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Love, a divine thing, pristine in nature and a feeling with an infinite energy. It has the capacity to turn rocks into hearts and hearts to softer. It is an unimaginable thing ever happened in everyone's lives and it is the real reason behind the existence.
Love cannot be explained, it can be felt and can be shown, it is expressed less in terms of writing and it is fully expressive in terms of feeling. This is a feeling that involves a person completely like if he is dipped in an ocean of emotions.

Finding a true love is like increasing the lifespan if you take any wrong step definitely the lifespan decreases. When love is with you, you can achieve anything, because the power of love is immeasurable and it has the greatest strengths hidden in it.

Valentine’s day is not only about the partying and enjoyment. It is not that easy to stay faithful to your partner, you need to go through a long trip in order to balance the relationship you are in. This is not any game with a checkpoint, you need to check yourself each and every moment.

Why there are many breakups? Because of the truth that they are just not taking it seriously and going for a style show off that they want to show to this world, that hurts, and nobody will stay with the partner who is always doubting and making false claims and discouraging.

 Learn to love before falling in love – Prasanna Dasari.

From where you can learn, I would say 50% from books and the rest from the real lives, your parents, your closed ones, watch them closely and take an oath.

Love can wait, but life can’t.

We saw the number of young women and men had ended their lives because they had a problem with the love. This isn’t the right way to respect the love. Love pours the life, never it demands a life or a sacrifice. Love is divine, and the divinity intention is to see you with the happiness, but not sad.
If you failed in love, that is not the dead end. If you got cheated, it is not the dead end. God has arranged something for you, when that one person enters into your life, you will see the miracles of the love working in your life.

Not only this day is Valentine’s day, but for the true lovers every day it is a special day. Those who don’t treat love as a materialism, those who don’t objectify women, those who don’t make their partner hurt, they are celebrating this every day.

World's Showcase - Journey of love
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True love is found in many forms, I always talk about the love taking many forms, parents, friends, relatives, lovers. All these forms will act according to the situation and never try to dominate any form, they are individually unique and deserves respect each other.

Love is faithful, love will not step back if it is the true love it has no limits.
It is an emotional language using the body language as alphabets, it is a sign of heart, and it is the one and the only language which is spoken by the human’s important organ, the heart. It can understand the other heart when the two connects and pairs up.

Try to find that love, which will comforts you in times of trouble, which will make you feel like you are the only one, which will gives you the first priority, which will stay online only for you most of the times, which will make you happy and sends out your tragedy past to the pit, which will make you smile all the time irrespective of the situation and who will be there by your side when you needed the most. Who will be your only love forever.

Love finds you, you can’t find love – Prasanna Dasari

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Why do we need Skill?

When we speak about the skill, the Wikipedia provides a great definition for it, A skill is the ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both”

By this it is very clear that all of us need skills to lead a life, we can also say that without a skill there exists no life at all. Yes, I can defend this statement by an example. We are living by means of an employment, it may be of anything and any type. It is the reason for our food. A potter makes a pot with the skill he got, he doesn’t have any education, all he know is how to follow the wheel. A mechanic I know in my personal life doesn’t studied mechanical engineering, but he repairs a car with such a talent which will amaze the viewers.
World's Showcae | Skill Development

By the above examples it is true that skill along with the education or skill in a stand alone manner, it is a necessity.

When skill is added to the education it will be like a perfect recipe which is provided with all the lovable ingredients and hence it makes the dish more delicious. Let’s talk about the skill today, because we need to go global in order have our name repeated in the history and to make our marks as inspiration to the coming generations.

Top 10  Reasons To Prove That Skill Development Programs Rocks:


Your choice of preference may be any field. But, only one thing that is common in each and every field is the skill. You will be hired based on your skills, but never because of your academics numbers or aggregates. One who will develop the skill, he/she will rocks the chosen area.


Skill is always an art. We all are unique, no one of us will have similar mindset or thought process. We don’t rely on the same goal setting. We think different and we do different. There is a key point in all of us that will lead us to achieve that goal we have set, that key point is nothing but the skill itself. It will nourishes your talent and make you proud in the crowd.


There is no age limit to the skill we got, because we can only be called as a skilled personnel if we are good at doing something which is of higher accuracy rate. So, with the increase in the age, the experience is gained and hence we can reach the next level in that particular field.


None of us can completely depend on the theoretical way of study, we need to apply what we have learned and that application will satisfy our minds with the thought that we didn’t invested our energy on something that which actually cannot be applied. Our schools will provide the educational basics, but skills are taught outside of the schooling, make avail of the opportunities provided by the free skill training programs held by the universities like AISECT in their respective centers. In the end of the post I will provide the information of our local training centers.
World's Showcae | Skill Development


Indian education is not any less than any of the western countries, we provide every material to the students, the only thing that lacks is the practical way of teaching and application type of mannerism. If we can bring this into action, we can compete with the real time challengers globally.


Unlike any business, skill has no value to predict. The more your IQ, the more skills are learned and practiced. We need to focus and think about how we can change our current way of thinking to make it more like a talented one, not like a talented, but a talented one alone. This evergreen skill practice always warm welcomes all categories of the people and all sections in the society.


The first thing a student must develop from his childhood is the questioning nature, of course it must be meaningful. One who pays attention to the lessons, definitely they will get the doubts. And once the doubts are raised it will clear the brain of the children and more space is available in the memory cells to learn new things.
World's Showcae | Skill Development


We all have to go through the tough times at some point or the other, we need to be ready to face the challenges in the professional and personal lives. Skills will make us strong to face the challenges and we are filled with the courage and the stamina is fed to our brain with the spirit of hardworking nature. We need to redesign ourselves and make the necessary modifications.


Unfortunately we are living in a society where there exists lots of superstitions. And the low literacy rate adds more strength to these rituals where human loss do occur. We, and with our skills we can make the people to realize the importance of education and how we can all together make the country more successful.


Awareness if spread in a good way to reach the maximum number of people, and if the issue is more sensitive one like some social evil. We can spread the awareness using the teaching methods at the training institutes and skill development institutes.

As I promised in the beginning am going to share the information about the training center in which am a part right now. The institute is called YTC ( Youth Training Center) and it focuses on the skill development and other variety of courses including computer trainings and self-employed tailoring, solar panel installation, and Assistant Electrician courses. The trainers with skilled knowledge will provide the best training and all the courses are available in a 50-50 reservations for STs and Non-STs. All these courses are for free and you don’t need to pay a rupee for the enrollment or training.

This can be your golden opportunity to dive in and learn how to develop and explore the talented guy hiding in you with enormous skills inside. If you are somewhere near to the below mentioned location, do visit the training institute for the further details. 
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