The Blissful Ethnic Wear - By Swarna Malya

By Unknown - February 11, 2019

The real style is that one which suits you best ,despite of all the modern styles and attires the style which suits on your body is your fashion and its the trend which you need to follow. It is only your property ,unique one and have no similarities with those of your friends you stand out from the crowd to represent yourself and no exceptions in adopting the suitable style.

I always would like to say a thing about the beauty that God created only two most beautiful assets and they are one is the nature and the other is a woman. These both beauties collide with each other to win the real crown but in the end they ends up even. Because all the nature's beauty is in woman and the beauty of a girl represent the nature. So we are not of the stone age,but are of the modern era and it is very modernised one.

The style is shown with the tunics and the attires we adopt.They play a major role in the beauty show as one can clearly see what she/he is up to by the way he/she is dressed in and the thing is the real style is forgotten and a copy style is preferred in these days. This is due to the costume designers magic as they make us to wear what it is new , they use celebrities and the advertisements and the movies to spread the fashion and people will choose what it is new and what their favourite celebrity wore in the new show ,they didn't even bother whether the dress suits on them or not they simply shop it and wear it.

As Indian guy I have some styles which are traditionally stands number one and modernly stands number one and stylishly stands number one. And it is the salwar kameez (salwar suit) or a chudidhar ,the trend in the market changed a lot and a revolution has also occurred in the way of dressing. But the salwar kameez is always number one and it is the tradionally tradition and fashionly sexy tunic.
Every Indian girl has this beauty in her closet and this is not an option but a must one for the girls in India and a comfortable dress to wear ,it can be wear at the parties,colleges and datings. I really love this attire and will design one for my sister and one for my girlfriend when I am ready to design. Saree ,a wrapping magic stands next to the salwar in my opinion and I say this because girls(some girls) doesn't know how to wear a saree and it is like a rocket science to them . I saw my sister too got some frustrated moments when she need to wrap up in a saree, when she is in her course of teaching. That is why I gave the saree next to the salwar in a girl closet.
There are now thousands ,ofcourse millions of new designs which are used by the girls around the world and the stylishness of the salwar suit is eevergreen one. It stands top in the list who really knows the value of it.

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