We all say that life is dull
Full of hardships and sorrow,
But all of us still wait
Earnestly for tomorrow!!!
Then why so we do so,
While thinking life is "dread full"???
That is so because we know
Life is truly beautiful !!!
Full of hope and happiness,
Pretty dreams and colours,
Life is God's most special gife
For all Earth - dwellers !!!
When a child emerges from the mother's womb....
And receives the gift of life,
The whole world sings with new found joy...
Forgetting all sadness and strife.
And that is when we realize
How beautiful life is,
And no truth in the universe
Is as pure and simple as this!!!
When we want to end our life,
So full of grief and gloom,
We still smile when we watch
The beautiful blossoms bloom !!!
Life is something so unique
So beautiful and pure,
Everyone wants to make it
Fulfilling, for sure!!!
So forgetting all the failures
And dumpling all the dread,
Let us celebrate life,
And joy let us spread !!!

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