Everyone loves green plants, greenery is pleasant and we all feel refreshing when we spend sometime between these green plants. Current trend is tech and tech, but we can’t see a tree. It’s easy to find a net connection at any house, but hard to find a green plant vats.

 Everybody has latest mobiles and pocket Internets, but coming to the plants, they’re lacking in the nature.

Plants are pleasant, they are always there from ages and ages assisting us and helping us to survive.
Global warming is the biggest challenge to all the countries now, we are all together fighting with this evil to somehow cope with the damage done by the global warming. It’s every person’s duty to aware about the knowledge to decrease the pollution.

We’re humans and we are in need of the green plants around us, they’re our life.
We’ve to spend our minimum time in spreading the green awareness, there are several programs running around the world, try to participate in them and play a part as your own.

Yesterday I visited the YSR Horticultural University, Venkatrammanna gudem, Tadepalligudem, West Godavari, India. It is the educational and research Center and has many varieties of plants, including medicinal and herbal and also aqua culture.

I went there to know about the importance of the green plants and how to raise them and defend them from different kinds of insects. It’s really amazing to know this because it’s completely new to me.
I only knew few gardening principles, watering the plants, protecting them from diseases and insect attacks and growing them in plantations. Knowing about their life is much great feeling I ever had, am completely satisfied to spend my time there amidst of the green.

Am attaching few snaps here which are captured by Ms. Nikhitha and am including the #gogreen hashtag.

YSR Horticultural University is in 350acres and is managed by State Government of Andhra Pradesh.
We all love green, that feeling is different when you watch the plant which is planted you grow up and becomes more taller than you. Enjoy these pictures…

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Blogging is the best platform to share our views and to show off the talents. In these days the circle of blogosphere has enlarged and almost many people now are aware of blogging.

For bloggers, developing the content is one thing and the views it gets is the other thing. These two are the separate ones, but the second one, page views is most important to any blogger. Whether you are blogging for sharing your personal views or trying to become a full time blogger and have a plan to earn through your blog, audience play an important role in your case.

There are many platforms which will offer bloggers to promote their posts and allow them to interact with other bloggers of the same niche. Among all those platforms, here am going to pick the one called BlogLovin and we’re going to see how bloglovin is going to help bloggers.

Bloglovin is Bloggers best buddy – Reasons are below.

BlogLovin is FREE:
   We all love if we saw the word ‘’free’’, you will love bloglovin because it’s free to. We can follow our favorite bloggers and create a new profile for free and engage with other bloggers, claim the blog you own and gain followers to it. All this are for free.

Increase in the number of PAGE VIEWS:
   We’ve discussed earlier that for any blogger, visitors are like gold. The more visits a blog have, the more rank it’ll have in search engines. So, here bloglovin provides you that opportunity to gain more pageviews or double the page views which you primarily have.

World's Showcase - Bloglovin

GENUINE blogs and bloggers:
  Bloglovin is genuine, hence the members in it are genuine too. No need to worry about the copyright infringements or any such related things. You’ll just enjoy being there. Happy blogging!

INTERACTING with bloggers:
   A blogger understands another blogger, if you meet a blogger of your similar interest, you may collaborate or participate in various events and mutually promote your blogs. It’s possible with the bloglovin, may be your siblings are waiting there.

EASE of access:
  Bloglovin is not a rocket science, it’s easy to sign up and use. Just don’t forget to claim your blog if you are a blogger. If you are a reader, well tons of content is there to be read. No disappointment.
Go ahead and sign up and enjoy every moment as a blogger with Bloglovin

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This kind of feeling is not new to me. I faint on such thoughts when they come up in my mind, those insecurity feelings and questions dominating the life. I feel like running away from this world to a mystic place where I can find some peace and comfort. But, there is no such a place on earth. Only choice  left is to write down the pain.

Away - World's Showcase

I want to go away, to a place where my fears are erased;
I want to go away with a person, who can truly understand me and make me feel like home,
Couldn’t find such one on earth.
I want to be away from all these emotional breakdowns and mental pains;
Suggest me such a spot, where I dwell all day and night by not sensing my pain!
Introduce me to a person who will stand by side and hold my hand and say, “it’s okay, you can win too”

Away from parties and all alone.
This feeling has no control, my heart constantly crying over this;
My body brooding over bed of thorns and bleeding lone red.
I want to run away from this, but I couldn’t find a more better place around me.
Who will understand me? Who will save me?
I won’t waste my time for someone to enter my life and save it from collapsing.
I wish I could be iconic,

What all I feel right now is;
Degrees to the dust and knowledge to the skies.
I need a warm voice, by hearing to it, I want to get carried away right into heavens.
I need someone to say a “hello” and I want to go away after that.
Am away from smiles, away from everything.

In the end, am just away.
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Good news to all Sandra.N fans. Few hours ago her new song is released and viewed by many.
Whenever she come with her new single, being her fan I’ll promote her songs in this blog.

Habibi - Sandra N

 Whether it’s an English or any other language, I’ll just head over here and write few words about the music and the details about the video so that the music lovers like me will get to know that new song has been released.
Habibi - Sandra N

This single of Sandra N is entitled as Habibiand for the first time ever she has collaborated with the Veo – French Boy, officially.

There both performance in the latest video is good, but if somebody forced me to pick the best, Habibi is not as good as her previous ones named ­– Obsession, Liar, and other music. But still it’s good to watch. Ballerina also stands tall over this. Well, it’s just my personal opinion and fans may react differently according to their taste.

Habibi - Sandra N

I like the new release of Sandra, and I’ve been waiting for this from weeks since she announced about the new release.

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Indian Bloggers

A broken angel has nothing to share with the world, everything else in the world Is an emptiness to the broken one. Either losing a loved one or haunted by the past memories all these things will enter into the mind without any sign.

 Of course, even am one of those broken one, I own the curses and their consequences of pain. Whenever i  feel happy, following it sadness will crept in.

I really hate that situation when the people who are supposed to be our best friends forever turning into foes because of a misunderstanding. Here’s a poem which I would like to write to express that pain, I know exactly that it doesn’t matter to the reader, but sharing my pain will ease the load in my heart.

PC: Unsplash

It must be something, that something
will keep you and me happy.
But I guess, am lost in you;
That something was stolen from me,
When I woke up and realized that,
You were just a dream.

Something is lost, that something’
Has never returned to me again.
That something is the love.
I was in a dilemma that you’ll,
Stay forever.

If you were real, all these things
Won’t bother me.
You were fake, you were just,
A fading dream that will never interact with me.

Then I decided to move on,
And am still just trying to

Move on.
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when I was alone, laying down in my bed hopeless and diving in to the mire of unhappiness, I was all alone. Seems nothing is going to restore those happy moments I had once in my life. I heard voices inside me, saying, go, run away from this reality to the fantasy and they assured me a safer life than this.

But, my conscience is there, preventing me from the trap. Trying to explain me about the importance and necessity of my life. Still my mind is there, asking me to stop this all. You’re no legend, you’re no extraordinary person to undergo this kind of pain. You are going down soon, soon you are going to give up. Get up, collect your things, run away from the reality.

I woke up in the middle of the night, checking if someone is observing me. Oh! No, am away from my home. Came and settled for four years study. Even though week after week I visit home, am still a home sick. (of course, an adult home sick). Nothing seems going in a good way. Am I left all alone in this world of lone-doom?

Question after question shooting my brain, my limbs began to tremble, my nerves are feeling fear. Am hopeless now, the unanswered prayers are asking me to prove myself. Am alone.

I never left my Dad’s hand while crossing the road, here, am crossing the zones, his love is with me. Am not alone, am collecting all my confidence. Am not abandoned, am going to beat this feeling one day.

I defeated it, and I did. Am here writing this, now am living that life which I had dreamed. Many challenges passed, many got into the to-do list. That loneliness still struck in my life somewhere, this time am not allowing it to overtake me.

PC: Unsplah

I may not be a champion today, but someday I’ll be. Who is going to stop me?

To over come the fear, I need to come back to the reality zone and take a step to live in it.

I need a change, definitely I need a change. If am not any human, and if I don’t have any purpose to come on to the earth, then I shouldn’t be here.

It’s still a suspense, to me and to the people surrounding me. Am I going to make it?

This is the time to take action. I’ll be back and bring the life to the reality. I’ll update it here.

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Punjabi films are amazing to watch. They are close to the reality and reciprocals many lives. Ever since I learnt about the naturality in these movies, I began to get more closer to them.

A new teaser has been released recently, #KAWELA. This teaser is simply  amazing because it is a suspense one, allowing us to portray the concept.

This is the Punjab’s Actor/Filmmaker, Harp Farmer’s film, directed by Aman Brar. This film is set to release on 21st April 2017.

After watching the teaser I think its’s all new concept and it falls under the category of the horror films. So, don’t plan a visit to the hall all alone. Horror movies will not only steal the sleep and gave us nightmares, they’re good messengers too. 

Kawela poster

There is always something which we would like to learn. And this is from the Punjabi background so give it a shot.

I love the teaser because am a suspense thriller and horror films lover. I would like to get threatened by these magical films and the creativity behind the curtains.
Teaser says it all, #KAWELA is going to teach us something guys.

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Songs which will depict love are always amazing. Being a music lover, I would like to listen to these melodious songs which will portray the theme of love and the pain behind the love.

Love is well explained with such kind of tunes, when combined with some meaningful lyrics and the music, the story is told to us in a great way.

Watch this song, a Punjabi song. Which will explain the love and it's consequences and the reality.

We must never forget the reality of being loved or loving someone. Sacrifice, agony, haunting memories will accompany us in the entire life course.

No matter what we do, we just can't forget the people or the places, we just can't get over such memories. Even in the tears, true love will find a place of secure zone for the beloved.

This song has touched my heart's strings so badly, I was dived into my past and just floated on the present.
All music lovers, give it a shot. 
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