Lionel Messi - World's Showcase
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It's Copa America final match, both the national teams, Argentina and Chile are fighting to win the game. At some point, it seemed that the game is in the hands of Argentina and their 18 years of dream to win Copa America is going to come true. All that assumptions and hope collapsed to the ground when the legendary player and the greatest player, the forward of Argentina, Lionel Messi, missed the penalty shot and the ball went over the goal post and it landed in the crowd.

 Silence ruled when the ball misses the net, it's not over, but it's over when the other player missed the shot too.

 Lionel Messi, it's not a name, but a brand that represent the football. Those who don't even know what football is, they know Messi. They've heard about this phenomenal player at somewhere or the other. And he is also the brand ambassador of Tata motors.

 Lionel Messi's announcement regarding his retirement from the national football at once shook the ground under the feet of many. It's because of his amazing performance during his 11 years of career.

 He is the 5 times 'best player' in FIFA and this 29 year old football star played 110+ games for his country. He is the World's greatest Soccer player, but unfortunately that greatness didn't worked in the ground when he played in the important final matches. There are also rumours that Messi couldn't mke it during the finals like he did in the other matches. Whatever it might be, he is the youngest successful player in the Argentina FA.

 World reacts to his retirement: 

 As soon as the news struck in the ears, many football stars and fans began to talk about this. Those who didn't even know him, began to involve in the Twitter trending tweets.

 The game is not ours, it's game's game. We have to ready to face either win or loss. But, Messi felt that it's time to give his place to someone who is better in scoring. This is sad, but it's what he felt.

 Losing the same match a year ago against the same team, with the same penalty miss. It was like replay to 2015 Copa America. That hurt Messi, no doubt because he is the one who values his fans and football lovers.

 "It happened to us again, and by penalty kicks. It's the third consecutive final. We tried. We tried and it wasn't for us. It's difficult in this moment to do any sort of analysis. In the locker room, I thought that the national team is not for me. It's what I feel right now. It's a great sadness that it happened to me again, the fact that I missed a penalty kick that was very important. It's for the good of everybody. It's not enough to just get to the final and not win" Messi said.

 Defeat hurts us all, but if there is anything like bad luck, that has been following Messi since longtime. He did beat it by winning many matches, but still there's a hard time.

 "I was thinking in the locker room that this is it for me in terms of the national team. It has been far finals. It's what I wanted most. Unfortunately, I didn't get it, but I think that's it." 

 It's very clear that he got hurt by losing to Chile, but is this the only reason that made him to retire? Or there's anything else behind it? Only Messi knows that. As football lovers, we just need to understand and then appreciate what he did achieve and gave us the moments that never be forgotten.

Lionel Messi | World's Showcase

 And this goodbye is a real goodbye, there's no reconsidering.
 He said " It's very hard, but the decision is taken. Now I will not try to move and there will be no going back." 

 Messi's retirement is sad news before the world cup series and this gap is felt. Argentina will never like before, they will for sure miss this legend.

 Time to praise his achievements so far in his career, and to respect his decision. There's no need to sign petitions, make tweets and posts on his return.
He has freedom to move on with what he wishes for. It is not love to force him to return, but to respect him.

 It hurts that there will be no Messi in the next match, but there is a reason for everything. This is not a turning back, it's like creating a space for new players who will carry the legacy on their shoulders.

 We all love Lionel Messi, his name will be in our heart and his games in our memories. All the best off the ground Messi.
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Kathleen Gomez Art - World's Showcase
Embedded art image is the courtesy of Samuel Zeller | Unsplash 

When your imagination is given a life, that is an art. The creativity to represent the thoughts/dreams and making them visible to the people in the form of painting/photographing is called an art.

 There is an artist in everyone, but not everyone is an artist. 

An artist will bring his/her imaginations to life. They may use a paper, cardboard, wall or a mobile device as their canvas. It's all about creativity and how about being creative.

 Running with new ideas and imaginations in mind, artists are always special. Few are much talkative while others are very limited. On the go, I've seen many artists and appreciated their work. Each one are blessed with their own talent.

 And today World's Showcase is featuring one such a great artist and a beautiful girl with art as breathe. She is Kathleen Gomez.

Kathleen Gomez | Artist | World's Showcase

 When I asked about writing about her art in here, she accepted my invitation right away and I've to agree that she is quick. And am touched by her art before and finally my dream becoming true here with this post.

 Thanks to Miss. Gomez for answering all my questions and explaining each of them with patience and understanding.

 This post and interview is dedicated to all the artists. Who are willing to make the art a part of their lives.

 Let's do this. . .

 Prasanna Dasari: Hi Kathleen, welcome to the WS, may I know about your hometown and your family.

 Kathleen Gomez: Thanks for having me! I'm excited to be here. I'm from a small suburb of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. I live with my mom, her boyfriend, my two sisters, and my two puppies.
Super girl - Kathleen Gomez | World's Showcase
Digital painting| Supergirl | 8 1/2 × 11"

 Prasanna Dasari: How you became an artist? Is it your dream or anything else behind this?

 Kathleen Gomez: I have been creative all my life. I fell in love with painting when I was in high school, but I took a break from my art during college to write. I picked it back up again when I transferred to Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois (United States) to finish my undergraduate degree. Of course, I majored in Painting and Drawing! I fell in love with making art all over again, be it a charcoal or pencil drawing or an oil painting. I have just finished my Master's Degree in Library and Information Science, still painting and drawing all the way, and am looking for a new librarian job.

 I am only looking for a part-time job, though, so I can run my art business at the same time. This may be surprising to some: "But Kathleen, how will you pay your student loans???" I have asked myself the same question, and many more. This was a decision I struggled with for a long time, but I feel it's the right one for me. I am an artist and a librarian both, and to sacrifice one in order to feed the other would ultimately make me unhappy. I am at peace with my decision and even though so far it's been difficult juggling working, trying to find a better job, and work on my art, I am happy with my progress in this chapter of my life. I also have the overwhelming support of my friends and family, which is humbling and encouraging and I'm very grateful <3

Kathleen Gomez Art - World's Showcase
Oil on canvas painting | Black flag | 24×30"

 P.D: What do you usually use to paint, oil paints or water colors?

 K.G: This is tough because I don't really have a preference! Watercolor was my first love. I love the transparency and how easy it is to layer the colors. I like oil paints because mixing colors is so easy and fun. Plus, since they dry slow, it's easy to scrape paint off the canvas if you screw up =P I guess it comes down to size; I prefer watercolor for small paintings and oil for large paintings that I'll work on for a long time.

 P.D: Can you share your hobbies and interests and what will you do in your spare time?

 K.G: When I'm not working or being an artist, I love to read, play with my dogs, and binge-watch shows with my boyfriend. I'm starting to pick up video games again, too. I neglected them for far too long while I was in school!

 P.D: Are you ready to assist newbies to art anytime?

 K.G: Of course! I'm always happy to share tips, especially to artists just starting out =D

Kathleen gomez - world's Showcase
Water colour and coloured pencil painting on paper | Hagia Sophia | 11×14"

 P.D: Tell me about ART in your words. How do you define it.

 K.G: I once read somewhere that while history books tell us what happened at any given point, art shows us how we felt at that same point. That really resonated with me. I believe art is a medium through which to share feeling. The goal of a piece of art is to make the viewer feel something. That isn't to say that if I look at a particular piece of art and I don't feel anything, no emotion at all, then it's a failed work. The next person who looks at it might, it resonates with them, and it's successful in that way. Even if an artwork seen by millions makes only one person feel a connection with it, it's successful. That documentation of emotion and the viewer's connection to it is what makes art, well, art.

 P.D: What do you pick up for art generally? What is the niche of your art?

 K.G: I am deeply inspired by fantasy. I devour fantasy novels, art, comic books, and video games, and that comes through in my work. I'm also inspired by the stars, mythology, and by Islamic and Byzantine art and architecture. I live in a world I make in my own head and I guess I try to capture it with my art, haha XD I wouldn't say I have a specific niche, as I'm inspired by a lot of different things and I honestly just haven't found one yet.

 P.D: Do you read books?

 K.G: I do! It's part of the reason I became a librarian =P As I mentioned, I read a lot of fantasy novels, but I'm also a HUUUGE comic book nerd. Right now I'm bouncing back and forth from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison and "The Star-Touched Queen" by Roshani Chokshi to Batgirl and Wonder Woman comics. I am completely and totally obsessed with the DC Bombshells series. I actually run my own blog with a former classmate of mine, GraphicNovelty², where we review comic books and graphic novels =D

Kathleen gomez art | World's Showcase
Watercolour on aquaboard | Mountains | 4×4"

 P.D: Will you work on projects related to art in the coming years?

 K.G: Yes!!! I have so many different ideas and commissions I'm sure to be busy for quite some time - and I'm just getting started ;D

 P.D: Say something to the new art interested people out there. Give them an inspiration.

 K.G: Don't ever give up. Don't listen to the people who tell you you can't do it. Don't even listen to yourself when you say you can't in your darkest moments. You CAN. Live your life for YOU, not anyone else. Keep drawing and follow your heart and your passion, no matter what.

 Wow! Thank you Kathleen for inspiring all of us by sharing your experience and views.
You are an amazing personality and your art is exquisite.

Kathleen gomez art | World's Showcase
Water colour penci on paper | Pile of books | 3 1/2×6 1/4"

 Once again thank you for your time in WS, it's a great blessing knowing about you. Wishing you all the success and may all your dreams come true.
 Follow Kathleen on
 Instagram - @kathleengomezart
Twitter - @kathleengomart
Tumblr - Kathleen Gomez Art
Facebook - Kathleengomezart
 to experience the divine art.

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Make Music Day - World's Showcase
Embedded image is the credit of Anthony DELANOIX | Unsplash 

The strings of music are attached to my mind, wherever I go, I go with the music. I love music and it's the only thing with me when am alone, travelling or feeling beaten.

 I know there are many people like me out there, who are even the best performers and with gifted sweet voice. Who can organize concerts and play their own music.
I want to thank you all and I really appreciate your music and talent.
 You make us all happy with your talent. Thank you.

 Today is the day, where the music don't die between the four walls or in our ears. It's time to move the music in to the public and play as long as you want.

Today is 'Make Music Day' or World Music Day' which is originated in France and now spread to 700 plus cities in 120 countries.
 FĂȘte do la mystique in French, providing the platform for new talents and encouraging them is seen in this music fiesta.

World Music Day - World's Showcase
Embedded image is the courtesy of Lechon Kirb| Unsplash 

 Many are music lovers among us, we can host a music festival like this and sing or make them sing. We are permitted to organize a musical event publicly.
 I hope one day we do this in our India too. Sometimes words aren't going to express our love for the music, only music itself must speak here.

To all the music lovers out there, a happy music day. Hope you are doing something today which will bring the musician out of you and the town.

 I've been in the blogosphere since 3 plus one years and encouraged new talents like in the musical family by posting about them. And I'll do this again once I meet new singers and performers. Till now I've these new tremendous talents to promote.

 - Aylin Eser
- Carissa Vales
 - Lisa Viola

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Father's Day - World's Showcase
©Jeffrey Van | Freeimages

The best property that a Father can get is to see his child's success. And it is the only best gift a child can give to his dad. Holding hands, keeping that little finger in his fist and walking with steps in steps, looking the enormous world with those tiny eyes.

World is beautiful to any child who can get a father's love. World is a small town with that kid who is in the arms of his father. We all felt in that way, yes we all do. Who is the real hero? Our fathers.

 Their tales at night filled the courage in us, their love made us to feel special like a princess and Prince. His arms around us acted as a shield that will protect us from any encounter. Wow, who is he? Dad, the only name with whom I feel like a superstar.

 I can make things possible with his presence, wit him beside me, I will be victorious. This is what my relationship with my dad. Like all of you, even I got epic stories to share. I learnt to stay within the border of respect, who taught me? My father. I learnt how to face any problem in my life, well who is the teacher? My father. To many questions, my answer will be the same, my father. And everytime I utter his name, my blood in veins flow more faster than usual, what is it? The power. "Being a hero doesn't mean to knock down your enemy, but to gain a respect for him" I learned such meaningful lessons from him. What ever i am today, all credit belongs to my dad.

I am always his best choice and he is mine. In recent days am taking lots of hurt. Sometimes I feel like I could never make it, but one word from my dad wakes me up and keep me alive in the battle. I took blames on me, many people who do not know about me and my life made harsh comments on my living.

World's Showcase - Father's day

They said "like Father, like son." I felt proud. They indirectly disrespectful to my father, but I rejoice in it. Because what I know about my dad is known to his entire family. In his footsteps am going through and misunderstanding words from others may hurt me, but they are just a phase. On this father's day, am not in that situation to gift my dad a Benz or Ford. For now I can't afford them. It makes me feel sad for a moment, then I realised that he don't need them. What all he need is just 'me'. I've given myself to him when I was born.

Today after experiencing the world, am surrendering to him again. Because without him, I am still nothing. Am making a covenant with my father, that will be standing forever. I don't care what the world creates about me, I know me and am having a good relationship with my creator too.

 I don't want to hurt my dad with my foolishness. It's time for me to make things better. My millions of mistakes are forgiven by him, also he forgets them all.

I am running out of words so going to write a poem and dedicate to my dad.

 Holding your little finger is fun, 
I see the world with you beside.
 Holding you so close so tight, I see the meaning of love in it. 
Holding your shirt back and running with you, I see the meaning of fastness. 
Holding your neck while i stay in your arms,
 I see the meaning of comfort. 
 Through your eyes I visualize the beauty of the world,
 Dear Dad! It's my all pleasure to get you as my father. 
In you I've my security and life, 
In you I've my dreams.
 Those dreams need your assistance to become true. 
 When am weak, you were there assisting me to stand up and walk.
 And when you become weak, I'll be with you. I pray to the Lord Almighty,
 that fill me up with such love so that I can express it to you. 
 This love of us will never end, 
No goodbye forever. Just you and me forever. I love you with my all love dad. 

 Honestly I didn't planned to write a poem, it came with the flow.

 Let me introduce my Dad to you...

 He is the father of two children, he is the hero, superhero and real life superstar and a wrestler.
I see him as a wrestling star walking in the streets with obedience and helping nature. I see in him my future and my life.

It's him who designed me what I am today. It's him who taught me how to smile. And he made me to forget the word 'sadness'. I came to know the value of life by reading his experience.
 I learnt what is the true love and what's its shape with the live lessons from him. For me the shape of love isn't the heart, but it's my dad. And this is just the introduction to his love. What more can I say about him, he is my Hero.

 To all fathers out there, reading this article. You are very special. You are the creators of future heroes, you are the saints and designers. I respect you all for you made your children to represent your nature. We all are replicas to our fathers. Let's wish them, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.
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Father's day 2016 - World's Showcase

A father and child relationship is amazing in the sight of God. It is all where it began, father loves us more than anyone. He is our mentor and care taker. When we call unto him, he'll listen and answer us.

 God has established this relationship to teach us the importance of the mentorship and love. How to survive and how to live. More moral values are taught by any earthly father to his children. No matter whether it's a boy/girl. Father will teach them.

 And this relationship is strengthened by the involvement of God. With his assistance, we the sons & daughters of God are able to thank him for all the good things and pray him to get those things better which are not good. Before we celebrate the Father's Day, it's the moment we've to thank God for providing us the shelter under the protective wings of our father.

 It's our duty to make them all happy. They laboured for us, fought for us and still fighting. They're the support and the back bone. It's time to greet your Father on earth lovely, because it's because of the Heavenly Father creation he is there to be with you in every single situation.

 We can gift them with materials and take them out on a party. Those are just the earthly pleasures and they're needed too. But, there is one more thing which is a compulsory. The attitude of us will represent our Fathers. The way we talk and walk, the way we treat people around us and the way we pray to our Holy father in the Heaven.

Father's Day - World's Showcase

 Everything will represent our fathers. If we are good attitude, then we can carry the legacy of our family as clean. If we are bad, we are making the name of our Father bad. It's the time to gift them with true love and affection than any materials. It's our first priority to honour them.

 The worldly positions are temporary, but a love nurtured in our deep heart will be forever even when we are gone. What makes him happy is your attitude.
You can do anything you wish, it must bring a good name to the one who is the reason for your existence and who named you. Even the Lord Jesus Christ respected his father and took his duties as his and did the carpentry.

Be humble to him, and it will be a blessing to you. Respect is what we've to learn, treating them with the same love forever. Do you remember the amount of love that you had with your dad when he fulfilled your wish by buying that favourite toy for you? Show the same amount of love even if he rejects to fullfil your wish. Because whatever he is doing, there will be a reason.

 Increase the love on your father, never cease from it. Don't let anyone steal the position of him, remember he is the one who was there and will be there forever beside you when you are going through hardships, not anyone, but him.

 This Father's day must bring a cheerful moment, take oaths, keep new goals today. It's more than your birthday, it's the day where your morals are rooted. If someone ready to read, I'll continue to write much and it is also not a good thing to trouble your eyes, so am concluding here. Before I sign off, I WISH ALL FATHERS OUT THERE A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. You are the true hero, because you are making new heroes.
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If you are a wrestling fan and been watching it since 15 years, here's a match that was once called a fantasy bout. It's the superstars who were not supposed to face each other off in any fight.

It's none other than John Cena and AJ Styles. Cena and Styles rivalry or just a show match was a fantasy. Because they were not in the same industry back in the past.

Cena in the WWE and Styles in TNA. They both ruled the ring and made an identity for them among the fans and viewers. But, now it's time to experience that 15 years of fantasy in the real world. Now it's the new era in progress in the WWE and Styles representing the new era, Cena has to face him at the upcoming pay-per-view MITB (Money In The Bank), this Sunday.

 On this week's Monday night Raw, it's made official by the contract signing event. Cena and Styles both in the ring at the same time signed their contract with a one on one match. Before the contract signing, Styles said that in these 2 weeks, he turned Cena's life upside down. And then he went on saying that he missed that opportunity to beat him 15 years ago. Later interrupted by Cena, who said that it's now the time is and Styles has to prove it.

Money In The Bank - World's Showcase

 AJ Styles had two different kinds of contracts to choose from. One is accompanied by the club match, where Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson can be ringside during the match. And another contract is a one on one match. Styles took sometime to sign the second one, and after hearing a challenging words from Cena he signed that contract without the club.

 Now, MITB 2016 is going to be an interesting PPV so far. With the match of Cena Vs. Styles and all other match cards are quite impressive too.

 Match Prediction : John Cena is the 15 times world champion and AJ Styles do hold more titles than Cena. It's going to be a classic wrestling match where two wrestlers will keep everything on the line what they got. Styles predictable note that Cena can't beat him pushes Cena to the next level to fight to win situation. And this fight is going to be a highlight in the MITB.

What my prediction here is, Cena being the face of the WWE, he is still not unbeatable. Kevin Owens proved that there's wrestlers who can beat Cena too. And KO did prove to the world in the very first match for him in the WWE by beating Cena in the middle of the ring.

Coming to AJ Styles, he is a different kind of guy when compared to KO. And he has a burning desire to settle down in the WWE as a champion. If he wins in this match, that going to be a booster for his career in the industry. On the other hand, Cena is not unbeatable, but he is the one who 'Never Gives Up'.
 The underdog Styles will slay the monster Cena like Cena said this on Monday night Raw. And this will not keep Cena down.

Styles need to try something new to beat Cena in the ring. Is he going to try that or will he be just another victim of Cena's beating.

 Prediction : John Cena def. AJ Styles.
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Love is a feeling that will drift from one place to another place, from one person to the other. Whenever I got a chance to write/speak about it, I'll take more time to execute the words.
Love tips - World's Showcase

This is because love is neither a physical quantity to measure nor a chemical reaction to break down. It is the emotional sequence followed by a feeling of heart.

Today, we see many people struggle with this love. They report about their experience with love and the happiness and pain they had. Love is different in their perspective, it is only a feeling that stays inside the heart and comes into the action when the one whom they like confronts them.
It is true up to some extent, but it's not the only truth. Love has many forms, love is an energy that is neither created nor destroyed. It transforms into different forms depending upon the environment.

 When we think about today's love stories, a lot of couples share sad stories. Personally speaking, I too have bitter experience with this love. But, that love is really a hurting one if we clearly see through it.

 I know, am not alone in this, but I've to fight my own battle with the consequences and pains. Before I do that, I must run an analysis of the love story. And as a part of the analysis, each lover has to self-examine where did they go wrong. It is a necessary part of our lives to fetch a solution than to fight the problem.

 Hey! Poet, wake up...

 Oh! My dear love, 
Where did we go wrong?
 Is it the materials that made us apart, Or the mean mindsets of us. 

 Where did we go wrong?

 Is it our ego, or the foolishness. 

 Where did we go wrong?

 Is it somewhere in the past or is it just the present time? 

 Where did we go wrong? 

Is it the friends or family or the people who we know. 

 Whatever it happened, whatever it is going to happen, 

I want to question where did we go wrong? 

We both have our own demons running in our mind. 

All we need is to control them.

 What we all do generally is to keep a mediator between us when we get upset with love. This must feel like a tensionless thing, but actually, it is not. When the third party enters in these sensitive love matters, knowingly or unknowingly they'll mess the things up.

Love tips - World's Showcase

 It's wise to sit together and solve the issue than to reach the other person. Where did we go wrong?' - If you are able to question this and study it deeply by yourself, there you'll find the answer. No need to prefer guides or any reference books, the answer is there, it's there for you always.

As long as you won't fetch it, it won't show up by itself. Develop a questionnaire and try to answer them in all honesty. In that, you'll find the solution and that will decide your relationship's future.

 It's time to act.
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