B.Tech Movie Review

By BinSun - March 21, 2019

Somewhere down I still wish I can hop on a time machine and go back to the day it all started, wouldn’t that be great? However, I know that’s not possible, at least not anytime soon. I think probably this is one of the reasons why I love watching movies based on college days. I love them because I believe it is like a time machine that helps me relive my college days.

Personally, I feel Mollywood a.k.a makes the best campus-based movies of all time. You don’t believe me, do you? Then I think you probably didn't watch movies like Premam, Aanandam, Queen, to name a few. Malayalam industry has been perfectly capturing the emotions and make us come back to the movies time and again. In 2018, one more movie that was added to this list and that is ‘B.Tech’. That is what I’m going to talk about today.

One of the factors that set it apart from any other campus-based film is its storyline. Yup, You heard me right, B.Tech is unlike any other campus movie that came out in Mollywood. Its screenplay is so different and immersive, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you call it one of the best movies in recent times. The story revolves around these reckless engineering students who would go to any extent to bring justice to one of their friends, Azad. Let me elaborate it, and I’ll try not to give any spoilers along the way.

B. Tech starts with this raw fight scene between two groups, one of which is lead by Anand and subtly introduces another protagonist Azad. Despite his shortcomings, he befriends Anand and his group, and with time becomes a prominent member of the group. Things take an ugly turn when one of the members becomes a victim of a bomb attack in Bengaluru. At this point, everyone unites together and tackles the issues that crop up.

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While B.Tech was in good standing with both the audience and the critics, the movie was praised by almost everyone for its Music and cinematography. The Times of India flattered the movie for its soothing music while also nitpicking on some aspects of the film. The Director of Photography, Manoj Kumar Khatoi, had done a phenomenal job and I bet you will be full of praises for him after watching the movie.

B. Tech has this inspiring tone behind all its raw grittiness that unites us as one. While the first half of the film is all about college days, the second half takes this sudden turn which leaves us shocked. More importantly, the second half explores very sensitive yet pertinent issues like social disparity, stereotyping etc.

Also, how can I end this review without talking about the performance from the actors? Which is also, in fact, one of the major selling points of B. Tech. Everyone, I mean everyone, has done a commendable job playing their roles with incredible realism. Watch the group of college students in the movie feels like watching our own group of friends during college. That’s the kind of brotherhood that is depicted on-screen. Even when the story picks up a serious tone, the actors make the switch in performances incredibly well. One prime example I can give is Asif Ali’s speech as the movie nears the end where his powerful statements will send a chill down your spine. Kudos to Director, Mridul Nair, for getting the best out of these actors.

In short, this movie has everything you look for in a campus-based film with a surprising twist. I loved B. Tech, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a fun movie.

So, have you watched it? What did you think about the movie? Let me know in the comments section.

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