Interview With The Fashion Blogger Stuti Gupta From SWAGITUPSITE

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The fashion world is always fantastic, it is the place where new trends and styles are invented and modern styles are discovered.  
When we observe the fashion industry, it is up to date and new things are introduced, it is an evergreen field with all the exquisite things around. 
It is evergreen because all of us like to be stylish, that passion will never disappear from our minds. The film industry is the place where we can see new fashion trends are introduced.  
Besides these promotions, the persons who are evolving daily as fashion bloggers are playing an important role in taking the fashion into the world. With their special OOTD posts, promo posts etc. This is growing day by day and we can see almost anywhere these fashion bloggers.  
Blogging is never a kids game, it involves loads of handwork. What readers only sees is the outcome of that aggressive hard work. 
Behind these blog posts, there lies lots and lots of tasks to do. In the case of the fashion bloggers, they need to do their photo shoots, ready their portfolio, choose the best photographer and last but, not the least, the locations and backgrounds.  
The post then goes live and then we can read it effortlessly. Well, one such a fashion blogger I came to know is Stuti Gupta from Swagitupsite. 

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

She is the new girl in the fashion bloggers list and she has an amazing blog. She has got that talent to make a platform herself in the fashion niche. 
Today here on World's Showcase, we introduce to you Stuti Gupta from Rohtak. 
The passionate fashion blogger and a pretty girl. Let's read what she has to share with us about her and her goals, achievements, and interests. 

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(1). Welcome to World's Showcase Stuti, we are glad to have you here. Please share few lines about you with our readers.  
Born and brought up in Rohtak. I came to Delhi to pursue some knowledge about Fashion. I had completed 1 yr diploma course from NIFT, Delhi and now doing BBA in fashion from International College Of Fashion. I have also started a blog by the name SWAGITUPSITE.  

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(2). You are new to the Blogosphere, how it feels like being a blogger?  

It really feels good. When I came to know that there is a profession of blogging. Without a second thought. I started my own blog. And ya it really feels good. Making your own identity.  

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(3). Who/What inspired you to step into the fashion blogging?  

When I came to Delhi. I had no idea about blogging. Slowly I came to know. Then I started following some of the bloggers- what they do, how they do. THATBOHOGIRL, well-known blogger inspired me the most.  

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(4) What motivates you to blog, how many hours do you spend to organize the blog posts?  

My followers, friends motivates me to blog. When I feel like quitting it or demotivating. They encourage me the most. My friends are helping me out with photography, editing, things too. And that really means a lot. I spend like 2-3 hours daily.  

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(5). Your achievements so far.  

I recently completed 6 months of my blog. And I am way much thankful. I have no achievements so far. But yeah with 17 blog post I am having 4,000 viewers. And now I am a campus ambassador at various platforms POPxo or StyleDotMe etc.  

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(6). What is the role played by your family and friends in your blogging journey?  

AS I already said, they supported me that’s why I am here. I think I am the first fashion blogger in my city. And yes it feels really great when you friends and family supports you or encourages you for what you are doing.   

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(7). At present, what are your biggest challenges in the fashion blogging niche?  

That’s pretty tough question. Nowadays every second person I meet is a fashion blogger or want to be a fashion blogger. It's very difficult to think what I want to post next.   

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(8). Interested in Modeling/Acting?  
Yes, of course.   

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(9). How would you like to spend your free time?  

I mostly read novels, magazines. Besides that, I enjoy making sketches. And obviously who doesn’t love to hang out with friends.  

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

(10). What are the suggestions you are willing to give to those who are going to start a fashion blog?  

Guys, BE YOURSELF, BE YOU. Nobody can be you. Start your blog. Think about an inspiration, think about something different. And you are all set to be a fashion blogger.  

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

Very inspirational words Stuti, thank you for sparing with us. World's Showcase wishes you all the desired success and many more milestones yet to achieve. You will stand tall as a fashion blogger in the near future. Wishing you best wishes heartfully.  

World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta
World's Showcase - Stuti Gupta

You can follow Stuti on Roposo and don't forget to subscribe her blog SWAGITUPSITE

Guess what she has a colorful Instagram

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