is the second child in the family, the first is his sister.
That family is poor, but still they are happy. They don't have any complaints about the life they are living now.

One Christmas season, the younger child wished for a toy. Which is his favourite one. He is dreaming of it since 5 months. He asked his father, that he is expecting that toy as a gift for this Christmas.

The elder sister, who is 9 years old. Came to her mom and asked a Barbie doll for this Christmas.

Both of the parents discussed about their children's wishes. They saved some money in locker for many days to buy new clothes for them. Because they have no new clothes since a year.
Sacrifice quotes

The couple has decided to buy their children's needs. The next day morning, they surprised their children with the gifts they asked for.
Kids felt much happier. They don’t know about the sacrifice of their parents.

Here comes the happiness, peace and comfort from that sacrifice. The children may never know about  this, but they only knew they enjoyed the moment.

As parents, it's their responsibility to make their kids happy. You may ask me for more incidents, which involved not parents.
Well, I have them too.

There are two friends, one is a good guy and the other is bad. They are completely opposite in their thinking. They're only friends because they have been seeing each other face since childhood.

One night, the bad guy went for a night party. Drank full and pick a fight with a group.
They plotted against him and fixed a plan to attack him.
His good friend is passing by, saw all this happening.

His friend, the bad guy is in trouble. Though he isn't willing to mix words with the drunken people, for the sake of friend he went there and tried to calm them down.

His attempt didn't work as they are out of control. His friend isn't in a conscious state to read the situation.
They picked iron rods, knuckledusters and bottles, to attack the bad friend.

This guy is left with no other choice other than indulging himself in that fight to save his friend. They tried to hit him, he saved his friend twice. Then a rod from behind, hit his head as hard as it can.

He was down on the road, dipped in the blood. His body soaked in it. He was rushed to hospital and later declared by doctors that he was in coma.

He sacrificed himself. This sacrifice brought a change in the bad friend. Turned him into good as he began to look after both of their families. Waiting for his friend's recovery.
This sacrifice brought a change in a person's attitude. He is not any parent here. Still, he showed humanity.

There are different types of sacrifices. Some come from an honest heart and other with greediness. Let's see, below are the few types.

Types Of Sacrifices :

(1). Pure Sacrifice :-
This sacrifice is a selfless one. The one who sacrifices here, don't expect anything in return. Not even a thanks.

(2). Impure Sacrifice :-
Here, the person who sacrifices does it in expecting something from others. His heart wants a gift and praise for what he did.

(3). Forcible Sacrifice :-
This is done when someone forces the other to sacrifice. It does not come from a heart, because of the force, it is taken into action. No love is seen in such sacrifice.

(4). Feared Sacrifice :-
This one is like a blackmail. No emotions are seen in this, only because of fear this sacrifice is made. Not a heartful one though.

(5). Fame Sacrifice :-
This is for fame & name in the society. We can't count this in the list of sacrifices, but to show their existence we need to include here.
Fame sacrificing is seen among them who starve for fame. Mostly these are done in public.

Above are few types of sacrifices we will see in the society. Among them, the first one is only countable.

There are also some sacrifices, which we see them as meaningless and judge them as fruitless. But, there's an answer for every sacrifice made. It won't go to waste.

A student thinks that his sacrifice of video games, T.V, is wasted when he/she is failing in the exam.
Here the fruit of sacrifice is not that result, it's the knowledge that particular student has gained and the time since they learned while preparing.

Not those ‘A' grades will mould them into a good person. But, the time spent on reading and learning the values and respecting the study will help them to survive in the world.

One's sacrifice may seem foolish to other, because one man's heaven is another man's hell. Respect the sacrifices mutually if possible. There is no need to laugh at anyone's sacrifice.

SACRIFICE - The Central Theme For Many Stories.

Whether it's a real life story or a movie story. Sacrifice is the central theme of success. Where there is no sacrifice, there is no success.
Quotes on sacrifice

Do not regret for any of the sacrifices you made in the past. They are fulfilled, but not incomplete and empty.

An amazing autobiography contains sacrifice and an epic story contains a sacrifice.
There are stories, which will begin and end with the sacrifice. Sacrifice is a hero.

And only and only a few, will be heroes.

Are you ready to be a hero/heroine???

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35 Love poems
Embedded image of book cover is the © of Purba Chakraborty

When it comes to the reviewing books and movies. I do them very rare, when something touches my heart and grabs my full attention, I'll go for reviewing it.

It's been a long time I did not reviewed any book or a movie. I didn't feel like reviewing because I didn't like the recent reads.

On this woman's day, I decided to read a biography of an inspirational woman. I didn't know who it will be, started to search in the list of project Gutenberg, here and there.

Many biographies have attracted me. Usually I don't see the cover of the book first, I'll go for the title and then for that little sample.

There is someone from Indiblogger. Whose writings speak the language of love and affection. Who is a great poetess.

I have a wish to read at least one of her books, failed because of some problems which are personal. Unable to find enough time to read a book in a day and failed to concentrate.

Since am in a remote area, online shopping is a big challenge to me. They say it can't be shipped, few are shipped.

But, my wish remained fresh to read her works. She is none other than Purba Chakraborty.
She is a blogger, author, poetess and multitalented.
And on women's day. I saw that her latest book is on Kindle.

I never used a Kindle app before. All the digital library of mine is maintained by other third party sites.
To read her book, I installed Kindle app for the first time and then downloaded the book.

The Heart Listens To No one - It Hums Its Own Song

After reading that title, we have to come to a point that. We must read this with heart. Because it's a heart language, but not a mind language.

The book comprises of 35 poems. Focused on the love, categorized under the following 4 themes.

  • Unconditional love
  • Longing
  • Romance
  • Fond Reminisces
  • Separation

We can see the poems on the above themes, all are part of love.
Besides, this book is a good read for both, those who are in love and those who aren't yet.

Love is a part of our life, it dominates us 50% in our lives,  the rest 50% are different kind of emotions and feelings. Among them, love is the main loop.

If a person in love reading The Heart Listens To No one - It Hums Its Own Song, he/she will cherish in it. It helps them to give an insight into the bonding and strength in their relationship.

These are poems, so what is the best way than this to convey a message to lovers than a poetry?

And those who are not in love. Well, this is a lamp. It will help you to walk in love light and how to embrace it.

Here in this book, Purba explained crystal clearly about the relationship between the love and music. It's all in the title of the book itself.

Each line in these poems will knock the doors of our hearts. Awakes the hidden love and makes it to dance with joy and peace.

“Like two birds with
one wing each;”

If we observe the above words, we know how much meaningful way the love has.
And we've many such lines in her book.

“-My heart became a
canvas of your painting “

Love is more a heart thing than the mind. When your heart is a canvas to your partner, there comes epics of painting.
Understand it in whatever the way you understand. One thing is guaranteed, you'll be floated in the ocean of love.
35 love poems by Purba
© Purba Chakraborty

In the Kaleidoscope poem, Purba writes as follows.

“If my eyes are the
Yours are the
Kaleidoscope to my soul”

These are the words which will go down in the history as the modern love poetry. Having a book like this with you is like having a good support and praise with you.

“You are my poetry - you dwell
in the crevices of letters”

It's hard to say which poem is my favourite one, I can't judge among these 35 poems. If I pick one, the rest will give me a feeling of missing them.

Fully loaded with love, hard to say which poem is best, but worth keeping all the 35 in the list.

We can see the pain of heart in the separation category.

The Heart Listens To No One is a good pick to gift your loved one, or to read by yourself.

It's a 27 minutes amazing reading. Which will give you an amazing experience.

Go grab your copy now on Amazon.

Click on the title below to buy.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc. etc. There are many social networking sites available today for us. And you know! Who are dominating them?

CELEBRITIES, mostly actors and actresses are dominating the social world through internet.
You may ask me ‘how'.
If you are using these social platforms, you knew it already.

One guy uses his all social networks only to follow his favourite celebrities and click likes and comments on them.
He don't have a healthy connection between his friends and family on social networks.
He is there only to flood likes and shower comments on his favourite celebrities accounts.

Think, for all his effort and time. How many responses does he get in a day? Answer is sometimes ‘0’ and sometimes ‘2’. I bet it don't reach two digits.

Who is benefiting here? That one, celebrity.
Sacrificed sleeps and attention of a fan goes waste here.
The fan will say, it's love. He can't stop liking and commenting. Those likes are lifeless and many are just making the superstars famous.

Am not asking you to stop liking..but,___

Respecting a person is good. Liking and loving a person is good. But, when it impacts the attitude towards the others and when that likeness turns into obsession, there comes the trouble.

Liking and commenting on your favourite celebrity is good, but ignoring the people in real life isn't good.
When a celebrity posts that he/she is sick, thousands of comments flow. Once go and check the caring of those people who typed a paragraph of GWS post. When their family members even call and say they need help, there comes no reaction. How this can be supported?

Respecting is so far from obsession. Taking inspiration is different from walking in their shoes.

Imagine once, when a celebrity posted a picture and got ‘0’ likes. Because everyone thought that liking the other is unnecessary.
Liking a person who never like back or at least take time to respond is useless.

Then, it's not the celebrity anymore. Celebrities are celebrities, because we make them. Their talent only contribute 50%, the rest is what we accept.

Here is one person, who got upset about the same thing. He got frustrated after being a fan to a superstar since childhood. He got disappointed because of the carelessness of the superstar and his proud behaviour. Fan got hurt, it makes no difference to the superstar, because one gone, another gets in the club.
For example, go to a fan page of your favourite star and press that unlike button. What you see? Does it make any difference? The big value don't care a single person hitting unlike. It's not even considered.

But, the truth is. This ‘1 like' is what started everything.

This guy, who is now the upset fan. Decided to write one last letter to his superstar. Whom he respected and blindly followed him.

Let's see what he has to say to the superstar.
One of those likers - A letter to a superstar

Dear Superstar,

    I am your fan, I'm your admirer. I respect you and I like you. Am one of those likers who like your every status and your updates on social media.
Am never hurt to see that my comments disappear in the sea of your fans. Because am a fan too, I felt proud by watching you famous. I celebrated your birthday more than mine.
And still I didn't want any kind of attention from you. I know you are busy and I understand you.

 I have a dream to meet you personally. I have no sound finance for that, so I satisfied myself seeing you on TV and social sites.

I have a dream to spend at least 5 minutes with you. But, I know it's your busy schedules which will prevent me from doing that.

You are doing that all for us, when we come to you with love, why don't you respect us? I never demanded any respect, am ready to undergo any disrespectful situation on the go.

But, you seem so selfish. Neglected to reply to many of your followers. Your careless behaviour is what made me rage. I need nothing from you, we need nothing from you. But, you, you need us. Without we, there is no you. Without our time, where is your fame?

Superstar, you are only a star because we are making you to shine. You are shining because we are lighting you.

When you boast that it's your luck, where does it came from? Luck without me isn't a luck to you.

I can't kill the respect I have for you. Am not going to stop liking you, but i'm limiting it. You made me realized how important are the real people in my life. You opened my eyes. And thanks for that dear Superstar.  

        -One of those likers  

P.S : This post intended not to hurt anyone's feelings. If directly or indirectly hurt anyone. I apologize for that.

P.S.S : ‘Superstar' is the name represented to make an imaginative character of a celebrity, it doesn't offend any real titles, in that case it's not a title though. It's an imaginary name.

P.S.S.S : This post isn't requesting anyone to stop liking any celebrity. It is only focused on imaginative and fantasy writing.


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Rapes in India - World's Showcase

Last time, when I went in deep to discuss the brutality against women, one of my schoolmate said that “whatever you write, whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever the law is introduced, no matter how cruel the law is. Brutality on women doesn't stop in India. No matter what you do, it just don't work that way”

After hearing her saying this, I tried to give her hope. Told her about the activeness of the law and order, tried to convince her that she is in a safe zone.
Boasted about my greatest country that, harassments and molestations will only occur rare. But, there are grateful things in our country to feel proud.

Today, after that day, I sat in a dark room. Listening to my heartbeat and recalled that day, those words of Preethi Biswas, my good friend. She was right.
She is right today, I never thought again that I am going to discuss about this kind of topic after the Nirbhaya case. Unfortunately, it hit me down again. Forcing me to hang my head with shame.

Alleged rape of 10 women by 30 men :

What am I writing? Being a human, those numbers mentioned above seems to be like any movie shooting or any short film title, which aimed to show moral values. Unfortunately, it is REAL.

Feb 22 2016,
National Highway - 1,
Murthal, Haryana,
Dist : Sonepat.
Time : After the sunset.

It is clear that, on our Indian roads at night no girl will walk safe alone and reach home. Night is another thing, when the place is not a remote one, she can't walk alone. Sad thing is even if she is with her friends and family (both male or female) it's not a secure system too.

You may ask me why, you'll get all your doubts cleared by the end of this post.

What happened in Haryana on the above mentioned timings???

Vehicles are moving on the NH-1 (cars). They are braked by some goons, 30 men. The purpose was not a ‘loot’ it's something, more evil.
There are people (same humans like those goons, not aliens) in those cars. The males in those cars managed to flee from there (of course  to save their lives). Leaving the female occupants all alone in vehicles. And they didn't managed to escape.

Goons set the vehicles on fire. And they are after the helpless women.

These 30 men allegedly raped the women. According to witness statement, they are 10 in number.
That ‘so called-men' (well my heart isn't allowing me to write they are men) raped these women in the nearby fields and left their lifeless bodies naked in the fields.

They are their until the male relatives came and found them there. Hassanpur and Kurad people gave ladies clothes to cover their bodies.

Isn't this a NATIONAL SHAME?

After the incident, the officials ignored the issue considering it as a rumor.
The district officials tried to bury the truth by telling the victim families not to mention it, because they are concerned about honour.
Instead of focusing on the inquiry, the officials went to preserve the honour? Is this the honour? Isn't this the shame?

Did we fought for freedom to experience incidents like this?

What is a true CITIZEN's duty???

After reading the burning post from Sangeeta ji from TSS, my favourite blog which I regularly stick to. She wrote it with all the pain and anguish through a poem.

I came to know from her post that few people, who are the responsible citizens of India and highly educated are supporting their state by ignoring and hiding the truth from the world. Pretending like it never happened.
Is this the true CITIZEN's duty? To hide the crime and boast the good works. Confessing the shameful act and mixing hands to fight is what true citizenship means.

If such brutality is covered, such incidents will keep on occurring regular basis and then accepted as a right. Can we let that happen?

It's time to rise the voice. Keeping silent is no more recommended, our silence is deafening. It is considered as the strength less. So, are we lack of strength?

Education will only get it's thing done when it is applied in real world. What we call a person who is highly educated and lacking the moral values? An animal? A beast is a right fit.

Highly educated fools do exist in our society, we are confronting them daily in our lives. The one from the post office to the higher officials. Those who demand bribes and gifts to move their task forward.
You can name them whatever you would like to.


We are proud when our country achieve success in any field. It's love for our country, it's our duty too. When there is a mistake made by a citizen, whom we know and belong to a particular region. We try to hide the fact so that that localized fame doesn't fade. It's the love, no I call it obsession.

That obsession is like parenting.
When a kid steals a coin from our house, if we praise him for what he did. He takes that as an appreciation and go for the next steal. If we warn him and explain him that stealing is bad and it is not right thing to do. Maybe we punish him and injects the moral into his brain. That makes the kid to correct his mistake and avoid him in repeating the same mistake in future.

Likewise, if we love the country, we must show it in actions, but not in useless words.

Burying facts and denying to accept them isn't encouraged. This will not make our India an incredible India.

We can play our part and design an India. The country which we dreamt of, which is the dream of the freedom fighters and many activists. We could together make the change, we still have time, if we think, we can do.

Education and wisdom aren't scarce here. But, don't let the mistakes defended by using these as tools. These have the power to build and destroy. Choose which side are you?

We are the one to change the country, then the world. How can we assure the foreigners security where we are scared of sending our girls alone to next city?

Enough is enough :
Molestation - World's Showcase

This is enough, this isn't the very first post of mine to talk about this kind of issue. Am living on the freedom land, where legends dwelled. Am walking on the land of gift. When filth like this Haryana incidents hit my mind. My heart mourns, it forces me to take the ink and spread it out. It's time, it's time to write.

Criminals are roaming freely, those who are raping girls are in the news. Like celebrities they are given attention by the media.
It doesn't show the route to justice. It creatively plays the scene with graphics and narrates it.

When coming to the justice, it's out of topic. They need the viewers, they need the ratings. Who cares about the justice.

I wonder how few educated people could try to bury the fact about a mass gang-rape. Where is the humanity gone?

Falling back to Haryana incident :

Here, what is happened is happened. We can't change it, we can't give their respect back to the victims. Discussing it is more hurt. Still, I would like to point two points in this.

Number one, it is reportedly said that those males who are in the vehicles ran away to save their lives from goons. I wonder how could they do that? Didn't they thought about those women with them? How can they ran and return after?

Those women are defenseless, but if the presence of at least a man can make a big difference there. They can fight.

Of course, I agree that goons outnumbered. Still, it is the responsibility of a person to fight the situation by seeking help. How can they leave women in such terrible situation???

Second point is, why did the wise men trying to hide this? For honour? Where is the honour? It's lost when these 30 men committed the deed. They are the Indians too, not any invaders from a foreign land. When the one in the house commits a mistake, it takes away the honour. Why don't they take action on them? Immediately.

We thought roaming a girl alone on road at night is dangerous. But, what happened here is. Not any single girl is roaming on the road, they are 10 in number and were in their vehicles. Not alone, they are accompanied by men.

We need Justice :

Nobody can guarantee that this is the last to happen.
Can those officials promise us that this won't repeat in the future?
Can they assure my sisters that they can take care of them?

A big NO, it's not a thing to discuss either.
We need Justice, not a rumour, not a fake.

I hope those who are trying to save the honour and respect. Realise that saving honour means not to protect the crime with the power. Suppressing the truth is like a nuclear reactor, it will explode one day if overloaded.

Their tears are questioning us.
Let's bring the justice, let's build a society with good moral values. Humanity is the only thing kept in mind.

Am not any feminist, not any victim, am writing this with all the pain. As a citizen of India it's my task.

My request to all the bloggers, to write about such incidents and fight against the evil.
My request to my dear readers, let's strengthen by togetherness and build a clean India.

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