He looked like the sort of person who would tell you that he did not have an umbrella to lend you when he actually had several and simply wanted to see you get soaked.

Rain never understands why people hide under their umbrellas! Let us make a surprise to the rain by closing our umbrellas!!!!! 

She craved a presence beside her, solid. Fingertips light at the nape of her neck and a voice meeting hers in the dark. Someone who would wait with an umbrella to walk her home in the rain, and smile like sunshine when he saw her coming. Who would dance with her on her balcony, keep his promises and know her secrets, and make a tiny world wherever he was, with just her and his arms and his whisper and her trust.

Let a smile be your umbrella, and you'll end up with a face full of rain.

 How much a man cares for a woman by the space he allots her under a jointly shared umbrella.
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                                 THAT SAME 'FAKE' LOVE 
When a student completes his school education and steps into the college life, he/she will be with many dreams and plannings. There will be wings in their hearts and they feel like there will be no need of any books, but actually, the book wrestling starts here.  
Some students, not all will study their school like they are under any bondage and they will feel like they are slaves, now in the college, they will find 'someone' to share their feelings and wish to spend time with them. Here arises the boyfriend or the girlfriend concept.  
It's the teenage and to manage the stress levels is possible to them. They can handle anything, but managing is hard. The truth is many relationships students will develop at this stage are due to attraction and most are said to be failures. This isn't any wonder because they don't have that maturity in their minds to deal with the emotions and feelings. 
The next level from college is professional education. Many love stories start here will finally meet their destiny. There are also failures in this stage too, and it's not because of the immature mindset, but because of the ego, misunderstandings and other family related issues. Many will be left with the hurt and they couldn't get over this.  
If we touch ten hearts in the universities, we can at least find two of them mourning for their loved ones.  
Here in our story, it started in the professional educational institution, this is a love story, half real and half fantasy, it is short, still sweet. Before we dive in, read it with your heart, but not with the eyes.  
Sukumar, a brilliant student with different thinking and he isn't brilliant because he is the topper, he is brilliant because of the way he handles and solves the critical situations with the functioning brain.  
All the faculty appreciates him and he is a decent and nice guy. No girl approached him and he didn't approach any. He is serious at studies and did not allow anything to distract him. He even has no male friends to hang out and chill. That never made Sukumar regret, because he is loving what he does.  
He is dedicated and somewhat with less punctuality and tensed. He never loses his focus and always attentive.  
Life is not always the same, even persons like Sukumar have to go through tough times, and in these tough times, away from parents and lack of friends, he met Soundarya on Facebook and they both became good friends and both are God feared and regular in practicing their faith. 
Their friendship slowly turned into a relationship and finally, they fell in love, the feeling that has no borders and distance never matters. It all started good and they did not meet in real life. They are far from each other, but the amount of love they shared and those feelings were the same.  
They decided to meet, but the circumstances ran at a speed which they cannot take a step to meet.  
Sukumar is a good writer and a book lover, he read that love is cherished when they both meet and share their views with each other. He brought the same thing into Soundarya's notice, but she always denied and made excuses like she is not a good looking and will be ready to meet him on her birthday.  
Two birthdays went and still their relationship is stable, she loved Sukumar much and she saved her pocket money and called him through coin box telephones when she is at the hostel for her studies.  
Since Sukumar is talented, he got into contact with many people and there were also girls. He didn't get disturbed because of anything, but Soundarya did. She changed her attitude and started to curse Sukumar and then his family. 
He shared everything with her, his family problems and his status. She didn't care and started to punish him with all kind of blames and false claims, she easily believed in bad rumors about Sukumar and she slowly turned as a torturer. Sukumar kept this all inside, he hides all these and tried to make her m. Day by day things are getting worst, but still, they are not separated.  
Meanwhile, Sukumar motivated her to become the girl who she never dreamed of. He literally changed her look and appearance, he influenced her much and within three years, her physical look has completely changed and she became exquisite than ever. 
Even she doubted him, always remembered the past and she never let the past go off, whenever there is any misunderstanding, she started to dig the past and haunt him with all kinds of words.  
At some point, it felt like this relationship is almost impossible, but still, there is a life in their love. He took all the pain and when he needed her most she intentionally disappeared from him. He fell into depression, those were the bad times ever in his life, he faced all alone. 
She always called his love as fake, he began to hurt her by slowly ignoring her, now that she is also in depression, she fell sick and he did not felt like calling her, he did not hate her, but just got frustrated with her childish and foolish attitude. 
Innumerable times she called his love is a fake one. 

World's Showcase - Love Story

That hurt him much, still, he did not stop loving her. He waited for her change, but it is not at all happening. One day her mom called him and asked him whether he will marry Soundarya or not. One weird thing is, by then Sukumar didn't even saw Soundarya and not even a photograph, but he promised to marry her and confirmed to her mother that he is loving her truly. 
Even after this, Soundarya continuously called him a cheater, she is just feeding her jealousy and misunderstanding about him. 
Four years passed, their bond became strong, now she looked more pretty and shared her pics on all social media which she never did before, and there is no doubt she did this all because of Sukumar only. He filled all the confidence and made her a precious gem. She sent him many gifts and she said he is not getting surprised and she took it as that he is not interested in them. She always had a fight with him when he appreciated other gifts. 
He is not much expressive and he wrote it all in his diary, he didn't think that he should need to talk about those gifts. He appreciated in his heart. It is her who first sent him the gifts and letters, nobody did that before. He tried to explain to her that he loves them much, still, her heart is not ready to accept his words. 
She shared her pics with him. He felt really happy and he thanked God for giving him the beautiful girlfriend. 
 Her negative thinking and feminist kind of feeling always are like a venom to the relationship she didn't even aware of that, she is thinking that she is always right in her views. Her behavior eating Sukumar's patience, still, he holds it all that affected his health. He always sleeps deprived and began to think why is this all happening. 
All he heard from her was that he is a fake, he is a cheater, he is useless. Even her family members made fun of him. He ignored all these, he believed that there will be something called true love exists, and she will truly understand him one day, some day 
He finished his professional degree and he didn't accept any other girl in his life because Soundarya is his love. 
On the other hand, she started to insult him, she said he is a black colored and has no good looking. Her family members began to praise her fairness and they started to corrupt her mind that Sukumar is not a suitable guy to take her hand is not rich either to fulfill her dreams.  
They influenced her completely because they didn't want to let her go away with him. They do know that it is because of him she attained princess' look. Their filthy minds starting feeding her with all negativity. 
Then they started to play games and eliminate Sukumar from her life, they came up with a shot that they gave Sukumar a deadline, which is a challenge, that he must a government job in a year. Sukumar himself thought of this, he is not going to marry her and make her walk through the hardships, he has a plan. He didn't sense this challenge coming, it is beyond his thoughts. He has a different plan, developing slowly and settling in a good position. 
And it's the government job they asked for, that too in a year. This is not impossible but completely depends upon the government and the procedures. Now he came to know that he is middle of a situation, which will push him back to that same loneliness. He is near to a heartbreak.  
He is not a rich person, then they asked him that they will 'help' financially to get a job, but Sukumar denied it as he always believed in his own talent and that will raise his one day. All he has is his family, Soundarya and his talent, now that one from them is abandoning him, he laughed himself, he remembered their sweet memories and his heart is not allowing him to let her go. 
He opened his music playlist, there were many songs in the separate playlist, those are the songs sent by his love, he is aware that he is allowing all the pain and depression let in, he is not at all fighting to prevent them, he is all alone and definitely need a companion to accompany in this unexpected journey, he smiled himself and satisfied that at least his old mates are back without an invitation, they are going to kill him, but that is all fine now. 
He is used to believing in miracles and he didn't expect anything because even that day she said that he will find another girlfriend, that hurt him to the deepest, he wished her good luck for her new life, which he will be disappeared and presence of him is extinct, she agreed she will live happily with that wealthiest person. 
She said to him directly that she didn't  trust him and she can't travel in sadness along with him. He thought true love is that which will stand beside no matter what the situation is, but it is not happening in his life.  He wanted to love her, in that course, he faded.  
He wished to write his feelings in the form of a letter to her, his mind and heart isn't cooperating at all, he wrote these lines “THAT SAME FAKE LOVE” 
His destiny awaits... but he faded.   
His last words known officially are – That Same Fake Love, what he meant by that is his love is always treated as a fake one by her, he wanted her to know that it didn't change at all, it remained as fresh as it began.  
Witnesses say that the girl never received this letter, his first ever letter became the last and that too an unsent one. 
The girl moved on and lived happily with her husband, the boy's identity became a mystery, no one knows what happened to him.  

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