Eaten Alive - The National Geographic Channel - Special Programme in 2015

By BinSun - February 11, 2019

Paul rosolie
Gowri varanashi

The above two names are well know to the world who loves the nature and put efforts to save the wildlife. To safe the forests and the life in it is an idea which is driven by the goodness and love, I admire Paul and Gowri for they are up to this being the junglekeepers and they are the part of the greatest expedition too which are lead by some other naturalists with them Tamandua Expedition

They attend and host the events to bring the importance of the wildlife into the modern world ,which is ruthless towards the protection of the forests and thereby causing the deforestation and increase in the globalwarming.

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Paul rosolie is the guy who got lot of love for snakes ,and those are the gigantic snakes called the anacondas ,his efforts are high to save them since he is in to this when he is eight. Amazon forests,floating forests beast snakes are in his list to study and know and save them.

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Gowri varanashi ,a fellow naturalist and Paul's wife. It is so good when the couple work together for a good cause and being in the same field. She is a wildlife caretaker and ofcourse a photography icon too. Her love for the wildlife is appreciable.

And recently ,there is a live show on the Discovery channel called EATEN ALIVE ,in which Paul try to get eaten alive by anaconda. And they filter the Amazon to catch the big one and perform the event. And Paul got his hands on the one big anaconda which got slipped away from his hands in the water ,and they carried the event to run with the other anaconda which is a smaller one to the previous. And Paul's risk is huge one no one ever attempted to do this live. Concerned to his and the reptile safety they used a safety suit on him and it is soaked in the pig's blood to let the anaconda get him noticed and swallow him.

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He went near to the anaconda and he cannot walk good because of the safety suit and the anaconda caught him and started to swallow him by opening its gigantic mouth. What happened is the snake is small and the suit prevented it to swallow because of the size. But still it damaged the arm of Paul and it made to pain with its twisting hold. It didn't swallowed him alive and he was then checked to be in danger of life and was rescued by his crew.

This made many people who saw it live go with the criticism. Critics took the twitter and stated that they wasted their time by this. But ,in my view I think as a nature lover the attempt which is made by Paul is a huge adventurous one. It is with the sentiment and emotional because his wife is there watching him. How hard it is to take that ? It takes the commitment and the love for the animals to perform this. I am sure this is done not for a name or fame but to tell the world that how an anaconda hunts and what is its movements and capacity. This is a part of the love towards the animal kind.
Criticism is everywhere ,but myself ,I really appreciate the EATEN ALIVE.
Because all we are just stick to the screen and comment. The pain which Paul is undergone there only know to him and the breathtaking moments it gave to his team there.

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