World Animal Day - Protect the Stray Dogs

By BinSun - March 21, 2019

World Animal Day is celebrated in the month of October, 4thevery year.  And it is celebrated to creating an environment where animals must not be suffered. It is with my saddened heart to confront you all with a bad news, and it is that there are many stray dogs in our local areas and they are being killed by the municipality people without any reason.

World Animal Day - Prasanna Dasari

Who Gave Them The Right To Kill?

Coming to the poisoning and killing the thing, we observe that when the people in the colony complaints to the local municipality through their councillors or whatever concerned persons. They just send their dog killing crew with tractors.
They don’t kill the pet dogs, as they say so, but sometimes they do kill them. Because they don’t know how deeply the affection is created between a dog and its family.
Even the stray dogs don’t deserve to die like that. Being an educated fool, many will say that dogs will bite without a reason. Unless it is a mad dog, it won’t bite you. And even it is a mad dog with some kind of rabies, then it can be treated too.

Stop Killing

My only request here is to stop killing the dogs and find the best alternative for it. And it is also the duty of the government to spread the awareness about the dog keeping and why one should love animals.
Every house must have a dog, if possible because it loves you, it helps you to overcome the overwhelming stress and make you feel relaxed after your working hours.
Having a dog will make you exercise there by your health may improvise.
So, the municipality people here to understand that, before that ruthless killing act. If you invest that effort in vaccinating the dogs with the same guns you use to shoot at stray dogs with poison. Then there will be some kind of humanity is said to exist.

World Animal Day - Prasanna Dasari
This picture was captured by me on my way to college on Nov 09 2017, a tractor with full healthy dogs which are killed

Need To Bring Awareness

Not everyone is daring enough to face a dog, I mean they just scream if they saw it. We don’t know to what extent this is real, because the same people will walk alone all alone in the nights in the middle of the group of dogs. It is that there is a need to change the people’s mindset.
Instead of complaining about the dogs in your street, why don’t you complain about the water facility and drainage maintenance? And why don’t you complain about the mob that surrounds your house for a nuisance chit chatting in the late nights?
Wake up guys, we need to love the animals. We are not here to hate them, if we do, there is no meaning for our existence.

Feeding The Stray Dogs Isn’t A Crime, They Have The Right To Live

Stray dogs do have their own right to live. We are no one, especially not the creators to take away the lives, because we cannot give them back. It is seen on the streets, when the dogs eat on the food we fed them, or the food that is thrown out as a waste, they will come and feed. And during that time, many people will throw stones at them.

Is there any reason to throw the stones at them while eating, how does it feels when you are eating your plate got suddenly snatched from your hands by someone! Isn’t it hurtful? So, think twice before you do any sort of action that harms the living beings or animals. Develop the love towards them and make this nature a green and good one. 

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