What Does the Bahubali Characters Taught Us - Things to Learn

By Prasanna Dasari - February 11, 2019

Movies like Bahubali are very rare, the historical fiction and the ancient wars, all these are quite old fashioned. But, still, it stole millions of hearts internationally. The reason is simple, Bahubali not just competed with our modern minds, but it won too. It didn't disappear because it is a storyline based on ancient times and all the war plots are outdated in these days. It is a royal and loyal movie, that's why I categorized it as rare of the rarest. 

World's Showcase - Bahubali

Not the graphics and the investment costs gave the movie a big hit, a simple truth, and values of relationships and obedience, these alone made the entire Bahubali series a blockbuster. 
Am not too late to review the movie, but am going to discuss it in a different way. Let's discuss how these characters are able to teach us some real values in our lives. These are the lessons we can learn, we all may already know these, still, we can harness them. 
Am going to talk about the each and every character in the Bahubali and we will see what they taught us and how can we apply those lessons in our real lives. Let's not delay and dive in into the discussion. 
Raja Mata Shivagami Devi: 
Being the main character in the entire Bahubali, Shivagami is the base for the entire Mahishmati kingdom and there are many things her character teaches us. In the first part of the movie, we only saw her sacrifice nature. She saves her grandson, Mahendra Bahubali, from the evil plots of Ballala and BijjalaDeva and she fights even after getting a hit by an arrow by her own son, BijjalaDeva.  
The spirit of sacrifice is the main thing in her character. She is the one who raised Amarendra Bahubali after his mother had died giving birth to him. She did not have any evil intentions for the elaboration of the kingdom, she defended it well and rejected to take the throne.  
This shows that we must treat all people as equal and give them all the facilities like we facilitate ourselves and our loved ones, Shivagami faced the challenges and she overcame them with the help of her two sons, she believed in these warriors and then she wisely chose who is going to be the king.  

World's Showcase - Shivagami

We must learn that there is no bad person by birth, situations will turn a person into bad. There may be many rumors about a person, we have to only confirm and then we have to act. Analyze and know the root cause and the reason behind it, hate the bad in the person, but not the person alone. We must always be slow to act, otherwise, we have to face the same fate as Shivagami faced when she came to know the truth that Amarendra is good. She acted and took a decision based on what she heard, she is blindsided and gave the bad to paralyze her wisdom for a while, when she realized her mistake it is out of control and it's too late to change anything. 
She is really good, wise and not thirsty about the power or authority, her lack of analysis cost lives. Her character teaches us we must be slow to act and fast to think and understand the situation.  
Her love and kindness for Ballala made her give him a word that she will marry him to the Devasena, the Princess of Kuntala. Shivagami did not know the princess before, but she strongly believed that her offer may not get rejected, she promised that thing which she doesn't own. This shows that we must not make false promises because, in the end, we cannot keep these false promises. 
Kattapa – The Slave: 
Kattapa is a faithful person towards his king, whoever it might be, he is under his law and he will obey anything that king orders. But, his honesty is stuck to the rules, he can't take his own decisions. When his ancestors agreed to serve at the king feet, he didn't curse his fate or scolded for his situation and he has no regrets about his life and his job. He is the man of word, he never broke his promises and he is ready to give away his life but didn't lose his word. 

World's Showcase - Kattapa

His character teaches us that we should accept our life and we must have no regrets, no matter what happens to us, we must stand on the promises made. Even Shivagami failed to stand on her word, but Kattapa didn't lose his word anywhere. Because all he knew is to be obedient and walk in a straight path. 
For me, Kattapa is the character that is most useful for us all in these days, we are really in a scarce to find the honest people in our lives. Kattapa's honesty teaches that all our words once were spoken are spoken and we must be ready to face any adverse things to stand firmly on the word. Since childhood, he has a special relationship with Amarendra and in the end, he killed him, because it is his duty, he didn't revolt against the king as long as he found the real heir, Mahendra Bahubali. 
Bijjaladeva is a handicapped person, his mind is also has a disability as he is the root evil injector in the family. He burned with hatred when he was overlooked and his brother was made a king. He is physically strong too and he is politically minded and evil, what all he wanted is the power, but nothing than that.  

World's Showcase - Bijjaladeva

He is a negative character and he teaches us most of the things which we must not do. He is reluctant to accept his disability and move on, he is not satisfied with what he has. 
We can learn from him that we must not feel jealous of others when they are given higher position than us, we must not develop any hate or plan anything that will harm others. 

World's Showcase - Kalakeya

Kalakeya is the cruel form, the beast incarnate and his character is found in all of us. As humans, we have that minimum cruelness in our hearts towards them who we dislike, but we must keep in mind that bad never dominate the good. If we began to stick to the Kalakeya role, we are going to lose soon in our lives. So, the moral is we must not nurture the bad inside us. 
Sacrificing the love and completely dedicated to the work allotted is her character. She tried not to fall in love, in other words, she started to fight with her emotions and tried hard to stay away from her gender nature. Being a girl she has that care for her looks and is pretty, but she overcame those feelings because of the mission. However, in the end, she realized that she is just a typical girl and she needs all the love and care from a man. With love she can achieve her goal, later she believed in this and assured her team that wanted to rescue Devasena from Mahishmati, she developed trust and love on Shivudu (Mahendra Bahubali) and seek his assistance. 

World's Showcase - Avantika

She teaches to those girls out there who think that they can be independent and they don't need any hand to assist them, burning with the desire to achieve the goals and ignoring the female nature is not good for girls, they have freedom, but they need a male hand. No ego must interrupt this nature, a girl must not forget her nature. 
She is known for her perseverance and we may call it has a blind faith because she believed in the return of her son, Amarendra. She is determined in her mind and didn't give up on her belief. She is brutally tortured and still, she didn't lose the focus.  
In her young age, she is eager to learn about the new things and she is already a famous archer, but still, she tried hard to learn more. That teaches us we must not stop and rejoice in our talent, we must learn more and always we are still left behind in learning something new. 

World's Showcase - Devasena

In any tough situations we must never lose faith in ourselves and like Devasena collected all those sticks to burn Ballaladeva on that, she lived in that dream and she believed that will become true one day. Likewise, we must search for the reasons to solve the problems in our lives. 
The main villain and the psychic character, he believed only in the strength and physical fitness. He didn't care about the safety of others and a selfish in nature. He is lusty after his dreams and when they are not fulfilled as he expected, he will go mad and destroy anything that comes in his way.  

World's Showcase - Ballaladeva

We must be practical and accept the truth and must not react without thinking. Backstabbing is not recommended and if we do so we have to pay the price.  
Kumara Varma: 

World's Showcase - Kumara varma

He is a person who has the talent, but he never used it because of the fear. He teaches us to adopt the change and fit into it. He is the person who can overcome the fear and fight the hardships. We must learn from this and we must be ready to fit in the situation. 
Mahendra Bahubali: 
As Shivudu, he is the strongest person and he loved his parents much. He is a never giving up the character and he didn't accept the defeat when he tried to climb that waterfall. His nature is soft and friendly, what all he cares is to love his parents and ready to do anything for them. 
When he knew about his real parents and his kingdom, he didn't forget his past, he didn't forget where he came from even after becoming the king. He is a man of word. 

World's Showcase - Mahendra Bahubali

He was the one who took steps without any thought before, but when Kattapa told him about the perseverance of his mother and the purpose of their fight, he then began thinking like a real hero. We must learn all these from him. 
Amarendra Bahubali: 
The real hero and the one who gave everything for the sake of his love and his people, the real king with the king qualities and a worthy ruler, a warrior. All the positiveness we can learn from the Bahubali character, he is a fighter with all the war tactics, he respects his mother much. That respect did not prevent him from standing opposite to his mother when she did wrong. 
It is her who taught him to be on the good side and support good, he did like she said and he lost all the love, wealth and pleasures. He dwells among the people and he helped them and showed his kingly love. He did not know how to hate. 
To stand on the promise he made and to follow his morals which are taught by his teachers and mother, he got himself prepared to sacrifice everything. To him, the lives of people are more important than the power. 

World's Showcase - Amarendra Bahubali

He never wished to be a king, because he has the qualities from his childhood. He saved the slave. Kattapa's life and in the process risked his own life and lost it in the hands of Kattapa. Bahubali accepted the kill and didn't even said a word to the killers and the killer.  
In this way, we can learn the good from the characters from the Bahubali movie series. This is why Bahubali became a blockbuster and stole millions of hearts. 

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