The 12 months 2016 is wonderful and it entered into my existence like all those years. It changed into very special and i warmly welcomed it. Tried many new tasks and that i in reality confess that i literally failed in all of them. I commenced extraordinary, however ended with nothing behind.

There are instances once I decided to retire from the thing which i like maximum at some point of my life, it is the running a blog. Even i left blogosphere seeing that 3-four months, felt like my half of a part of body is stolen and that i can't sense myself.
I notion that my stress and all such matters will go away if i prevent blogging, but i love this writing issue an awful lot. I realized by means of the end of the 2016, that i will be and all the time a author.
Nothing can forestall me now, no situation will save you me from being a blogger, because that is where i absolutely belong. This is my domestic.
2016 - the 12 months which gave me surprise after shocks. It nearly killed me with its venemos assaults. The equal component which 2015 gave me, i commenced the 12 months 2016 very plenty better than 2015. Still, nothing has changed, there may be the identical ache and distressed mind.

New Year 2017

I made once more resolutions, which i didn't preserve. I wasted plenty of time & cash. I can not remorse what i did, because i did all of them.
2k16 driven me in some matters too. I edited my snap shots and my innovative mind worked well this year, my instagram is the proof. Wait! Am no longer speaking about the growing of fans or incomes via that platform, my performance in instagram had advanced.
Own family- the satisfactory region wherein we go away our heart with. It's the backbone to me. All of them went via hardships and that mental ache cut me into half. But still am status. With the grace of god and all the correct hearted persons prayers, we survived. Additionally took victory over death.

Am thankful to all those angelic personalities who's positioned with the aid of god in my life. They're really plenty essential to me in my lifestyles. They made me smile with the presents, phrases, encouragement, love and remaining however not the least, being concerned. It means plenty to a scumbag like me.

As compared to the 2k15, this 2k16 is some distance higher associated with the coolest information. I were given my wars gained, some surprising matters passed off, many impossibles have become viable. And i lived lots within the fact generation.

Once I left the blog and went to stay a commonplace man existence. I overlooked my writing much, i invested my time in the yr ending months by way of playing games. And yeah, 2k16 is the 12 months wherein all my gaming dreams got here actual. I performed the ones video games which i continually had in my thoughts because i used to be a kid. Thanks lord for those all.
The wwe, that's my favored shows of all time. Throughput the yr i watched very much less episodes or even the unique ppvs i overlooked. Everything changed into regular, however due to some motives i misplaced my hobby. Health issues are continually placing round my head like a crown. I fought with many ailments this 12 months, in particular from remaining 5 months, it became like hell.

Now we are simply few hours away to welcome the new yr. Wish 2017 has some big surprises loaded up for me and also you. I can't wait to faucet my sources.
There are numerous occasions in our lives, wherein we felt great and relaxed. Some human beings left us and a few got here into our lives. Within the yr 2016, few super people entered my life, however no people who left me entered back. Even they didn't say a 'hello'.

What i determined right here approximately the folks who left me is, am preventing to textual content them or say a hello to them. Because am uninterested in doing that in some of these years. Checked their social profiles generally and there has been a piece desire in my heart that they will come back. But i think, they do not deserve my interest anymore.
In any case, i have to thank the 2k16 for including a year to my lifestyles, for coaching me classes and for all of the experiences it gave.

High-quality moments:
Top notch moments all crept in best inside the closing two months. To be honest, sept - dec are the 3 months which branded me with few fantastic loving moments and journey reports.
Past is past - here i'm, welcoming the 2k17 to the earth. May also it fill more joy and advantages to everyone.

World's Showcase - New Year

Wish ye all a happy new year

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Hi guys, hope you've all enjoyed a lot this Christmas. Let's see how we can celebrate Christmas by applying it in our lives.
It's just not only about enjoyment, but also few principles which will make us happy.

Watch my first vlog below.

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Am back after really really long break. Although I broke my regular blogging promise. Am planning something big to make a comeback and stay alive in my favorite universe called - blogosphere. Here's my podcast from SoundCloud.

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