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My heart says
to the criticizers, 
Let me go, let me go.
They say am mad, 
Coz I write the poems,
On girls, who are really 
Pretty and good.
They say I don't fit
In this world of fury,
Coz I write much about love.
What I believe is love 
Is high upon all.
It can win, it can win.
If you don't believe,
Let me go, let me go.

I would like to cut all the feelings,

I mean those feelings that, 
Made me to tears.
Still I remember, how I was in 
The past, in the corner crying.
Let me go, let me go.
This world looks so ugly,
To my eyes and to my mind.

Am no poet to express all of it,

In just four lines,
Am no doctor to treat all
My weaknesses, am no 
 psychologist, to filter my mind.
Am just a writer, a writer who writes
All the shit in his notebook.
Let me go, let me go.
I don't want to get corrupted.
Let me go,
Let me go.
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The most awaited telugu industry movie Gautamiputra Satakarni is released today (Jan 12 2017). On the grounds that it is the historic movie, the expectations for this film based at the overall performance of Nandamuri Balakrishna and his effective dialogues were notable.

World's Showcase - Gautamiputra Satakarni Review
Embedded image courtesy of Gautamiputra Satakarni movie

Gautamiputra satakarni is one of those rare movies that it will spotlight the power of the deccan area of India. Telugu people will love this, particularly folks that are a great deal toward the tradition and the epic proportions of telugu people history.

This film takes us lower back into the second century advert, wherein the fifth ruler of the then Satavahana dynasty, Satakarni revived the strength and received the fierce battles towards the sturdy armies like yavanas (indo-greeks) and so forth.
If you love history and the epic movies, this is rather encouraged film.
 You will truly enjoy a hundred thirty five mins fully.

Into the story:

Gautamiputra satakarni, the greatest warrior and king. He dreamt of ruling and uniting all of the kingdoms. Given that age five, he had this burn in heart and lived in step with it. When Satakarni grew up, he carried out the dreams.

Will he capable of gaining the opposite dreams? Will he  overcome the pains placed in front of his fulfillment by means of the enemies? Can Satakarni become aware of the backstabbers? These kinds are the flavours of the story.

The wars fought with the aid of Satakarni and his methods, the dare in dealing with the enemies. The confidence and art of combat these are the additional attractions for this movie.

Movie rotates around a single concept, it is the gaining of peace and safeguarding it from the foregin invasions. Satakarni filled the inspiration in some of the small kings, will they stand together even in the absence of satakarni? This is the suspense.

The significance of family is well defined in the film. The role of a mother, spouse in a man's lifestyles. Their component in the journey of a person's life and how to appreciate them is proven proper. This has crowned the own family idea.

Gautamiputra Satakarni history is understood from the inscriptions on the coins. This is covered properly within the film. Whilst satakarni along with his wife, Vashistha went to market to buy a toy for their toddler. The coin inscription  and the significance of it's far explained. That is how we can inject the idea of history.

Stars on screen overall performance:

Nandamuri Balakrishna (Gautamiputra Satakarni) is known for punch dialogues. The accessory, accent, timing of the dialoguedelivery and the expressions via him are the important sights for the film. Director Krish has effectively exposed the fantastic aspect in  Balakrishna. Despite of that old look, and quite dress failures, Balakrishna still rocked the container of industry.

World's Showcase - Gautamiputra Satakarni Review
Nandamuri Balakrishna in Gautamiputra Satakarni

Shriya Saran (Vashistha Devi), the lead role inside the film did very well. The actress had some hits and acted with famous stars. She has been far from the Telugu industry in recent times, acting much less. In satakarni she's back with that herbal appearing and she nailed it.

Hema Malini (Gautami Balashri), the crucial role in the movie, the most respectable role too. She is the one who raised  after the death of her husband. Made him a terrific hero and that is why Satakarni honours her and makes her name as his identity. Mom's love and benefits, the emotional side is nicely accomplished by this senior Bollywood actress.

Besides these stars, anybody inside the movie did well. There are still a few loopholes, however may be neglected.

 The movie is history + fiction. You will revel in if able to apprehend the Telugu. I do not think the equal flavor is received inside the dubbed version.
Few shots before intermission has repeated. Those can also be left out because the cinematography is good.

Music is okay, because this is the history related movie, nobody will count on a musical hit.

World's Showcase rating is unbiased right here, not relying on some other sites or remarks.

Rating: 3/5
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World's Showcase - #Bengalurushamed
This afternoon once I switched on my tv, the news that popped up in each channel is #Bengalurushamed

Well, this isn't always the first time we are hearing something like this. We heard lots of such matters, right! However do not know still my heart did not listened to me. It introduced me here to write about this.
The country is shameful for such sort of issues taking splace around us each day.

Watch the video here, courtesy of Zee News

There need to be a change ought to occur in our country . In particular, due to the fact such things don't go away a very good mark within the history.
#bengalurushamed, the hashtag that made us to cover our faces. Maybe we aren't the culprits, however we belong to this country where such molestations preserve on occurring each year. Few came to light and few not.

Are not they the Indians? Do not they have mothers? Yes they do. However, they have no morals. When a girl walks on her own within the streets, those eyes will stare and their minds will plan some thing terrible.
Even the literates gets worried in such instances, so in which did the school teachings gone? Are not their teachers taught these students how to behave?

Whom accountable now? 

The mother and father who raised such stupids? Or the society who taught these men to act like that.

If feasible rape, if no longer just groping and molestation. That is the mindset of these beasts. Crammed absolutely with lust, however not anything. No appreciate and no disgrace.
Not most effective Bengaluru in charge, there are many different locations where such sports keep on taking place. A few aren't even stuck in cctv cameras. Many things will manifest in darkish which we are not even conscious.

Even at the holy places like temples and some different unique events, molestations are visible, recorded within the cams, but nonetheless no person will come ahead to stop such sports further. The following 12 months, same matters will take place.
There is no more secure vicinity for women in india to roam even beneath the sun. This is how we're going to degrade the international view inside the global community.

What guidelines can forestall such things? What punishment could deliver the worry inside the minds?

How are we guys able to be an inspirational to the others while the grime is filled in our hearts?

Wake up! Communicate about this, be aware, spread the attention. This must be stop now, all of us are ill of hearing things and looking and witnessing. If there is any exchange to crept in, that must take place now. Now or by no means. Shout out louder, allow the entire international hear your voice, at the least it can shackle the ones beast minds, at least these voices may be heard of their minds.

It should start from the colleges to the colleges, the movies ought to now not simplest portrait the sexiness of a woman, they have to additionally display their heart and pain. Objectifying want to forestall.
Whenever such things happen, governments blame each different, folks blame every different, whom responsible here? We're all circuitously worried in such instances, if we are silent and just say words without actions, these things may not stop. Even the subsequent generations should suffer.

Suppose, act and spread the awareness for your own way.
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