Are you a sports lover? Whenever you watch a game do you feel like monitoring and controlling it? Then you are the best one to dive into the Dream11 site. Where your all sports fantasies come true and you will definitely enjoy this. Check it out.

What is Dream11

Dream11 is India’s first fantasy sports platform. This idea took birth in the year 2012 in the two biggest sports fans minds Harsh Jain & Bhavit Sheth. And since then it has never stopped in entertaining the fans of sports. It is the best platform with all the matches from the Cricket, Football and Kabaddi are inside it.
You can start playing your dream match right now by signing up in the site.

How to Play

Dream11 can be played only if you have the knowledge about the sports and the skill in it.
You can follow these five steps below to get started
  • Select A Match:
    Select any of the upcoming matches from any of the current or upcoming cricket series
  • Create Your Team:
    Use your sports knowledge and showcase your skills to create your Dream11 team within a budget of 100 credits
  • Join a Contest:
    Join any Dream11 free or cash contest to win cash and the ultimate bragging rights to show off your improvement in the Free/Skill contests on Dream11!
  • Follow the Match:
    Watch the real match and track your fantasy scorecard (updated every 2 minutes)
  • Withdraw your Winnings:
    Instantly withdraw your winnings from your Dream11 account (One Time Verification required)
This is not a rocket science and every fan knows how to do it in a right way. Show your skills and gets appreciated with the cash. Isn’t it amazing to earn by doing what we love the most!
To know more in detail about how points are added and judgments are made head over to the official site of Dream11 and you will encounter the interface which is user-friendly and a seamless site browsing.
You can also learn to play the dream11 online by visiting their official site.

Growth by Years

The following chart from the site will provide us with the information about the growth of the site and its users.


How Can You Be a Part of Dream11

You can be a part of the Dream11 team by accessing the career tab in the site. This means you are hereby invited heart fully by the creative minds to join in their team and work together for the future success.
You can have the career in the following categories
  1. Engineering & Technology
  2. Customer Success
  3. Marketing & Communications
  4. Design
  5. Finance
  6. Product
Personally, I have never seen any site like this before which will help you in building your career as well as providing pure entertainment.
There is no one on this planet who are not into the sports, in that case, Dream11 can make all of the people’s dreams come true. And there is nothing to lose if we try because this is all fantasy and it is way better than any illegal betting which will cost your money and career.
Head over to Dream11 and experience the gaming environment by yourself. This is a huge Fantasy League which gives you a mind-blowing experience. Remember this is a complete skill-based game and you need to play wise.
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Jewellery is an amazing asset a woman can own. It is the symbol of respect and the legacy. In the Indian tradition, the entire History revolves around the styling of the woman with the various ornaments.
If we carefully observe the ancient arts and culture there was a prominent place given to the beautification and there is no doubt to say that it is still continuing in the modern era too.

Types of Jewellery

Depending upon the occasion there are various types of jewellery available in the shops. And in these days online shopping plays a major role while the idea of jewellery shopping strikes in the mind of us. Click here to shop at Craftsvilla.
The types of jewellery can be listed as hair and head ornaments, head, neck, feet, arms, body etc. all these will have unique looking and make the person who wears it to appear as angelic.

Jewellery Is Amazing

Wearing the jewellery set is always amazing for a girl. They dream of collecting all types of jewellery since their childhood. Based on their taste and interest the designers will make the changes according to the generations. Today’s jewellery inspired by the olden golden ages designs and they are attracting many people to switch to the classic style.
They are falling in love with the online shopping sites like Craftsvilla because they provide the platform to choose the best from the lists.

Jewellery is a Tradition

If we observe those who would like to pass their legacy on and on for generations and more, they will definitely maintain the sets of ornaments. These will be rotated among the families itself and they cannot be sold. Such things are common among the royal families.
Since we give much importance to tradition, jewellery became a part of our tradition to follow.
You can find best shops by visiting this link.

It is the symbol of love

When we are celebrating together on any special occasion, we can see that jewellery will be a part of us too. Women will never leave their rooms while selecting the one which is good for them. Love can be expressed with the jewellery too, it speaks the language of love through the stylish and attractive looks.

A Perfect Pick to Gift

When we ran out of options while selecting a gift for any wedding or birthday, the thought of jewellery comes to our aid. Though it is expensive the gift pack can make the receiver cheer up and make them feel amazed. And we can have countless moments to share if we pick this as a gifting option.

Jewellery means responsibility

When a mother-in-law gifts her daughter-in-law any ornament then it means there is much more responsibility is added on her shoulders. We usually see this in our Indian families. When the ornament is shared and if it is the one from the olden days then it is considered the new responsibility is handed over.
There are also many other reasons why women will love wearing ornaments, and we cannot discuss them in a single post. These are the main things and emotionally attached ones. If you are willing to gift something else on your friends or your special someone’s birthday, then your choice must be an ornament.
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Indian weddings or any festivals are way more colourful than any other. These are the best attractions we can experience in an Indian culture and ethnicity. When speaking about these occasions for boys Sherwani is the best pick to dive in. Visit Website to view different styles.
There are many other types of costumes out there in the market. And with the increase in the technology the fashion industry has also undergone many changes.
Now there is a huge competition between the companies which will see the costumes. But, the best ones are always on top. Since online shopping is making a huge difference in the shopping arena, there are many websites rolling on the internet to provide the customers with the best quality, delivery and product assurance.
When we speak about online shopping for various dresses the first name that strikes in all our minds is Myntra. Because this site has so far given us an amazing shopping experience from home.
Gone are the days where we have to spend hours and hours in the shopping malls for the product which we desire and sometimes we have to deal with the overwhelmed merchants and the assistants out there. The online shopping has changed it all.

Sherwani Will Add More Look

Whether you are going to attend the wedding or a birthday party, don’t be worried about what to wear. There is always a choice at your fingertips and it is the Sherwani.
It not only adds the attractive look but also reflects the ethnicity and you will definitely rock the party.
When you compare it with your other old photographs, those ones in which you are in a Sherwani will grab more attention.

It’s really Cultural

During the national festivals like Republic Day or Independence Day, we really fall into a huge confusion and what to wear kind of questions will follow us. The cultural fit for the national festivals is a Sherwani. Because it is the symbol of the culture to the Indian boys.
You will definitely stand out from the other boys if you wear it and go for an occasion. That is the magic of the sherwani.
Read here how to wear a sherwani

Various Designs and Embroideries

Like Indian girls, boys don’t have any such interest to do while dressing. They go with the same routine western dressing and they make changes in it. But, if you really want to be royal, then Sherwani is known for it.
Whether it is a plane or embroidery one, there are many designs and styles to choose from. If you failed to wear at your own wedding, then you wouldn’t miss this amazing chance to wear to the wedding of the other.

Find the Perfect One to Suit your Style

Choose the one which really suits your style, way of walking. Always remember we are what we wear and our attitude and personality will appear in our way of dressing.
Picking the best Sherwani can be done by the research. And you can head over to Myntra and do the research. You will be having many options to choose from.
Indian men’s best mate in dressing is the Sherwani, there is no doubt in saying this. From today if there is any occasion or event, be there and make the difference in your appearance by wearing a Sherwani. 

Suits Vs Sherwanis

It is never going to happen, suits which we wear on a regular basis are still there. And they can be treated as the office wears for men. And coming to the party wear, there is not even today the best competition to Sherwani.
Go ahead and reveal your royal loyalty to the world.
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