Online games are all over the world and day by day they are increasing. One of such kind is The Spartan Poker it is the genuine game and not a gambling.

In these recent days, many of the Indians are showing their interest in spending their free time online by playing games. And this time, they can participate in the online poker game and can win too.

About the Game

The Spartan Poker is a gaming portal which is designed for Indians and which is flexible for the Indians to play online.
There are varieties of Poker Tournaments in this hub where you can participate and win.
The Spartan Poker founded back in 2014 by Poker Badshah and Amin Rozani and now it welcomes you to join, play and win amazing prizes.

The first doubt that strikes our mind when talking about the online poker games is the randomness quality and the genuine game. And to meet that needs, The Spartan Poker has their software certified by an Australian lab called iTech Lab.

And this will ensure that all game events are meant to be random and there is no room for any kind of mistakes or gambling by the servers or the users.

Best Indian Online Poker Game: The Spartan Poker

A Trustworthy Game

All the Indian games which are available on the Internet are not the genuine ones. We had past experiences with such sites where we have invested both of the time and money and gained nothing. All of the efforts gone fruitless and many of us had developed a feeling that the entire online gaming is fake.

But, by not giving up the thought and pleasure we can avail from the online games. Here comes the huge opportunity to participate again in the most craze online poker game by visiting the

How To Register An Account

To register an account, you need to visit the official website The Spartan Poker and on the home page itself you can see a sign-up form. By entering the details in it you can get a code to your phone and then by entering the email address your account set up will be completed.

This is an easy process which won’t cost you more time.
You can also view the video tutorial on the home page to get a clear insight on how to register.

Indian Online Poker Championship (IOPC)

This is the game which is recently announced by The Spartan Poker. And this is a completely online game which can be accessed by using the desktop downloads or by directly going online. This is going to be a 10-day fiesta which comprises of 56 tournaments which will feature INR 7 Crores in prizes.

Not only this but also the users can win the Jeep Compass, Bajaj Dominor etc.
There is a chance for an individual to win up to 25 lakhs in this IOPC Tournament Series

Do You Get The Skill To Win?

If you are interested in taking part in the challenging games online and if you are unable to leave your desk and show off your strategy skills outside. Then this is the best fit for you.

The Spartan Poker is a game that which solely depends upon the skill, but not the gambling. This is the portal where you can apply all the mind gaming and skills you got. You are not going to regret this later after signing up and start playing at the tables.

A Friendly Support Team

The online players who are new to the site will have many doubts and problems. And for such issues, the IOPC has a good support team. You have a special support tab on the right side and it has the FAQs tab and a support contact form.

And there are least chances a player will have to face a disappointment.
If nothing works, you can also email the support team directly and get help.

Best Indian Online Poker Game: The Spartan Poker

Play On The Way – App Available on Play store and Google Play

You can download the App by clicking on the links in the website which are provided in the footer of the site or by just typing the App name in the respective stores.

Terms & Conditions of the Game

To view the contest terms and conditions before beginning the gameplay, head over to the official site and view the section where it says terms and conditions.

Get 210% Bonus

The Spartan Poker not only rewards the winners but also the depositors.
Following are the benefits that a first-time user will receive:
1) 10% Instant Bonus - (Max Up to 1,000)
2) 200% Locked Bonus - (Max Up to 10,000)
Terms & Conditions:
1) The player will get  200% Locked Bonus (Up to 10,000) ; (Locked Bonuses expire in 60 Days)
2) In case of any disputes, The Spartan Poker's decision is final and binding.
3) To Unlock the bonus, the player needs to collect 75 VIP Points for unlocking INR 100.
4) In case of any disputes, The Spartan Poker's decision is final and binding.

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