Self Exploration - RMS Titanic Wreck

By BinSun - March 21, 2019

Whenever if someone else approaches you with the bucket list to travel around the world. Then that experience would be really amazing. It will make us all excite and cheer up. I always love to be a fan of self-exploration. Since it is the only way where we can open our minds to the phases of exploring the world.

My Bucket List

My bucket list will be filled with the things which are hard to explore in the real world. There are many places to visit and to learn about their cultures and traditions which are being there still for ages and ages. They don’t give up on their ethnicity and it is, therefore, such places are listed in the bucket list.
But, if I get something in additional like #TheBlindList that would add some extra flavour to my trip.

My bucket list is comprised of most exciting and livable locations. I would like to explore them all with all my heart while am still alive.

•    Versailles, Yvelines ( A city in France)
•    London Eye – Musement
•    To An Unknown Mountainous Region
•    To The Titanic Ship Wreck – North Atlantic Ocean
•    Jerusalem

Of all the above things, the visit to the Titanic Ship Wreck is going to be a surprise as well as mind-blowing one. Because what I am going to experience is the historical and an epic one that which has rested in the seabed for more than 100 years.

RMS Titanic - Prasanna Dasari

The Mysterious Trip

It was my dream to visit the underwater treasure, the RMS (Royal Mail Steamer) Titanic. We all know that it was a British Passenger Liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after it hit an iceberg. There were 2,224 passengers including the crew aboard. The saddest in the history and the deadliest commercial ever in the peacetime maritime disasters in the modern history.

Anyone who will hear about the Titanic and how this ‘unsinkable’ vessel has sunk, definitely there will be few moments had to spent in the sad. It has many stories tied to it. Few were real, but the rest is a myth, still, they are able to fit in that particular story.

And if I visit the wreck of the Titanic which is at 3,784m deep inside the ocean. That trip will be a dream becoming true for me. Self-exploration cannot be something which is of usual.

This expedition kind of self-exploration powered by the inspiration to experience the presence of the legendary Titanic will definitely make me go mad.


I can say yes to the world by picking the right destination for my self-exploration. Since my childhood, I have been reading a different kind of stories and watching all the documentaries which are related to the RMS Titanic, I was so obsessed with the concept that whenever I am in any conversation, then easily I shared my views about how the gigantic vessel of its time sank.

That my interest in this Titanic tour to the wreckage that it left behind became more than a dream, it became a passion to me and I started to live according to it.

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