Say No to Comparison - A Note to Parents

By Prasanna Dasari - February 11, 2019

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Akash is a 7th standard guy, he is an average student and he works hard to improvise his knowledge at all the subjects. He never wished to be the topper, he just wants to learn how to everything works. But, his surroundings will make him more stressed, more tensed and make him more uncomfortable. This is not what he wants, he wishes for an environment which will respect his dreams and make him achieve the goals.

The bitter truth is his family always compares his studies and his performance to the other students who are his classmates and juniors to him. His relatives and friends also follow the same procedure as his parents.

This makes Akash weak and feels like he is nothing, his thought process is limited because of all this comparison made by his peers and parents. This is really a career-damaging toxic process, it will slowly ruin the mind of the young kid and make him more unfriendly with society. There is no freedom of choice to him.

There are many students like Akash in our country, many among us are one of them too. We are sometimes forced to study some course even if it is not worthy and not of our interest. India is the place where we can see many young talents are idle. This is because of the fact that freedom to choose the field of study is not in the hands of the students.

Either parents or the relatives even the neighbors will decide the future of the student. No matter what are the consequences, the parents will have their upper hand in the end. It is the kind of ego that their ears will get closed by the trumpets of society.

Most of the parents will think that by comparison, they can increase the performance of their child, but this is an entirely wrong concept. The comparison will degrade the overall talent of a particular child.

It is the most important thing in the parenting that both the parents must learn not to compare their child to anyone. There is one truth to realize that we all are unique and we have special talents in us. It is not always that a child of a doctor must become a doctor, and a child of an engineer must become an engineer. It is not the position of the parents that decide the career of a student, but the interest of the child.

It is not the society which will decide the destiny of a school going kid, but the determination and focus of the kid.

We are in need of real talents now for the development of the country, it is not anyone or any culture that is ruining our children, but we ourselves are ruing them. It is not any bullying that stopping a kid to reach the next level, but a comparison.

The comparison is a slow poison, it will affect the young minds gradually and make them something which we have never expected to be. We are turning them into the robots, we are demanding the aggregates and ranks, but we are failing to inquire about how much knowledge they had gained due to the lessons they had learned so far.

No one is better than anyone, all are better in their own perspective.

Am inspired by the Mirinda initiative #ReleaseThePressure and then I took here to write the post. Our education field will be really good if we just don’t compare the students with one another. This comparison won’t add the spirit of competition, it will add hatred and lack of self-confidence and self-respect is seen.

This post is especially to those parents who constantly compare their children. If you are really wishing your child to be sharp and success in his/her life, then stop comparing. This is the very first step we take. And those who are very good at handling this, you already rock.

Am also adding the Youtube video of Capt. Anny Divya, the youngest woman in the world to fly Boeing777 for more motivation and inspiration. This is taken from the TED Talks.

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