The most important thing in all our lives is education, and without it, we are not going to lose anything, but the generation and the world are losing a capable candidate who can serve his/her nation in a better way.

Education is empowerment, with education, everything seems so easy and people will become more and more confident than they are before if education accompanies them.

I am here back again to discuss and to motivate my dear students as well as respected parents in order to bring them all under one shade of a tree called education. Because, children and parents perspective on education is completely different, they are like two unending lines cannot meet at any point.

In our state (Telangana), right now, there are ongoing Board examinations for the 10th class or SSC students. And it is the most vital examination a student has to appear in his/her life being an Indian. This is the first ever-major examination that figuratively decides our future. 

Yes, you heard it right, this board exam is going to decide your future and the impact it will leave on your brain is going to stay with you as long as you live. Remember, not only your friends, but it is this education and knowledge that you are going to take with you wherever you go.

SSC Exams - Prasanna Dasari

SSC Exam and Parents

Parents and SSC Examinations, if we combine these two together, the young minds will be much stressed and they will really feel like hell.  This is why I am right here to bring some kind of awareness to both of them. Because, we were there, and we had already undergone through all those stress and mental illnesses. 

It will be a responsibility on us to guide the young students who are appearing for the exams and feeling like nothing is going to work out. See, nothing is going to work out unless we invest in a huge quality amount of hard work. With the hard work there comes the success.

SSC Exams and the parents are not your enemies, they are the life planners and it is the time to stable your mind and think about the future not as a teenager, but as a responsible person. We all know how much we love our parents, but when coming to the examinations, if the parents prevent us from playing our favourite games or watching a favourite show on television, they appear like the world’s worst parents ever existed. I know, we all had the same feeling, but their intention is not to harm you or hurt you. It is for your own sake.

And for most of the teenagers, if anybody quote ‘it is for their own good sake’ they will get irritated easily. This is because, they are used to hear this world lots of times, repeatedly. But, if you sit and relax, and think about it, you will unquestionably realize how much truth does that particular sentence has.

Role of Parents and Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are getting more engaged in teaching the students with the ultimate goal of getting top marks, during this process, the stress they are impacting on the students is huge. And because of this pressure, there will be a huge mindset changes and students will easily fall prey to the various addictions. 

Instead of targeting purely on the marks scored, if the educational institutions also target on the mental status of the student, then that will be a fine thing to see.

Most of the educational institutions (even the government ones these days) are only focusing on the popularity they gain and to achieve this they are pressuring the students with more load.

When our brain works continuously without any recreation, it will stop receiving more effective commands. Because, we need rest, and holidays are intended to keep the students away from those book knowledge and to develop practical knowledge.
Nowadays we cannot see anyone or any institution which will provide us with this kind of environment.

No Comparison

Comparing the talents and abilities of both the students is not at all correct, because everyone is unique and they have their own life. In our society, we observe many of the parents, as well as teachers, compare the students to others, this makes them weak and push them into the inferiority complex disorder.

Prasanna Dasari Quotes

Give Then Freedom of Choice

This is very odd to see these days, a student’s next phase of the study is decided by the interest and likes of a student, but their future is decided by the pressure of parents, relatives and neighbours. 

This is common in our country and that is the reason why the majority of our youth are struggling for being placed in the jobs after their graduation. 


If we keep on discussing, this topic flows like a river, so, finally what I would like to suggest to the parents is, observe your children, understand their inner feelings, stop doubting them unnecessarily, do not discuss about financial issues in front of them until they are at an age of understanding it.
Only make the children feel safe and secure at home, even over caring hurts them too. In addition, once the exams are finished, the waiting period for the results is crucial. Do not waste the time just by waiting, read more the subjects and increase your capability of answering very clearly.
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Akoori is a family drama which revolves around a family that comes together followed by a tragic event. Though the synopsis sounds serious, the show is not and that’s the beauty of it. These kind of shows entertain us a lot when we need to just sit back and smile.


Akoori features talented actors like Darshan Jariwala, Lillete Dubey, Shadad Kamal, Zoa Morani, Sohrab Sunny, Adi Irani and Harsh Nagar. All the actors are good performers and leave you amazed with their rib-tickling performances in the trailer.
Know more about the actors by visiting here.

Into the storyline

Going by the trailer, the show portrays the efforts of the father who is played by Darshan Jariwala trying to keep his family together. But this show contains strong language and mature content, hence, viewers discretion is strongly advised.
The crux of the series comes across as a funny perspective on how people are only thinking about themselves these days. They are forgetting the value of the relationships and the importance of togetherness.

The Misunderstandings

In the family, the son completely misunderstands his father. The other relationships, be it among siblings or couples, understandings and conflicts are plenty. But the show tackles all these issues with a smile. Hence, Akoori is sure to make you feel happy with some strong emotional corners in good measure.
I am looking forward to watching Akoori and hope that the show will open up minds of many people while keeping everyone entertained with its spot-on humour.
Watch the show here.

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I have been a big fan of Ekta Kapoor shows for years now. I’ve grown up watching classic shows like ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay’ and many more. She’s created so many great shows, that I’ve lost count. That shows how we Indians love our dramatic daily soaps.

But with the passing years, the themes of her shows are undergoing an evolution  as well. The protagonists of these shows are only getting stronger. With so many great shows available for us, we are spoilt for choice.

kumkum bhagya

Currently, there are two shows on my daily watch list - Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya. Now, for those who haven’t heard about these shows, here’s what you need to know:
Kumkum Bhagya had premiered on April 2014 with Sriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia in lead roles. Thanks to the incredible success of this TV show, a spin-off series was produced titled Kundali Bhagya which portrays the life story and struggle of Preeta and Srishti who are the long-lost sisters of Pragya (Sriti Jha).

World-Building At Its Best!

I must salute Ekta Kapoor and ZEE for coming up with this idea of an expanded universe across shows. Consider that Kumkum Bhagya itself had so many dense plotlines and characters, fleshing those stories out would come across as a risk to anyone. But it’s a risk that paid off. One look at the basic story itself gives an idea of how seamless the two TV shows have been integrated into one large universe.
So, Kundali Bhagya revolves around Preeta and Srishti Arora, the two long-lost sisters of Pragya (from Kumkum Bhagya). The main story of the series kicks in when these two sisters get to know the existence of their elder sister Pragya and their mother from their dying father (Veteran actor Vijay Kashyap). This reveal compels the sisters on a journey to Mumbai to reunite with their mother and sister.

Apart from the Arora family, all other major characters in both shows are also somehow connected to each other. For example, Rishabh Luthra from Kundali Bhagya owns the celebrity management company that manages Abhishek Mehra, who is Pragya’s husband (Kumkum Bhagya).

kundali bhagya

With all her previous shows, we knew that Ekta Kapoor clearly understood what her audience expects from her TV serials. But with Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya, she has left the audiences incredibly impressed with both the shows’ world-building.

As an audience, we give our precious time to watch a TV series, so it needs to cater to our demands and expectations. Kundali Bhagya and Kumkum Bhagya have wonderfully delivered to the demands and expectations which definitely makes them a must watch.

If you wish to catch up with the latest episodes of Kundali Bhagya and Kumkum Bhagya, the shows are currently airing on Zee TV and Zee TV HD. In case, you wish to binge watch it online, both shows are available on ZEE5 as well.

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Love, the precious thing that we own in our hearts, and it has many things to show in this world. We, humans, are really so the love is real too.

With love we born and with love, we will move hearts and we are alive because of it.
Our existence is due to the love and the miracles it has been performing all the years along.

Love and The Holy Bible

In the Bible, there is almost every chapter in the New Testament except The Revelation talks about the love. The importance it gave to love is because it is what drives this world right now. In the past, present and in the future, this is the thing that will keep us alive.

Love can make us feel happy and comfortable, it is more powerful than a lethal weapon. But, it cannot be mastered by anyone except the God. Because he loved us, that deep that he gave away his life for those who both hated and loved him.

We love because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19 | NIV 

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.
1 John 3:1 | NIV 

Love Your Neighbour

Mark 12:30-31 New International Version (NIV)
30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’There is no commandment greater than these.”

A neighbour can be your enemy too, what the Bible says here is you have to love the neighbour as you love yourself. And without expecting anything in return we have to do that. Practising it might make us have a closer look at the God how he looks like.

Love - Prasanna dasari

There are thousands of reasons to hate a person, but when loving a person even when there is no reason to love him/her is the true love. And love will not ask for any pieces of evidence to love. It is a natural thing that takes birth inside a big heart, big enough to love the person who slapped you and betrayed you.

Human Nature

We humans cannot be equal to God no matter what we do, there is still hatred inside us. We cannot forgive them who backstabbed us. Even if we do, our human nature will question us.

Hence living a human life, prescribed as God is a tough choice and the toughest path we ever chose. To be the person, that ideal person likes mentioned in the Bible. Then we need to know the true meaning of love and it's all roles.

Seek God’s Guidance

May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.
2 Thessalonians 3:5 | NIV |

Only God can make us that much lovable and he will sculpt us if we gave ourselves to him. May the Lord God provide us with that power and strength, Amen!

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World Animal Day is celebrated in the month of October, 4thevery year.  And it is celebrated to creating an environment where animals must not be suffered. It is with my saddened heart to confront you all with a bad news, and it is that there are many stray dogs in our local areas and they are being killed by the municipality people without any reason.

World Animal Day - Prasanna Dasari

Who Gave Them The Right To Kill?

Coming to the poisoning and killing the thing, we observe that when the people in the colony complaints to the local municipality through their councillors or whatever concerned persons. They just send their dog killing crew with tractors.
They don’t kill the pet dogs, as they say so, but sometimes they do kill them. Because they don’t know how deeply the affection is created between a dog and its family.
Even the stray dogs don’t deserve to die like that. Being an educated fool, many will say that dogs will bite without a reason. Unless it is a mad dog, it won’t bite you. And even it is a mad dog with some kind of rabies, then it can be treated too.

Stop Killing

My only request here is to stop killing the dogs and find the best alternative for it. And it is also the duty of the government to spread the awareness about the dog keeping and why one should love animals.
Every house must have a dog, if possible because it loves you, it helps you to overcome the overwhelming stress and make you feel relaxed after your working hours.
Having a dog will make you exercise there by your health may improvise.
So, the municipality people here to understand that, before that ruthless killing act. If you invest that effort in vaccinating the dogs with the same guns you use to shoot at stray dogs with poison. Then there will be some kind of humanity is said to exist.

World Animal Day - Prasanna Dasari
This picture was captured by me on my way to college on Nov 09 2017, a tractor with full healthy dogs which are killed

Need To Bring Awareness

Not everyone is daring enough to face a dog, I mean they just scream if they saw it. We don’t know to what extent this is real, because the same people will walk alone all alone in the nights in the middle of the group of dogs. It is that there is a need to change the people’s mindset.
Instead of complaining about the dogs in your street, why don’t you complain about the water facility and drainage maintenance? And why don’t you complain about the mob that surrounds your house for a nuisance chit chatting in the late nights?
Wake up guys, we need to love the animals. We are not here to hate them, if we do, there is no meaning for our existence.

Feeding The Stray Dogs Isn’t A Crime, They Have The Right To Live

Stray dogs do have their own right to live. We are no one, especially not the creators to take away the lives, because we cannot give them back. It is seen on the streets, when the dogs eat on the food we fed them, or the food that is thrown out as a waste, they will come and feed. And during that time, many people will throw stones at them.

Is there any reason to throw the stones at them while eating, how does it feels when you are eating your plate got suddenly snatched from your hands by someone! Isn’t it hurtful? So, think twice before you do any sort of action that harms the living beings or animals. Develop the love towards them and make this nature a green and good one. 
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Somewhere down I still wish I can hop on a time machine and go back to the day it all started, wouldn’t that be great? However, I know that’s not possible, at least not anytime soon. I think probably this is one of the reasons why I love watching movies based on college days. I love them because I believe it is like a time machine that helps me relive my college days.

Personally, I feel Mollywood a.k.a makes the best campus-based movies of all time. You don’t believe me, do you? Then I think you probably didn't watch movies like Premam, Aanandam, Queen, to name a few. Malayalam industry has been perfectly capturing the emotions and make us come back to the movies time and again. In 2018, one more movie that was added to this list and that is ‘B.Tech’. That is what I’m going to talk about today.

One of the factors that set it apart from any other campus-based film is its storyline. Yup, You heard me right, B.Tech is unlike any other campus movie that came out in Mollywood. Its screenplay is so different and immersive, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you call it one of the best movies in recent times. The story revolves around these reckless engineering students who would go to any extent to bring justice to one of their friends, Azad. Let me elaborate it, and I’ll try not to give any spoilers along the way.

B. Tech starts with this raw fight scene between two groups, one of which is lead by Anand and subtly introduces another protagonist Azad. Despite his shortcomings, he befriends Anand and his group, and with time becomes a prominent member of the group. Things take an ugly turn when one of the members becomes a victim of a bomb attack in Bengaluru. At this point, everyone unites together and tackles the issues that crop up.

Prasanna Dasari - Movie Review

While B.Tech was in good standing with both the audience and the critics, the movie was praised by almost everyone for its Music and cinematography. The Times of India flattered the movie for its soothing music while also nitpicking on some aspects of the film. The Director of Photography, Manoj Kumar Khatoi, had done a phenomenal job and I bet you will be full of praises for him after watching the movie.

B. Tech has this inspiring tone behind all its raw grittiness that unites us as one. While the first half of the film is all about college days, the second half takes this sudden turn which leaves us shocked. More importantly, the second half explores very sensitive yet pertinent issues like social disparity, stereotyping etc.

Also, how can I end this review without talking about the performance from the actors? Which is also, in fact, one of the major selling points of B. Tech. Everyone, I mean everyone, has done a commendable job playing their roles with incredible realism. Watch the group of college students in the movie feels like watching our own group of friends during college. That’s the kind of brotherhood that is depicted on-screen. Even when the story picks up a serious tone, the actors make the switch in performances incredibly well. One prime example I can give is Asif Ali’s speech as the movie nears the end where his powerful statements will send a chill down your spine. Kudos to Director, Mridul Nair, for getting the best out of these actors.

In short, this movie has everything you look for in a campus-based film with a surprising twist. I loved B. Tech, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a fun movie.

So, have you watched it? What did you think about the movie? Let me know in the comments section.

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Whenever if someone else approaches you with the bucket list to travel around the world. Then that experience would be really amazing. It will make us all excite and cheer up. I always love to be a fan of self-exploration. Since it is the only way where we can open our minds to the phases of exploring the world.

My Bucket List

My bucket list will be filled with the things which are hard to explore in the real world. There are many places to visit and to learn about their cultures and traditions which are being there still for ages and ages. They don’t give up on their ethnicity and it is, therefore, such places are listed in the bucket list.
But, if I get something in additional like #TheBlindList that would add some extra flavour to my trip.

My bucket list is comprised of most exciting and livable locations. I would like to explore them all with all my heart while am still alive.

•    Versailles, Yvelines ( A city in France)
•    London Eye – Musement
•    To An Unknown Mountainous Region
•    To The Titanic Ship Wreck – North Atlantic Ocean
•    Jerusalem

Of all the above things, the visit to the Titanic Ship Wreck is going to be a surprise as well as mind-blowing one. Because what I am going to experience is the historical and an epic one that which has rested in the seabed for more than 100 years.

RMS Titanic - Prasanna Dasari

The Mysterious Trip

It was my dream to visit the underwater treasure, the RMS (Royal Mail Steamer) Titanic. We all know that it was a British Passenger Liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after it hit an iceberg. There were 2,224 passengers including the crew aboard. The saddest in the history and the deadliest commercial ever in the peacetime maritime disasters in the modern history.

Anyone who will hear about the Titanic and how this ‘unsinkable’ vessel has sunk, definitely there will be few moments had to spent in the sad. It has many stories tied to it. Few were real, but the rest is a myth, still, they are able to fit in that particular story.

And if I visit the wreck of the Titanic which is at 3,784m deep inside the ocean. That trip will be a dream becoming true for me. Self-exploration cannot be something which is of usual.

This expedition kind of self-exploration powered by the inspiration to experience the presence of the legendary Titanic will definitely make me go mad.


I can say yes to the world by picking the right destination for my self-exploration. Since my childhood, I have been reading a different kind of stories and watching all the documentaries which are related to the RMS Titanic, I was so obsessed with the concept that whenever I am in any conversation, then easily I shared my views about how the gigantic vessel of its time sank.

That my interest in this Titanic tour to the wreckage that it left behind became more than a dream, it became a passion to me and I started to live according to it.

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Music is a good feeling in all times and it stolen my heart and occupied my world and filled colours in my life. Ofcourse ,music is the best mate to the person like me.
And here in this post I would like to bring those songs which are repeatedly plated and played in my player. I want to thank the singers and the all the crew for giving such a beautiful songs.

Enrique iglesias -Bailando

This is the first song in the winter season I repeatedly played it . And it tops my playlist and its in English.

INNA - (1) Be my lover

(2) Cola song

(3) Crazy sexy love

Ariana Grande (1)Breakfree

(2) Love me harder

Arian grande being the cute beauty and super attractive ,her songs are the mostly played in my music.

Ionel istrati -Wake me up

Love genre beautifully composed song.

Rahat fateh -Zaroori tha

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We always search for an inspiration when we are down. We go to the library and fetch the books, we try to find some inspiring articles on social media and speeches from the other persons. Sometimes we do seek the expert help when the situation gets severe.

Many of the school going kids, college students and also the job holders will have a person or many as the role models. They will copy every move of them and they will try hard to appear like they are the perfect clone of their role models.

To what extent? We take inspiration everywhere, but if it becomes an addiction then comes the trouble. We are all humans and remember that the person you admire is also the same species like us.

There is no Superman in the real world and there exists nothing called super power. We, with our inner strength and mental capability, make the history to rewrite and the inscription will be of our name this time.
Personally while public speaking I have tried to know the pulse of the youngsters, a maximum number of students admitted that they are on their own are just nothing. They need to watch someone or something to boost up or activate the power within them. This kind of attitude is seen much in the teenagers, they are depending on someone to do their daily tasks.

World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Following someone who is good at something is good, we humans are designed in such a way that we will learn from each other and we will rectify the mistakes by doing so. But if it turns out into an obsession, it will become a disease which is hard to diagnose.

Even the grown-ups are with the same kind of thinking, and the next generation is following them without any fail. Fans, celebrity freaks, groups which will follow a single person who is good at something, well nothing is bad, but if it is too much to handle, then it is considered as a danger.

Nobody can provide your identity, you are the sole witness to your talent. You are your self-representative.

We can see these days fans are making huge issues, the love is crossing the borders and limits and they are treating the celebrity like they are everything. As I said before, being a fan is not a crime. It has some limitations though. And students who are going to be the superstars of tomorrow, they need to realize that the actual power is within them.

It is the time to stop seeking for an inspiration and becoming the one

Life is all about exploring and it is the time to explore the inner strengths and make them applicable to real lives. Stop wasting time on things which are nothing but useless and productive less. There is no time to make life an experiment. We learn from the mistakes we made and we recheck not to repeat the same in the future.

It is the moment to become an inspirer, pick up the cause and make it as your ambition and a daily routine. Your dreams must be realistic and make you wake up before sun rising, your dreams must become real within the estimated time. They must be the inspiring ones to them who are around you.

Your identity must not dissolve in others, you must take the necessary steps from now on and realize the importance of education, moral values, and attitude, there is no time to waste.

Your way of living is your identity, make it shine brighter and thicker.

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