Interview With The Medicinal Herbs Enthusiast Sudha Konakalla

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We all need good health to achieve success, we are living in a world where we need to fight against various diseases. Thousands of new medicines are coming out in the market in a day, with all types of side effects, they are prescribed to us by our physicians.

We need physicians, we need those advanced medicines too, besides we can also play a part by ourselves in controlling some major diseases with the help of the medicinal herbs and plants.

Today on World's Showcase, we have decided to interview a person, who is working hard in spreading the awareness about the herbs.
She is growing all the useful herbs in her own house, we can say she turned her house into a hub of herbs. Let us see what she has to share with us.

World's Showcase/Herbs

Hi Mrs. Sudha Rani, welcome to World's Showcase. We are glad that you are here. Please share some information about you and your family, interests, hobbies and time killers etc.

Hello, my full name is Sudha Konakalla, and I am from Sathupally, Khammam Dist. my father's name is Sambhamurthy and mother's name is Lalitha Pushpa Kumari.
My husband name is Suresh and I have two children, Sudheera and Sudeep.

Since childhood, my only hobby is gardening. That's what I like to do during my free time. And am always occupied with the works related to plants.

 Who gave you the inspiration to rise these medicinal herbs? Is it your own thought or suggested by somebody else?

Generally, people will think that Ayurveda means the extracted juice from the green leaves and they don't feel like accepting it for the very first time when we introduce it to them. Coming to the homeopathy, they will oppose it because there must be a gap between the food and the medication, and also many will not prefer these because they must maintain a healthy diet in order to procure a good health.

World's Showcase/Herbs

World's Showcase/Herbs

But, if we offer them a fruit and ask them to consume it, if we add that consumption will help to treat their disease they will happily accept it. They won't take it as a medicine but as a fruit. So, I have done a lot of research and read all the books which helped me to know what kind of fruits will have the characteristics to treat the diseases and on which disease will a particular fruit shows a positive impact, all these research assisted me to plant these plants.

To raise these medicinal plants and to maintain them, I have got lots of financial encouragement and support.

 In what ways does your family encourage you in this fantastic activity of raising the medicinal plants and herbs?

Coming to the encouragement and support from family, I feel like am the luckiest one on the planet. My family never opposed me when I proposed this idea to them. My husband, Mr. Suresh, never stepped back when I asked him for the plants and the financial needs.

World's Showcase/Herbs

With the help of the Facebook posts, I had already filled awareness about these medicinal plants to the people who had read these posts.

We are living in a modern world, where many people adopted to live with the most advanced diagnosis and they use the artificial medicines. They will think that Ayurvedic plants have outdated, not all, but many are stick to this kind of situation. In this current kind of world, how you are going to make these medicinal plants get to reach into the people?

We are spreading the awareness about the medicinal plants through media and other social media platforms like Facebook. Many are accepting this, but still, need to create more awareness. To do so, we are collecting the statement from the victims and then proving them that with the help of the medicinal plants there will be no side effects and they will assist them to treat the disease.

Facebook is playing a major role in this, besides am also using the Whatsapp messenger.

Please share with us about few medicinal plants which you have.

Litchi fruits plants, Starfruits, Passion fruits, Apricot, Graviola (soursop), China guava, Water apple, Kerala amla, Kumquat fruits, insulin plants etc,

 What should we consider if we want to grow these medicinal plants? Any special care must be taken?

There is no such extra care to be taken, we will water them regularly, use the natural fertilizers like goat's waste and compost fertilizers.
These plants are growing very well in our home, that means in any region these plants are ready to grow up. We need a good and bright sunlight.

The bottom line is, these medicinal plants are just like the common plants those which we grow in our garden. The only thing is, these are naturally ready to carry on the diagnosis process for some diseases.

Your favorite plant(s) if any?

All are my favorites, no particular plant. Plants mean me, and I mean plants.

 How will you convince the people to believe in these medicinal herbs?

Most of the people don't have awareness about the medicinal herbs, at least 10% of them have no idea how these herbs are useful. This is because of their false beliefs that Ayurveda plants won't cure the disease. I can prove this statement as false because they actually cure your diseases. I have experimented and seen better results. Using the social media is really helping a lot to spread the awareness.

 Can these herbs used for increasing the beauty and charm? Do share some of the uses of these herbals in terms of beauty.

Sure, I will share the uses of all the above-mentioned plants in detail, let's dive in.

Litchi plant makes you look young, it will remove the wrinkles on your skin. This plant is especially useful up to 90% only for beauty. Star fruit has an anti-aging characteristic. The extraction from the leaves of soursop plant is useful in decreasing the pimples. Kerala amla will decrease the pigmentation, kumquat fruit will give the glow to the tan face. The apricot fruit also helps to remove the pimples.

Now let us see more useful characteristics about these herbal plants.

Graviola aka Soursop:

This is very much effective for the treatment of cancer if I can say, ten thousand times of Chemotherapy = 1 soursop fruit. This is also called as the miracle fruit. It will cure twelve types of cancers. In addition to this, this fruit also helpful in treating diabetes, thyroid, tumors in the brain, depression, constipation, anemia, stones in the gall bladder.

World's Showcase/Herbs

Not only the fruits of this plant but also the bark and leaves will take part in various diagnosis. The bark is useful in increasing the lactation and leaves in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Passion fruit:

This is also called as 'Abhiruchipandu' in Telugu, which defines as tasty fruit. This fruit will prevent the large intestine cancer, mouth cancer, and heart attack.

Passion fruit will increase the functionality of the immune system, controls high blood pressure, decreases the danger caused by the respiratory diseases.

Also helpful in controlling the stomach burn, fat and glucose content in our body.

Star fruit:

This fruit will prevent a cough, fever, throat pain. Skin diseases like ringworm and also to improve the functioning of digestive system.

Are you paying much for the medication process to decrease your weight? Well, it is the time to say goodbye, star fruit will assist you in decreasing the weight. It will also prevent hair fall, and helps in the growth of the hair.

World's Showcase/Herbs

For mothers, this is helpful in the milk production and prevents some sort of cancers like breast cancer, liver cancer, rectum cancer etc,

This fruit is not recommended for those who have stones in their kidneys.

Apricot fruit:

This fruit is helpful for the patients who have stones in their kidneys, also cures bronchitis, asthma, and BP. This fruit cures the hormonal imbalances in women and also will give relief to throat pain.

Weight-loss, and for different kinds of tumors on the body this fruit is highly useful.

Litchi fruit:

This fruit is used by China princesses in the past, reason? This will keeps you
look young. This is an anti-aging fruit. Also an antioxidant.

Kerala amla:

This will improve the liver functioning and cures asthma, cough, swellings. Also, decreases pigmentation.

Water apple:

This is an amazing fruit which will sharpen the immune system, cures cancer and joint pains. Very much useful for men to increase the semen. It will make dry skin to good looking one, numbness in muscles is cured, prevents wrinkles.

World's Showcase/Herbs
Courtesy of Nikhitha Raj Chinnam

This will also clean up the kidneys, thereby removing any stones if are present in the kidneys.

Kumquat fruit:

The specialty of this fruit is, one can eat without peeling off its skin. In the beginning, it was only available in China, but currently available around the globe.

World's showcase/Herbs

This will decrease the cholesterol in the blood and prevents the heart attack. It has Omega 3 and 6, hence it is used in curing the diabetics. It will provide us instant energy like an energy drink.
Also useful for the strength of bones and helpful in decreasing the gastric problems.

Strawberry guava or China guava:

This has other names too, like red Malaysian guava or cattle guava. Uses of this fruit are in decreasing the body weight, an anti-cancer, decreases blood motions. Keeps thyroid healthy and a healthy brain functioning.

Insulin plants:

Insulin plants are really really much needed for those who are suffering from diabetics. This plant leaves are our medication in curing the diabetics, that is to keep the sugar levels under control.

World's Showcase/Herbs

For the first month, these leaves are taken daily in the morning and evening along with the medicines which are prescribed by the physician. From the second month, after testing the sugar levels, you can completely depend on these insulin leaves. Be careful, you still need to test the sugar levels regularly to keep an eye whether the insulin which you are consuming is neither high nor low. Because excessive insulin intake is also dangerous.

Really an impressive information about the herbs and their uses Mrs. Sudha. World's Showcase wishes you all the success in spreading the awareness and assisting people.
Thank you for giving us your valuable time and enlightening us about the medicinal plants and their uses. Before we end this interview, please share a few words in a standalone way with our readers.

If it is an Ayurveda medication, you will have restrictions in diet. If it is homeopathy, they say not to eat up to an hour. Nowadays many people are suffering from various problems and diseases like diabetics, depression, asthma, blood pressure, thyroid, overweight, insomnia, more and more.

Instead of using the bag full of medicines, by consuming a fruit daily, you can lead a happy and healthy life. This thought had struck in my mind and I would like to share it with the entire world. With lots of researches and efforts, finally, I have successfully made an impact in the hearts of people. This is not going to stop here, this is just the beginning.

Below is an image which will give you an insight about the uses of these medicinal herbs.

World's Showcase/Herbs

Sudha in the news:

Mrs. Sudha had been interviewed by many other TV channels in past, and also articles were written about her. Here we are sharing few among them.

World's Showcase/Herbals

World's Showcase/Herbals

World's Showcase/Herbs

World's Showcase/Herbs

Interviewed by Ms. Nikhitha

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