Why time is so important to us....???

Time - one of the many dimensions that exists in our universe. It can go forward, but never back; at least that is what I believe. You may have your own belief about time, but from what I believe about the dimension, we are not supposed to try and manipulate it. Time moves forward for a reason, so why try to change the fact?

“Everything happens for a reason.” A quote I am sure you have heard multiple times throughout your life. Does everything happen for a reason though? You get into a relationship, thinking everything is going smoothly, and then bam, just like that, it’s over. You interview for a job, thinking that it went really well and should be expecting a call to receive the good news. Unfortunately, the good news never comes and sometimes you are just left waiting.

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Time moves on, and you are left where you are. You keep waiting, hoping that you can irrevocably change the situation, but you cannot. You know you cannot, but you keep holding on, because you believe that somehow, someway, you will be able to change the outcome. The past is the past though, and you cannot change it, for it has already happened. That time does not exist anymore, so what is the point in thinking about it too intensely. But past are the pillars of present. That no one is aware. We should not forget it, but also not to think of that. The time has occurred, and now it has moved on. It is time that you should too.

Living in the Past

Living in the past is an unhealthy habit that many people, including myself, are guilty of. It is human to do so though. We think back to the past because it helps us reflect on what we have done and where we have come from. Sometimes, the present is not all too good, so we look back to the past, which may have been a happier time. Unfortunately, as much as we may want the present to be the past, it will not. Vice versa, as much as we want the past to be the present, it will not.
Though I say that thinking about the past will not help your present, it is still important to reflect on the past. By reflecting on the past, you are able understand how you have arrived to today. Through all the victories and failures, you have come to be the person that you realize as yourself. Appreciate your victories, but more importantly, understand your failures. Understanding your failures allows you to learn why it is that you failed; hence you learn a lesson. The past is the past and the present is the present. Be careful not to linger in the past, for it will haunt you if you do. Instead, live in the present, for it is a gift to all who see it as such.

Live in the Present

The present is a gift to you. It is a chance to make a change, another chance to try again. We are given three hundred and sixty-five chances to restart every single year. It is time that you use as many of those days as you can to focus on what is going on in your life, right now. Right now, you are living. Right now, you are making decisions that will affect your future. Live in the present, and you will realize how much you have not really been thankful for. As you are living in the present, be sure to keep the future in mind.

Have a vision of where you want to be one year from now. Focus on that vision. From that vision, derive strategies to make that vision a reality. Do the same for two years down the road, three years down, and so on and so forth. Allowing yourself to envision a new reality for yourself down the road will excite you. Again, do not get too caught up in time that does not exist…yet. Think of your future, plan out a strategy to get there, and get to work, in the present. In a year’s time, I am sure that you will be that much closer to making your vision a reality.

So remember, move on from the past, because it is in the rearview as it should be. Live in the present, because now is the time that you are living, not one minute ago, not one minute from now, just right now. Finally, look to the future, and all the possibility that it holds. Maintain your expectations though, as “everything happens for a reason.” You may think that the path you are traveling down is the one that is meant for you. Quite unexpectedly, you might be thrown from that path. Take it as a sign that you were not meant to travel down that path, but possibly a different one entirely.

Furthermore, do not try and follow someone down their path, as it is their own path to follow, not yours. Create your own path through life, and I promise you will enjoy it that much more.

Good luck to you on your journey through life. I truly do wish you a bon voyage.
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WWE Twitter
The most awaited moment and millions of WWE fans out there waiting long for that one dream match. John Cena Vs. The Undertaker.

Cena never made any ring announcement about facing the Deadman like today he did after beating the Kane. He looks so emotional and delivered his speech, or better we call it a challenge by calling out The Undertaker next week.

Since it’s only a week left for the shows of the shows on the earth, Wrestlemania 34, which is on April 08th 2018 at Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.
There has been a rumourroundup in the WWE Universe that Cena Vs Taker is the ultimate match for these two legends.

It is not about who isgoing to win or lose, it is that these two Superstars go one on one in the ring in the reality era and make the dream match coming true. One such a match was Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. It lit up a fire and then from a game, it turned out into a reality. That was amazing and a surprise too.

Now it's turningfor the Cena and Taker to be in the ring and face off each other. We have seen the return of the Deadman at the 25th anniversary of the Monday Night Raw. And after leaving his gear in the ring, this is his first appearance and he delivered a message in such a way that he is not done yet.

Cena quoted Taker’s name and said these words, “But get your eyes are the back of your head and look at the energy when they chant yes! When they chant Undertaker when they chant do something for God’s sake.
DO SOMETHING because now you only have one week left, one week that sums up your entire career, you can do something or you can do nothing.
And if you do nothing, you let me down, sure like hell as Kane down, but most importantly, you made it crystal clear to every single person ever believed in the Undertaker that you do not care about them, you care only about yourself.
I hope for the sake of all that is good inside this ring, I see you next week”

With these words from Cena, it is crystal clear to us that the Undertaker might return next week and the dream match is also going to turn in to reality.
We don’t know yet officially about this, but we strongly hope that this is the only way Cena can be highlighted at the grand stage. Middle carder or whatever, if this match happens, it will shade the others.

The Undertaker might not be that much fit to fight Cena, but he is not a person who will give up after hearing those challenging words from a fighter. We will see what is going to happen next week.
Until then, we will hear the rumours from the media and the WWE universe chants, DO SOMETHING!

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Water is the most used and the most necessary resource of nature. One cannot survive a day without this universal solvent. We need water for household maintenance, industries, medical fields and every field needs it the most. If we make the water trade, then definitely it will be a huge business with profits. Don’t think why would someone trade water, the time may arrive soon and we will be facing the challenges of the scarcityof water in the future.

It is because this natural resource is the most used and most wasted too. Everyone thinks that it’s just a water, but without that  'just' human survival would be at risk.

Livpure - Prasanna Dasari

Many of us, who are well educated and are in the higher positions in the society are unaware of the fact that how much water they are wasting per a day. At the taps, during showers, while watering the plants in the garden. For those who are abundant of water have no idea of how many people are striving for a pot of water at the places where there is a huge population, but the water resources are limited. There are thousands and thousands of people who are fighting for this basic necessity of human life.

We are witnessing the lack of rainfall in many areas, the rate of rainfall is keeping on decreasing when we compare to the previous records. Fields are empty and lands are red in colour without any crop being raised.

If the scarcity of water occurs it will impact on the food crops too. For the farmers need gallons and gallons of water for the maintenance of the cattle and the fields. If the urban areas are wasting the water and if continued then we have to face a feminine. We will die of hunger, water alone can take down the entire race, it has that much of power hidden in it. If it disappears, the life is in danger.

It is every citizen’s basic responsibility to take a part in the conservation of water campaigns. We must bring awareness to the people who waste the water much. It is the primary challenge ahead of us allbecause we are responsible for the damage we have done to nature and the natural resources, the contamination of the rivers and lakes will pollute the water and make them unfit for the irrigation and on the other hand wastage of water is increasing rapidly.

We cannot go back in time and resolve the issues, but we can change the future and take necessary precautions in saving the water. Generally, if we observe carefully, most of the water is wasted in the urban cities. For example, if we consider a luxury hotel, a glass of water filled up to the brim is placedin front of the customers, and they just take a sip and the rest of the water is wasted.
This is seen inthe wash basins and taps, sometimes we leave the water and let it go. It is because we can’t even know how it would be like without a mug of water for daily usage. We need to place ourselves in the place of those people who spend hours and hours of time in fetching the drop of life, the water.

Wasting of water is a habit and if we ignore this habit it will become a habitual thing, which we will repeat this without even noticing we are wasting. We need to practice a lot to develop the good habit of saving water.

Water is wasted everywhere, at home, in the garden, in the cleaning of utensils, public pumps, cleanings, hotels etc. we need to analyze the importance and the demand of saving the water for the future generations.

I request everyone to develop a habit to save water wherever they are, I am also including a petition to vote at the Change.org in the end of this post. Today we are celebrating World Water Day and this year's theme is Nature for Water.

#CuttingPaani - Prasanna Dasari

The Best Ways to Save Water:

  • ·        Do not leave the tap water to flow on while brushing and washing the hands. Turn it off
  • ·        Say no to longer showers
  • ·        Re-use the water left in the glasses which are offered for drinking, water the plants or use them for other reasons
  • ·        While using the water in gardening works make sure to prevent the water going waste on the ground.
  • ·        Make sure to turn off the taps tightly to prevent the drop by drop leakages.
  • ·        Check for the home water supply pipelines for any leakages and rectify them as soon as possible you found it. Do not delay
  • ·        While flushing, do not flush the things which don’t get flushed easily.
  • ·        Say no to the bathtubs, they are royal, but our loyalty lives with the coming generations if we save the water.
  • ·        At the public pumps and other drinking water facilities, close the outlets after using them up. Do not let the water to flow like it has nothing to do with us. Feel responsible and act as a responsible citizen
  • ·        Educate the children from the children the importance of saving the water and how to conserve water. Introduce new lessons and moral stories in the presentations to spread the awareness about conservation of water.

#CuttingPaani is the initiative by Livpure and it helps to reach out to the crowd in the social media and spread the awareness. The current situations are alright for our generation, even there are many places where the water availability is still a dream, even to drink one have to walk miles and miles to collect the water. And these places are not the deserts, they are the perfect livelihoods and many families live there. If we continue to waste the water without any care, then the future is going to be very bad, we can’t even imagine the damage that we have done by wasting the water.

 We need to question ourselves one thing, if the water is for sale and if we purchase it like the other goods, do we waste it? We will try to make use of the products which we buy until they are empty. Then why don’t we do the same in the case of water? Is it only because it is a natural resource and it is free?

Let’s change our mindset and act like we are literally purchasing the water, drop and drop we are collecting and drop by drop we are saving for our children and the future.

Our little ignorance can cause a biological imbalance and our little response will save the future from paying for the water. Let us together make the water available for free, like we are enjoying this natural gift, we make sure the upcoming generations will do the same.

By sitting at home we can help in spreading the awareness on conservation of water, it is the survival key, and we all have to team up to contribute our efforts to it. Actively participating in the campaigns like #CuttingPaani by Livpure, we can make our voice heard by the others, we can voice our thoughts through such initiatives.

Now as I promised earlier, this is the petition and please sign it and be a responsible human.

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Sleep, the gift of every living being, it is the healer of pain and health restorer. A tool which will act as a refresh button to our brain. Sleep is a natural gift, and who has it to the fullest is considered as the happiest person in this world.

Sleep is the tasks which human body will perform as an actof taking rest and giving a break to the neurons and brain. It will relax the muscles and fix some minor issues internally without any medication. When we are in sleep, we will lose control of our physical body and the mental structure inside us will get activated. During the sleep mode we will be away from the tasks which we can do physically, but mentally we are close to our goals and planning.

Our brain doesn’t completely rest during a sleep, it just relaxes and many of us will get dreams and when we are much tired and have no energy levels in us, then until the next morning we will be just sleeping.

During a sleep, the metabolism, respiration and the other biological process will be not disturbed, this proves that something is commanding and controlling them. This is the master brain, and when we think much about anything, and if we are much more passionate about something, then the mind doesn’t accept the sleep mode and it restricts our relaxation process and therebycausing the sleeping disorders.

World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

A lifefull of tensions, and the mental stress and over thinking will lead to the sleeping disorders, and overall the world, many people are suffering from lack of sleep. Adults and youngsters top the list.
Personally,I am also a person suffering from a sleeping disorder, and mine is too worse, I will keep on working until the clock beats 04:00 Am. This is injurious to my health and I am also a victim of hypertension and migraine pains. I am very well aware of the side effects and the bad things that happen to me if I don’t sleep, but in most of the cases, I am just helpless. The passion and the burning inside me are so strong and that makes me wild and run after the goals and chase them down.
This is wrong, and I am not ashamed to accept my mistakebecause I need to explain the importance of sleep to those who are just beginning to think like me. It is a suicidal move, and please abandon the thought immediately if you are having one right now.

Today, i.e 16 March 2018, we are celebrating the World Sleep Day, this year’s theme is ‘ Join the Sleep World, Preserve Your Rhythm to Enjoy Life’. WSD is held the Friday before spring Vernal Equinox of each year, and am inspired by the WSD website to write this blog post. Next year’s World Sleep Day is on March 15, 2019.
  • Circadian rhythms refer to a cycle of the body. Natural factors from within the body produce circadian rhythms, but environmental factors such as sunlight also affect them.
  • Preserving regular Circadian rhythms have been found to lower the risk of sleep disorders, mental health disorders and chronic health issues such as obesity and diabetes.
Sleep disorders are common, but it occurred regularly then we need to take an immediate action to prevent it getting worst. The confidence, or we may call it as overconfidencesometimes in us is that we will think that ‘a single night lack of sleep will not cost me anything’, but it is not true. It will affect our overall performance during the day. And we can’t be as active as our mates, we feel confident, but our mind needs rest, it demands it during the day and our dull looking face will not impress anyone either.

I went on working midnights to early mornings, writing and writing, I was in love with the peace at nights, that silence made me wake up and work. Because that peace we hardly afford during the day, but the nightis meant for a sleep, I lost my health, slowly and slowly I began to spend my most of the time at the hospital. I made the doctor as a good friend.

This will happen to you too if you ignore to rest your mind and body. Once if we ignore this, it will become a habit. We might cover up all that tiredness and pretend like we are normal, but that insomnia is going to cost us much in the future. Unfortunately, it is too hard to admit that I am writing this post in the middle of the night. The good news is, am not that much sacrificing my sleep like I did in the past. In a week, am up for the late night a day or two, and the rest I will go to bed around 10:00 Pm.

God gave us a night to rest ourselves if there is no need of the night then why it should be there in the universe? If there is no requirement of sleep, why should we get tired after working long hours?
From this day, we are celebrating the sleep, we are going to celebrate the sleep together by spreading the awareness among the people who are sleep deprived.

World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Like we have discussed earlier, there are many reasons for a person to experience a sleeping disorder, it may be due to personal problems, health issues, depression etc. whatever the reason might be, we should try to overcome it and give space to rest.

And one more important thing to rise on this World Sleep Day is that we must not buy the sleep because we cannot buy it, it is free. The drugs cannot help us to sleep, they are the temporary triggers with way more trouble seekers in the future, we must not buy the sleep, we must own it for free. It is our right. So, my humble request to you all is not to buy it. Do not use any medication or high dosage drugs to get into sleep, they are not going to help out.

Try different ways, do a book reading, try to listen to the pleasant lullaby kind of music, and then fall asleep. Nothing is impossible, just try and share your experiences with me.
Happy Sleeping.

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Life is not all about going in a good streamline, it has the ups and downs. Beyond all the challenges and struggles, there comes a time to rejoice and celebrate. At YTC (Youth Training Center), AISECT (All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology), Bellampalli it is the time to sound the trumpets. Facing all the challenges like mobilization, placements and other issues. The hard work has its fruit finally.

Being the SC constitution, it has always been a mountain hard to take down at once to mobilize the ST students. However, beating this issue, YTC, AISECT Bellampalli has maintained the figures in an appreciated manner. And today, it has conducted the first ever walk-in drive and executed it successfully.

Before sharing the success story, there will always be a teamwork involved, there is always the support from the higher officials and also the hidden personalities, who will work hard day and night restlessly and they shine in the times of darkness. It is proud to say that the entire team at YTC, AISECT, Bellampalli is an amazingone. The management, the team and the entire crew are the spines of the success we taste here.

Diving into the topic directly, YTC, AISECT Bellampalli has successfully trained 451 students from the rural areas. Skill development programs, self-improvement programs and other courses including DTP, Assistant Electrician, Self-Employed Tailoring, DCA & PGDCA has been running here.

AISECT’s main aim is to improve the rural students and make them fit to compete against the urbanized education. Since rural education in our India is not as good as the urban one, this divine concept has helped many students to nourish their skills and make them ready to face the interviews and get their desired job. Because skill is what we need to live a life, education alone cannot be the only weapon to fight in the battle of job search, your skill will make you stand out of the crowd and boosts your performance.

With this skill development as a major focus and training, the students in the topics in which they are interested in are the goal. We have successfully finished the training part and today we have initiated the local walk-in drive for the unemployedstudents. And the response we got is quite satisfying.

The Walk-in drive is initiated by the Zonal Co-ordinator of AISECT for Telangana& Andhra Pradesh Mr. M. Kiran Kumar and is supported by the JDM ( Jobs District Manager), Mr. B. Nagabhushan ITDA ( Integrated Tribal Development Agency), and supported by the local team at YTC, AISECT Bellampalli, Incharge Mr S. Raj Kumar, Counselling and Reception section Mrs N. Sunitha Computer lab assistant Ms. S. Swarna Malya and Computer trainer Mr. Prasanna Dasari.
From the AP Fertilizers, the Assistant Manager Mr. Mahendhar and another official Mr. Rajanna has conducted the interviews.

Nearly 115 students actively participated in the drive and attended the interview section. Before this JDM has delivered his message to the students about the programs to empower the skills by the various government projects and about the awareness programs that will be helpful to the students in goal setting and fetching a new job in the employment sector. He also quoted that gone are the days where employment is considered as the prime necessity for humans, nowadays it is the right of the humans. No gender inequality is taken into the consideration in the employment, and each and every one istreated as the same.

So all the students must make use of such drives and they have to improvise their skills and thereby providing a tough challenge to the developed countries. It is a responsibility of every student as a citizen of India.

YTC, AISECT, Belllampalli is also planning to bring the PMKVY approval for the courses Hand Embroiderer, Self Employed Tailor, Assistant Electrician and Solar Panel Installation Technician.

The following are some of the clicks from the drive


















This is the press note for the walk-in drive


These are the news of walk-in drive in different local News Papers in the district editions.

Namaste Telangana

Nava Telangana



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We all need inspiration in our lives, we get motivated and moved by that inspiration and this will become something which is a reason to move on and live our life. The persons whom we are considering as an inspiration are the legends. They walked in the toughest paths and paved through the situations which are deemedto be without a solution.

At the end of their struggle, they found a solution and proved the entire world wrong. They handled the criticism and various discriminations in their lives, personally broken, but used their passion to lift up their spirit and move on.

If we peek into the History, we will find such legends in every country and in every field. These legends bios are still the golden words to the young generations today. Knowing this fact, the author, Ashraf  Haggag wrote LEGENDS OVER GENERATIONS. This is the compilation of the persons who are the true legends. His writing style is amazing and anybody would like to continue in the flow, we will be carried away in that flow of words once if we open and read the few lines from the book.
World's Showcase - LOG


The book Legends Over Generations, by Ashraf Haggag, is the book which is a must-read one in these days, where many are lacking inspiration and finding an alternative way to escape from the problems in the personal/professional lives. We must remember that life is a big fight, and that means we need to fight on a daily basis, each and every day we wake up and a new battle is ready at our doorstep.

This book has the legends biographies and they are not much longer to read, but what is covered in the book are enough to boost our spirit. It has the bios of the legends from the below fields.

·        Human Rights

·        Science

·        Politics

·        Art & Literature

There are many legends in these particular fields if the author concentrates on all of them, it would be a huge book, and hence handpickedfew of them and represented their bios in such a way so that they would act as a guide to the success. We may not have the same old situations, problems and challenges, we may have huge competitions, but we have that same human blood running in us. we can make it through anything, all we need is a bit of inspiration and a firm determination.

I personally loved the book very much, the real stories of  Malala, Martin Luther King Jr. and many are so inspiring. We all knew something about these legends, this book provides a good insight. A girl who is so passionate about the education and took shots from Taliban to gain her educational right, and a lawyer, who didn’t lose his identity and became the leader and carried out the non-violence movement. And the unending spirit of a person in order to invent something which is useful to the society and the upcoming generations. All these personalities are humans like us too, they are in love with their goals and concepts, they would like to do something better to the society, so they dedicated their time, energy and lives to do the best, and they succeeded in the end.

This book can also be used as a teaching book to the kids, it is a good one to explain the children in short of the legends.

For every legend,the author has covered the early life and education, legacy, and their famous quotes. You can also find the signatures under the name of the legends. Am attracted to this.

The conclusion of this book has few amazing words in it. That the author reminds us to stay focused and come out of the comfort zone in which we are living in. We need to push ourselves beyond the limit to taste the success, for this, we have to manage the time, maintain the life and take it to the next level. All this is good to read, but we need to practice these to design our lives to include ourselves in the list of legends.

I would like to quote few lines from the conclusion of LOG,

There are two types of people: strivers and seekers. Strivers know what they want to do early

and can go for it from a young age, the majority of people, however, are seekers. They have to discover what they love. 

This is the difference between the two, we need to act according to the same which we would like to turn into.

We must not think that to become a success in our lives we need to go into a no-shave mode (males) and spend all the time in discovering and re-discovering. This is not true we can live a happy life too the following quote supports it.

There is no correlation between success and hours worked, however, Successful people aren't workaholics; they're "work frolics" because they perform and live normally their daily life

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CULTURE is that thing which is the true identity of our existence and we are living with some values and principles because of the culture. There are different types of cultures around the world and we cannot go at once and view them all.
So, this book from Ashraf Haggag, titled ECHOS OF CULTURE IN THE CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT which I received from the Vinfluencers allowed me to sneak peek at once by sitting at home into the various cultures and their practices.
The author wrote the book in a perfect reading manner and you won’t lose your focus once if you start reading. This book can also be used as a guide to the different cultures in our world and their insight. We can gain much knowledge about the culture by reading this book.
Coming to the review, the author has shared the facts about the different cultures and the people's attitude arising from it. The importance of ethnicity and the mode of respect, and all other topics are well researched and presented in this book.
The book revolves around the central theme, Culture’s influence on – Business negotiations, Communication, Creativity, Employees, and Buying Behaviour.
We cannot do business with the complete strangers, but business is approaching a complete strangers circle and making them convinced about the plans and agendas. This is highly impossible if we are blindsided in terms of culture. We need to be aware of the cultures and their respective views in order to approach people and spread the vast communication zone. This book helps us a lot to do so.
Cultures of Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East are discussed in this book. With the comparison able terms like personality, work etiquette, the perception of others, patriotism and punctuality. We can see these recurring concepts in each of the regions and we can compare and know about the overall records and way of behaviours in this book. Even the biological process will get affected by the culture and this can be seen in the author’s words below.

Book Reviews - World's Showcase

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